How to make friends with guys

Making Friends With Guys At The Gym

Making Friends With Guys At The Gym5 May. 2016
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Here's my method on making

Here's my method on making friends with guys at the gym.

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If you're going to do bench press solo, you can always ask someone to spot you. Everyone knows it's about safety. Don't make a big deal about it. Just say thanks. You can offer to return the favor not in a pushy way, but like "I'd be happy to return the favor anytime." You can tell them your name. Leave it up to them to tell you theirs. They probably will.


Great video. I’ve tried striking up conversations with guys at the grocery store or at Lowe’s and Hime Depot. I find most people fairly standoffish so I’ve basically given up on trying.

Amy Graham

Oh man I loved your "popular guy" moves!! HAHA!! And, I am getting my courage up to join a gym--I used to love lifting weights back in high school. So--even though I'm not a guy, I'm going to try these tactics! ha!


the music is annoying

Michaël Huygens

great strategy J - makes sense really... really !

Adam Goodword

Wow! This really makes good sense to me.... because I somewhat think along the same lines.
Good use of psychology Josh!!
I'm going to give this a go when I can. :)


Dude, your whole personality is covered in strategy. Why not being a bit more spontaneous?! You take the whole magic

Andy M

Maybe give me a kiss?

Adelmo Schucks Júnior

Wish I went to your

Noa Rose

OMG he's a gay Mormon guy.


I go to the gym for my own mental health. Not to meet people. I like my small group of close friends. I don’t need to go around introducing myself everywhere I go. If someone says hi to my or gives me a nod a reciprocate. But I’m usually at the gym to work out and go home to my man.

Zachery Oberg

I know almost everyone at my gym because of this. Well the ones that go at the same time everyday as me. Got a group by the weightlifting platforms. Then the body weight/ calisthenics dudes and hot girls by the ab and stretching section. And the big old dudes that chill in the sauna


Umm your a motivator and a picture of perfection who would not notice you.????

Amuro Ray214

this is a good way to build connections as a financial advisor


Ok I love this guy. That is a great rule for everyone friends and possible dates. Get to know people and life might just surprise you.


You are loved. ? HUGz


I used to work at a gym and i agree with all of this. Especially, the part where he says all guys want connections and friendship, but don't know how. Not to mention women that go to the gym fuck that up, too, and a lot of folks have social anxiety.

J Williams

Thanks for this!! I have a hard time socializing at the gym, I’m going to give this a try!

Ted Williamson

Great tips. I'm making my Christmas Wish List now.?


Your hands, arms and body move too much and that make you look like an idiot.

Agent Mulder

Josh, i applaud your wisdom and the considerate restraint used with your method. NO ONE should should ever step over the line. God bless!


I like this approach, glad I came across this.

James Regan

Good vid

Stephen Burns

gosh NO ONE has ever presented etiquette for this stuff before! well received!


Seriously the back ground music is so loud and annoying I couldn’t hear what he is saying

Christopher DeRei

I'm not getting it


Sounds like a really good idea but I’m too insecure to try this and I’d only feel confident enough to try it with guys whom I don’t think are hot...??‍♂️

Joe Z

How about just saying hi when it feels natural? ?


Sounds like a really good idea but I’m too insecure to try this and I’d only feel confident enough to try it with guys whom I don’t think are hot...??‍♂️


Wow. You have so many rules. Why?

Ricardo França

Nice video, Josh. Thanks. I was going to wait 5 days to post this here, but I figured I would forget to do Jokes apart, I really liked the ideas you put forward.

Patrick Fealy

What about my eating girls at the Jim?


“How to pick up men in a gym” by a gay christian . You gotta love it !!!!!!!


this is awesome!

PCS Paulie II

Sounds like ways to be manipulative to get laid .... jus saying but guys at the gym , myself included, put earbuds in for a reason! To keep people AWAY!


im gonna try this out, I've been wanting to make more friends in the gym to potentially workout with (and to be a more social person) great tips Josh!

Edward R

Thanks Josh, this opens my eyes to a lot of strange interpersonal dynamics that I see everywhere.

Jerry Harbin

Josh, you can come to my gym any time. (I'd love to give you a big hug).).

Daniel Dumas

Just Brilliant! Well explained with out overdoing it. I once approached a guy who was popular with most but a total jerk with my girlfriend. When I asked him why? He was simply intimidated by her hight (6'&3/4"). When I asked him to treat her like just like everyone else, we became friends. Lesson; If you come across a jerk, don't be a jerk yourself!


Hi Josh, I'm a local Idaho's. I love your open and honest approach. Refreshing to see. I Sun's. Follow me back.

John Alo-Sweeney

dude thank you. it worked. i was that asshole tool meanie at . thank you somuch


This is so cutee?....i do the same....i make them come to me and talk to me instead me going there every time?



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Darxia Ninja

Makasuya jud iyang ads oiii hahaha


hello friend aka ni rose labs... barang tabang mga langit hhehehe

Rose Marie Vlogs

hello no skipping ads here

Darxia Ninja

got you hehehe

9 Things That GIRLS with GUY FRIENDS Understand

9 Things That GIRLS with GUY FRIENDS Understand28 Dec. 2016
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Your guy friends are JUST

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i’m a gay disappointment sky



Being one of three girls and the only one who actually hangs out with them outside of college s awesome! Having all guy friends I think is perhaps one of the best things about me that I love.

Tim Huse

My friend made a group chat that says "friends". Because I like 2 of the guy friends and they don't.

Adrien Metz

Um no no no no but for 1 and 6?‍♂️?‍♂️ do u have guy freinds

Black Birdie

Can't relate to number 2, but the other then that, I completely agree with.


and when people ship you together ?...

Nat LemonyFam

I have a lot of guy friends and 2 are best friends :v and i have 2 best friends which are the best, one of my best friend liked me but i dont like him, but we are best friends so :P and what we always do is play roblox

Naomi Lafontant

I wish that I can go to a all boys school cause girls are way to much for me I don't have a real friend that isn't my age

Shantral Alexander

Mostly true but..... he understands my 1D Love and we bond over that

Musically Fluent

Thank fuck my best friend is gay so at least everyone knows we're not dating ??


my life is sad i have this old guy friend who was just a best friend no more, and my other best friend was also friends with him, but then last year my friend left so then my guy friend made new friends cuz i was too shy to ask which ruined everything. my old guy friend now has a "friend" which is one of my friends, but i never knew until the end of last year but they were a thing since almost 2 years ago, it breaks my heart becuz she literally asian version of me, we like same thing just different culture/heritage. mostly becuz i never realized i had a crush on him the full 3 years until i missed him now he never talks to me.


talks to one of my male friends
My sister or my female friends: iS tHaT yOuR bOyFrIeNd

Baby Jeonghan

I don’t lie 1D they aren’t my type and I hate Kylie I like more k-pop like bts,EXO, Monsta x,NCT,NCT 127,NCT U, NCT dream,Got7, Bigbang,Txt And STRAY KIDS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I once got in a Xbox party with one of my guy friends and his friends who didn’t really know me and all that and the first thing I hear is
So are you his girlfriend? Automatically had to go no and this dude started hitting on me and my guy friend Hunter said “if you saw what she looked like and knew her you wouldn’t have a chance” (knowing that I’m lesbian)
Now I’m like mY gUy fRiEnD dOeSn’t tHiNk iM uGlY?? Yeah idk?

Someone in Pain

This is so true lol. Even when your G-6 your friends (girls) always tease you about having a crush on your guy friend or having a crush on your guy friends. They did when I was G-3 but it eventually wears off. What's horrible for girls who has guy friends is that, when someone has a crush on him. The girl will target you as her friend, hang out with you and use you to be close to one of them. Or they will bully you if the girl is popular. Though, no one bullies me. ?

Being one of the boys is better than being with the girls.

Boys are risky and if your a boyish type of girl then you get how fun it is to be with boys. They always have your back when you really need it.

Girls are... Fine for me. Though not many girls are real friends nowadays. The plastic friends are mostly girls. They're fun to shop with and talk about other girl stuff. I think that's just it for me. All my friends who are girls are fake

im a total loser

Only thing imma say...


Isabella Rosselli

All those things were so true


Ironically all of these are incorrect with my guy friends

Farah Elhebeishy

True except for Kylie Jenner??

luis acosta

Saying nice or doing nice things to me so,we could have a moment but,EWWW.??


Lol I WISH I had a guyfriends bc I'm kinda a tomboy

Rebel girl

There r few things I can relate to ?????????????

Jordynn Lewis

I’m best friend with guys and bruh they are OVERPROTECTIVE


If you go to their sleep over never sleep ?? eveeeeeer....

They are full of pranks??‍♀️??

Olívia Fernandes

I love to talk about the gross guy things lol

madi martin

None of these were true.

Mustafa Al Saeedi

broo why tf is this true, buh i js get called ah hoe.

Kayla Avery

i have no friends at all soo none of this will ever apply to me


I have a a best guy friend that I'm never attracted to or anything, we are just really good friends, it's annoying when everyone thinks were dating?

Hermione Granger

I can relate to number 7.
Sorry. Typo

Cello There

Number 7 ugh!!!!!!!!

Olivia Pratt

omg the last one is soooo true! And i dont like 1 direction and Kylie Jenner at all like -1000%

Valerie Morales

Everything is true except I don’t like one direction and Kyle Jenner, I like BTS!!????????????????

KJ Armstrong

Okay the one direction part is true but not Kylie lmao

Rachel the sax Player

I take band class at school and basically the social expectations for band class is that all of the band kids get made fun of so all of the band kids stick together. In band class there is one other girl besides me and there is five guys and we sit together at lunch and hangout. It’s so much fun and there is literally no drama and I hope it stays that way!


sigh We are shipped and everyone's loses their mind when we're not together cause we're always are

some random girl: OmG wHaT hApPeNeD!! dId yOu gUyS bReAk uP?!?! NoOo mY OTP!!

"relax..he just went to the bathroom.."

Tess Siah

I can so relate to the secretly dating thing

Madelyn Ellis

I’ve gotten shipped by a teacher at a dance!

And he went with another girl!

David Bader

my best friend is a guy, but no one has ever assumed were dating cuz we literally look like siblings.


my entire school: ”oOo, are you guys dating!?!?1”, “aWwW sUch a cuTe couPle”, “sToP tryIng tO hiDe yOur fEeLingS frOm heR [guy friend]”

1D One Direction

100% truee?

Hermione Granger

I can relate to munger 7

Johanna Allegra

My life


Like they say were dating but he's gay


This is way to relatable ?

Adele Trimaneerat

Dmjekwjsbdnej relatableeeee but I don’t have a obsession for Kylie or one direction- lol

Sandra Ulloa

I have this guy friend and everyone thinks I like him
Like No I can't even look at my crush without my entire face turning red, how would I be able to talk to him

Sarah the Book Dragon

#1 is to true

Maranda Marie

so true omg

Tesna Tedy

Everything relatable for me


How about girls with no friends understand


My best friend is a guy and I was protecting him the other day cause someone was gonna hit Him and said “ DO yOu LIke hIm?” I was like “NO hes my best friend and im just protecting him....Is there a problem.....?”.....she kept quiet and kept walking away

I am dinosaur

I was sitting on my guy friends lap,which I always do I've known him since preschool, and then his girlfriend showed up and got mad and started yelling so I started singing that song toxic. He broke up with her as soon as I sang that it was funny. I love him with all my heart . My brothers dont?

B l u e P e a c h P i n k F l a m i n g o e s

Me and my guy friend have a lot in common the problem is my parents think we are dating and I get so embarrassed and he doesn’t get it before his parents did that with him and then stopped but mine still do that ?

Kandy The Kat

I actually started dating my guy friend earlier yhis year ?

Abi McAdams

When your friend takes your phone and texts him as you saying that you like him and having to call him in the morning to explain everything that happened the night before and explaining the tho anyone else?

Hunter D

omg i’m not ghosting her i just don’t wanna text for 7 hours straight

iii italia

Eight isn’t true for me.. I’ve already told him

Vera Subliminals

I have a crush on one of my guy friends and people always say my other guy friend (let’s say M and my crush is E) so my other friend M apparently has a crush on me, which I don’t believe BUT he does act weird around me ??‍♀️ But I have a crush on E and he does show signs on crushing on me but that might just be because we’re friends ???

Natassia Miller

i'm friends with a lot of guys and I play basketball with them and there is one that is my best friend and he is so nice and he likes a girl who likes him back and she is always trying to get in between us and it is so annoying and she thinks I have a crush on him and stuff. having guy friends is the best because im a tomboy and I fit in with them really well and they love sport and they stand up for me.


Number nine is what im going through JESSICA I KNOW YOUR JEALOUS BUT WE ARE JUST FRIENDS OMG

Miss Girl

I HATE, just HATE. When your girl friends thinks there’s something between you guys, so they try to get me and him together.

Sunflower Meadow

Why is this so relatable?


1.we always together
2.we hug hi and goodbye
3.we got a whole handshake

Daisy Bailey

1 4 7 is true


dude am i like the only person who doesn't have guy friends? like not even one? i really want one but i'm shy as hell plus guys don't like me :(



Zuri Miller


Rock Styler

So girls would only be JUST FRIENDS with a guy, if they are gross and are so detestable that they can't even be seen as a romantic interest? Point noted.


Number 8 just happened to me for the first time yikes it's the worse feeling loosing a long time friendship



Judith DiBella

also, my guy bestfriend has been friends with me foe half a school year and just yesterday he asked me out, secretly I also had a crush on him so I said yes and now were dating!!!! :)

Cello There

All of these are so true except a few of them

love victoria


Renata FM

Sksksks yep

Anthony Pena

"We're just friends, nothing romantic going on between us"

Then why are you their friend to begin with? Or better question: Why is HE YOUR friend?

Meep Meep

Only the first one applied to me, the rest have never happened...

meri outen

Relatable af

Navdeep Kaur

Having a guy best friend Is great!! Hahaha!! Tho most of the guy friends would leave for their gf!! But in my case!! My bestie doesn't want to have a gf!! And he told me to "wait for the right one" ???lmfao.. He's handsome and he's perfect + dumb -_+ ugh!! I hate him when he's angry!! But never mind!! He already said "u r mine now ?" XD idk


The thing I think is the best part about my best friend, is he actually loves some Taylor Swift songs.

Aiyla AfricanEquestrian

yooo these are sooooo truuue

Julie Anna Shirley

Me with my guy friends mostly with my best friend Parker but I have always called him puker sense we were I like 2

Jada Pettaway

0:48 FELT

Liv Herman

Me n my guy best friend are just beggining our journey. I can’t wait to spend summer nights on the beach together and have so many things that are so special. He has a gf and she thinks we like eachother more than friends but we don’t he’s my rock and my lifeline he knows everything about me (even the weird stuff) but it’s great I never want to lose him idk what I’d do without him he just gets me and our convos r magical and that’s all there is no romance or secret love we’re just best friends and that will never change

Edit: he flirted with another girl and said it was a joke. I lost him ?

Riya Tamang

Sooooo I have some guy friends and I really like one of them ,and he is completely different around his friends(he ignores me and doesn't talk to me)and completely different when he is with me alone (he is ao much caring and protective),but he already has a girlfriend and he is always texting with her like 24/7 , so what does this mean and what should I do??

Aiyla AfricanEquestrian

#1 is spot bestie De Andre and I.





Amber Jae

Hey. I eat a lot of pizza and go 3 weeks+ without washing my jeans. Gross, I know. But they're the only jeans I like and they were second hand so I don't know where to get more.


Ok its totaly true


Yess!!! I can relate I have 1 girl friend and 3 friends

Apurva Sharma

We girls are their diary where they will surely share their daywise crushes, chat with crush, heartbreaks and then the next crush..... Lol.... Beside that they'll never count you girl for sure

Crippling Kristin

another experianceis when you are just talking to him and then OUT OF NO WHERE they start teasing you and you guys keep teasing each other lmaoooo or is that just me? ??????

Veldman Andri

My guy friends always talk about gross thing when we hangout

Judith DiBella

whos watching this in 2018

Ham Princess

i dont like kylie Jenner or 1D and i find it funny to hear about gross guy things. my guy friends and i usually bond over fine arts, rough housing, and stupid jokes

LonelyRainbow WolfUnicorn

My guy friend likes me but I don't like him...and everyone keeps asking if we are together LIKE EWWWW NO THX

It'z Meh Sarah

the first one is true because i always put xx after all my contacts and whenever i'm texting one of the boys infront of them they are always tryna ship me with him -_-

Natassia Miller

all this is 100% true

Safia J

I hate getting shipped with him like WhErE jUsT fRiEnDS