How to not flirt

How Not To Flirt | Comedy Central At The Comedy Store

How Not To Flirt | Comedy Central At The Comedy Store20 Jul. 2018
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Funnyman Jake Lambert

Funnyman Jake Lambert joins comedy genius Iain Stirling at the legendary Comedy Store in London.

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Ozan Young

I heard him on a podcast recently.
Was dead convinced I was listening to Ricky Gervais like... 10 times throughout.


Tom Holland brother


Brian Gittins

How to be friendly but not flirtatious at work: Avoid flirting on the jo

How to be friendly but not flirtatious at work: Avoid flirting on the jo17 Jun. 2010
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Marie DubuqueSubscribe 438 721

A viewer wants to know how

A viewer wants to know how she can appear less flirtatious. She doesn't mean to flirt, but apparently someone is saying that she is flirting too much, when all she wants to do is be friendly. First of all, avoid overtly long eye contact with people and don't touch anyone on the arm or the hand, even to make a point. Also, look at the person who is doing the complaining. Is he/she jealous or interested in you romantically when you're not?

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Thank you so much for these pointers!! Also, I think sharing personal stuff should be kept to a minimum, although it is difficult for a really friendly extroverted person to do. :/ 


i agree , sometime good friend do that to me!!!!!!!!!

missy morbid

Ok so what do I do if someone is flirting with me over a website and I don't realize it and the person is alot older than me I'm 12 and this happened to me

Carla 333

Thank you!!! I hate that my intentions are mistaken :( I appreciate that. I naturally can keep eye contact bc i thought it was common etiquette but it’s taken the wrong way smh :(

Harmony of Nature

I always give eye contact and people at school think I'm flirting ?


i got in trubble with to much eye contact. damn bitch narcissistic female manager


I like eye contact I feel engaged in the conversation that way??


wait that's my natural expression, that's the way I always look at people.

zair dasent

Somehow I "lead people on" into flirting with me
Without making eye contact or adding more to the conversations
I never want to be rude but I definitely want to show disinterest but I think I look approachable weather I smile or not

How Not To Flirt ft. Ryan Higa

How Not To Flirt ft. Ryan Higa2 Jul. 2017
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ardenBchoSubscribe 438 721

Paul: Ryan Higa

Paul: Ryan Higa

Sarah: Arden Cho

Directed by: Eunice Lee

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Neya Fonseca

I laughed too hard. ?


2019, ANYONE?


basically just don't overdo it

Your fellow Alan walker fan


asaicion in the stars

“...There are no rights or wrongs, but there are some lines that you shouldn’t cross.”

but.. but that means those are wrongs..?!!

Biswaranjan Behera

That was super ridiculous

Akul Kokharyan

That was scary

Samuel Sun

Everything’s FINE!!!!!!!

Yenna Park

Who’s here after Ryan’s announcement?

Coffee Tea

Ryan is ... normal?????!!!!

Life in another world Alice

Who s here to watch rayans acting.......

Esereth Elleinad

And now you two are dating! Ship ship ship??

Sarah Grace

Wtf my name is Sarah and I’m from michigan ?

ItzNotLucas Alivio

ryan: how is la?
Arden: being so talkative

Nicholas Wong

I'm here because of Ryans podcast

Sanytol Savon


Ebee Bunag



I’m dying of laughter ???

Fareha Quddus

youtube decided to suggest this when I was already done mourning over their break up...this is so hurtful to watch

Abhinav Gupta

Hmmm she tryna copy Ryan’s Hey Guys
Might as well do a tehee jk lol

Buttered Waffle

hey arden, i think ryan's cheating on you with this bitch named arden chay...


Arden tripping reminded me of what she said on the receng podcast haha

Tahira Chowdhury

LOL I never fail to laugh at this ??? Ryan. Ames everything funny

Moses Ji

Who remembers when they broke up

you dont know who

Maybe Ryan only shows his normal side only to Arden,bcz he has to

Lune Moon

Arden: You're so good at eating

 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


why after the break-up, this is being reccomended to me.


2:15 isnt that... ASMR

Evidence of the 4th & 5th Successful Fuckday

Everytime I watch Ryan's videos.



Isaa Jamal

This video Didn't get so much views because Ryan was the normal one


so weird toooooooooo s eeeeeeee Ryan being so normal

Thomas Downes

Is it her? Arden chay?

YB Klumzy

Who's here after they've broken up ??


4:58 fart jokes

Ryan: You think I don't put a fart joke ha.

Jacques Tan

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) So... who's Arden Chay?

Random Person

Damn. Its a weird sight seeing arden be the crazy one and ryan being normal ?

Saran K R S

Here after they broke up ?

The Changsta Way

Wait a minute, isnt she the Were-coyote?

Life’s A Animation

4:52 Arden fell for Ryan Hard


Feels like Arden and Ryan switched roles xD

Hobonuut -

Ryan’s not Ryan when he isn’t the main character


gotta pay my other taxes ???

Bruh ‘-‘


Dubu Dubu

Hello guys! Can I pls get 100 subscriber? Thank uuuu

DashingMoMo M.

Arden Chay


wtf this is Arden's version of Overdramatic People


U have 3 hands? ?

Ninjay 204

I hate it when girls call their girl friends their girlfriend, cause then I'm like, wait are u gay or do u just talk like that


I did that eyecontact thing.. and i regret it sooooo much afterward..

Piyush Kumbhare

Dude Ryan looks like he didn't have a script to follow... He looks actually scared haha

RandomKid 394

Ryan is normal, that’s not normal, Ryan’s normally not normal, so luckily it’s normal, but it’s not meant to be normal...

senpai sama

and to think they've been dating this whole time....

Christie Lee

she sounds more drunk than real lmao

Kristian Kim

(* ̄︶ ̄*)

Mostaq M. Hussain

Lol that was so funny! ??????????????????

sXqX lX

i want to see you FLIRT with amber!!

MarJaime !

When arden was laughing she sounded like chloe from the dub version of miraculous ladybug........nope just me. Ok


Sad to see that they broke up


Why does she look like Lexi Luna?

King Rozay

ryan clapppped


Arden was so funny I can't ??

Charlie the Champion

I’m surprised that Ryan didn’t laugh more and mess up


The dislikes are from fake accounts created by Tarynn Nago


And now they’re not together ?

Azerbaijan Forever

How not to flirt: I like ya cut g


why is this kelly from the office

Just a random dude nothing to see here

so cringy


I would love it if Arden caressed me with her 3 hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


They dating right now


2020 anyone

Scott Bert

This is in a whole new context with Ryan and Arden being an item now.

Shnehasis Patra

God damn it...its unimaginably cringey and its really hard to watch

I like her but this is unbearable

Naruto Uzumaki

Kira ?!!

pauline belano

Arden Higaaaa


Am I the only one that remembers her from teen wolf aka greatest show ever?

Deep Pandey

Anyone here after Ryan's video revealing they broke up?. I feel so bad they looked so good together.

grumpachu 101

They were dating the whole time

Bluish Blow

her eyes twitching and the creepy smile that makes food fall from her mouth. priceless

Nikki W

Ryan loved this lmao



꧁༒PUBG ༒꧂

Ryan is so normal to be in this video ????

Zameer Ansari

Women trying to be funny, smh

Leishiso Marchang

It semms like ryan and arden switch bodies

Coffee Beans

For once I'm not seeing Ryan be the one that's not super weird


When she does the eye skit it looks like shes on crack


OH! #Michigang


It’s funny seeing Ryan the mature one


Why is the background music “The Fragrance of Dark Coffee” from Ace Attorney? And isn’t it copyrighted?!

Just A Human

4:49 I think I've been possessed by Ryan

ShadowFire 2921

Inb4 Paul starts dating Arden Chay instead.

toxic sh

How's your acting


This is creepy

Hank Aldridge

I congratulate the eye contact segment for achieving the impossible in finding a way to make even someone as adorable as Arden Cho fucking terrifying!!!

Psiphon Pro

i watched it way before ryan's video.

i thought we had something Arden

Christopher Ramsey

It's so weird seeing Ryan play the "normal" one.

Tahira Chowdhury

Ryan’s comedy + Arden chaos acting = anyresms cuz of laughing so much

Eve Bennets

??? My God it's so hilarious and cringey