How to make a girl want to talk to you

THIS Is How To Talk To Girls And Spark Attraction (This is how a woman wants you to talk to her)

THIS Is How To Talk To Girls And Spark Attraction (This is how a woman wants you to talk to her)3 Apr. 2018
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Matt shows EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY to create that amazing attraction with women! How do you talk to girls to spark attraction?

Most of us aren’t taught how to talk to girls growing up. The good news is, learning how to talk to women the right way is a LEARNABLE skill, just like any other.

In this video... International Dating Coach Matt Artisan reveals 4 ways to talk to girls and spark attraction.

He explains how and why women usually show more EMOTION than men. He also demonstrates how to display your MASCULINITY's to make her attracted to you. How both of you can enjoy your first conversation together by using self-amusement. You'll develop that strong connection RIGHT AWAY!

Matt reveals:

►The BEST way to START THE CONVERSATION with women!

►How to add EMOTION and PASSION to your conversation to always get that amazing response.

►How to be MASCULINE with your words and how to convey a STRONG STATUS. Women instinctively love this!

►The fastest way to build TRUST and CREATE A CONNECTION with a woman you just met!

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Matt Artisan is the leading expert in transforming the lives of men and empowering them to create authentic relationships. He was voted "World's Best New Dating Coach". Over the past 7 years, he's coached men in over 40 countries, including U.S.A., Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Dubai, and many more... He's the creator of Turn Her On Through Text, the C.Q.C. Day Game Method, and the 2-Minute Chase Me Method.

The Attractive Man is an international dating company famous for teaching “Deep Authentic Attraction.” It was founded by Matt Artisan and since has trained men in the art of attraction in over 40 different countries around the world.

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The Attractive Man is an international dating company famous for teaching “Deep Authentic Attraction.” It was founded by Matt Artisan and since has trained men all over the world.

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Comments (100)
Meila Peterson

This is so gross as a female this doesn’t work and I’m actually mortified

Satyajit Chattopadhyay

Don't give much importance to her. Hold your ground.


I dont have any problem talking to a woman , its just the part when she actually likes me and starts to be the one who makes the conversations and i have to listen to her for at least 15 mins and i have to act like im interested in what she is saying when its actually so boring and i barely have the words to comment about what she is saying. that is the real problem for me.
anyone else ? guys ?

Please don’t follow me Go away

And wear a lot of makeup and go orange ?


So we have to act masculine? I was always told to just be myself

Zuhaib Rather

I dont get cheat sheets,I tried 4 times dude

Markus Rennelius

hello!! are you the girls from craigslist casual encounters?!!maybe?!! hey bartender!!

Richard Macilwaine

About that powerful, low voice... Why have you chosen the exact opposite? I actually don't recall the last time I heard such a high pitch voice... No offence intended, just want to clarify


Its OK Young Millennial's your generation has nothing to offer your ladies that's why so many are looking at old men like me , they know what they want and I know how to treat them , yeah 52 dating 28 .

Mutsaka Baliling

Because of the girl infront of him his face becomes yellow.

Gren ASR

Gentleman please give som examples too

Sam Gardner

oh sweetheart I hope to God any woman you've tried to romance finds a decent human being thats actually good for her

Smooth Drops

This was such a crap. I assume you are single.

Timothy Kleiman

Is he wearing makeup?

Masuzu A

This was great, I been tryin to find out about "talking to a girl online" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Ronradoon Desirable Catch - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my brother in law got cool results with it.

Jeancarlos Basilio

Womenes vs japonés they are both hard to understand

Please don’t follow me Go away

I just unsubscribe to this ass hole

Akira Villarreal

Do natural popular dating secrets like Troplusfix Dating Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We have heard several amazing things about this popular dating manual.

Miki Estrada

Start @1:00

Keirsten Beaubien

You are so repulsive

Golden Eagle'z

First 22 second like if it also happens to you???

rabies raccoon 4531

Bruh y'all born yesterday its so easy go up and talk how hard is it this is a waste of time like a 5 year old can do this bruh man's be taking like a robot

Nipa Ahmed

This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about "how talk to a girl you like" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Ronradoon Desirable Catch - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my neighbour got cool results with it.

Troy Reed

This video is dope! Subbed!


Girls are either with someone, not allowed to date, or not interested



Online zarada

This was great, thanks, I have been researching "tips talking to women" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Ronradoon Desirable Catch - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my buddy got great success with it.

East Kidd

Please don't approach me ever.


What if im asexual xd...

Abdallah Nasser

“Imagine you’re with your friends and a drop dead gorgeous girl walk in”...
shows Emma Stone

Demon Slayer

My masculine side

My cock

Vigil Flo

This guy is our savior

Santosh Joshi

What do American girls
like in boys the most?

Liam Kneeson

My last interaction with hot girl:

Me: do you like hiking
Her: not really
Me: what did you not like about it
Her: too much walking.
Me: I didnt say walking I said hiking
Her: okay
Me: okay

Russell Warrick

Its a cultural thing. Western stunning women this all applies. Other cultures nice guy comes first. Just western culture is where you have all the games to play. Not an issue elsewhere

Joshua Towers: Radio

Hey, draw me a picture...

ThOse Crazy 2

The acting parts are sooo cringyyyy

Lesley Mathis

Yikes! There is absolutely nothing attractive about the entire vibe of this video. It completely centers male power. If you've ever watched a similar type of video targeted at women, it too centers men. We are asked to modify our speech and behaviors to accomodate men. It's all gross.


2:21 Communicate emotionally?
Warning warning warning
don’t listen to this guy... this is how to talk ur self into a friend zone thumbs down this and get the hell out of here...

jerrad brown

That story about the girl who came back after the dick joke to say oh I guess that joke was funny haha. What woman ever in the history of the universe has ever walked back to two scumbags at a bar that are telling each other dick jokes.
Man if this is the type of woman your labeling as beautiful, then I just feel sorry for you.

Dom Jervis

I shut it down at 1:56. Sir, You...Can...Not....POSSIBLY...Be...SERIOUS!!! And as for that Haircut and your not having stood close enough to the do NOT want to get me started.

Thought this would help me approach women...yeah right... I would be better off having my (high six digit left of the decimal point) Net Worth tattooed on my forehead. That's the only aspect of a Man that so many of Today's Females I've known in my Lifetime seem to care about anyway. They want their "ticket punched for Life."

_ TheOfficialCrucial

This reminds me of an old-school blink 182 kind of song


Who's the woman at 00:08 raising her dress? I'm asking for a friend.

Joey Frontz

60%of the time,it works everytime.

Best Twerk Videos

Im online let try ??

Keegan Maroney

Those hiking conversation ideas are key. Make the girl have to express herself. After all, isn’t a relationship about feeling. What are you passionate about? Great word Matt.
Never talk to a girl because your wanting physical feelings to be justified. This might just be a fail.

albert dean castillo

The ideal women in my head ? Fuck naked and beautiful not heavier than 185

A Murgyatno

Bro, is it a good idea to approach a girl in car? I have a situation, im walk on the street at the same time i see a girl stared or smile (im not sure) at me. Because im not sure, i just go ahead walk continue my business. I remember one time i faced the same situation and i brave to approach, girl inside the car scared or feel insecure..

Darren Murphy

I just do what I love and follow my dreams as a pilot. Who needs women when I have planes and computers. Plus with my programming skills I can build the perfect woman for me. PROBLEM SOLVED!!

OGShelden Davis

Did this nigga powder his face and not his neck

Zuhaib Rather

Where is my cheat sheet bro
Plz send it to my mail

Naveen Kumar

Do real time with unknown girl then i believed

Regan Louise

People, stop hating on this guy for god sake i find this funny so yeh now all you haters f*ck off :)

The Best Sneakers Opinions Likes And Dislikes

don’t be a simp


Come on man it’s pride month u don’t gotta mike pence all over their ass

Justin Bohner

You know the worst thing about being good at pursuing women? Actually catching one. Then you have to put up with her shit.

Cesar Milo

Remember to keep your breath fresh....


Thank you, now let me try this out.

Jorge Ledezma

Solid advice.



Lorelei Snyder

Woooooooooooooow this is misogyny wooooooooooooooow

Keegan Maroney

Hopefully the penis joke respectful. Great point; if a penis joke is funny and harmless, laugh, even if the girl doesn’t. Your being is very important to take care of.

Fuwad Bangura

Exactly ??


Girls have no clue what they want. The are indecisive, and make no logical sense. That's why they can't decide where to eat? And no matter what you pick she won't be happy with it, cause you can't read her dam mind..... So be a man and be a douchebag and say we're eating where ever the hell I want to eat! Girls like that stuff!

gold school

I thought you were going to approach random girls


1 Man is in charge
2 check if girls father owns a brewery
2 See rule number 1


He should ease up on that cover up.


I would have tried all this 25 years ago, now I know that after have lived in different countries for half of my life and knowing how to speak five languages, with all the experience you get during this journey, I would say: just BE YOURSELF. If you like culture, you will attract girls that like culture,
If you are stupid, you will attract stupid girls (you'll never notice it, because you are stupid, right?). If both are happy it's great!
I have spend so many years trying to impress the wrong girls, and stupid girls....doing hot and stupid things.
Not anymore. At the end everybody gets what he deserves! it doesn't matter how hard you push it...

Brendan P

That shirt's way too small for you bro.. over elbow tshirts can look a lot better


Hmm kinda helpful

billy kid.

darn this is gonna be complicated.


They expect too much from you

Adams Omede

1:00 5:00

Survival Extazi

Short effective and smartfully made that's what I like in your videos

Z Alfa Alfa

This guy is a predator, he's got a head like a dropped meat pie?‍♂️

Communism is evil

I know what I want in many women, sweet, kind, sexy(both in and out), a bit funny(could use a chuckle), and kinky as fuck!!(as well as bisexual if I may add)
That's what I look for in women, Matt Artisan and the rest of The Attractive Man


Scott jack!!

Jimicus Jolcen

Men, all you need to know is this: be hot.

Annabelle Cunanan

This is the most misogynistic idiotic thing I've ever seen.


Wow....I'm not drawing you shit unless you pay me. I'm a real artist lol. And we aren't here for your amusement. Duhhhh

meghan claire

Love how a guy tells other guys what girls like


i have always been good with girls,couldi have lost the skills?

Dehaven H


M So

Still waiting for the "download" bruh lol

saintdmix Online Tutorials

The post was nice but do you guys know what way nicer this post that list it all out for you

Kenzie Fairman

Highkey a turn off.

Any ladies out there lookin for another lady who has no idea what she's doing? XD

balls vlogs

Dude, fuck you. This is the most misogynistic shit I’ve ever seen. Fuck. You.


So...just be a typical douche bag then. Got it.

vikash nyt

Can't download the cheat sheet


All women are different just talk about thinks she you know she like then tell a story about a topic SHE brought up

There is no certain way or technique it all depends on the girl lol

Most importantly all you can really do is show that you are confident and just take care out yourself ( smell good, dress good, look good )

It isnt some sort of chemical equation in advanced chemistry

Aske Skjøt Møller

And dont forget self confident

Gokul a Ambattu

Be a gentleman that all..calm and cool..wait for it


6:22 now I amuse myself always and my jokes are always funny ,but when people try to talk to me I deny so u say I should be a challenge, so far joke of the females I've met can get to like them . But here is my problem these people find me (note I am mad and insane) "interesting" . And if i am starting unimportant and general conversations with them does it mean i may be showing that I'm attracted to her/them. I interact with everyone in almost the same way and with alot of emphasis

Solomon Pilot


Adam Trew

Why am i listening to a feminine soy-boy for advice ?



Kim Bix

I am a really HOT girl

α ƒεï†αη šïmp

You don't even look masculine, sorry, I had to say it


He looks like matthias?

ochykesman E

Why say the cheat sheet is FREE when it's not. Only a way to get my email. For weeks not since requested for it nothing has been sent to me to download, but you keep sending adverts and promos about other packages to my email. So unfair

How to Talk to Girls (and Get Her to Like You) - Say THIS and She WILL Chase You HARD!

How to Talk to Girls (and Get Her to Like You) - Say THIS and She WILL Chase You HARD!30 Mar. 2019
390 531
MantelligenceSubscribe 438 721

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Imagine this: You know how to talk to girls like a BOSS. You have the alpha male conversation tips that will make girls chase you hard AND that are a huge turn on for women. These things to say to a girl will mean you'll never run out of things to say and will be able to make small talk effortlessly.

So... want to know how to keep a conversation going? Don't want to be a beta male? Want to get any girl to like you with conversation? Watch the vid.

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Track: Old Tapes by Tonspender

Music provided by Default Records


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Episode #77

Comments (100)
Sky Star

Isn't it ironic how a woman is reading this script?

I Do Not Know

Instead of going for the Alley-oop stock to the lay-ups I love that


9. It's the reverse, morons! Talk a lot about yourself. She might let her guard down if she has enough info to evaluate you. Why would she speak a lot about herself to a stranger?
6. Read a book! Upside down :D :D 4:12
1. Eye contact is an American myth. Eye contact actually show aggression in the animal world and so does it with humans.

0. Do not take seriously such stupid Youtube videos!
And wear Italian "affordable" shoes, 150 USD a pair!!!!! :D


4:30 not so hard at all..............i had enough

Valuable Relationships

An ad in the middle of the video?

Dr Cap Games

6:25 like A-train did to hughie girlfriend

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl

"keep you mouth shut and let her talk"... that's a killer tip, and always works like wonders... BTW, here's another related post on the topic:

Leatile Bizz0210

You are a lifesaver....I got me a real beautiful queen after watching this a few weeks back... thanks ?

Jak Cut

If I don't talk during a conversation with a girl, I get bored and start yawning.

65 Cadd

"Swoop in" ?

Tyler Thorn

Her: Hey there!
Me: ...Wanna trip balls?

Marcus McComb III

this probly wont help my chanes of getting a girlfriend but ok


Saw an attractive girl at school. We got eye-contact, she smiled and was thinking to myself: Is this the moment? I said F*ck it and went for it. I approached her, said hello to the girl and introduced myself. She gave me the stink-eye and called me a creep. For what? For approaching her after she gave me her approval? Honestly, some women are just huge assholes.

Peter M

how not to talk to chicks and dont care if you likes you.

Vandana Pandey

Jon snow suits better than euron here change him

Chef Steven Murry

Okay that why girls like dumb guy cuz they dont know to have a real conversation lol.

Jakob Schraub

Good video but dirty tactics putting an ad in. I pay for premium to get no ads.

Ashton Noland

Going to my first hs party tn, already been talking to the girl hosting it, i think it’s best if there’s another guy talking to her, I’ll just go that dude tell him gtfo and start talking to her

Update: Made out with her, had to go cuz her dad found out there was alcohol there

Raging Gamer

When it comes to me I have looks and the personality, and women try talk to me but I just don't know what to say and I kill the conversation in seconds

Gintas C

To get better rating on your video next time please include ad start and finish time. Your time is valuable so is mine. Thanks in advance.

Kiefer Colon

Two people talking in a table and suddenly.....



The amount of cringe this video contains is enough to give one incurable cancer. Absolute garbage advice. ... Fantastic thumbnail tho 10/10


Check out today's sponsor Ace Marks' AMAZING shoes: ... PS: that link comes with some free extras (so... get them before they run out... as they normally do).

Tony Celentano

"Just get her talking about herself"
Me: Whats your work?
Me: How many siblings do you have?
Me: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Me: What are your hobbies?

It's Dev!

How to be a creep 101

Jake Grant

It didn’t work


man come on 5:53 i need that mask


I was actually able to have a convo with a quiet (old crush) today and man... one thing i found out was, always ask questions if the convo dies :/ its like the girl waits for you to ask or say something and uh yeah ,_, still tho, its really awkward to just talk to people

The Titan

Number 10 and 9 are true....

Sir. ButtersWorth

But what if I have the big ugly?

Florzell webb

What they see (how to talk to girls/
What I see (how to become a fuck boi)

Fauzan Rani

Advice: Just be yourself.
Me: Alright, I'm talkative person so I can talk a lot right?
Advice: Let girl talk, you just listen and ask.
Me: ohh okay...

mama lucky

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In above all he heal all kinds of sickness,

Prod KT


Andrew Bangalan

alpha males don't care if the girl has a boyfriend

Rico offsetking Ware

Done half this and was smacked in the face doesn’t work

sane saint

I would not wear those shoes even if you gave them to me

Fortcraft Gaming

Im a girl and im watching this

Wizard Rock

"You know how to look people in the eye" well now I got to find another video about how to make eye contact

Levis Essambe

Which kind of video is this . Who sent this to me. We talk to all in a very charming way. If we aren't interest we keep cool. I see you wanna know ME. But what I tell you , you can not believe that. Who knows the meaning of the WORLD'S GREATEST, BITTER truth now. Who that woman who can satisfy ME. No we saw into her earlier . There won't be a job well done for ME by her . I l got all that shit in abundant. Talking,seducing etc . This kind of video shouldn't be present in my phone

Lav Busarac

Well from my experience, the ideal situation like this almost does not exist. The situation of getting to know each other is always not the same.

Fikri Nesimi

guys just go to based zeus hes better when it comes to theses things

Captain Masterpiecex20

This isn’t gonna make any girls like anyone

following the space force

The best way to meet a girl is first to find one that isn't completely self centered..we have a bunch of Kardashians running around all brainwashed and clueless. I blame magazines and reality TV. Some women dont get that they aren't supposed to model Kim's behavior. This is a person that is completely completely self.absorbed and egotistical. And they made her an icon? Hmm.maybe we should just go meet some canadian women


"Hi there, I'm rich and I own several properties" usually works!

¢7 Music



What do I do if my name isn't Beardy???


Hey hello... by the way why we men have to put so much of efforts? Are girls Queens? If you're a genuine person with money, status and wealthy, girls automatically follow and submit to you. No need to remember 10 points or putting so much efforts. Women are submissive naturally be aware of the reality and dont let a woman to dominate you by acting like a pet dog. On the other hand, If you are a poor don't expect a woman to follow you. It will not happen. Or try to find some married unsatisfied woman or rich single mothers.

Long Unstrung

Me: So have you ever listened to Joe Rogans podcast?
Her: I think i have heard of it yes.
Me: So have you tried DMT?

Rajan Sharma

Ass mark shoes! ????


how much does a polar bear weigh?

DUIng_under_ the_ influence

Hi I'm beardy

Sam Lim

1. Always listen to her
2. Just listen to her
3. Always listen to her

Oleg Shyolk

Sad background music. Please use more positive music

Jerry O'Hearn

Woooww thanks guys


Bro AceMarks are $250 dollars for a pair of them things

Jhovaniel Perez

1- be a mathematician........oh shit

Sai Govind

Me trying the first trick-Hey there is something white on your hair
She-Thats my hair color

Dev's Deets

#8, Don't just "Be Yourself," be your best self.

And not just in front of women - all day, every day. It's not just about being yourself. You should always be stretching beyond who you are in this moment.


14 year old boys be like

bill johnson

The ad was funny af

Xlmnti X

3 years ago I was engaged and now I can't even get a text back lol


I don't care about being liked, just respect me as I respect you.

Orange Knight

7:30 is totally true. If a girl likes your looks she will stare at you or smile or nod her head when your eyes meet.

Official Matt from Wii

Actually the most helpful video you guys ever my opinion. Especially number 3, I can't stop trying to act like someone bigger than myself

Every Every

She doesn't smile, only eye contact.
In this case what to do?!


Always be yourself, unless you can be Chris Hemsworth

Ilan Zak

I have been wondering, I have managed to get a fb of a girl I liked, how do I continue from there, it was a couple of years ago but it still ticks me off. Problem, I am quite an introvert and have next to 0 experience with approaching let alone talking online...

Sayan Dhar



Victor Musembi

How do I approach a girl

Edwin Sitta

Instructions unclear... ended up kick her right to her face and ran away

izuku Midoriya

I wish we could just bump heads like deer to show dominance ... Sigh I hate human relationships

Jordan De Knikker

She had a boyfriend, then she had a new boyfriend.

Now she has mono. Huh.


The problem I have is not how to talk to girls. It’s how to be different than other guys. Girls get so many messages that are the same. Even obscure messages they will get more than once. It’s about standing out from the crowd. Unless you are hot just putting hello or something will never work. Because 100 more guys have put that. Only 5 of them will get a response.

Houston Brown

Why dowomen ,dislike honest , straight forward men ,clean cut and decent

BoaSt Fn's Alt

thanks, this helped

Ana Rivas

Step one, don’t be ugly

shAnu gAUtAm

25th yr Of my LifE & stiLL virgin?

dOnt knOw itzz bAd thing Or gUd?

Lucky Jero

thatwasepic enters the chat


Girls love talking about themself


On number 9 when she said you big guy I felt like a alpha ?

Justin Y

What the hell is a ace mark

Alabama Redneck

Be yourself


‘Active listening’, also known as ‘listening’...

Krishaang D

The girls watching this will be immune to this :/

A plus health life

This is exactly what I talk about in this video:

Domenic Lavigna

Is 22 to late to get good with women


I tried this and she called a cop ???

kyle richard

me: I thought I was in youtube not shoptv

Fuego Manzie

Girls think I’m attractive but I don’t know how to talk to them


‘Should be yourself’
Huh, nope.

Dwight Sheppard

How are you

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Yes, ima simp.

Anthony Carmine

Ehh..... I already lost every chance with girls, before and after.


Only thing is it is easy to talk to any girl that your don’t like but when u talk to ur crush its awkward af

IncoX GhostlyOdin

Her: oh hey
Me: ok

Shuts down mentally

Steve Taylor

Yup I do all these things in the video and it does work to get girls interested however my lack of cold hard cash catches up with me. You definitely need some serious numbers in your bank account to keep a girl or she's going to go for someone that takes her to Disneyland

Kyle Flanders


Box Chevrolet

Lol and where are we having these conversations with these said girls? And why would saying hey nice shirt and walking to the bathroom gunna make her like me? Ahahahah you got your view from me tho so I guess you win in the end right

christa kd

This advice should be comming from older men not younger men or women that don't know what they are talking about.

How Girls REALLY Want You To Talk To Them

How Girls REALLY Want You To Talk To Them27 Jul. 2018
2 940 957
FarFromAverageSubscribe 438 721

Find out how girls REALLY

Find out how girls REALLY want you to talk to them. What you're about to learn might surprise you, because it might go against everything you've been told thus far.

Every single thing we do reveals our personality, and the way that you speak is one of THE EASIEST ways for someone to read your personality and for you to read theirs.

Whether or not girls find you attractive could come down to something as simple as your voice, and since attraction is an impulse, your voice can potentially press the right button and make most girls attracted to you.

BUT, you have to know how to use it, and this is what you're about to learn.

Interested in making money/business/success?

Check out my second channel here:

Comments (100)
No Fucks Given

Girls please give us seal of approval by liking this comment.

Javi Rivera


tay Ya

You can change the system of your computor but not your personality . Soon or late you are going back to your original set up .


im watching this the second time now, because a big problem of my personallity popped up. This video got me rethinking everything i did in my past and now i can actually remember who i was and what i did that made me so. as a reborn Masculen man i will show my appreciation just by this Text.. you'll should be fine with that.

as a side tipp of mine: never say Thank you to everyone or justify yourself . Those are one of the biggest points that will make you tough guy or girl or super saiyan..
thanking me you can do later.. now do your job soldier.


how can I order chicken alfredo in roblox

That Quiet asian kid

What the fuck am i doing here

Tim South

This guy sounds like some nerd
Living at home with mommy.. I bet his mommy and sister are the only girls that talk to him ????

Wonky Gustav

Talk like a warrior lol

Say Samnang

How girl really want you to talk to them
I don’t want to talk to girl

Jake Jacobson

Make me a sammich!


Me: "wsg shawty ?"
Her "wsg!"
Me: AAAAAABABSaksb3o272h*$×€2 2i*÷€2€;jhe3b

Bad Boy Bunny Bunnikins Ashraf - Shea

This guy flopped the whole thing when he states not even implys larger or over weight girl's are unattractive or unappealing and that confident men are found attractive. Neither is a fact but if you like what u see and then the man is direct them wham bam. But if no attractive connection the girl just thinks guy full if him self and a dick head, but these are easiest men to blow off. Arrogant ones who just shouldn't be.


But use this auto-dominance shit on other guys and they'll hate you for it.

mynameisirrelevant !

One thing i agree with...It's not about who you were...IT"S ABOUT WHO YOU ARE NOW !!

Your mom Gey


jordan bryson

Any female over 18 years old is a woman, not a girl. Treat them as adults and then they will likely behave like one. That is what you need, an adult. Not a child. Sex is for adults not children.

Richard Grant

Just assume that all women like you and most of them want you. Don't make half steppin moves and then back down when she starts opening up. That just turns them off quick from assuming you aren't into them. The saying goes "treat hoes like queens and Queens like hoes" But only focus your effort on the Queen. Only go for the top of the line. The ones you may think you aren't in compatible with are the ones that you most likely are..If anything a 10% success rate still nets you the best pussy only limited by the amount of free time you have to chum the water. Why go after low end goods when you desire high class platinum blondes? You will only be a drag to any low end constellation prize you go home with and that's not fair to her. So focus on the ones that you would want to show off.

khalil The Enlightenment Bomb T.I. Aliy The poet

I think it maybe important to remember, not all females like the same things: Females like unto males, have various characters and ideals?
A character type, that may appeal to one group, may not appeal to another group? ?

Surely this makes sense?


Feminine: Would you like to go on a date with me Friday? (Weak and almost apologetic)

Masculine: Id like to take you out for a drink Friday. (You're not "telling" her she has to come but your tone is more confident) As the clip said - statements rather than questions. But not demands either. You got this my bro's.


Chris Hemsworth could talk like Daffy Duck and he'd still get plenty of action.

Leonardo Abais Jr

Pag gwapo


Her:'s cold in here.
Me: ...that's why i have a jacket on. Tell you what, if you nip out and grab a massive bucket of popcorn and two cokes, i'll gift you my jacket for the length of the film.

Ayden Altizer

This guy actually seems helpful

Mr. Johnson

"you're going to have the chicken alfredo, whether she likes it or not"

The pieonedie

Omg... Your videos are so motivating... New subscriber

Lerzoos Lercoos

Wtf with this video ?


I think all the men in this generation are all beta little boys or players that are good for nothing. The rest of the Alphas are TAKEN by all the hoes

Mike from CT

actually that is pretty stupid indirect and direct communication the problem is we have to many babies that read to much into things and make a big deal about nothing in todays world

Siavash Rohani

Thank you.

Nkh jk345

Breaking the law is the meaning of life ... fuck the system ._.

3ple Nipple

I will report your channel for promoting TOXIC MASCULINITY!!! I NEED A SAFE SPACE!!!!!! WHERE IS MY SOY MILK!!!!!!!!!

Dazmon Womelsdorf

I ignore indirect conversation!

sapinapi simp

Is this video just telling me to act masculine around the girl I like? I don't even know how to say hi to her. Also, I'm a girl too. :|

Thwomp 87

My vocabulary lacks updates.

Alec Morton

References Thor god of thunder and puts Zeus king of the gods makes sense lol.

Jonerri juseppi

This is dumb. It works only on whores. Grow up

Kelly Jenson

We just want oud panties pulled down 1/2 way and then spanked and pushed down.

Chicken duudee

what would you want to eat, I would like to eat you but il have the chicken alfredo with the side of your number and a dessert that is your snap thank you now will that work?

fede montiel


Smokan Miraz

Does anyone care at this point?

Alec Morton

Girls just want you to be real with them. The key is say what’s on your mind and tell the truth that’s it. I don’t know why that’s so hard.

Avon Barksdale

Look at all the virgins in these comments ?


Blah, blah, blah. Of course, non verbal communication is extremely important...

Jeremy Cornwell

bitch does what she is told or bitch dies. get vaccinated if you live\work with animals\dog. it is the law

Iron Front

Plot twist this channel is handled by a girl in male text speech.

Bigger Cheese

Indirect: Can you like this comment
Direct: Like or you are gay


If I have to do 90% of the Initiation and approaching that most women dont do. She doesnt get to have a say in how I say anything. Wtf. Teach women how to approach if they don't like how we say stuff.

Farhan Zahoor

simple... be an asshole.. thats why nice guys finish last

Old Gray Beard

Boys (and girls) without a (strong) father learn to communicate from their mother. Mothers teach their children how to get along with society. Fathers teach their kids the confidence to love and assert themselves. (Aggressiveness is the appearance of overconfidence driven by insecurity.)

Daniel Disanti

What's in the bowl bitch?

Brandon Ortiz

This is not accurate at all



isaac delacruz

I'll listen this so when I have a daugther I can teach her

That guy

Im confused he said he wanted us to act direct in this video but in another video he said ge wanted us to act indirectly

Michael Mansvelt

Great video. Thanks

Ala Kazam

Direct -> more of assertive. The example wasn't quite the best for "direct". Unless you mean direct with your intent towards the chicken.

Samantha Jackson

Notice there’s not a girl to give confirmation


Want to talk to girls. Don't show any signs that you like her.

Mr. Dank Dude

Me:you will get in my car
goes to jail


What about what WE want?

J.L. Ruiz

Great good explanation, thanks

matt s

what if youre direct but the girl still doesnt like you

Myron Seibles

I Love You Dude is all I can say ? you’ve been hitting ultra points and this has been helping my relationship a lot and I really Thank You Man


You can get the girl that want you and the one that you want that's why it's so complicated it always seems like you want somebody else but they don't want you in Korea they call it one side love


The alpha asked for chicken alfredo when the waitress was ready to offer herself what a numbnut.

That Karate Guy

"Be directed with women" the same exact advice my father gave a long time ago.

Morris Zachrisson

- What would you like to eat today?
- Yes, I'll take the La Vagina De La Waitress.


85% of communication is non verbal.

John Moore

Does..... HEY BITCH!! I’m talking to you! Count?

Oscar Lopez

To my young’s out there forget about trying to get or bang “da gurlz”. Focus your energy on getting a great career in your early 20s. Smash some fatties and ugos in your early 20s. You should have some wealth by the time you are 28. Then date down and smash those young spring chickens.

christopher thornburgh

The reason guys are talking that way is because of single moms and feminism up bringing


Communicating directly is much effective than indirect communication.
However, most just don't do it because they want to avoid conflict and be safe.

y tho

Stupid video considering the fact that all women aren’t the same

Antony Paul


Moushegh Karavartanian

i dont think the warrior is the ideal male model... have u ever heard of the philosopher king? or Socrates? Let alone all the highly confident tibetan and hindu mystics who arent even close to what this guy's saying... anw.. its probably successful for mainstream appeal and "scoring" chicks who have a more primal and common taste.. so.. gd luck with that...

Might Guy

If you remove the"eh" while ordering the chicken , you would be known as a nice human being . Instead of rude

Aswin Gireesh

Thankyou man

Da Baddest Rogue

Yo imagine trying the chicken alfredo example he used in the video but use sex instead ?


This is sooooo true


You changed my life


That lil 6 :48 made more sense then what some of these 20/30 mins tried to explain. Indirect/direct approach take notes. I've been married twice it works. Still works.

no -gracias

3:05 this just made me remember Thor in the restaurant dropping the cup of cofe and saying “another one!”

Luis Fernando

And there's the caveat....., "Except for girls that are more masculine." For decades now girls and women have been educated to be more masculine and society has been posting how masculinity in men is toxic. So although your video speaks truth in reality it isnt being applied by the western world. Good luck with that.

Hwiz Delbwana

Who else skip the video, and went to the comment section asap?


Oh, I now understand how King Kong has tamed Jessica Lange then Noami Watts...

Cyber Tune

Its odd that people have to make videos about this ... why should people be so obtuse?. Time nurtures.. why cloak and dagger?. Girls should just walk right up to guys and tell them what they want?. I respect those that love them selfs. There is no mystery its all head games .. never fear me i am love.


Let me tell you one short answer have money

Belive me it worked

And dont use it for your first crush

AngelnCourtney Ramirez

I have a girl now because of these vids so thank you so much I just sat to learn to be more confident.

scooter Dave

If she wants respect? Earn it like the FemiNAZIs do ???


100% true. Speak assertively. The only women who will be turned off are feminists and you DO NOT want anything to do with them.

jordan bryson

What if your woman brings you to her parent's house and introduces you to them and then adds, " Mon and Dad, Roger here is such an awesome boy!"... Yuk! Get it?

Faizan Akhtar

I would rather say "Want to do XYZ" or "Let's do XYZ".

scooter Dave

This dude is a Feminist dude!??


0:10 he means the friendzone lol. Or her completely hating you.

Evan Washington

If only if I knew what this man is talking about

Wes Wes


Lemon Bread

Am I the only girl here?

Albert Gaspar

If you don't look hot like Thor, you know what speaking directly looks like? Ben Stiller in Starsky and Hutch going "Do It".


So i said "I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU WOMAN I DEMAND YOU TO REMOVE YOUR UNDERWEAR NOW" to a lady on street. She was impressed by my DIRECT MASCULINE language.

i got arrested for some reason though


This is video about talking and not saying anything nobody knows what he's talking about he can say he's going to introduce this and women do that and women do this and it's the secret for the ages and this is the way it used to be and this is the way it will always be and then there's the girl today that you see okay