How long does it take to build muscle in legs

Teardrop Muscle Development for Better Looking Legs

Teardrop Muscle Development for Better Looking Legs1 Jul. 2017
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The teardrop muscle or vastus medialis is just above the knee on the inside of the thigh. This quad muscle is a knee extender and helps to stabilize and support the movement of the knee joint. Here are 4 exercises to hit it without a leg extension machine.

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Haunui L

You need weights to develop muscle... ?‍♂️

Curly Locks

Can you use ankle weights with those exercises?

roger robie

gaaaawd daaaaayum...

Amilton Pinheiro

Leggpresses with a (very)small feet stance and low on the feet plateau also works the teardrop really well.....


Toe in? What sort of camber setting?



I was told that it ws imperative that i develop this muscle to over-come knee trouble.

Uniqwia B

I'm gonna try these next leg day

Samir kc

Great learning from this exercise

Jyothi Sreevalsan

Thanks, really liked these exercises!

Elaina Rankin

Thank you SO MUCH !! As a former personal trainer I am used to being in great shape . After a bad car accident left me with herniated discs in my lower back, I needed to find a way at home to build my legs. This was AWESOME !!!!

Dean & Cheryl Spas

Thanks so much for the informative video! I have an hourglass figure. I workout 6 days/week. I'm 5'4" and I'm 120 lbs. I have been "blessed" with an hourglass figure. What exercises would help me reduce the size of my outer thighs? I do have lazy glutes and am working on that too!

Riptide 10x

Just wondering because I workout at home and haven't been to a gym in a while, but do girls actually dress like that at the gym nowadays? Talk about trying to get everyone's attention, wow!

Gracie Anduze

I especially like those standing leg pulses with the various foot positioning to target the two areas of the quads. Great tips!

Niamh Clarkson

her legs are pure goals!

Hittdogg 17

yeah ookay.... wtf does ankle flexion/extension have to do with how the vastus medialis contracts!?!? talk about bro science


Excellent video coach. Thank you both.

Jason cooper

Hi is the good for building muscle for supporting knee my knee is weak and doctor says I need to strengthen I do a lot of running thansk you

Jason A

im like eating dumplings and doing this exercise

Cary Wisp

Great video and content, thank you! Can we perhaps see some more exercises to build the vastus medialis and the different quad muscles and see how to strengthen and rehab weak muscles and what the effects of weak muscles can be on the body? This is so helpful to me. I have regular bouts of intense lower back pain and just found out after many years of exercising that I have to stabilize the glute muscles to support my lower back! Any rehab exercises from weak to strong muscles would be awesome to see...perhaps a series of full body exercises in short videos. See what you think and can come up with. I love how you present the exercises and info, so go for it! :) Thanks again!

Chloé Sammie

Thanks 2 both of u.



Michelle Rodriguez

I have uneven quads will this help to fire up the week leg? I have patellar tendonitis.

Rauchelle Larmond

These are great warm ups but what are good isolation exercises to build size on the vatus medialis?

Rauchelle Larmond

Thanks for this ?

Erin Vaughn

Great Information, but to much talking ?

Monique Kearney

Awesome video

Crystal W

Great for anyone who has had knee surgery. Awesome video

Tueem Syhu

I have never heard of the term "Tear Drop" Muscle.


There are better exercises. Do any leg extension exercise with a huge range of motion (the stretch puts the muscles near the joint in an anatomically weak position and try very hard to contract the same way that dumbbell skull crushers do the medial tricep) and plantar flex for concentric part whilst dorsi flexing for the eccentric phase. Peterson step ups were invented just for the vastus medialus. Then of course you have something like a ass to grass barbell squat.

Rob E

Thumbs down for that instagram promoting bullshit. She ugly


Very important info for people with bad knees

Ediniz Norde

I"m training to compete. I'm over 35. I have such a hard time building my legs. I at the point of giving up sometimes.


Permission to lower the tone and say the model is a corker?

Shaima Fadhil Hassan

The calve muscle is involved too, which is super good. Thanks

Francesca Moore

Thank you so much for these isolated exercise examples.  I have been wanting to really develop that area of the leg so I will definitely start doing these today! :)


I have no idea what muscle that is.

mr anderson

Great info!! thanks


god she's a poison dwarf

Luna Mo

I naturally have the sweep (full outer thigh) and I need help reducing the look of them ?


This is a great channel with some great advice ??


hmm I always thought those were more of a hip flexor then a leg workout

Mario Garcia

what a stupid video ever!!

Yolanda W.

The pain of feeling like it's going to roll out of place normal? what about those of us who are double jointed in the knees. How do you lock. All the way back or slightly bent?

Lewis Austin

This is excellent Thank you

Adira Kalon

As a former college gymnast with terrible knees (hoffas syndrome) Ive been dying to find ways to work that inner quad .. ugh thankk youuu

hakan mavruk

These are some great people

Wambui Karangu

Awesome workouts, just done as you were explaining, very effective. Will definately combine with my workouts. Thanks so much

Amanda Peterson

Why would it be, when I first started working out, that this is the muscle that developed first, along with my quads? I even have a bit of a wrinkle or Ledge right above my knee cap from it cuz they're so big... The women in my family develop muscle pretty quickly so maybe that's why... Oh and that exercise when you sit on the bench in raise your leg straight out...I've been doing that for a while but using both of my legs at the same time ?

Johnny Moyal


Cynthia Walker

Would you recommend to do these exercises with weights?

LydiA Jkessi

Thé girl legs r so sexy
I hope u answer
I have a little problèm
My left leg and glute r more pronounced even when I do unilatéral exercices like Split squat I feel It more in my left side and I Can do less reps with that side .
Can u tell me what is wrong and how to fix this

AsianGolfer JP

It's simple movement but I really feel it on my quads. This is really helpful .thanks

lori little Bessi12

all this was just warm up if that. Talk too much!

R*chelle: ? YAH's daughter


Mary Tichonchuk

This is very helpful. I was an athlete my whole life and found out at 42 I needed double knee replacements. Yet they say I’m too young to undergo the surgery. For a couple years I gave up because everything seemed to hurt my knees. In December I started cycling on a spin bike doing climbs and it really helped my quads. Now I can do extensions again. I would love to incorporate these exercises prior or even in between my cycling or weight training. I’ll see if it helps with my left side which doesn’t fire as well as my right. This knee was dislocated while teaching a kickboxing class in 2007.

Aum Namaste

I have to give this workout two thumbs up. If I had more thumbs I would give more. I tried it and absolutely loved it. The final workout in the video I was able to do 150 reps on each leg with ankle weights so feeling proud of myself. I will keep doing it.


Been needing this. Thank you!


????? ????!! ???? ??????! ???????? ??? ?????? ??? ????????:


Thanks, I've had my fair share of knee problems, so I'm going to use these to strengthen that teardrop, What a beautiful ,strong looking girl Amanda is by the way.


I'm recovering from a knee injury and I think these exercises will be really helpful. Thanks for sharing!

Mike Adams

Wow she has powerful thighs


mine are weak i'm trying these thank you


I find it annoying when some guy on YouTube calls himself "coach" Chris, Joe, or whatever. He's not my coach. Just use your goddamn name.

Niya Lang

For those of us with knee problems, how often should I perform this workout? Thanks so much for this!

Rebecca Abrams

Oh my goodness, this was THE BEST 7 minutes for my acl knee problems! Thank you for the awesome reminder that these seemingly simply exercises are so very critical!!!!! Starting now! Thanks guys!!!!

Maratree Alderson

Thank you for that.

Mank Demes

This girls legs are bigger then mine, holy shit.

Marie Petite

Love to exercise but that look is too masculine looking on a woman.

paul horn

Thanks for this I'm currently working on strengthening my knees using some of these exercises,but could these be done everyday or maybe every second day?


There is unfortunately no exercise that directly works the VM (unlike other groups like biceps). If you're talking about direct stimulation you need an EMS device on that muscle combined with one of these group area exercises.

Marjane Moghimi

very clear explanation !

Wignificent Collection

why is she flexing so hard? breathe girl.


Thanks a lot. I've got serious problems with my left knee and these exercises are helping me to improve it.

C Savage

Great job, thank you for sharing

Rob E

This is the worst video ever


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Joe The Hammer

Still can't get over them results, think you've found a winning formula ??


I’m at 21 inches at the top of the leg. So depressing.

Brady Morgan

Awesome video!!

thomas clinton

again another great video and great results. keep the good work up

John JuiceHealthy

You ramble way to much?????????

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those're ur legs man


great video ron thanks and kaster is great

Willie Greene

4 minutes of blah blah blah

True NYC

3:45 thank me with a thumbs up!

OperationMickeyMouse Haroldlüke

I sleep hard after heavy legs training plus high cardio running but I've trained many years of running


Baba keşke ingilizce bilseydim

Yaqub Tareen

get to point cut the garbage.

Tay Tay

nope train legs everyday no over doing it

Sahen Liyanage

The smith Machine squats in 90 degrees are so much bad for your spinal!! unnatural movement!

Eduardo curvelo

Whit dedication

g munkey

Squats and leg presses for big legs....ooooooooooooo yeaaaaaaaaa


Why not link the videos in the discription?

One Man Band

maximize self. yes sir best answer for us all


thanks! u guys were no help whatsoever!

Lukas Shorter

Why he sound like Tyler the Creator

Clash Smchitcle

This is all bullshit, its genetics, its all fucking genetics

Anindita Dey

I read many good opinions on the internet about how exactly Fenoboci Diet Plan (just search it on google) can help you lost a lot of weight. Has any one tried this popular diet plan program?

JeCa Cava

So much talking and bragging about 7x winner but i didnt se the workouts demonstrations. Whats up with that.... ?

Yudah El

Y'all are beautiful

Janet ann Moleli

I have a question I'm trying to loose weight and I have a broken knee cap and I'm 227 is it healthy for me to use steriods, because I'm trying loose weight and strengthen my leg and is it going to buff my legs or tone them like a girl. thank you be honest don't use John Cena hes not making send money to my sister in law just so you know.


Video starts at 3:40

Heidi Keller

Tossed his cookies


I got lucky I train legs pretty hard and really big quads

John Joe Shelvey

My guy look like black beetle-juice


Most guy's only care for arms big back I do 4 hours of legs

Bobby Tarantino

he looks like that one meme

Christian Langfield

Sorry man but the advice to do Smith machine squats and leg extensions is, I believe, very bad. The Smith machine fixes you into a plane of movement that isn't natural, it puts pressure on the knees and back. It also doesn't build strength in the hips and stabilising muscles. So sure, you may get big legs but you'll likely end up with a muscular imbalance, and lower back/knee problems. The leg extension is a very risky exercise for the knees. The three exercises recommended might work for building pure size but if you're interested in building size as well as functional strength and a solid, injury free body then use regular squats as the foundation, also some unilateral exercises such as bulgarian split squats. The leg press is OK as an accessory movement, but don't lock out the knees. Do the squats in a power rack for safety (with bars at each side to catch the barbell if you fail the rep), then it's no longer dangerous.

adrian louis

without steroids ?

Monika Jamroz

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Jothi Jaya

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Sava Mitov

To sum up:
1. Smith machine squats
2. Leg press - heavy
3. Leg extensions


At first I thought the dude next to Ron was beetle juice ?

The Lion

First one here great video as usual

Tom Sörens

My "third leg" is skinny. Any tips on that?


Oh will you come on with it already!!!! ?

Egor Biletskiy

I am sure you'll learn about workouts if you'll read Unflexal handbook from cover to cover :)

The_ De Walker

if I close my eyes and hear Ron speaking I'd think it was Terrence Howard

Steve Huyett

some of the best informed videos thanks ron

9ether bantu

he won every thing 7 times

Rasmus Andersson

After 4 chest days I usually try to make space for a leg day... I try

Real muscle for life

Casta Davis look like a more cute version of beetle juice.

Rooney Mara

Look at the painting on 5:21

Franklyn McGrady Tejeda

Men why you arms look big but flabby like everybody could know you use steroids

Behr Palomo

links please. no thanks I don't want to hunt through your entire channel to find whatever archived videos you are referencing. Please put the content promised in the title.

Tibúrcio Uetela

Is it possible to grow skinny legs with bodyweight?