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WATCH: How one man said hair loss drug ruined his life

WATCH: How one man said hair loss drug ruined his life1 May. 2015
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John Smith

It’s 2021 and Men still have to choose between going bald or chemical castration to keep their hair. If this was a womans issue this would have been solved decades ago...

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the fact he shows her a picture and says "im the good looking guy" all serious makes me believe he is just akward and is a little mental and he is just blaming a drug he took for 10 years. I mean he was on it for 10 years, his sudden change of life isnt from this drug. Peoples personalities change every 7 years regardless of being on anything.

Alireza i

My uncle ended up killing himself bcz of severe depression after taking propasia for one year

Mojo Risin


martin boy

i took fiateride 1mg for two years, my hair loss stoped but my joints start to pain, after that i had dizzyness for ten months after that i got bell's palsy and my face paralyzed for a while, one year later i got shingles and my eye infected with herpes zoister, now it's been two years that i've been taken asyclovire 400 for my eyes, and one of it's side effects is hair loss, how ironic, lucky me


Me too. 5 years with permanent side effects.

Jack Andante

He's balding now..


This is really cheap fear mongering. It's like someone driving recklessly, getting into a serious accident and ruining their life. And then they start campaigning that no one should be allowed to drive cars because "we aren't told the risks!"

This is 100% his fault that this happened. Anytime you take a prescribed medication, do your own research and monitor yourself for side effects. As soon as you see them, speak to your doctor, stop taking it. This guy is way too old to need his hand held like this.

paul young

Please ?


Do people realize that the vast majority of men who take finasteride do not have any of these symptoms.

Balu Cool

Hi everyone, there is a treatment named shockwave therapy... Please do research on that. Link of a testimony by a PFS victim He recovered completely. Their will be solution for all, stay positive.

Yetanother Top

Donald Trump takes Propecia and the effects on him are ... never mind.

Rx PillD

So sad - this drug is so horrific and destructive! Patients were never warned about the reality of PFS in terms of the permanent damage it can cause.


To make a long story short, this drug is a feminizer of the body. Men go bald, women don't. Why any man would start propecia in 2020 is beyond me.

aaa aaa

People blame any problems they have on finasteride, its so funny they dont even understand how it works.

m7md rady

generic cheap stuff .


This is disgusting on the drug companies part... some people believe this drug changes your dna which permanently affects testosterone production for the rest of your life

John Y.

I took 1/8th of a tablet everyday for a month. I had some of the most amazing hair regrowth all over my hair including my temples. When I went online it was stated temple regrowth was extremely rare.

Well here’s the catch. In that month to a month and a half I completely lost my sex drive and also developed gyno as well as became depressed.

I wanted so badly to stay on the drug but absolutely couldn’t.

If you believe that Mercks doctors are honest in their research of 1-2 percent of the population gets side effects, then your very gullible.

I ended up doing a hair transplant instead which was decent results but hair is still falling out.


2:32 PFS very likely shares the same mechanism of action with post SSRI sexual dysfunction. Come together with the PSSD community to solve both problems! Simply watch our youtube channel each day to generate research funding and spread awareness!

zero X

Oh man I was thinking of taking this drug and had so much hope till this video..... time to drink myself to death.

Kyle Yaro

Simple fix you need to be on trt now your hormones are out of whack is all

yerandy villavicencio

it seems finasteride makes you look old as well. This man looks way older than 35.

b707almighty s903

I literally work for merck and none of these accusations are true

tom jerry

ssri doese same thing


Well I guess the only options for men is if they really want hair is a transplant but then you need to take finasteride or a hair unit. Technology like hair units are the future just like advancements in prosthetics where you’ll be able to have feeling in the prosthetic and it’ll look real. That’s my prediction unless they finally find out how to regenerate organs.

Yetanother Top

​@Yahya Elmi I do sometimes forget how old the Donald is because of how fat he is. I read that he only eats Burger King and McDonald's. His logic is that they are already made and the person making them doesn't know who will eat which sandwich. I also read that he cheats at golf.


Some ref flags are that he says he took it for 10 years until finally stopping. So he didn't have side effects during those 10 years? He said he lost 20lbs in the first 3 months so 10 years ago? But he kept taking it? Is it possible he wants to make money off of a lawsuit? ?

Finasteride: Experiencing side effects after the 1st tablet?

Finasteride: Experiencing side effects after the 1st tablet?17 Jan. 2021
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Instagram: @hairtransplant.surgeon


episode 75.

What happens if you take 1mg of finasteride and immediately get side effects?

What could be the cause?

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If 1mg of Finasteride period would cause side effects then it would stand to reason that 1 mg of Finasteride once would suddenly stop your hair from falling out but we know that's not true. The simple answer is a lot of people do research online and turn into hypochondriacs afraid over every possibility.

I saw a dude on Reddit insist he felt like he was developing side effects from LOOKING at Finasteride, not even taking it.

Ahmad Ahmad

Guys, is dutasteride safe?

Kevin Mann

Funny thing is I have spoken with veteran hair loss doctors and they tell me they tell me they had never even heard of such things as getting sides after 1 pill or PFS until about 10 to 15 years ago, right when social media started to kick off.

I am glad you mentioned the nocebo effect too. You give everyone a platform and eventually you'll have people listening to outlandish anecdotes rather than medical professionals such as yourselves and not knowing any better they'll believe whatever nonsense fear mongering about finasteride they hear.

Thank you for the work you are doing doctors!

Marlon Grabandt

Could you make a video about dutasteride and T-Levels while being on it


Is Fin safe on TRT?

blah blah blah

Hi, would it be a bad move to try to increase my Testosterone levels(i have quite low T) whilst using finasteride? I am using boron and zinc

Khelelaine Mohammed

are all finasteride brands the same? do all have the same effect?


I was taking 1mg every other day for about a week and felt like it was to much, so went down to .5 I didnt feel any side effect for nearly 45 days and started getting breast sensitivity on my right side. I stopped taking it about a week ago and waiting for it to go away before getting back on.


Stop taking this drug. At first glance, it could be a great idea to stop hair loss, but the damages outgrow the benefits. Even a doctor told me that it is POISON

Elizabeth Teeling

What side effects on finasteride and I been on this medication for 4 years on 1 mg and 5 mg and I haven’t seen nothing and I mean nothing and I got too say too this surgery is talking wrong

Akshay Bhoir

i badly want to continue but don't want to have gyno either
after 1 month of use nipples are little puffy and sensitive and thats annoying
please any suggestions how can i avoid these sides with supplements and still continue with fin?

Abdulhak Bayan

Doctor could you explain the difference between minoxidil and stemoxydine and it can be combined together


I took finasteride without knowing about the sides, i would constantly get brain fog, dizziness and depression. I even tried minor dosage still same side???? though i am fond of the efficacy of finasteride

Venkatapparao Badagala

Sir,it's been 2 weeks I started.2mg per week.aftr 15 days I felt pain in testicles n loss of libido.what should I do now?quit r push thru?

Decid llano

Hi i have 2 question. Does wearing of durag promote hair loss? 2nd, is it ok to wear durag while treating my hair with minoxidil regroe. Any response will be appreciated. Thank u!

Arshad Khazi

I started taking 1mg finasteride (Propecia) everyday since last 10 days and had no side effects so far. Is it possible to see any side effects later on as i continue using it? Or am i most probably okay with the medication for long term?

G o K u

Iv just started finasteride on 0.5mg EOD just to see how I react to it , problem is I dont know what dosage is best 1mg x3 a week or 0.5mg every day?

bob dillon

In my experience IQs seem to recede at about the same rate as hairlines.

Nnnu Yogi

I wad take Finesteriod 5mg per day.. And i never seen any side effects till now date

casra gh

Hey i have question,when i weighting lift or get stressful i feel biting in my scalp Right in crown area where my hair got thin,its feel like Some needles are inserting in my head,anyone have same exprience?

Raha Ram

Dear Dr.
Thanks for sharing your very informative videos.
But there is something I wanna share:
According to my personal Experience Finasteride can regrow ones hair but meanwhile it can affect him in the bad way.
In my case i started to take 1 x 1mg daily for 7 months which really for the 1st month affected my libido & made my semen very watery.
From the 2nd month toward libido issue solved but semen remained watery.
But in term of hair regrowth it was really affective.
After 7 months of taking 1mg in daily basis I saw your video about taking 3 peels per week, immediately i changed the plan & started using 3 x 1mg weekly.
Hair regrowth continued, libido ok but semen still very watery.
After 7 months using of the 2nd plan (total 14 months in Finasteride) I gave up because I was really scared about my watery semen.
I stopped taking Finasteride since September 2020 & as a result I faced a huge shedding & lets say i lost most gained hairs but
since July 2020 I'm doing Balayam (type of Yuga exercise) everyday 20 minutes almost. I can see so much small hairs in my scalp & hair line area. I hope it works but even if I lose all my hair I will never get again into Finasteride, maybe my case is different, no idea, I just wanted to share my experience with U Gentleman.
Thanks again for your beautiful & informative videos.
Stay safe.

RealOrbit - Australia

I took it for a week at 0.5mg a day. Libido dropped, got anxiety and brain fog also nipples felt tingly. I didn't mind the brain fog or the slight loss of libido (wasn't much) but didn't like the anxiety and the possibility of man breasts. Looking into formulating a low dose topical with Minoxidil. See if that is better for me


Is there a point where it's too late to start Finasteride? Like after Norwood 3 for example? Cheers

Carlos Sanchez

If you appreciate your health dont take this poison.

Kieron Menezes

I started finasteride for 2 weeks and in my temples, baby hairs started growing in already!!! I have noo side effects!! Try to take 0.5 mg

Gianmarco Girardi

Hi, thank you for the really great and useful content. I am from Italy and I wonder if you have ever heard of CFU (Combined Follicular Units) technique for FUT (Doctor Pietro Rosati), and what do you think about it? Thank you so much, this would be helpful.


I'm convinced that if most of the people who get symptoms wouldn't know about them beforehand, they wouldn't get them. Ergo: Most (not all) of these symptoms are psychological.

Miguel Beretta

I'd pay attention to those side effect reports, Doc. I was told that gabapentin doesn't cause withdrawals or hairloss, which turned out to be wrong

Dan Turing

Hi, i was on Fin for two months (3mg a week) and started getting Gynechomastia with aggressive mood swings and sexual dysfunction, so i decided to come off which has since settled down.

I suppose there is no point in me continuing which makes me feel like i have to accept my balding.

any suggestions?

Stevie Jay James

They also forgot to mention low testosterone, addicted to alcohol and sleep apnea.

Titanium ww7

Can testosterone cause hair loss

Mijanur Rahman

I wanted to take it but can you get male breast cancer?


If you had to pick between hair of instabul, Eugenix, or motion clinic? Or who else is a top clinic with not expensive prices

Mohsin Rafiq

Hey I am taking fin almost 11 month but someday when I washed my hair I saw a lot of hairs but not more then 50 or 100 is it good sign or not?

Elizabeth Teeling

Finasteride 1mg. And 5mg slow your body hair down if anyone got hairy body and kills body hair and I been on this medication for 4 years


I really want to take Finasteride, but I am terrified of the horrible stories I read on the internet. Any advice?

Aryan Sharma

I have started my 1.25 alternate days Finestride medication. Fingers crossed. Will see the result in 1 year.
A interesting thought came into my mind while researching for this substance, Do people having less or no beard can show signs of male pattern baldness ?

Dayum boy Dayum

Can finasteride make you more feminine ?


See what i mean, this has already been covered. Talk about micropigmentation or something outside the box


I take 3 times a week. So far, I only get very mild discomfort on my left testicule on the day I take it ( it goes away the day after). I have not lost any libido or erection. However, I used to have weird spasm (pain) around my anus area and difficulty to pee in the morning. It seems like finasteride fixed this as sex is now more enjoyable. It feels like I fixed 2 problems with the medication lol


I find since I have been on Finasteride I'm getting a lot more hair growth all over my body lol...faster than usual....


I just started but I got it of Hims, is it safe to get it from there or should I get it prescribed....


Hi, i want to start taking topical fin cause with oral i experience sides libido and anxiety and the doctor told me to apply 0.025% fin and 5% minox what do you think about that dossage of fin?

Glenn Nolan

Hi! A question about FUE Vs FUT. Is it true that FUE has a higher chance of damaging the hair when harvesting the graft so therefore a higher chance of the graft not surviving? or is the success rate of the grafts the same for FUE & FUT? What is the usual survival percentage for the transplanted grafts? Thanks for the amazing job you guys are doing educating us with this channel.


Been talking 1 mg a day for three months now with 0 side effects.

Nigamanth Girish

Hi Doc. I have been following your YouTube videos for a while now. Im suffering from male pattern baldness . Im 24 now and although I didn't go fully bald yet , Im starting to go bald . So I started using minoxidil 5% a week ago and this morning I felt a yellow bump on my scalp in the crown area. Also I feel a tingling sensation behind my ears and jaw for the past few days. Now Im worried about continuing minoxidil. Can you help me with this??? Also if I decide to quit minoxidil now ( with 7 days of usage) with no/little amount of shedding till now, will it get worse ?

leonard birgfeld

Does finesterid work if you have agressiv hair loss in Early age like 17 -18 ?

Tony Tony Mercado

Ive been on finasteride 2weeks now, i got a mild ball aches in 1 week and now it fades away... I also think that my semen is a bit watery.. I thought I would lose libido but it feels like my urges and senses are same as before...

Abram Rabinowitz

Hello. Thanks. I’m wondering if you know of any data on finasteride causing “flare ups” in preexisting conditions - mainly ankylosing spondylitis? I have a history of AS and I experienced flare-ups last year when I began finasteride and again this year when I began again (I took a 2-3 month break). I wouldn’t normally have flare-ups this many times per year, although it did go away last year even as I kept with the finasteride. Just thought I’d ask cause of the timing of my finasteride treatment and my flare ups. These flare ups are the worst I’ve had and disrupt my sleep. Maybe it’s not worth it if the finasteride is the culprit. Thanks for your input.

Zack Fair

hi guys, lets say if i want to have a children, can i still continue with finasteride or should i stop? need ur answers !!!

fayyaadh naidoo

Hi Dr. I've searched through all the comments but couldn't find anything regarding how often topical finasteride + minoxidil should be applied? Should it be applied twice a day or is once a day fine?


what about urinary retention? or overactive bladder.. ive been experiencing this since i taken it.. No other side effects tho

Darren M

Thank you

Swaraj Pandey

Hello Doctor, can I mix Alfatradiol with Minoxidil and apply it together?will it lower the level of DHT on my scalp? What are your thoughts? Please reply


Dutasteride increases Testosterone by approximately 20%..can you please tell if this increase in Testosterone will damage hair follicles? Plz respond

Dan More

Hello Dr. I have 2 quick suggestions for future topics: the role of scalp calcification in hair loss, and the use of essential oils to treat androgenetic alopecia. Thank you????

The XY Report

For some reason, this video was recommended to me, even though I am bald and proud of my baldness. Why anyone would use a poison like finasteride or dutasteride for a cosmetic issue perplexes and saddens me. DHT is the most important neurosteroid and offers protection against cognitive decline and a depressed mood, while improving emotional resilience (a form of stoicism). DHT, in a higher healthy range, also offers protection against metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and type-II diabetes. And DHT also promotes bone health and of course harder and stronger e-r3ctions and arousal. Again, why anyone would even consider taking a male poison for a cosmetic issue like hairloss perplexes and saddens me. Grow a pair, accept your hairloss like a man, shave your head, and get on with much more important issues in your life, like improving your health, wealth, spirituality and personality.

Kyran Stewart

What you really need to consider is the non-linearity of the response to the drug. If the response to the drug was linear, the difference between 5mg and 1mg would be significant, however the reduction in serum DHT from 0.2mg/day is ~68.6% compared to only ~72.2% from 5mg/day. (1) This means that the incremental impact of moving from a dose of 1mg 3x per week to 5mg every day in terms of reduction in serum DHT is actually very small. The efficacy of finasteride is all but maxed out using 1mg 3x per week anyway.

Also, the medication seems to reach peak effectiveness quite rapidly. Paper (2) suggests that single administration at doses >0.5mg lead to peak suppression of DHT (defined as suppression of >50%).

However, I do agree that people have a tendency to psych themselves out and that a good bit of this could be explained by a nocebo effect.


Nick Jones

I'm lucky I've been on it 6 months an I've had no side effects and I hope it stays like that ☺️


This white background is too bright.

Callum Slash

?Hello Dr Vikram! First off thanks for the great channel. I have a question, finasteride is one of the drugs on the deferral list when it comes to blood donation. You have to wait for a whole month( 28 days) after the last dose to donate blood again. In another one of your videos, you said that patients can take a few weeks off the drug for reasons such as pregnancy and vacations and so on. I understand that you cannot prescribe a break from finasteride but is there a way, I could theoretically donate blood once or twice a year (taking a break from finasteride once or twice a year)? I know I should check with my personal healthcare professional, I will but I trust your opinion as well so it would be awesome if you guys can suggest a pharmacotherapy plan for myself, not necessarily a finalised one as I will discuss that with my dermatologist. I actually want to go on finasteride just so I can donate my hair for cancer patients but I also want to donate blood and help people. It is honestly depressing because I have finally managed to grow out my hair and want to help. I also am AB+( I know I am not AB- which is more valuable) so my blood plasma will be extra useful if I can manage to wait for a month and a week( at least once a year) to donate both my blood and blood plasma, it is just depressing ? . I just need to know if I can still keep my hair while taking a break every six months or so. Maybe I could start the drug for a year and then proceed with a pharmacotherapy plan such as this. Anyways thank you for your time. If you could reply to my question, I will appreciate it massively. Thanks ? again and have a great time reading the comments doc! Oh and tell Dr Russell I said hi ? too!

Manuel Lorenzo

Im using 1mg 3 times a week still losing my hair should i go up 1mg 4 times a week ?

Herjan van Akker

wait, didn't you recommend using 0.5 mg three times a week? I believe here you are suggesting that 3 mg 3x/week to be most effective.

Ro Rion

Hello Doctor. I'm still at one month of taking finasteride, but I feel like my hairline is getting worse. Before I take finasteride, my hairline is like Norwood 1 but I can feel it going to Norwood 3. Is finasteride making it more worst? And also my crown area is getting more thinner and thinner. I'm actually worried now. Thank you so much for your efforts on educating us!

Nishant Singh

Guide you through ? They only say that you are thinking too much ,in my case i didnt even knew about the side effects ,i lost libido ,now after stopping it ,i am fine

patty b

Does finasteride affect beard growth

Ali Najafi

I did not know about the side effects, and after the second day of taking the tablet,my johnson went completely dead. I actually realized that side effects exist after I had started Finasteride. So it's obviously not nocebo effect. Some ppl like me are just that sensitive to it. I switched to topical, still having the same side effects btw!

Jules Life

I posted a video of my first 14 days of 1mg 3x/wk and instantly had sides. It’s been 9 months now and I’ve been on 0.25mg topically a day since the second month and within minutes of using it my nipples hurt. Gyno is growing from it.

Dimitar Martinovski

Hey Doctor why do you keep insisting that 1 mg of finasteride is such a small dose, when there are studies showing that even 0.2mg reduces dht similarly to 5mg ?

Abdulhak Bayan

Great video doctor thanks for highlighting this situation it’s more psychological than biological symptoms if keep thinking about it it will happen specially ED its more like performance anxiety psychological symptoms no more no less just take the tablet and don’t think about it if there is something biological you will feel it and go and search for paracetamol there is more side effects in this medication than you think no drug in the world is zero side effects and companies using the fear of the people from side effects to sell products it will never work and the administration will protect themselves by writing not FDA approved start early and save allot of money .

Derek Stewart

Can you please (or anyone here) address the effects the body supplement Creatine has on DHT? I've been on Creatine for a month and recently learned it may increase DHT. I also started Fin a week ago (1mg a day) and Min a month ago. I'm sad to hear I may need to stop taking Creatine. Wondering if perhaps taking half the recommended dosage of Creatine would be okay?


I’ve been on fin for a week now, with only 2 doses of 1 mg and I’ve experienced nipple sensitivity a lot, perhaps even some enlargement of the breast. My question is: is this something that happens more often when starting? Does it mean my body has to get used to the drug and this is just the hormonal levels that fluctuate a little?


I appreciate the video but this was a video of nonsense. (Side effects) " it might be the dose, it might not"' , " speak to your prescriber" - sorry what? Either it is, or it isn't.

casra gh

Hi,i got fin a month ago,after getting second pill i feel to much pain in my chest and i just stop it.pain gone after 2day but it back after 1week and still i have pain.right today in the morning i feel unmanagable pain in my balls and its with me right now??
I cant blieve what happend to me with 2mg??‍♂️


I would like to ask if can I take Collagen, Finasteride and Biotin together?


I was terrified of taking finasteride because all the horror stories online. To make sure I don't suffer a nocebo effect, I mixed 3 fin pills, with 3 iron supplement pills (nearly identical) in a plastic jar. So if after 1st pill if I feel I am getting side effects, I can check if I actually took fin or not, given there is only a 1/2 chance. Thankfully that experiment canned me down and after 2 weeks I started to take the pill confidently.

Tauya Nhamo

My hair is thinning can this be slowed down