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Johnny Galecki 'Big Bang's' Huge Success Is 'Shocking'

Johnny Galecki 'Big Bang's' Huge Success Is 'Shocking'25 Jul. 2013
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The Big Bang Theory has

The Big Bang Theory has emerged as one of television's most popular comedies, not only with viewers but with the critics as well. As the show approaches its seventh season,

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Luz M Quevedo

Are they, like, dating?


I will be VERY sad when this series finishes. :-(


He read Elfquest! Oh my godddddd! Awesomeness!

Tommy Tedji


Candice Spencer

johnny looks so stylish. like he looks like someone you need to be friends with

Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki Plays 20 Questions

Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki Plays 20 Questions17 May. 2019
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Big Bang Theory's Johnny

Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki plays 20 Questions with host Bryan Elliott in this episode of Behind the Brand.

Special thanks to AKA Hotel for hosting this interview at their Beverly Hills location.

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Nice job, Johnny seemed relaxed in the moment answering your questions and as an interviewer you can ask for much better than that.

Sumehr Singh Pasricha

On the show he's a math freak and on real life he hates math .LOL


I'm just gonna point out that one pink nail...


Woah Leonard Is Bad At Maths IRL??
Next thing you know, Sheldon can't solve 1+1...


Asian eyes


So this has 15k views because?

Sabrina Hölzel

Love his Look verry stylish

M Matras

Polish surname

Rick Harold


utika nsjla

infinite lists


I cant stand him. He is so full of himself

chloe Tomlinson

He may not be like Leonard but he sits like him and that gives me serotonin ??

Rene Dvorsky

So funny how all those polnish rooted guys cant say their names the right way ??‍♂️???
Same with the Supernatural guy its not Padalecki (pada - "leki"- but pada- letski)
Same here


oh. He's bad at math? Does explain how he miscalculated adjusting the rocket fuel, which led to the destruction of the elevator.

Gracilene De Souza Dias

Tinha q ser legendado ??


he so different than leonard

Cadbury dragon

he's so chilled! very down to earth

The Collector

step 1: shave galecki's beard
step 2: cut galecki's hair
step 3: now he's the perfect guy to play uwe boll in a movie XD

Aaron Albrecht

Everyone else: you know from Big Bang Theory
Me: I know him from I Know What You Did Last Summer


He has the cutest laugh ??

Navneet Kaur_Dhanjal

he hot. bery bery hawt.

Daniel Nguyen Music

I love Johnny so much <3

Jack The Greek

Tell me he wouldn't make a great Wolverine.


Did anyone else notice the Enderman type sound at 2:21? Sounds like an enderman died.

Suryakanta Pattanaik

Sitting in sofa with shows on...

Kara Wedgeworth

Johnny would be amazing as the Joker. The smile, the cheekbones, the eyebrows. Yes! Who do I need to talk to? ✅✅✅

tom zafool

this is not entertaining nor funny

Fensen Francis

He is super short like 5' 5




Johnny Galecki is the cool guy Leonard wanted to be

sage willows

Is no one gonna talk about the blue in his hair?

BlueWolf _GAMEZ

he should play dr octopus on the MCU


Haha, Johnny Galecki migh be born in Bree, but he sure looks like he was raised in Knokke-le-Zoute :D (My fellow Belgians will get it) :D nevertheless, big up to this man

Nayops 20

Who else binge watches TBBT❓

Olly Earle

Who’s Johnny Galecki? This is Leonard Hofstadter.


He looks gay


What is wrong with you Americans wearing shoes on the sofa?!

Mari Ramos

I love Johnny

hamstrong day

So charming


Super easy going atmosphere! Not awkward like so many other interviews. You’re a great guy!

Nikki Mcdonald

# 21.. what's with the anchor tattoo?
#22...please discuss the pink nail polish.


So less views ??? What's the reason ???

Ed Z

Wtf is wrong with him? In tailor's seat with shoes on, on the couch. Which man does that? The scarf gives it away actually.


Happy 45th Birthday Johnny Galecki <3

Kailey Llewellyn

He just seems like so down to earth I love people that are that way I however don’t like people that are stuck up and are snobs. And think they are better than others around them.

Baaba Q

He's so chill

Marc Anderson

Big Bang theory? Nah He’s known for Christmas vacation ?‍♂️

Kaley and Johnny discuss their favourite moments from The Big Bang Theory

Kaley and Johnny discuss their favourite moments from The Big Bang Theory10 Sep. 2020
247 350
Shelly&PennySubscribe 438 721

Johnny Galecki and Kaley

Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco share backstage secrets and personal memories from the past 12 years. They reveal their favorite moments playing Leonard and Penny, and revisit some of the most memorable stories from The Big Bang Theory Stage.

Unraveling the Mystery: A Big Bang Farewell (2019)

Comments (68)
Shubham Bansal

That No ! start over was the best ?

Dhawal Maniar

I gues i will hv to watch the series again, to relish the memories.. lot of love to this show.. from india

Julio Cabral

They look so old. Oh, no. I am old.


I love The Big Bang Theory so much ?. The cast of the show was amazing and funny ?


This is awesome. ?

abert bing

Still not as good as Friends though.

Dashisha Shadap

I still want more seasons from BBT

Master oogway

So nostalgic omg I'm gonna busss


They aged.

Random Thoughts

Is that my arm?

captain Iglo

Leonard sucked in later seasons he was this unfunny sarcastic character that only spoke in whack punch lines

Jude Moore

Is it just me or did Jonny get taller


Who are these 33 people who disliked this video?? ?

Gino Won

Does this have part 2?


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Rajesh Karan

Ahhh Good Old Happy Memories ,wish it was a bit longer version .

Milena M.

Their chemistry

Asa Yagami


Anuu Gombo

Aaaah it was a great show

Bella K

“And I was so excited to be a part of whatever was going on with the two of you.”

Debapriya Gupta


Tony Rodriguez

I’ll always remember the Big Bang Theory.

Arman Choudhury

My dog Leonard became looks like a villan now wtf!! ?? This is glow I didn’t expect lmao my guy looks tuff! And ofc kaley is still one of my biggest childhood and current crushes of all time! This show was legendary bro ???

Christine Lin

“Ah Gravity, thou art a heartless bitch” ?

Robert Cotgrave

These two are adorable!.


하아 ㅜㅜ 찡하다

Alec Horowitz

This is my favorite show ever

The Immortal's tombstone

".... iiiis that my arm ?"

Sheldon you lucky b*stard and you don't even know why...

Fahmida SYDNEY

They look stunning?


Penny: Is that my arm?
Sheldon: It doesnt feel like an arm
Penny: Then probably you should let it go
Sheldon: alrighty



must be hard to have that much money that you can only wear all black

Ben Holmes

Lowkey sheldon, Leonard and penny made the show. The other characters are just kinda...around.

Anuja Kutumbe

The tiara scene ❤?

Charlie May

I miss you Penny ?

Tian Loedolff

What's with his eyebrows... Facelift?


I hated seasons 6-10 when it first came out. But after binge watching it when all the lockdown started... It was actually pretty good.

collin featherston

What a strange place to stop this video???? I wanted more!! The one where Penny gives Sheldon the napkin for Christmas comes to mind.


Me starts crying ?

Eti Tripathi

Penny made me cry ?

Gâteaux Addicted

That show OMG was so great ?????


He looks gay.

Peter Turner

Was this filmed after the show ended?

All Rise

Bernie: “Oh Amy, lookin sexy.”
Amy: “You think they don’t have mirrors in there? I know how I look.”


Already started binge watching from season one again

Arghya Paul

It literally brought tears in my eyes
Loved this show very much

Dave is God

i bet jonny was so excited to get in her pants

Sushreen! !

Penny, Leonard, Sheldon....I miss❤❤❤❤❤.


Penny looked way better in the earlier seasons, she looked so young and vibrant. Now she just look so fake with all the make up trying to cover up the age on her face.


creationist johnny galecki

High Varinda

I miss her already


She looked so much better simple..


This interview type video is recent or old???

Kishan Kini

Sheldon + Penny was awesome ?, if you agree?

Charlie May

I miss the show so much.


I likedhow youset this uo

Ishan Basu

One of the few shows that ended beautifully

DraCc ShouHei

I wish the show never ended❤️❤️❤️

Jason Wales

He really is a strange fish

Yasin Hasan

they look old & weird

karinda karinda

Johnny is freakin' sexy!


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Do Vipassana


Dennis Njue

I love the show religiously, and I am happy it ended at such a time!!

James Cooper

You do realize that Penny has been (relatively) intimate with every guy in the group--except Howard, who reallllly wanted it. Obviously, Leonard. Sheldon grabbed her boob and peeked at her butt (so we know she has a tattoo that says "soup" in Chinese.) She 'slept' with Raj. She even 'made out' with Stuart. I think 32 guys was low-balling the estimate.


they do Look much older now.time flies and it indeed changes things


LMFAO where is that painting now