How to make a guy feel better

5 EVIL Ways to Make a Guy Jealous

5 EVIL Ways to Make a Guy Jealous5 May. 2018
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Making guys jealous on

Making guys jealous on purpose is wrong and you should never do it, but if you do it anyway, at least do it the right way. Here's how to make a guy jealous.

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Comments (100)
Paola Namuncura

It worked and he broke up with me :(

Myah Helstrom

Aww it would be so mean to take away their feeling special!!

Jocelyn No

“Meanwhile you don’t like either of them and you just want to want the world burn. And I get that.”

Anybody else laugh really hard?
No, just me?

MEVO Drawings


Laura Stoner

Totally here to be evil

Jewel Thompson

He just gave Evey girl the power

Riley Adams

Tom: u wont meet a celery me:I wont meet Kobe in heaven o well

Jesiray Blood

I honestly think my bf is ignoring me I don't know why though I really think that he is cheating on me with my best friend

אגם אדרעי

You’re really smart..

Queen Bee

How to make your boyfriend jealous (me edition):
Get a super overprotective boyfriend (me, then not knowing how protective he was)
lol now he dips and I haven't heard from him in a few

Veronica Hall

I need to get more guy friends

Nasir Tungub

Hello tom
I have this crazy story 

I'm go one year now this language course,

I'm 25 years old, my female teacher who is 38 old and single liked me and one day she complimented my intelligence because she was surprised when she found out that I speak 6 languages, 

Another day she complimented my lean athletic body, she also complimented my discipline and I'm not nice guy nor a bad boy but someone in between them,

She also complimented, she treated my favouritely than students, when we're in middle of the course year she started looking me deeply into my eye and forgetting other students, some times when I look her she blinks very rapidly and I understand little bit about body language,

One day last month we were taking test when she was glancing me I catch her looking me and I make deep eye contact and she started changing her wardrobe and she began talking about sex and relationships and next two weeks I was afraid she may accuse me of rape so I become distant and she started playing with hair while looking at me and I ignored her and a new student came that week who's 19 years old and she started shower him attention and flirtation, touching his arms and shoulders, I thought is she making me jealous ?or she lost my interest ? He doesn't care about her and she doesn't know him a well but she is around him every day and all students noticed her 

That she likes him or  she's just using him to get my attention 

What I wanna to know is she doing this to get my attention or she likes him

Also I heard he has girlfriend and he's very immature compared to me because he's teenager, I even thought she hates me and want to show me how much she hates me by flirting and 

Please answer

Rubi Saldaña

Bro, I need help. First off, my boyfriend is attractive. Second, he and I broke up and I haven’t seen anything negative. It feels like I’m falling more and more in love and it keeps breaking my heart because it’s like I’m falling deeper rather than moving on, despite my efforts. Why is that???

iop erty

My guy makes me jealous - and it just makes me doubt if he cares about me as much as I do adout him (and that he cares about me more than about others). He says he loves me, he even asked me out, but that's just words - I said I don't feel stable with him (meaning - if we get together, I will act more open and relaxed and intimate with him, except I can't, because I have a feeling it all can end litterally any minute, leaving me heartbroken and feeling used), so I can't date him.

Miriam Shiferaw

this is pretty cruel
# am a girl

Draco Malfoy

At times I wanna make my crush jealous but than I feel like he might compare himself to him and feel insecure so than I feel bad

Cordel Ballenger

You sure talk fast.

Maya Zedek

Please make podcast

Barbora Coufalová

Me trying to make jealous Tom Felton : ???

marri pattricks

“meanwhile, you probably don’t like either of them and you just wanna watch the world burn
i get it
i’m not saying you should do it
i’m just saying if you did, it’s gonna work
really welll”

Sarah Jankura

This is evil

Skylar Siri

Hmm my best friend and his girlfriend.
C o n s t a n t l y
b r e a k i n g u p a n d
g e t t i n g b a c k
t o g e t h e r.
Like geeze. Make up your mind. Ya like eachother or nah?

simran dyuti

wow, i did all that, and he thought that I'm replacing him, and he literally hate me now i.g:')


The only problem is that no guys like me anyways, so there’s nobody to make jealous

•{The Freaks}•

My friend was into me. All of the sudden he gets a girlfriend and starts ignoring me. I want to beat him. Either that or make him jealous.

Kate Castro

me, a person who just wants attention.
Oh, a challenge?

Prachi Agarwal

Guys avoid us after sometime. They deserve it. You are not terrible but at times it is needed for them to understand their feelings.


i showed my girl this and now she made me jealous

Chloe Acosta

This guy is savage???

Itam Obeten

I love this... "You don't love either of them, you just want to watch the world burn"???

Comeback Kid

I’m die single ?‍♂️


I dated a guy how we constanly break up and get back togothere the funny part is i dont even remeber tha reassons we broke up

Jocelyn No

The moment you realize that you do most these things...

Bomaigi Mogerema Wi

"just wanna make the world burn" ?


Im just watching this, because i wanna know what I've already done to make my boyfriend jealous, turns out quite a lot:')

Acappella Covers

I don’t mean to separate but this only works on white guys and probably on the minority of white guys. Speaking as a half black half arab Male, doing any of these will make black and arab guys keep a distance from you and eventually leave you

Kaylee G

Bro I can’t stop staring at you shirt FIX ITTTTT

Alva Westerlund

10:07 My best friend's mum and her "boyfriend" are together sometimes and not sometimes! I think it's kinda weird but ok, I don't care so much! ???
This is my thoughts:
They aren't sure if they are inlove or not and are trying to break up to feel if they will miss eachother or not. They miss eachother and get back together but it doesn't feel right so they break up!
Okay edit: They broke up over one year ago, forever this time ?


Well.. not all guys are desperate .. I’m that guy who would just simply loss all interest ?

Anime Girl

When I am talking about Jimin from BTS,my friend Tell me that I don t have a chance to be with him and Say that he s looking more handsome than him.And when I Tell him that I don t care and I stil like Jimin,he try to change the subject.Does this mean that he Could be jealous?

Betsy Blake

Lol... I had no idea guys got so jealous, so easily...?

Ash Rip

omg this helped so much tysm! ima use half these for just pranks on my boyfriend heheheh

Ayah Aljunaid

So he replay my snap and he was like who is this dude ??

Shamima Dahout

My man will pull my hair out and choke me if i try any of these techniques

jessica rose

oops i already do these things >.< good thing this vid
now i know why they dont like when others are round xD



Ruthannes channel

That's me

queen gachanight

So I have to do a couple of that just kept going Open on the give ouch each other and then the break up show angel and Julia They were dating and they just kept going offline break up get back together break up get back together and so finally angels broke up with you late right and I found and then Julia during lunch she asked me if I wanted to be are girlfriend and for some reason I was really stupid and I go maybe she just needs a she wants to hang out like with her girlfriends you know what I mean and I found and then literally wants I'm where week in dating I find out that apparently Julia told angel that she was dating me and angel didn't believe Juliet 1st until I told her that we were Where dating so it was true and I'm she wasn't mad at me because she probably just didn't think I knew what was happening or something and then literally so mean angel book broke up Where dating so it was true and I'm she wasn't mad at me because she probably just didn't think I knew what was happening or something and then literally so mean angel book broke up with her at the same time and then a month later so we were at school right cause I'm still in school though and she's like she wrote this really crazy paper it was really weird and cringy like super crunchy and on ITIT said do you like me yes or no and of course you gave me a pencil or pen or something for me to circle which 1 and I said no and once I said that I could tell she was so angry with me like I could almost see fire and her eyes and her and my head and like I broke up with youwithout No I'm not gonna get back with you if you cheated on me I mean I broke up with you for a reason and I haven't talked to her in a while like I mean we still go to school and I must have I'd like 3 classes with her but I still can't believe what she thought after cheating on me that I would give back with her Yeah any angel just kept getting with different boys and then like they ended up painted or breaking up with them so it was strange but then again it was 8 kept me kind of entertained I guess like I don't know like I was happy she was dating people but I could tell I felt like she was just dating them for fun I didn't think she actually wanted to date them I think she just dated them so if you wanna be single angel I think angel just said it so she wanna be single but then again I can't really say anything if I don't know what the truth but that's just my ping if any Yeah any angel just kept getting with different boys and then like they ended up painted or breaking up with them so it was strange but then again it was 8 kept me kind of entertained I guess like I don't know like I was happy she was dating people but I could tell I felt like she was just dating them for fun I didn't think she actually wanted to date them I think she just dated them so if you wanna be single angel I think angel just said it so she wanna be single but then again I can't really say anything if I don't know what the truth but that's just my ping if any of you wanna say anything just please reply to my comment and tell me what you think

Hailey Daugherty

Welp I used the talk about a super hot celebrity one and I accidently said papa smurf??but i was thinking hero Fiennes tiffin


Really helps me ?

It's me

What about when you tell him you're dating someone else?


Who else is watching this in 2020???

Mm Mm

He always talk to other girls ?

Наталья Миронова

I wonder what if I talk about a celebrity whom I actually saw in real life ??

mercy m

Ok so the guy I made out with yesterday texts me and doesn't text me sometimes. How can I get him to come to me without me texting him. I don't want to be the one who goes after the guy


...Making 2 guys jealous and killing two birds with one stone ?

Maryam Bts

See the thing is, me and my boyfreind have broken up once and got back together sooooooooo yeahhh

Cyndi Davis

My best friend has had the same bf 20 times and he is an a hole.? He knows that I hate him and he hates me.

jaaz bhasin

So damn cool

Marie George

Thank you ,I feel like this will help me


When u thumbs down because it seems wrong but still uses this against guys.........

Just me, ok ???


If he sees someone else likes you or you laughing with other guys he will find that attractive.

Georgia H

Your voice litterly just gave me a headace

violet wolf

Rose's are red violets are blue I'm laying in bed what about u


2:44 well its not just that its also because they have the knowledge that celebrities have money to make themselves look good, like for example, dressing the best can make you much attractive and they have a lot of money to buy great clothes. So the fact that is achievable because of money isn’t much of a challenge for people (same thing with female celebrities that usually have more than one surgery)

Jewel Thompson

Live and Maddy vibes

Mahtab Bano

4:00 if in india we will do this
Then the guy who has physical attraction with you will sinply going to:
1. Ignore you
2. Start challenging the other guy infront of you??

Carlabemese Newkirk

I am that couple and don't try to get him jealous he has been since we started however this is our 3rd time . And we've both put a lot of effort this time ! Thank you for your advice !

The Yellow Babe

He's cute?

Paola Namuncura

If I had a nice guy, I definately wouldnt be here

Farida Fade

Wawoo dude Thx 4 this

Counte Kale Murphy

Is anyone else here for character depth for their novel?

Spirit Queen

(4:05) I actually did something similar to this because one of my guy friends (that I have a crush on) never had cheese cake before, so I said "I'm going to get you cheese cake". and then I got all of my other friends cheese cake too cuz I felt bad. o-o

Jazzy Vlogs


Lydia Gonyora

How do I get the attraction check list?

Jade Puguon

This is in consideration that he, or anyone for that matter, finds me attractive to make this techniques work.

It’s Itawolfieee


Kayli May

not me already using most of these techniques subconsciously.. oop. guess i was born toxic

Dylan Dimingu

Bra keep our secrets safe just don't give them up

Lola Giberish

WTF I am doing here, I am single

strangerthingsnut /:

First youtuber I've ever seen ask for a thumbs down

Marguerite Moran

??? Im dead????

Carrot the bunny

Well this must work on girls too cause this is how I feel -_-

Trulyn Hood

I’m a girl what do I do I need to make my sister jealous

Audrey Underwood

But what if you ignored me for a long time

Cool Pup

If a girl try to get me jealous she wont be able to because I’m already attractive or good looking, and I’m not trying to be cooky, i just don’t want to waste my time, because i only have time for success

Monika Gebre

the dislikes are probably from males

Lukas Penitsch

Brother, why do you betray us?

Nani Gonzalez

Girls be like ?. Boys be like ????????????????????????????????????????????????


I've been in love with my best friend for 5 years... I still don't know how to tell him ???


So turns out I'm evil ??


I think I made that unintentionally,,texted him that I had a really great time watching sunsets with a guy (also told him that the guy was my best friend) in the past and his answer was “K” and I was very confused after that


I was kinda into a guy (we can call him M), who also liked me. We had a mutual guy friend and when we all hung out one time I was laying on the bed with M and kinda cuddled a little bit, but then M got up and started gaming on his pc instead witch resulted in our mutual friend laying down in the bed instead (he was playing the game first so they just switched.) So after a while I started pretend sleeping on our friends shoulder and hugging him a bit. It resulted in M seeming a bit jealous and then asking if we all should go and do something else instead of staying indoor, when I still stayed in the bed he literally pulled me of carefully from our friend and lifted me upp and just walked away with me in his arms lol. Kinda cute how jealous he got?, also we are dating now✌️

Didn't realize how long that would be.. sorry and thx for reading

• Tri dust bins _UwU •

Title :- evil ways.....

He :- uSe tHiS fOr gOOd nOt fOr eVil

ariane danielle ariate

this is my favorite video now...?

Kamogelo Moleele Padi

No offense but you really look like your in touch with your feminine side.
Are you giving people advice based on life experience?

Katherine Vargas

1 video is enough ???


ok so my crush was like "Oh this really attractive tiktoker follows me" then he was all like and she likes me is that when i bring up who is also very attractive because idk if he was trying to make me jealous or not

aleksandra kettner


Sabrina Mohmed

Jokes on u I don't have friend

How to Make a Brokenhearted Guy Feel Better : Life Coaching Tips

How to Make a Brokenhearted Guy Feel Better : Life Coaching Tips15 Oct. 2012
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Making a brokenhearted guy feel better can be accomplished in a wide variety of different ways depending on the situation. Learn how to make a brokenhearted guy feel better with help from a psychologist, physical therapist and group fitness instructor in this free video clip.

Expert: Elizabeth Lombardo


Bio: Elizabeth Lombardo is a psychologist, physical therapist, group fitness instructor and author of the bestselling book, "A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness."

Filmmaker: Steve Voller

Series Description: Life coaching can help with relationships and becoming more comfortable in the workplace. Get tips on lifestyle coaching with help from a psychologist, physical therapist and group fitness instructor in this free video series.

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How to Make a Guy Appreciate You & Stand Up For Yourself

How to Make a Guy Appreciate You & Stand Up For Yourself8 Mar. 2017
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How to Make a Guy

How to Make a Guy Appreciate You & Stand Up For Yourself






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Today, we're going to be talking about how to make your husband or boyfriend appreciate you, especially when they are sensitive when you open up to them and they act cold… how do you react? I will also tell you how to deal with disrespect since when we don't feel appreciated, we feel disrespected.

The power that they have of you and the power that you're losing is the feeling when you're standing up for yourself and you feel like you're gonna lose something.

This is all going to be based on the inner issues and having to use absence, create pain and sow confusion.

The core issue of why you don’t feel appreciated is that not being respected becomes part of your reality. You’re always being disrespected especially because you don't stand up for yourself.

Let's talk about accountability. No matter how wrong you are, be accountable. Now, what are the reasons why he doesn't appreciate you?

1. Conformity leads to content. You're making it too easy for him, you reward him and he doesn't have to fight for your attention.2. Trying hard makes him feel bored because there's no challenge. There's too much certainty.3. You have no edge and you're too one-sided.4. A weak reality - his defensiveness might draw you in and you lose into his battle. You have to stay unreactive.

So what do you do when you open up and he gets mad?

1. When someone gets defensive, you got to be undefensive. 2. Go in it from a place of “i” and not “you”.3. If you get defensive, observe it

4. Realize that the enemy is emotion. Get him to be relaxed. When he gets “mad”, have an intentional call and let him be quiet. The quiet will relax him.

And now, let's talk about your self. Know your boundaries. Boundaries are what you will or will not accept from people. Don’t accept too much and don’t accept too little. Tell him what you will accept and not and stick to it. He’ll respect you.

Create self boundaries, like what you expect from yourself and values which is what you like, what you don’t like, what you accept and what you don’t accept. Having this predetermined and sticking to it is key. In life being specific is key.

Be your own source of positive emotions. Tap into the energy inside you, not around you, as the source of your mood. Feel no spikes or lulls of self-esteem from any girl’s responses to you. You might gain or lose attraction, but this should not affect your sense of who you are.

Validate yourself, amuse yourself and have present moment awareness. Know what makes you happy and mad.

Here's a link to the article version:

Check out my course The Psychological Game of Attraction so you’ll learn all the techniques needed for you to attract a guy.

Comments (100)
Biricik Solak

please never stop this business of yours !

Vania Thomas

I hate when I give man that type of power, when I have a weak reality.

Janet Canedo


Jonny Bwize

your amazing..... i need this.

Daysi R

Thank you Alex!! Aprendiendo a querer me mucho y viviendo en el presente ?

Helios Olympus

So this is the video she watched? :) lets flip the switch

sam barnes

What do u do when he keeps saying stupid a toddler temper tantrum...can I please just smack the shit out him like his momma shoulda done....swear it's works even on grown ass boys...usually only takes once and nips in bud....respect is instantly earned as well as a life long All do respect...

Nina Roth

so good! thank you very much!

sam barnes

U are a gift and it's so beautiful! Thank u ...women must throw it at u r a Gift to women!!! And Oracle ...every word u say...finally truth;! And at my speed!!!


This is awesome. One thing I’ve started doing is getting quiet and asking myself how I really feel about this situation. Dig in deep to feel it fully. Then figure out my next move based on what I want and feel.

Jamie Cee49


Brandy james

Thank you this makes SO much sense

Olivia Ingram

You are so on point with life issues I envy your girlfriend you are so amazing and to top it all, you are a young man in a old soul body of all these you tude channels, your my favorite. I've listened to most of your advice and I can tell anyone it really works thanks for telling/showing us how a guy mind works I can tell you these days, I have a smile on my face and a skip in my step cos your my secret weapon lol I tell my friends check out mindful attraction 2.0 thanks again and keep it coming.

Simply Natural

Please make a video on what to do when your husband cheats on you...

Déni Ze

Thank u

Anushka S.

How about a video on setting the right kind of boundaries?
Because it is not easy to understand for many girls what are the examples on boundaries


Another super quality video, Thank you so much Alex for reminding me that i have to face in this cold battle with myself and understanding my standards as well as boundaries. Its so fucking hard sometimes.

RabbitxRose94 Rabbit

you look like the bf from the devil wears prada

Urszula musiol

So freaking true!!

E. Nees

Hahahha I just love watching your video's. You have amazing insides and humor. Keep it up alex! ?

Memoirs of Ambiguity

I just stumbled onto your YouTube and oh my god you are amazing!! I love the real talk!

Vania Thomas

Your being to easy to him. He havnt seen the bitch inside you. Hes not threaten by you.


I want him but not all cost . I want to feel loved not hear that he loves me but actions speak otherwise . .
I backed away from him and joined a gym . Told him that I have a personal trainer that is gorgeous.


I don’t feel appreciated for being available for him any time . He doesn’t respond texts and calls .
I praise him when he calls promptly in hope he will know what makes me happy .
I have stopped calling and texting for 3 days now .
When I confront him he is calm and I come across upset.
It seems like for him nothing is wrong .

Jeanette Kniebusch

You cant go to your parents house if your older. They may not be alive and thry may not all be supportive like that. It eou ld be more weird when your in your 40s and 50s!

Amanda Botterill


Liz Valenzuela

Love your channel

Maglia Célia

I like your advices Alex but damn you're hot

Meri Lationette

Read me like a book

Banks Banks

Wat if u say u going to ya best friends house n say u not happy and he says if u not happy then leave

S V Filipina Asian Me!

If only partners would ACT like partners and know their role in the relationship, this wouldn't happen! But NO they gotta act like enemies!


I love when he sips hit cup lol

Estin Ink

Do you believe this same advice applies to the Men in the relationship who feel unappreciated? Or to same sex-couples? Very interesting and excellent material

Ingrid Manyapye

I told him now to respect and appreciate me he went dead not online cz he realised I'm standing up for myself

Vania Thomas

True! It's not being appreciated it's called being disrespectful


I love all your advice...just wish you'd talk a little slower <3

Gmail Gmail

I want to rename this video: How To Make An Arsehole Appreciate You OR just go and find yourself a nice bloke and have a happy ending.

Patricia Staub

Mindful Attraction, THANK YOU. I never ever realized that 9 years of feeling taken for granted has made me so bitter and making it my own reality. That disrespect indeed had lingered on and I do indeed feel disrespected constantly. I do frequently feel hostile. This is the first step in fixing this is knowing why I have become so angry. Thank you for this.


Best video

Chris Clarke

Alex,  I so appreciate your amazingness with what you do.  I totally dig what you do and what you give back to others.
This clip, it definitely one of your best.
From New Zealand I am already talking to my girls and saying you need to check this dude out.
I hope you get more views because of your authentic self.

jasmine Thaye

Thank you.

Helios Olympus

You need to become your own ecosystem of positive emotions. Let go of getting hapiness through validation of another person. You have to go through the pain. Its going to be uncomfortable standing up for yourself. Its going to be uncomfortable feeling alone and cold. Like You are about to lose your whole world, but you have to do it because you are losing yourself in the process if you dont. The world that you believe you are losing is not really motherfucking there... the world you are losing you have already lost, because you are seeking validation from someone who doesnt even appreciate you. Only appreciates you based on certain circumstances and that’s not real love.


Lol it sound like someone I know ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kris Baker


Jessica Barnes

One of your best videos. For real. ?

E FitnessBeautyDecordiy

To me, this is one of your best videos! You were focused and on topic. Thank you!

Amanda Tharp

Will you please take your own advice, take a breath! Be aware of your breath. Slow down. Your passion and excitement are great... but you're message can be easily lost because you're talking so fast.

Mindful Attraction 2.0

Join Our Facebook Group:
Follow me on IG for more videos: @Dalexisp

Biricik Solak

We are so lucky to have found you alex!


Excellent video . ?????

Juliana Quintero

You are so sexy. De donde eres?

Sherry Tee

Def one of your best videos. You rock! I go back to this one often. It works.

Dev sharma

For me you are a mentor literally ❤️❤️

Christine Bhinder

thank thank thank sooooooooooooooooooo much ! so enlightening

Anita Harper

MAN! U have a doppelganger here in Las Vegas. Next time we see him I will send u some video, don't freak out when we send u video of yourself!

Kai Ana

I Can relate so freaking much!

Joanna Mario

This is so brilliant, Alexis! Thank you! :)

nilsa benitez

Tired of being nice, i'm done like being single.

Liana Ocastro

Im thankful to god for people like you? you guys help so much

Jaana Kock

Thank you ?

lucia nguyen

Guys usually call that nagging. Cannot win either way : (

Vania Thomas

So true. He dosent appreciate you because you dont have an edge.

Face In The Crowd

You're a very smart man. Thanks

Elaine Hope

be cool to run into you in Brooklyn!

Samara Kabassum



I want so badly to become my "own ecosystem of positive emotions" !

Rita ́s Welt

How to get the guy spending money on a woman ;)


This topic is so amazing. Thank u for this knowledge..


When I first watched your clips Alex I didnt click with you and thought who is this dude lol Now I am totally hooked! Such wisdom and practicality and spirituality - thank you for being you and sharing... You Rock! :) Annie from Downunder where the women roar and the men thunder lol

Vania Thomas

I am goin thru this now ?. The more hes cold to me the more I become needy to him and need his approval

Marie Neid

You are absolutely brilliant! Thank you well done.


ugh the slurping is distracting and disgusting

Jaquelin Espinal

You look Ethiopian.

CRP Wifey



This is gospel!

Gica Contra

your slurping is SO disgusting!!!!!!!!

Sam Boriboun

That's why single has no problems

Mari M

Pulling back when they pull back works!!! But always keep in mind they are game players. So have high standards and good boundaries.

Sharele johnson

usually he is mad at you, so he makes up an excuse to be mad, and usually he's mad at himself for cheating on you, and that is a true true fact or he is lying in some way...

RJ Renee



Tati N'son

Ur awesome. Thank you for caring about and supporting women.

Jeanette Kniebusch

Some husband's don't abuse power knowing they could control everything because their wife is a housewife they even are loving and appreciative to Wives that don't get s man's hair cut and dress like a man. THEY STILL treat them like they are the most beautiful thing. Some hold it over their wife's head, that's abuse of power. Also take their wives for granite

T styles

Women Know Your Worth!! Men KNOW when Women has NO/LOW SELF-ESTEEM. L?VE UR SELVES?

Urszula musiol

Amazing !!!!

Priscilla Varela

Thank you!

Love Lee

inside Im reacting more, but he reacts more on purpose and intensely(i listen to you so I back off subtly but obviously) .
I only need him because I truly love him.
I really like him, but I do love my life my job and friends too.
He loves me, i just cant tell on what level, he is so sweet and loving then so reactionary and rarely i feel verbally mean.
because of past betrayals, I cant read ques as well anymore. So when hes disrespectful, im not sure how to see whats fair. sometimes.
Can you do something on this? Just an idea.


I'll tell you what. The details and examples you give as well as your way of explaining it complement very well the material from RSD. And I have been watching almost all RSD videos. I have an impression I've learnt new things from you.


hav a q. does this apply to a male friend who u love but who doesn't see u that way?


I always love your videos. It's like getting really good advice from a friend, when I need it the most. Thank you!

BE Royalty

Wow! I hear you. Thank you.

Yvonne Michelle

I have to say that this is dealing with a bully and not a mindful person. These people are low vibrational control freaks.

Luc Inap

Thank you

Redrose Rose

Wow you are a hidden gem here!!! Im so glad I found you on YouTube.

Danisha Ferreira

You never need to stop talking! You have so much wisdom..

miriam deltoro

I watched this video a couple of times & it sunk in for the first time and blew my mind. Thank you. I needed to hear this.


Very very good! ✔✔?

Charlet Mast

I watch your videos to help me process my neediness and not text. Giving him space works for me and him. Thank you.


Youuuu are beyond excellent Papy. Te felicito!!

Love Lee

Your talking about logical boundries and not accepting being disrespected.
Sometimes you've gotta be up at 4am and it 11pm. And you just gotta go to bed. Lol
So now what?

Biricik Solak

Hussey is so boring and short coming compared to you He never goes in any depth does not explain well and what he says does not make you stand up for yoursef, instead he tells you to constantly be nice to guys no dark techniques or anything god so glad you are here, you are saving my life.. love your long to the point videos with lots of explanations and examples. love you alex