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Top 7 Ways To Lower Prolactin Levels Naturally with Vitamin B6, Mucuna, and more

Top 7 Ways To Lower Prolactin Levels Naturally with Vitamin B6, Mucuna, and more17 Aug. 2019
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How To Lower Prolactin Naturally

Prolactin is a hormone that triggers the milk production in pregnant women, but believe it or not, most guys have high prolactin levels too. In this video I’m going to teach you how to lower prolactin levels naturally.

Supplement with Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a herb that’s mostly used as an “adaptogen” meaning that it lowers stress levels.

…This human study (180) found out that 5 grams of Ashwagandha for 3 months increased testosterone levels by 40% in healthy male participants.

Furthermore the same human study (180) also found out that Ashwagandha lowered prolactin levels by a nice 15%.

NOTE: a decrease of 15% is a modest reduction, but when accompanied with the 40% increase in T along with the fact that Ashwagandha is extremely nutritious “superfood”. It becomes quite obvious that this herb is totally worth supplementing with.

Consume More Vitamin E

Vitamin E is greatly linked to increased spe production, and there’s also some inconclusive evidence that it may boost testosterone levels…

Vitamin E has also many other benefits, such as the fact that it’s a powerful antioxidant in the body… And in this study, (181) 300 mg’s of vitamin E for 8 weeks, decreased prolactin levels by a staggering 69% when compared to placebo in healthy human subjects.

That’s a massive decrease. One that is hard to obtain with strong medications for such purposes.

The best way to get natural vitamin E trough supplementation is without a doubt a combination of natural tocopherols.

NOTE: Never ever get synthetic vitamin E, it’s derived from petrochemicals. Also never get “natural” vitamin E that’s derived from soy products.

Get Your Dopamine Levels Up

High dopamine levels are extremely beneficial for men. Firstly, it stimulates testosterone production…(182)

Secondly it stimulates growth hormone secretion… (183)

And thirdly if you have high dopamine levels you’re most likely having low prolactin levels. (184)

So without a doubt, dopamine is something that you might want to increase if you’re a male. Here’s few ways to do that. (185)

NOTE: Recent studies have shown that after a guy has an orgazm, prolactin levels will skyrocket and dopamine levels will plummet. This greatly increases the refractory period between ejaculations, and makes you want to go to sleep.

However, if a guy has high dopamine along with low prolactin, then the reduction in dopamine is far less significant, and the time between “mating sessions” is decreased. (this is a fancy way to say that low prolactin levels increase your sxual powers).

Supplement with Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is essential part of the B vitamin complex.

It has multiple functions in the human body, the best one probably being the fact that it’s essential for testosterone production.

However B6 is not only beneficial for testosterone…

…This study (186) found out that a single dose of 300 mg’s vitamin B6 increased serum growth hormone levels significantly while also causing a sharp decline in prolactin levels in human subjects.

Supplement with Mucuna Pruriens

Macuna is one of my all time favorite testosterone boosters, mainly because it has human studies (187) that prove its effects…

…However that’s not the only benefit. Mucuna Pruriens also decreased prolactin levels by a very nice 33% in this study. (188)

It’s not for certain what causes this decrease in the first place, but most likely it’s caused the fact that Mucuna Pruriens is filled with L- Dopa.

And L-Dopa is a precursor of dopamine (as explained above, high dopamine inhibits prolactin).

Mucuna Pruriens would probably be my number #1 choice for lowering prolactin, mainly because it’s so beneficial in other areas too.

Sleep Like a Pro

Sleeping well will without a doubt decrease your prolactin levels naturally.

There’s multiple reasons for that, as sleeping more and with better quality is beneficial in many areas that correlate with lowered prolactin.

Such as: it increases testosterone levels, increases dopamine levels, decreases estrogen levels, increases growth hormone levels, and so on… So it’s quite obvious that quality sleep has a prolactin reducing effect.

NOTE: The above is not only a theory, as this study (189) proves that better sleep quality truly does decrease prolactin levels in men.

Get Adequate Amounts of Zinc

Zinc is one of the main nutrients behind healthy testosterone production, and it’s also not a super big secret that zinc deficiency completely destroys testosterone levels.

What most people don’t know is that zinc also reduces prolactin levels.

In this study 50 mg’s (190) of daily zinc supplementation, more than halved prolactin levels of the male participants.

If you decide to get zinc as a supplement, I highly recommend Testro X testosterone booster from UMZU (191)

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Vishal Rao

This series has been EPIC so far, Chris. Keep these videos coming. 2:27 Did the study specify which form of B6 to take? I use pure P-5-P Pyridoxal 5’-phosphate powder.

Vardas pavarde

yeah my doctor sed same when I start actualy lactaiting it helped your tips worked great

jon hamm

welcome back to Earth. Good 2 see ya again.

Marco Femto

Damn. Even ejaculation but with a partner? Or just when fapping

German Nexus

you need to come out with a test pack, with everything all in one pack..like how animal pak does


Which Vitamin E type should I get and which supplement?

Rahul Er

Hi Chris good viedeo can you make a viedeo how testosterone increase insulin sensitivity

Peter Swanepoel

Chris your the best There are some many bull shit on the Net givig one useless info Thanks

Rangu Nagaraju

Thankyou bro good vedio of sexual awerness

Johnny Fierce

Gorgeous stud wow yummmm ?????????????

vasco cluny

i used mucuna pruriens to treat microprolactinoma

Zeeshan Chohan

It is written In your book to avoid curcumin coz it blocks dht but curcumin is found in turmeric and it is proven to increase terstoteren is it true to avoid it ??

Rahul Er

You have a good vision we support chris

Lon Brooklyn

This subject is silly

Ahmad Ahmad

I read so much about mucuna, was so excited, got the best quality there is. Then... it shortened my breath severely :/

Mohamed Bouabid

even though the feedback is not that great
keep doing videos like this
great job

Vince Livaditis

Hi Chris, You say to never ever get synthetic vitamin E, it’s derived from petrochemicals. Also never get “natural” vitamin E that’s derived from soy products....can you suggest any vitamin E products?


Remember Guys, that Prolactin ALSO raises after Workouts and also after Ejaculating and/or Sex.

I can say first Hand, that Ashwagandha, Zinc & Vitamin E are working for sure ?


Can my husband have Cabergoline as well as all these other supplements you said? Please let me know!

Jim Panse

Too much B6 is neurotoxic!!!
Ashwaghanda and rhodiola the best

The Grim 6

As a MAN who suffered with MOOBS, since the day I hit puberty.



The movie ' lucy '

Jamal Mirzada

How does cabergoline affect a no fap reboot from porn addiction, considering that it is mandatory to take cabergoline for a prolactinoma


5000mg of Ashwagandha daily? Most supplements contain, 500mh per tablet, so I should take 10 of these a day?

Marcus J

So much great information in this video ! ?? Thanks ❤

James Edwards

Doesn't prolactin make leydig cells more responsive to LH??


great info!




What's an urb ??

Rob M

Did he specifically say how to raise dopamine levels? I just heard an explanation of orgasm and prolactin going up..


I thought this is not an add!

Adam Scott

I’ve been taking now foods mucuna for 5 days and definetly have a better mood and very slight better motivation. I took it ages ago but stopped because I felt I was loosing hair more when in the shower

Also raising dopamine with supplements is supposedly not a good idea as you can apparently fuck yourself up

You also need to take another thing to stope the dopamine storing in your body, I believe it’s called cardopa or something but I’m not sure

Sotiris Ktistis

Vitamin E and mucuna lowered my prolactin to normal levels in 2 months (1 box)
I was taking now foods 400 UI and mucuna powder 1 teaspoon almost daily and my prolactin was 150 instead of 1,2÷17,7. After the 2 months I now have 12,7 prolactin. Vitamin E is the best since it lowers prolactin around 90% in 2 months according to research.

Dan O'Hanlon

The book is terrific and you are AWESOME for giving it away for free! Thank you.

kabi lan

Guys somebody help me ashwagandha didn't help my gynaecomastia infact it made it worse . I was having problems with sleeping ( already had gyno) so started taking ashwagandha , it did help me sleep by everytime i took it would make the gland( gyno) bigger .

Vardas pavarde

can you be vegan have good testoterone curently doing great still while being vegetarian

Joe Slacker

Anyone had any luck with weight loss from lowering prolactin levels?


Does NoFap/Semen Retention increase Androgen Sensitivity?


Great videos

Adam Parker

Great video. I’ve just had my bloods done. What’s a good score for your prolactin to be aim for? I’ve got the numbers but don’t know if it’s good or bad?!

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Sally B

Love this! Makes so much sense! Also love how connected you guys are during these videos❤️