Female steroid cycles


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In this video, I discuss how to safely start a beginner cycle for a woman. I talk about the most popular steroid, the dose, and the length of cycle.....

I am here to be open about a very tabu & underground topic-especially in reference to women. I want to be a positive voice where women can get proper guidance in such a world full misinformation!!


https://youtu.be/732ANk9lNqw (BEGINNER CYCLE FOR WOMEN)




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joanne mccloud

I have a question do u take pre workout when you are on anavar?

nazish nasir

I need PTc or no please advise

Michael Pena

A good cycle for women, 600mg test per week 500mg deca 20mg d-bal a day! And u women be little hulksters b4 u know it!!!

tifferania fisher

Wow... a lot to know about what I didn’t know..

nazish nasir

I asked you how I can come online to talk with you but you didt reply ?

Paul Grech

She's ?
But..... women there's a boarder line with steroids and tbh they can't go over the limit or the affects will be permanent and irreversible

Katie Burch

Will this help my glutes get bigger?

Jo Jo

How do u feel about stacking anavar and winstrol? I've been on anavar for 3weeks (3rd cycle now) at 2.5mg twice a day. I used to take 20mg all at once and saw side effects. I started taking winstrol at 2.5mg once a day. And the anavar at 2.5mg twice a day. What are your thoughts on this? Too much? Too little? Havent seen much of a difference but I've only taken the winstrol for 3days ontop of the anavar. I'm a female looking to cut but still maintain muscle mass

Nataly Aguilar

Girl my man is doing a Men’s Physique competition and wants me to compete next year with him, he got me the Anavar pills 25 MG!!! Like what ? I feel like that’s too high of a dosage is it ok to cut the pill in half and take half a day? Would it be better? Idk who else to ask ?

Friendly Junco

Thank you so much

becky 22

Thanks for posting this so hard to find good information on this subject for women. You've got a new sub thanks for posting this. I bought some anavar online but I've been told it's not anavar but test there small yellow tablets,the box and bottole all say anavar so I don't know who's right. I don't want to take them if there anything but anavar due to the side effects.I'm taking 10mg a day. Is there any way to find out if they really are anavar?
Thanks again for these videos

Payton Downs

After purchasing online do you have the Oxandrolone tested anywhere before you use? Thank you.

Cinny Lor

Nothing is safe about steroids. Steroids on intended for men.
It's testosterone...
When women uses, there are horrific side effects. You need to stop trying to explain why certain steroids are safe ...
They are not, you're starting to sound like a man. I believe natural muscles without steroids are sexier!

Toshie Moshie

Appreciate the content! What is your opinion on var with oral birth control?

Smartana Jones

This was really good! Thax so much for talking about this top secret subject. I’ve really been thinking about incorporating Roids in my regimen because after years of being in the gym, all I do is maintain my shape but I’d like to go to The next level but I need a boost to get there.

Renee lewberg

So i was thinking about beginning my first cycle . im just wondering where to go to get it.

Davide Baccolini

I see some transformations in your voice and facial traits. More masculine

Asanda Magwaza

Hey do you take anavar just before or after a workout?

Amanda Cayen

What’s your opinion on a Turinabol cycle for women?

nazish nasir

I’m women

Fred Cifuentes

Recently subscribed to your channel here and on IG. love your openness and down to earth vibe!! keep the info coming!!! Gracias por todo que has hecho!!!! Dale duro corazon!!!

nazish nasir

Please tel me how long I can use anavar

Eline Katgert

I just started my first cycle 5 weeks ago and started with 10mg (5, 2x a day), now a few days ago I dubbled it to 2x10mg a day. I feel like I am seeing results but after seeing your video i'm doubting myself. Should I go back to 5 2x a day? or is it fine as is?
I'm not having any sides accept some pimples on the back of my shoulders.


you are transforming into a man.

Jillian Norman

Thank you so much!


if you are a women dont use any steroids, anavar will still turn you into a man, use sarms instead

nazish nasir

You are beautiful I see your video they way you talk I love it ? love from Pakistan


Good video. biggest issue with anavar is: is most of the product is fake cuz many underground group make it now. and it expensive product..... we try to test it on a lap and it was dianabol not anavar unfortanaly.

Maria Delgado

I love your channel ,,, I've nevered have subscribed to any ones channel but hey your my first one !!!??



nazish nasir

I have to much hair fall. Because of anavar what should I do please advise

brian isbell

anavar is often faked so this is risky for a woman if you don't have a trusted source


Eres muy linda fitness atleta latina!!!! Bella..

Rachel M Heu

Solid info!

Three Ayes___

Dear lord.perfect body and perfect hair and sexy voice.you look like a superhero!


You have really nice hair

xxxtheboss187 famedbcb1982

I'm a man I take a cycle once every 3 years and just keep the workout motivation going to stay in shape and healthy!

Aracely Hernandez

Hi 305 protein! Great video very informative . Just started my 1st cycle I’m doing 10 mg a day but I was wondering should I take the whole pill once or split it in two? Thank u and thanks for being so open about a topic that most people avoid . Keep being real ??

nazish nasir

How to check my harmon ?

shelly lamb

Thank you for your honesty. I am totally new to all of this. I have no clue.

nazish nasir

I’m taking anavar but I want look lean and with little muscle also should I do cardio 45 mint I do weight training also
I’m very serious about my food as well please advise

Mark Fonson

As i said women can take peptide igf1 anavar clen t3 salbutemol ghrp6 ghrp2 hgh... More but anavar is a steroids no pct ? i think clen doesnt need pct i think t3 doesnt need pct hgh too but anavar no pct really?


How do you cycle Anavar, ex. 4 weeks in, 4 weeks out? (I¨m asking you, for women) Thanks!

nazish nasir

Now I’m taking anavar 10 mg how long should I take or can I take
Lipo 6 also with this or no plz advise thanks

Pea Nut

Is it good for overall stamina and performance?

Natalie M

Is it worth it to start anavar for 6 weeks before my first bikini comp? 10 or 20mg a day? I’m already on a diet & never taken anything else before (apart from vitamins, protein etc.) but I need that extra push. thank you!!❤️

Andrew Marshall

Please do not run Anavar year round the rest of the information provided is accurate.

Justin Frazier

You are fine ass fuck.

Sofía D.

hi! is there any way to check if the anavar I bought is fake or legit?
I've been taking 10 mg per day. It's my first week, so I won't see any effects until the cycle ends..

Ana Ga

Where do I find some of this? ??

Michelle Beattie

Girrrrl firstly thank you so much for actually providing INFORMATIVE content for females ... your videos have really helped me obtain information regarding first cycles/steroids for women when most websites provide nothing.. I can’t seem to find much in the way of post cycle therapy for women post Anavar though. Could you clarify this for me.. And what might be a good product to use? Everything seems to be for men and covering gyno :( Thanks Michelle- Australia.




Year round? What about your receptors? Don't they need to refresh with a break for a few weeks between cycles.
Is there an advantage to running 10mg year round vs 6 week cycles with breaks?

Andrea Dupuy

I just came across your video. I'm a 100% natural athlete, turning 40 this year. I found that it is getting harder and harder for me to add the lean mass I want and need for the sport. Do you have a trusted source that you could recommend? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thx!

PHB 392

You might as well take nothing you look like you dont even lift

Monica Ocha

I just recently discovered Anavar, my PT told me about it since we been training for awhile and im not seeing the results I want. I’m terrified of the side effects in women, my question is did you keep ur dosage as low as 10mg a day or did you go higher if so how high? Also, did you use any other supplements in combination? Thank you so much

Savanna Rouessart

Can you take anavar and still take the pill ( the oral contraceptive) at the same time and be safe from pregnancy as well as still gain muscle from the anavar ?

nazish nasir

Because my trainer said don’t take Lipo 6 If you are using anavar

Milly ManOiYan

thank you for the knowledge!. How many weeks should I run for my first cycle and what liver support supplement do you recommend?

Balls Deep

What's wrong with hard work without cheating?

debbie goodloe

I'm not a competitor. (I lift) Just trying to retain/gain muscle and lose 10lbs. Could I just take the anavar only? I was told I would gain weight & get bulky on anavar.

Games are the best Bro

Great info thank you for your honesty i have a question my wife is starting her first anavar 10mg per day how ever can she use 1ml of sus 250 per week as well ?


Don’t take steroids for bodybuilding. Do it naturally ?. No offense to the female in the video, but it is a beautiful thing to flex your genetics without the use of steroids, plastic surgery, or breast implants. Too many people try to build false confidence with these things and it almost always looks out of proportion.

Travis Jones

Wow I could watch you all day. Your amazing. We've talked before.. ive made some very nice gains since we've last spoke..love your stuff my girl and I think your great...thanks alot for all the good information... it corresponds with mine and corroborates everything nicely!!!

Taylor Marquez

@305protein Do I need to be at a certain body fat % before I run my first cycle?

Confidently Captivated

@305protein I know you can’t spot reduce, however while using anavar, and on a caloric deficit and bodybuilding training routine, could the glutes and thigh area look tigher and more lifted if you run Anavar vs not running Anavar?

nazish nasir

I want to respect 5 kg only now
And little belly as well
Weight lifting ?️‍♀️ and cardio it’s good right after weight lifting I do cardio 45 mint is that ok

Elisa P. Haxton

Finally some goodies for the ladies...thanks


Hola. Me gustaría saber tu opinión aserca de este producto fematrope by drago pharma . Y tu recomendación tengo 40 años y necesito bajar my porsentaje de grasa corporal


I am a women. I still have acne a 40. I heard that estrogen blockers help balance the hormones. What are the best estrogen blockers out in the market



Kat Pham

You are amazing! Thank you for this informative video! I am on my third cycle at 10mg and have noticed the sides I originally had (sore throat, oily skin, sour mood) are practically gone now on my third cycle compared to my first. In fact, I feel like I am reaping all the benefits now at a higher dose but with no sides. I was always told to take time off after a cycle but it is good to learn that it is okay to take it daily now!

Victor Covarrubias

Very good information thank you.


Hi what steroid is most likely to make a woman’s voice deepen and cause masculinity?

Travis Jones

Subbed up


Thank you so much for the video!

Laura Norrman

Please never take, you will look different and thats also kind of cheating, why not just put in the effort, instead of risking your health

Black Widow

Can you take a pre-workout with it?

Maryam Wissam

U R goals !! ❤️

Bobby K.

@305PROTEIN The amount of toxic comments on this video is just mind blowing. I've been natural for all my life and now in my 30's looking for a boost. I think var will be my next choice. Your knowledge and input are appreciated... Keep doing you!


More like $6 dollars but is the real deal pharmacy grade

Bill Johnson

You are insanely hot. Clearly, doing a cycle worked for you. Thanks for helping to get more women interested in taking their bodies to the next level!

Julie I

Should one split the dosage 5mg in morning and 5mg later in day?

Tmx Tmx

Is keifei or atech labs authentic anavar?

nick reed

Such freaking honesty.

Netto shopper

You sound like your balls just dropped


Would you be able to tell me what brand for Anavar do you take?


I’ve been seeing a lot of comments on your videos (which I love) about making sure I’m receiving PURE Anavar. How can I ensure that I’m receiving what I purchased instead of Dbol or Winstrol?! I’m nervous! Thank you ??


If I run Anavar only do I still run the risk of getting a deeper voice?

Tmx Tmx


Chris Hansen

please dont listen to this womens advice, anavar is liver toxic and definitely androgenic (dht derived). running it for a year will cause serious side effects

Confidently Captivated

Also could you please talk about on a video on Synthol in the glutes. Apparently this is super common in females but hardly anyone talks about it.



kevin kelley

always always test anavar. many sellers will sub winstrol for anavar.

Dareal Gued

I prefer a female bodybuilder who takes a small amount of steroids and always is at the gym and always cooking and eating than a female who goes to the club every weekend drinking and doing drugs my opinion

Susan Zumback

This answered all of my questions your amazing much appreciated


I'm a guy about 180 what's your advice on a starting dose ? I was thinking 5mg I build muscle pretty fast. Great video


So I know a woman who was taking 10mg a day but she gained weight. Like 13lbs really quickly. Her arms are bigger and hard but I don’t think it did anything for her metabolism

Sawyer Moffett

The dosage recommendation is spot on but this woman has clearly has absolutely no idea what she's talking about when it comes to the actual pharmacology of anavar

Ammara Mahmood

Var isnt that good for your liver, so taking it throughout a year wont be a good idea. I would suggest taking longer breaks and make it time on equals time off. So that your liver stays healthy

Steroids and Stimulants in Bikini Competitions

Steroids and Stimulants in Bikini Competitions14 Jun. 2018
32 020
maryscupofteaSubscribe 438 721

In this video: Chatting

In this video: Chatting about steroids and stimulants in bikini fitness competitions. DISCLAIMER: this is based on MY experience and what I’ve seen when I was competing in bikini competitions.

➤ Grab my FREEE e-book, Anti-Diet Guide to Summer Confidence: http://bit.ly/2yk51xO

♡ Find Me On...

Instagram: @maryscupofteaa [ https://www.instagram.com/maryscupofteaa]

Blog: maryscupoftea.org/blog

➤ Email (for private coaching and business inquiries): [email protected]


Comments (86)
Marianne Ketabi

you are soooo fake and FAT


Athletes in this sport already know whats up with all this. We know some choose to take gear and some don't...Either way, it's taken by choice, it's not forced. This vid is ridiculous. I Mean, you're looking up info as you're recording the vid-how elementary do you look?? PRO athletes take performance enhancement sups, because they ARE PRO... you seem to be young and naive & want to "scare" people off....Also, CLEN, is not harmful. It has the same effect as having a double espresso-cuban coffee, or a strong pre-workout.... and Anavar has minimal side effects.....get educated... and know your info BEFORE you "PRESS RECORD"....

Andrea de Lange

Mary, thank you so much for your honesty about what really goes on behind the scenes, in fitness competitions. You're helping me and others to see how unrealistic these physiques are for most people to achieve without steroids and stimulants or rare genetics. "Your best weight is what you weigh when you're the happiest" is probably the coolest advice I've ever heard, in regards to a person's ideal weight. You're awesome!

Lee B

The funny things in one breath they talk about fitness the on the other take crap that does the opposite in the long run to their bodies

Mountain Fox

The fitness industry is a huge scam full of liars and con artists. I can always respect when someone comes clean about the BS and is real about what goes on. A lot of people just think that the crazy huge guys take steroids, but unfortunately, a ton of women do too. It's disheartening for anyone who wants to stay natural, but constantly gets compared to people with unnaturally enhanced physiques.

Thamus Jones

Look at hunter gatherer people, the healthiest most natural people in the world, none of them look like bodybuilders.


I appreciate you sharing the truth! I began bodybuilding 4 years ago and I wanted to compete so badly but when I began hearing these things I changed my mind completely. I train hard every day but I refuse to damage my body by taking anything! Only thing I take is pre workout and I think I’m going to stop that also! Thanks again? You’re beautiful and brave for sharing! Keep up the great work!


I admit to seeing these women and thinking how hard they worked for achieving this physique. Thank you so much for exposing the chemicals that those women use to get into that shape. I applaud you! And, to boot, you look happy and content, so this speaks volumes for your current way of life.

Marla Mervis-Hartmann

I realize the courage it takes to share this. good for you.

Jessica Arevalo

Idk how I came across this video but loved it.Thanks for shedding light something I preach about all the time.??❤️

Hikaru Kukita

so shocked at the truth of the industry..., it is super fucked up!! it is literally drug abuse or rather I should say proper-medication abuse? The medication itself is not a bad thing but some people or many people in the industry use it for wrong reason, not the original purpose of the medication... its like the abuse of Adderall, the medication for ADHD...

Thank you for speaking up. I really loved your saying "..., if not me, then WHO?" !!! Love you!

The Jaxon K Cast2

So you basically have no experience with steroids you just believe what you read about them in articles. ?

Andrew a

Anavar is the most used drug out there. To compete at top level you will have to use steriods. So unless your a pro or making an income stay natty.

Kayla Cochran

Thank you for sharing! Love your honesty.


FYI you can not legally buy Clen in Canada but can purchase ephedrine in small doses. Also the real difference between taking steroids and fat burners should be highlighted- one alters the hormones (i.e estrogen blockers) the other doesn’t.. just to be clear :)

Yolanda D

Wow..basically it's kind of looking like a lean boy...i'm glad you stopped

The Rawsome Yogi

Thank you so much for this. “Your best body is the one you have when you’re the happiest”
I have many friends and acquaintances that take steroids/fat burners, some have competed. Personally, I have been introduced as well but will not take it Bc it’s not fair to the friends, family, viewers, and also followers. It gives a false hope. Fitness influencers who do take steroids give out this “attainable” body figure of healthy eating and exercise but when these fans actually try and put in work at the gym and get a hold of their eating, they’re only left with disappointment bc that body is “unattainable”. Yes they may have gotten stronger (which should be the number one thing to be proud of!), toned down, leaner, eating healthier, but when they compare their bodies to their “ideals”, they’ll ask themselves, “if I’m putting in all this work just like him or her, then why don’t I look like that?” It messes with their self esteems and just overall not good:/
Thank you again for this informative and great video! The truth needs to be said more.

Lia chan

Can I ask you something.. I want to have muscle and abs but naturally.. I know how bad fat burner and it's make your heart beat so fast..
But I want to build more energy, great abs and this is my dreams.. I had tried many times and yeah I had loss my weight.. just still have eager to have fit body, I mean six abs.. should I continue to do that.. it's hard or I should exercise to gain more energy and fit body but still enjoy my food and everything..

Chris Broomhead Coaching

Ladies (and lads too) follow Victoria Falkar, she’s embarrasses men with how smart she is. Sad he’s been on so many podcasts lately and will not only help you better understand your own body, hormones and menstrual cycle, but if you are considering competing and especially taking gear. She’s where you need to start

If you look for a coach and they don’t see things they way she does (so basically most of them) walk away and find one that can actually help you

Remember, guys are simple, our hormones are more level and the PEDs, although still harmful, aren’t as potentially bad to our bodies

Please educate yourself first before even considering a coach, because it will empower you to better spot the shit ones, that will ruin your body, your looks and your health

And the younger you are, the more important it is to stay safe with all this

George Garner

I don't see anything wrong with taking gear it's all that other crap athletes and fitness ladies and bodybuilders take that's not needed

Rhoda Ward


Mallory. අමතරව, ආරම්භයේ සිට සහාය Adrien ගෝඩන් වයිස්ගේ වාර්තාවේ,


Thank you SO much Mary for your vulnerability & courage to share your personal experience with this! It is so eye-opening and doesn’t get talked about enough❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I am so proud of you ? also your hair looks fabulous (as always)?

Jack Kenney

just as an FYI the 1-2 hours of weight lifting is a super-massive overkill, dorian yates trained waay less than that using HIT where with each exercise you do 2 warm up and 1 fail on primary lifts and just 1 fail set with no warmup on accessory lifts, and he was on a mountain of drugs.

Chris Oakes

I love ripped athletic fitness girls with muscles!!! I mean the ones that don't go too far an lose their Femininity!

Join The Progress

It's the new mood of this day/age; the criss-crossing of gender and hormonal tampering. Huge numbers of boys turning into beta-pussies, and women turning into lady-boys. Partly on purpose, partly not. I've followed female fitness for 30 years now and the last five has without question put more emphasis on highlighting traditionally male traits. Many bikini competitions overseas now are featuring ladies with skinnier and skinnier legs, almost striated in muscularity as compared to just highly defined but with naturally proper bodyfat that gives the lady the delicious curves to the legs. It's not only unpleasant to look at, it's an insult to nature's natural female form.

And I am not talking about having excessive body fat. I am talking about women's natural disposition to more body fat as nature intended.

There are still a lot of amazing looking fit females out there, it's just the above trend that is becoming more and more concerning. If the trend is more towards the lady-boy look, a whole lot of skinny street men in parts of Asia are going to have a huge opportunity to take advantage of. Because there are some men over there now that are about ten times more feminine than a great many western women...and the male audience overwhelmingly still wants women to be feminine as compared to the new butch-bitch-dom trend of the day.
(End rant)

Nii Narku

Arimidex a.k.a anastrozole is not a steroid.
It is a nonsteroidal aromatse inhibitor.

Emil Galant

Nice video and this topic needs to have light put on it however you have no idea about gear, your litterally doing your research as you go... that’s not alright for making a video about gear


I got as far as ‘the more weight you lift the more fat you burn’ then you can’t say virilisation, and then you say Anavar is extremely liver toxic (possibly slightly but way less than other oral steroids.) This is misinformation and no wonder you didn’t stay in the industry. I think your heart is in the right place, but this is not good information

Alexa Torres

Hi thank you so much for talking about this. You think some of this drugs might messed up their voice too... for example I met a trainer is a beautiful muscular lady, but her voice sounds like a male and he is a woman she has kids. Sorry for asking the only explanation to me was this has to be something she is using

Iftekhar Khan

Shut up everyone
You have to diet good

Bhavya Fitness

Lets just not Relate FITNESS with BODYBUILDING. There's a huge difference between both these terms.

Snehal Thakar

?❣ good info

Caleb Lynch

She makes a youtube video about things she doesn't even know how to pronounce. LOL Verialization??? Arimidex? BTW arimidex is NOT a steroid! This woman does not know what she's talking about. Not every one deserves a voice. She's clueless.

William Ford

This is spot on and people are incredibly naive when they think these competitors and "fitness models" achieved this with such and such brand of supplements. Clen has been around for YEARS and it was only recently that I go on to the fact that Anavar and Winny were the go to drugs of today for women. The so-called "coaches" of men and women alike are really "drug counselors" and I wouldn't be surprised if many were also dealers on the side. Lastly, followers of social media should also be aware that filters are used by non competitors to make them look different than they actually are stripped down to gym clothes, lingerie or swimwear.


hell yea girl! I was on Clenbuterol as suggested by my coach and workout partners for my competition along with hours of cardio a day and diuretics.. Thank you for sharing this message for the future of our youth! People need to wake up to the fact that getting to that low of a body fat % ESPECIALLY for females is so bad for us our hormones, our brain, all systems!! But males too for that matter.. So happy you broke free, :)

Corina B.

That’s why I am a natural bikini competitor

The Panther

That’s what I thought about Ashley Kaltwasser. Her weightgain and all the story about “disfunctional thyroid” right b4 competition, plus there r videos showing her with no true muscle mass 3 weeks before competition or even 3 days before showday, she’s nowhere near as lean as she was on stage + her delts and glutes are popping unusually much, then 3 days later they are gone again... but she makes money with this lifestyle and is poster girl for pharma companies, so I guess it is her job..

Chris Broomhead Coaching

GIRLS FFS PLEASE STOP! This videos is making my eyes water, and even more so while reading the comments

Everything you’ve said is just girls using drugs as a crutch. I’m sorry but none of the them are necessary for bikini, and the fact that the only information you seem to be giving is read from a google search is shocking because that knowledge should be in your head well before introducing anything to your body

Please don’t take this the wrong way but you’re completely unqualified to take about anabolics and have no place using anything mentioned in the video until you atleast put in the time to raise to a higher category, where arguably some PEDs are necessary to be competitive... but before that point please atleast find a coach that is not a complete moron and offering drugs to kids

Too many people use drugs as a crutch these days and it’s fucking scary that there’s too many coaches out there now, so what they lack in knowledge they make up for with more drugs

So yes they’re at fault, but the competitors aren’t completely guilt free either. As you should never blindly follow a coach, and should always do your own research

I hope that you’ve taken a step back since this video and found a better coach and spend a good amount of time educating yourself, because as you mentioned, these compounds can be dangerous. So always do you research

And please if you do nothing else search for Victoria Felkar, who’s one of the world experts on female hormones. There’s videos al over YouTube with her on

My apologies if that came across offensive but given your age and a coach pushing drugs on you, it’s something that gets me very angry. These ‘coaches’ don’t give a shit about you or your health, just a nice before and after picture and a place on the podium, to market for more clientes. They don’t care less if you rebound massively or cause lasting health damage, which disgusts me, and as you can probably tell massively pisses me off

Georgie S

A coach offering you this stuff at 16 is just morally warped.

Becca T

Ugh I’ve been on a years long journey trying to just get my hormones in check for shit like acne and depression (I don’t even bodybuild) messing with your hormones like this is giving me so much anxiety UGHHHH

cookie monster

We cannot live without a liver ! ?

Koko Beach

May alla bless you


Thank you sweety ! Good on you for being brave enough to speak out ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Koko Beach


hector roman

Nothing wrong with being anti natty... girls just be careful with coaches. Y'all should hit up the research station ask for big Mike or the guru Valerie falker she's amazing...

Tatyana Canales

arimiDEX not arimiDRex

Alex Sol

You definitely don’t have genetics for bikini... at all

Stephanie Foley

I've competing many times... And I. The natural stream, this physiques are obtainable naturally it takes more time. But it's when competitors are sustaining these physiques that they may be taking things as it's not natural to stay that lean all year round. I hope no one believes they can't do this because they think they need to take supplements. They key is to get a good coach that you trust that won't lead you down that path.

Holly Marie

Clen isn't legal in Canada. But ephedrine is, in low doses.
Thanks for the video?

Bella Hernandez-Fazlıoğlu

You should have gotten a trainer, doctor and dietitian to help you through this! I am very shocked that you went through this at a young age!?

Madilyn McDonald

I had a similar experience like what you had in your university class. I was taking OxyElitePro and trying to lean out for the school's cheerleading tryouts. I can remember how much my heart would race and physically hurt. My hands would also shake horribly. Not to mention how stupid I was to take one pill in the morning, go swimming for an hour, go to class, take one more pill, and hit the gym, and then go on a 90 minute run (five days a week). I am lucky my heart didn't give out and that my mom found my pill bottle...which led me to throw it all away.

Rebellious Refinement

Thank you for bringing awareness to this subject. People need to know what they're up against when deciding to compete and what goes on in the industry

Lil Pickie1

Thank you, this is very telling and helpful. The problem is these ignorant people in society who promote this looks by comparing normal sized, healthy women to these impossible standards, and I am sadly referring to mostly women. We should stick together and be supportive of one another.

hector roman

Low dose and micro dosing help with side effects also females must also do a PCT AFTER THERE CYCLE...

Eva A.

You haven't used Anavar or winstrol or any anabolics but you are discussing about AAS . ???????

mz cocoa b

Finally someone comes with honesty thank you I wondered if they took anything to get that ripped

Adam Berke

Without any expertiise and using purely anectodal content you have zero credbility.

The Jaxon K Cast2

Yea she was definitely young. Only a young idiot would take Clen with coffee. Smh. Thats like drinking a monster with a redbull. Of course you had a bad reaction. It had nothing to do with the Clen. It was your ignorance that messed you up.


Wow I had no idea that this even happens!!

George Garner

All you have to do is workout at a gym for a few months and you will find out the truth

Ryder Alicia Rey

And so hon, where were your parents when all these people were offering their 16 yr old all these dangerous drugs? They had no idea what these stupid "bikini competitions" were going to lead to? Must have had some busy lives, or were hoping to make money off of your "competitions"...just sayin'....

Martin Hirsch

Damn you are misinformed. Arimidex is not a steroid, but a serm, selective estrogen receptor modulator. It inhibits aromatisation, the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. You might actually harm people by not doing proper research and therefore putting out misinformation

mary huff

I dont see the bikini competitors taking on male characteristics. I don’t believe people were offering her drugs at 16.

eri ram

Thank you for tour 100% honesty ?

JT Talabong

You don’t look like you competed ??

isabella carrozza

Is their any safe way to take anabolic steroids

Andrew Yu

I'm nearing 600 lb, but I'm happy, if not, my happiest! :D

Aida M

Its a competitive sport! What did you think was gonna happen? Its called BODY BUILDING for a reason.


Also a disclaimer, winstrol is a lot more velarizing then anavar and women have lots more side effects with it

Stephanie Fitness

Thanks for sharing your experience. It means a lot to me!

Danielle Guerra

I've gotten lean and done a show and didnt take anything :) its possible they have natural shows.


So does anavar really help women's sex drive? I know all the other benefits of it.

Cass DiGiovanni

Thank you for this ❤️ girls definitely need to be aware of the reality of certain situations


thank you for sharing this!!!

Samantha Smith

I believe that it is popular but there are some people that have genetic advantage. I'm not a competitor I just enjoy working out, but I have an ectomorph body type I've always been lean (without working out) and find it easy to tone I don't need to be in the gym 5 days a week and as long as I keep my calories up It's not hard for me to gain muscle when working out but I know it's mostly due to genetics/ethnicity (Jamaican) and my high metabolism cause my brothers and father are the same. I didn't think that bikini competitors take steroids their bodies look achievable to me (obviously I have a different perspective though) I always thought that it was the figure/bodybuilder competitors that take more drugs.

Noella Ramnauth

Great info

Ken Rose

Sorry, offering a child drugs makes you piece of garbage.

DracoRepto X

Hi, anastrozole (Arimidex) is non steroidal. However I agree with the video. Bodybuilding could be a very unhealthy sport!

Sarah Dotzler

wow thank you so much for sharing❤️

Antoinette Prado

I liked your video bc you were upfront and honest about your clen usage. Braver than most. Thanks, doll


Are there any realistic women I can look up to? Losing faith after 6 months; and gaining weight and little strength.

Jamie Robinson

Yeah, you’re friends done it.... sure


Why is it always the chubby girls who have a problem with competitions?

Koko Beach

Thank you for your sincerity and courage, and I owe you. If I did not see your video when I knew the truth, you literally saved my life by not associating with a false woman who claimed to be natural and that she had accomplished her beautiful body with hard work and a special food diet. She added that she was proud that she had certificates in sports nutrition from a reputable institute

Robert w

wow your in the right place, THx for the video

Woody 84

Have a beautiful day beutiful eagle lady :)

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Jerrie Zungia

Which steroids is right for me as a female to help me runner faster and better...

I thinking bout talking to my doctor about it. I am training to become a police officer and it requires me to run for a long period of time. So which is right for me so I can talk to my doctor about it. Please hit me up. Thanks ?? ?

Break the mould Susunaga

So one capsule equals 10 mg?

Black Panda

You missed primobolan, a female should never use testosterone