How to get laid easy

How To Get Laid Easy | Tips To Improve Your Close Rate

How To Get Laid Easy | Tips To Improve Your Close Rate26 May. 2020
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Comments (15)
Street Sweepa


Chizzy City

Haven't done massages since college days in order to escalate. I've been good without doing it but might add it back in

The Afi Kingdom Podcast

Captain save a bro?????

McCann Cornel

Very essential ???


Get video bro gonna use this ?????

Kels Dawg

Dude this the one. Everything clicked. Thank you.

The Transporter

You talk about energy and effort I have wasted it on alot of women in the past

Sazo F


The Transporter

You should do a video on how to avoid the corms virus excuse

Trevon Brown

He said i need to see the obituary ?????

Carlos Tavares Jr

I'm a single dad and dating a girl for a little more then a month. We clicked and everything was going well. I take my responsibility as a dad seriously and I found she flaked out on me because she was bored and ran back to her ex for that attention. Sucks and I have her in no contact right now. It has not impacted my confidence but it does sting when you did do it all right but I guess some can't pass the waiting game either. For me it's onto the next but sucks when you do meet a good one and they aren't at your pace in maturity. The way I see it is she can enjoy her beta male loser ex. lol.

Tyler Gibbs

That shiit cheezy as hell but ?


dope drop yo, salute...def gotta work on theze thingz

BadBoyD Masculinity TV

Preciate the content Dre. All your top notch Playa sh*t has come in handy as of late, it's like shooting fish in a barrel bro??

Charles Rivers

The massage technique always works , lol

How To Get LAID!

How To Get LAID!17 Jun. 2017
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There is no secret code to get laid! In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says every situation is different, every sexy seniorita special, and getting into her pantalones depends on a bunch of variables. Alpha can improve your chance of getting lucky, however.

The How To Get LAID Secret Code!

1. Grooming game on point - trim your pubes

2. Clean, stylish, and sexy undies

3. Plan your responsible transportation

4. Scope the room and select your lucky lady

5. Be charming, non-creepy, a gentleman

6. Don't get sloppy drunk

7. IT OKAY NOT TO RUSH THINGS! It's better to take your time

8. Use protection - hide condoms in your dress socks

9. No means no - remember that

10. When all else fails, just go home


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Comments (100)



The first half of this video is just an ad for me undies

James Bond

Damn that introduction ?

Nicholle Christine Edwards

Advice for masses during CoVid19?

José Marques

This is the useless vídeo this guy as ever made...


I’m like why don’t we just get married

But get the honeymoon started tonight

Wink ?


We should get married but have are honey moon tonight

Yeah !

Then be like call the day after next after tomorrow and we can hooks up again

Clay Chandler

usually I like this guy's video he's pretty informative and funny in his presentation but this underwear thing who gives a shit

Frank Kolton

I don't like to give away secrets because I don't want competition, but there are lots of sure fire methods if you plan, scout, plant some seeds, and have a little patience. I take a day off work every Valentines day then I pick up six dozen red roses that I have reserved. I spend all day in the lobby of the building (condos, 117 units) where I live and hand out a rose to every female that comes in or out and wish them a happy Valentines Day. Why to the too young and too old, because the young ones have Moms and old ones have daughters and every one of them think its such a sweet gesture and can pay great dividends in the future.

For the ones I would like to get to know better I'll say something like "I'm sure the love in your life is going to give you at least a few dozen more beautiful ones later, but here's one from me" If they say there is no guy, then there is your perfect opportunity. If they say something along the lines that they don't get flowers from their guy or only a dozen, then there is another opening.

You don't live in a big building? No problem, here is something just good, it's cheaper but involves outright lying.
Do this showing no more than a dozen at a time. In many cities you can find roses selling for a dollar each when not around the holidays.
Find a busy public place, somewhere where you would find girls/women in your age group, perhaps a shopping center, maybe a club and hand out roses to the ones who catch your eye.
Your story - I had a blind date tonight and got stood up, we were supposed to meet here, but I guess she got a look at me and was disappointed. I didn't want to just throw the roses in the trash, so though I would at least brighten the day for a few other people.

I guarantee you will get immediate empathy 99% of the time, the girl will gush "Oh, that is so sad" It's important that you appear to be putting on a brave face and are still able to smile (which is much more attractive to a woman than some sad sack of shit), so just say something like "Oh well, I guess that's just the way things go sometimes" Then you smile and ask "tell me, and be honest, if you saw me here on blind date, would you back out? She will say no, unless she is a heartless thing. Now there are a lot of different directions you can go now, say "So if I said let's go somewhere for a drink you would say yes?" or "Aw, thank you so much, there is no better cure than being cheered up by a beautiful woman. Hey would you want to go for a drink?" or many other things, just be creative.

Clay Chandler

Sounds more like a fashion consultant to me no offense of course

drew nielson

Getting turned out in prison number 1 way to get laid


And this wood be the out
Come of using a roofy

Good Morning Vietnam

my godfather told me make an offer she can't refuse

Djor du

Look at the heart, many men and women have had their life derailed by focusing on looks. God wants the best for us. Choose righteousness, Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way the truth and the life!

Cody McGrew

I got an Ad

Eduardo Guadarrama

Be fit and mssculine. Dont be afraid to get dirty


I just want to sleep, my back fucking hurts


Ive heard that they pay with lays in Romania

jsjs dnnd

He should of added:

If those tips dont get you laid theres a problem with you bitch


Grinding from behind is not a bad move at all. I was dancing with a girl beside me and she was feeling it, and then someone got her from behind and basically stole her from me. He essentially let me do the work in making her feel comfortable and then stole the catch.


It’s simple fellas. Don’t be ugly

Anthony Xyy

This is a ad has nothing that matters dude you are shit out of luck.

Hirusha Deshan

Just Ask "How you doing" in joys way ?.

Lost meme

Just come in with new cloth on

Bumm Brisson


Digi, A protogen called L

All of these bad things didn't happen to you did they?


Uber lol I work for them picked up some Interesting ppl

Sebastian Bryk

omg I came here to learn about seduction and instead I watched an underwear commercial :/ now THAT is a big turn off.


I've been following his advice for 3 years now and the only step I end up with is the last one.


I came here just to look at the comments

Chuck Norris

Last time I got laid is known as the Big Bang

Big Daddy

Alright, so I am a 23 year old virgin. why? well in high school I had a very low self-esteem, so I became uninterested in having sex. I would flirt with girls but I would let it dissolve. I am guessing it's because I wasn't really sure about the sex part. I watched porn, but I had never done it with anybody else. Up until today I am still watching porn, and I just realized that I just never took the approach of going all in, starting with condoms! I gotta buy some. It's kinda tough in my house because I still live with my parents and I always felt like I never had a sense of privacy. NOW, this super gorgeous girl in school apparently has a crush on me. ON ME!!? WHAT? I was walking with her a couple of friends down the street and this homeless guy knuckle touched me. God I am such a fucking virgin. I just forgot about the girls part and really focused on school, since I just figured well fuck I am not getting laid anytime soon but a brother gets lonely!!!! I am a computer science major, nerdy, fit, I work out, I just never thought anybody was going to be interested in me, but LO AND BEHOLD. I am kinda shy but I gotta buy me some rubbers, I gotta set myself up. xD


i love this so much xoxo babes

J. L.O

As someone who’s gotten some pussy I can say this Nigga ain’t never get ass before ?

william lieske

It's two am, I'm gay, what tf am I doing here

Randi Ruiz

Who like's to be a virgin?


That end killed me ?????


Loved that ending ???


my brother is one of these guys who can go out, get drunk and get laid almost without fail, i have made the decision to quit drinking and live in a small town where meeting new people is really not easyand all the women whoare here, there just isn't mutual interest or they're in relationships. sometimes it really does feel like i'm just screwed

Sebastian Sørensen

Who does this guy?

Tiger Destroyer

i'm a bit shy so i just go on roblox, play a game called boys and girls dance club and find a girl.

K2 khan

my balls need a massage

Ima Keepitreal

all the girls are saving themselves for marriage and its really boring

brayen brian

This is full of bullshit


im 9 can u elaborate?

Lisa Ramsey

I'm a female and I'm like ????????????????????? ?? I'm olso 9 and you should use condoms

Ryan Doyle

dude what's in your eye


4:31 i feel violated

The golden camel from Egypt

This is not how to get laid this is what to do when you manage to get laid

Rahul Dhar

he get mad

Igor Sidelkovsky

Excellent video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you heard about - Teyiley Preliminary Transcendence (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for using this proven romantic behavior to turn women crazy over you minus the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my good mate called Gray after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical results with it.

Arturo Vargas

just trying to sell his meundies

Clown Cat

No woman ever gets close to seeing me out of my doesn't matter what underwear I woman ever wants me..alone.


The most obvious shit I’ve ever heard he basically made this video for that stupid ad

Mitchell Alexander

Socks come off last or not at all. Fight me

Dylan Johnson

How to give head like a gentleman

2015 Ford Escape

All you need is to buy a Ford Escape. Trust me, my owner had has so much sex in the back.


Doesn't work for indians

Tim Wehmeyer Jr

i always have problems with confidants with that section do to many insecurities.. do to past and not being rich.. ive watched this guy for awhile now.. im thinking of considering the facial stuff he selling someday cause he really inspirational with great advice.. thank you alpha..????


I almost ate ass like a gentleman this weekend, but I lost control...


real alpha males respect consent and all sexualities

Soundwave Productivity

Put condoms in your socks.....what the fucks wrong with putting them in ya wallet.......


boys it worked

Ryan Mc Carthy


K2 khan

my balls need a massage

Kendrick Palmore

It seems like everybody in this comment section has no clue on how to get laid.

Carly Smith

So gorgeous. So kind. So funny. Ugh misses alpha m is once lucky spicy senorita ??


Thank you

Stacy Perdue

Im Christian and this goes against my religion

Benita Blackwell

Or just pull out


Wheres the video for dragons with autism?
Almost fuck a male (obviously) furry in the ass......almost including the other way around.

Lakupvp GT

lemme tell ya
1 go to party
2 get drunk
3 see drunk hot girl
4 go flirt with here
5 get laid


Hey dude why don’t you model some of those undies you showing

Nite Driv3r

B a lil bit attractive n b funni dats all u really need dress nice smell nice work out take care of urself dats how u get Pussy!

Brayden Clark

Me undies: Hello we would like to sponser your next video

Alpha: makes video about sex

My undies: f-ing perfect


Ngl you searched this up


How to get laid as a guy

1. Be confident
2. Have a sense of humor
3. Don’t be broke
4. Have your own place
5. Be at least average height
6. Don’t be too ugly
7. Don’t be needy
8. Know some game
9. Don’t be shy
10. Be charming
11. Don’t be over weight
12. Don’t be desperate
13. Act like you don’t care
14. Act like a alpha male
15. Act like you don’t want to get laid
16. Be nice
17. But not too nice
18. Have strong confident body language
19. Don’t come across as creepy
20. Don’t be a idiot
21. Don’t run out of things to say
22. Act like you have your shit together
23. Don’t make any mistakes or game over
24. Be able to also stimulate her emotionally and mentally
25. Pass all her shit tests
26. Act a little cocky
27. Know how to escalate

How to get laid as a girl

1. Don’t look like garbage
2. Have a pulse
3. That’s it

Call Me Jack

My dad was on my phone watching ARK YouTube videos

Stephen Argent

Do girls actually care about what underwear a guy wears? Just curious


This is just lying to desperate men and at the same time selling some useless stuff.

hi \

Omg wow i am 7 and it worked

Harsh Bhosale

Wish I was Italian gifted genetics af


The ending Lol ??

Hirusha Deshan

That ending ?

Prithvi B

video starts at 2:20

Raxprecision 8

So your here too huh... sighs yeah bro same


Virginity is cool , remain pure !

Martin Christian

wow so easy for him. . . . . . . fuck face

Connor Lewis

Who else watched this only me?

Carlos Morales

I’m learning English and this video helps me a lot to improve because your voice is clear enough. Thank you

rod s

Might as well stay at home ??


But what if I don’t want a relationship...

Joie Laney

I came here from Kat Blaque's video! The delivery is a little...crude...but I'm shocked at how good this advice is! Lads, listen to this! Groom, don't be a creep, be fun, and be responsible!


Meet Bruce bang***????

Sal 808

How to get laid
1) be yourself
2) be Happy
3) express your emotion :)




Nice ad LoL ?


You are one serious fucking twat! Sorry, but it's the truth. Have you ever been laid by the way?

Nay Lin Naing7B


The best way a broke man can get laid

The best way a broke man can get laid17 Nov. 2017
119 464

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Comments (100)

Good Job

Daniel Vargas

Corey reign?


I guess I won't mention that the credits of a book are in the front....




You can’t come across like you’re trying to sell yourself though. You have to pull one over on them.

10is C

I feel like the book example is something that actually happened to him. Lol.

Bongani Mkhwanazi

Hahaha dude I've been binge watching your videos,

You crack me up everytime!

Alpha Male Strategies - AMS

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Jonathan tan

nah AMS is right. im broke and fat as fuck. but i get laid for a while with every chick i tell a story to. HAHA . if u try being the nice honest guy. fuck that. u waste money on dates.u dont have to be good looking if u wanna get laid. but u wont keep the chick for long


The best way a broke man can get laid is get a good job and work your ass off until you earn it. Unless you a sugar daddy or have a silver tounge, that pussy gotta be earned. If I wanted a girl, I would work my ass off to earn her love. We call women whores but all we wanna do is fuck? This channel really is something. Your content is annoying and super egotistical but as a man Imma be honest, nigga you low-key funny. ???

Dean Birkett


Jacob Jerde

Lady’s are horney creatures spit some game get laid make sure u got wine and champagne at home

Serge Gru

All I can say is that even as a guy from Eastern Europe who is 19 years old I still managed to dick down some real bad bitches. I've come across the advice of being arrogant and having the abundance mindset before. And this shit really makes them chase you? keep up the good work man, love ur channel

Alex Rolon

This guy is fkkn awesome hahahaha

Rama Hosseini

being broke and getting women are easy. women bargain when you have money. if you have no money she cant get anything from you. just demand to her. you have nothing to lose, get the vagina and once its right time give her reason to dump you. love is the game women play. if you are a man there is no love.if you fall for it, its on you. stay broke, demand whatever women tells you and be ready to leave anytime.

Donald Trump

19 year old virgin

Keith Jones

Bum niggas get bum bitches

Salty Barton

if it's about potential, then why are girl lining up to bang dudes in prison?

Chino Slick

Tell her that you getting a 3 million dollar settlement coming in the same year over a car accident and all the good things you’ll do with that money on the same year ?

Keera Ashton

A broke man can get laid if he’s a nice guy if he smells good if he’s got a nice happy personality if he’s got a nice little flat nice life might be a put off if he’s living in a shit hole but generally a guy doesn’t have to have money
There’s plenty of ppl in this world that don’t have much and to be honest you only need the basics
Just being happy is enough no one wants a manic depressive

BlackKing Unicorn

So how do you break away from sticking to those good guy morals?


This dude gotta do a collab with the hodge twins asap

JoDynomite 007

It must be those earrings because she has matching ones too.. How or why wear those without looking like a bitch? Are hoops sexy too lol might as well put them on..??

Bri Bri

LMAOOO WHAT IS THIS??? Relationship advice for broke men?? Yoooo I’m rolling ?? Listen... If you can’t afford to date, save ya energy & just don’t date at all. Skskksk

Richard Caceres

Bro i don’t even need any of the advice he gives but i love hearing it cuz there’s so many gems fr fr

Dominique Hawkins

Straight up

ray man

How do you get your shit together, im willing to wait to be high value like you say man?

Adam A.

This is something I don't think people clearly understand. Being broke doesn't mean you're not an alpha. There are lots of rich dudes that are simps, so if that exists clearly, it's opposite also exist. Having money doesn't automatically make you an alpha, and being broke doesn't automatically make you a simp.

Being broke just sucks, there are lot of hard working, real men out there who will die broke, I know, my father was one of them. I thank God each and everyday that I been lucky enough to live an affluent lifestyle thanks to his sacrifices he made for me, it's not fair for me, or anybody who's doing better than me, to judge someone for being broke.

Life sometimes isn't fair. Look at the racism black folks faced, is that fair? Sometimes life just deals you a series of blows, and destroy your life, no matter how hard you work and the best you can do through out all this is maintain your integrity as a man and not go crying about it, that makes you an alpha.

Demetrius King

To be quite honest, I don't really feel that I need to impress any woman to get laid. More like she needs to impress me in the hopes that I lay her.

keith carter

New game is not giving a fuck

Focused All Day

Guys don’t confuse the message. Don’t you dare start qualifying yourself to these chicks. If she ask, keep short and to the point. Remember she has to be doing all the talking. That way you don’t talk yourself right out of the pussy.

love thy enemy

Sh!t dawg y'all can get a rich as fuk 50year old she be going wild crazy over a broke ass punk as long as they game is sharp n They confident n musclebound..... Laughter goes along way with bitches.


If your an alpha male you don't need money you can BROKE asf
Alpha male- alot of women find you attractive and you easily get laid
Beta male provider- male who is unattractive to MOST women BUT... he has resources so he can still get some cheeks
Beta male- a male who is physical ly unattractive & BROKE
This video was directed towards a beta male cuz alpha males don't money at all ! This is where the REAL self improvement comes in at where hitting the gym/improving your style and body is most important

David Jones

That laugh at 01:49 lmfaoooo

Tony Doyle

My Nigga!!!great video!!

Wildfire Girl

When is your birthday?

Real alpha 2

By Hook Or Crook???..?

Rahman Sundiata

Good Game

Andreq Dominguez

Thank u grass hoppa

Big Baby DogDawg

This nigga the truth!

Char Lee


Carlos Tamayo

I appreciate you man.


2:35 that brutal honesty gets me cracked up everytime ???

hey. kali

Your a genius a changed my life. I been seeing results quick and damn every girl really be throwing themselves I been a beta my whole life but being a alpha is so passionate to me now lol


Hoping she has no sexual deceases in this quick lay process

Timothy Barend

What’s the cheek? Do I need to get the book for these terms?

Bumm Brisson

Build muscle not money grow hash get laid. Get your shitt together? more pizza sgrt.hartman

AJ Mase

Why don’t men feel the same way for a women after we fuck em?


What to do if you see your bad bitch with another guy in public?

Mishap & Me

everything isn't a test dude. we ask questions because that's how conversation works.


Another way, and premarital sex is problematic, that a guy can raise his value is by working out, getting built, and losing weight. I think that's good enough for a lot of women. Because a guy who can suffer enough to lose weight or get built deserves a reward.

ThePettyYardman Show

I'm a ex beta Male.

Narobi Gaines

I've always lived by the 3 date rule or a month after second week I'm already finding new candidates

Oby Wan

What happens when you hit your mid 50s and looks start fading and loneliness start kicking in,tgen what are you staying alone forever??

Deion Law

3:28 "lie, steat, cheal"

Bumm Brisson

Invest in getting laid .... You gotta sell it?

Chinmay Uthale

Staying with ur 2 dates rule man ! coz just can't afford to go beta at any cost

Andrew Pouncil

Good reaction video bro


This is some real shit

Sarah Fadel

pleas speak with me swear by god i have really big problm

No Lie All Cap

A broke man thinking about getting laid is a dead man thinking about his coffin!

Keera Ashton

Ok so when we are young we got all our discoveries ahead of us

Then we mature at around 40 and the game changes yet again as we don’t look like kids anymore but we find another part of us that we have evolved into an attractive older us and what resonated in the past no longer serves us
Some of us get ill & die some end up alone and some choose love ?

People United

One of the best videos on YouTube going

Sifiso Ivor Koza

By hook or by crook !! ?

daniel daniel

"If you are looking for a wife, I'm gonna say it one more time again, I don't know what the fuck are you here ????"


I straight up told a bitch I was broke she picked me up later and payed for me at the movies and fucked her at a park the same night. True fucking story! Explain that?

Gyasi McElroy

I keep all my hoes in line cause I’m a liar

Chris marcantel

Bull shit....ive been laid a 1000 times just on my cobwebb filled bull really thats some gud shit


Been there done it


He's right though. I've come across women who liked me, I had a lot in common with etc. But I didn't find them attractive so I ignored their advances.
It's no different with a woman, if a woman doesn't think you can support her financially then you might as well be invisible.
Just understand that money is looks for women.

Haymaker ubettalookout

Tellem G...


Lol dude, this video was kind of funny. Corey Wayne is the man! Stop throwing shade, lol.


I am a BETA MAN?

Throw party's everyday?

PUSSY ?everywhere?

Christopher Raigans

lmaooo funny video but true


Idk it kinda sounded like Lie Skeet Chill lol yea ima run with that.

Demetrius King

I've been saying this for a long ass time. You gotta get it any way you can, by hook or by crook, come hell or high water.

NoName Available

Me 'I'm writing a book'
she 'show me it'...
'eehh it's now you know.. At my parents house'

Terence Smith

A chick texted me while watching yo videos

Brown Boiii

My goal isn't to get pussy and I usually add my own experiences in n I never fuck the bitch I even buy her small things to build trust n then I take the gamble I buy her something big n if everything works out u start ask her to borrow money u gotta use charm u Cn get a lot but then u just dip. If u do that with 3 girls u can make lotta Money all legal


Did he just say “go to the Corey Wayne channel to get a wife?” Lol Corey Wayne ain’t even married lol

Luka K

Man damnn that hook ar by crook punchline :)))


Be sexy and follow your purpose.

Douglas Richardson

You look like Charles Barkley too

Douglas Richardson

Yo you funny. But you right.

Dav Get

what about crippled dudes that walk with a limp. i got game but am i doomed in certain circles specifically going out places with chicks


By hook or by crook ???

NaQuan Gates



The AMS guy probably can get laid anytime he wants. He's a powerful, intense guy. Do it his way.

Ryk Son

Talking all that bullshit , all the while his wife in the back writing the script


"Man can't survive off bread alone"

khomotso mathatho

as long as you fucked

Andrew Moore

Women like ready done. I find they aren't into patience or building a man. They want it ready done and they want it now.

six bullet is bad at destiny

So that means when I get money I’ll just discard 1 girl after the other . No mercy


“ all i wanna do is fuck” lmao i respect it


??? I love this guy

Cali Jokes

Sell a woman on your potential Mann your good 3 years later

Blessed Man877

Look like a thug have corn rolls tattoos all over your body. Wear a du-rag Live in your mom basement, proclaim to be a rapper..U get plenty of hoes..especially black and white...

Huey Freeman

I never clicked on a video so fast in my life lol like how did you know i was broke

Sean K.

ams I feel like you been good at game since a teenager bruh

84 newman broadcast

From my experience all these fly chicks broke. I ride shot gun and cum. Phila