Fake boobs vs real boobs

Contentious 'Gummy Bear' Breast Implant

Contentious 'Gummy Bear' Breast Implant22 May. 2012
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Doctor says this type of

Doctor says this type of silicone implant is safer, but what's the real story?

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i so want my boobs


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Danii Niila

May the plastic surgery industry be concealing the true facts about this procedure, in order to make profits?

Ink Stains

just throw that tit down XD

John Wade

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jay Day

I would like to tell woman that i like all breasts big ones small ones round ones curved ones and all in between!

Cimko Laby

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Thảo Trịnh

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Contentious Gummу Bear Breast Implant

Maya Gardner

The truth is, the secret to have fuller and firmer breast is to handle other hormones which curb estrogen and breast growth.

Ekta Baker

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Having a Kardashian refer to him as "the best plastic surgeon ever" gives me doubts about him.

Sylvia J. Pabon

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Rose Hill

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lisa Harrison

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well they all seems cheap implants to me. why  are those implants units so  cheap and seem  ugly  ?


Breast Implasts are just stupid, girls with them are more unattractive than those who don't and even more fake... NICKI MINAJ FOR EXAMPLE....

Evonne Sanghez

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TAROT By Andie

And you too can be sick within 5 years. The worst!!


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It’s not trauma you have to worry about. It is breast implant Illness.

Marquis Harmon

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Mark Ben yosef

That reminds me al bundy - "I'm looking for a career, not just a job. You know, like, a doctor or
a guy who plays with hooters all day"

charmaine burn

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I hate fake tits they look horrible and feel blahhh it's an instant turn off.

Naomi Chambers

You truly can increase your breasts size naturally, just only by workouts.


at the ending, some perv camera man must've been sneaking around getting those boob shots lol

The Serious Entrepreneur


sara stark

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Gummy bear boobs <3

Marshall Thompson

Certainly seems to be a hot topic.?



Hat Monit

After trying countless breast enlargement products which are advertises with bold promises and receive very little result, I made up my mind to give up and was going to take the breast implant.

Averie Garrison

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When is that other half of 'society' going to stop giving a fuck, what "OTHER" people do to "THEIR" bodies. so women, cancer survivors, shouldn't get "IMPLANTS" thoughts, feelings? do you not get a haircut every month? brush your teeth? put on clothes ? get your head out of your christian ass and breathe a little bit. if "GOD" did not want this? i don't think advancements in "TECHNOLOGY" and "MEDICAL FIELD" would have happened.

Linda S Pelissier

Imagine poor granny watching ABC news in the morning and having to watch a segment on fake tittie's!


Don't get breast implants that *feel* real that look fake... there's just no point.