How to ask a girl out on the phone

How To Talk To A Girl On The Phone

How To Talk To A Girl On The Phone23 Mar. 2017
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You'll learn how to talk to girls on the phone in a way that builds rapport and creates trust so they start to see you as a romantic interest.

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Comments (70)
Akshay Rajkumar

Hey tripp...I've been a constant follower of your channel..and your videos have certainly made a lot of changes..but still I feel..I'm getting enough what I should be getting..can you send me an email..regarding the personal training and all those ??
email ID - [email protected]
I would really appreciate if I got a response from..having the fact that your videos had a huge impact on my social life

Deaunte Mccombs

now one thing i can say is u explain it way better then the other dating coaches thanks man

Dario Wirtha

To the millennials and gen z: There was a time, back in the old days, where calling a girl was the only way to set a date. Crazy, I know. Now it's so many social media apps, and it's if you are on facebook, you end up getting lost amongst her long list of so-called friends. In other words, answering your message is not even close to being her priority. I got rid of facebook cuz I realized everyone on the list were not friends that I hung out with in real life, and maybe only 2 were people I messaged on a regular basis.

Goof Off

Yup done. She trusts me now. Just gotta get the van ready...

Anioke Ozonnia

Awesome video

Wadih Baghdady

Hey tripp, it'll be much appreciated if you make a video about a holding hands tutorial or how to hold hands with a girl. Thanks in advance ☺

Jesus Jackson

How to take to a girl

Patrick Doyle

Tripp, bro I just gotta say, youre the man!


So Tripp that means I should call her if i had already texted her. But I should use texting as a meeting up with her?

Elias ketcheson

dig your jacket

Angel Cruz

Lots girlfriend and girlfriend everywhere you call 3 brother on the phone why not me kill me real live it's true i get guy on the phone im not gay i fuck hate gay people it's true im straight real live it's true lots girlfriend and girlfriend everywhere are together on the phone girlfriend and girlfriend everywhere you will dead real live it's true i get guy on the phone im not gay i fuck hate gay people it's true I'm straight real live it's true kill me real live it's true i fuck hate real phone real live it's true i fuck hate god is gay it's true i fuck hate devil is gay it's true blow would is going to end everywhere bad thing to happen in California and Lancaster everywhere real live it's true

Dhruv Wadhwa

I don't have anything to talk on text but I'll be the best flirt in personal ...plz advice me on text skills .....

brock fonseca

can you come down to Louisiana to help me meet women

Red Rose

What happened if she doesn't want to answer the phone, or she hangs up the phone.


Its taking to long boys imma just rush the call without listening and then watch the video


Instructions were unclear: I met up with my gf and sucked her toes and now I'm a slave

Icon famous

What if is ur fast time to call her when I’d not know her


I DID IT! and it was pretty good :D


Thanks dude!

My sister loves me!

Kamanya Thom

hey tripp, this girl i like is into somebody else, any tips on how i can compete with the guy for her attention??


Hey +trippadvice the ex situation hasn't changed much since the other day when she messaged me because we were both at a conference, but I ignored it (I know I'm sorry but it was a very friendly text with no Xs).

I thought of two possibilities for what to do now:

•Call her, be like I'm in a band now, so much to catch-up on, let's meet up.


•Just re-read the diary entry from that great night we kissed, what did that mean?

Which one sounds better?

a j

Hello sir this is so valuable who person talk with own girlfriend's it's splendid video.......


Nice Buddha behind!

Robert Brokaw

Tripp how can I create better conversations with a girl I can never think of anything interesting to say to her

Touched by a 12gauge

what is swipe right?

Dan Herder

Hey Tripp, is it better to have the phone calls be quick early on in the relationship? Sort of to get straight to the point and leave rapport?


Tried this, Its Patched

Grigore Serban

Ty Tripp for all your advices!?


Oh god LMFAOOOO i just wanna build a normal convo with her


im 15 and i have to talk to a girl i barley know and i literally stutter so much i just end up going mute when talking to women. wish me luck guys...

SevenFoot Pelican

Tripp, you seem like the coolest guy man. Thanks for the vid

a j

Make a video how to attract any girl on call give supendous methods I bet it you will make videos because you good youtuber...... I feel like this so great...

Joe Ledbetter

Agreed! I’d much rather talk instead of texting a girl because you can at keep a conversation going versus a stop n go text conversation

Patel Tower

Wowowo lovely bro??120th


What time should you call a girl?

Nelson Molina

I tried your advice and it worked like a charm, best first conversation I ever had ??

E-Live Da God

Dinner and a drink is not a good first date.

Arun attree ki Mummy

Like your friend, thats it.

Oracle Forman

Holy shit literally SPOT ON. Love this video great advice Tripp


Do girls know how to talk to MEN? Never seen videos on that topic from women or men, or men just need OPEN LEGS???

James Cotton

I get so nervous when I talk to women in the phone

dilli choraa Brigade

can you do a demo video on carrying out a conversation over the phone

Sabin Albei

So I finally learned your last name ! :)

The Goat Machine

Usually I stink on the phone but listened to your advice and ended up having an over 3 hours nice and interesting conversation.
Thanks man!


You suck not boy hay boy bicth

Joel F

Thanks bro, you're the best!!
Hey I met a girl in one of my classes couple months ago and I went out with her once we had a great time together, she let me took her pictures because I do photography and also touch her hair. But after a week she doesn't want to answer my text. What should I do bro? Should I keep texting her?

Ahmed Hoosen

tripp you the best! i have a question for you… how can i personally mssg u?

RIVE Breezy

any advice for a long distance relationship?

The Thrillz

By taking risks. Do what feels right. Nothing to loose. Don't talk on phone to much because you want to get together. It's very easy. You do it by doing it.

Richard Li

I see the buddhist figurine behind you. Are u buddhist?


great video like always Tripp.

Radical Vlogs

Hey trip could u do a video on how to ask a girl to prom.

Pavel Grigore

Awesome ?


Tripp my classmates are like little bit crazy or somehow confident smacking girls ass and talking little bit unwisely, and i've seen girls kind of like it, specially my cruch, but i am like normal guy who is not slaping girls ass and stuff like it. So why shes kind of liking it or not giving one of my classmate a slap? Should I not be like him or i should?

Sphelele Ngidi

nice video tripp how can i flirt on the phone

Per Egilson

Trippadvice I'd tried this to my ex but I hope I get the chance to be with her again because I really love her

Vivek Karmarkar

Tripp - I agree with you! the phone adds a great deal of versatility to the relationships and unlike texting, you have a better chance of reading and expressing emotions through voice modulation and laughter. I am 24 and I liked a fitness trainer milf who is 42. I'm from India and over here, the social dynamics are such that older women might not feel comfortable openly going out for coffee with guys half their age, but she was open to phone calls and we used to have hour long phone calls. I felt a different kind of connection with her. I used this on a few other older women as well (age > 35). Thank you for just reminding me of those times and letting me know that I have yet another tool at my disposal!

I regularly watch your dating playlist and it has been really helpful! thank you! The style you adopt is really scientific! Thats cool! After watching your videos, I have developed my personal algorithm for commenting on a girl's facebook wall and the algorithm has had success, so thanks again!

I also want to thank you for the advice you recently gave me in the form of a comment on your blog about the confusion I had regarding a girl I met on the street and spoke to on facebook! I continued the conversation with her to test your hypothesis! It was true!


Thank you brother, I've learned a lot and I didn't even watch the full video.

Uncle DaddyJim


Quarantine: ?

Hisham S. Abdul-Aziz

where u from man??? no homo ok just asking

Alex Epic

Feeling hella beta that I searched for this


tripp, great video. but can you tell us or make a video on how to ask/get nudes from a girl

Touray Ousman

How to get the her picture?


i need a fucking role model man help!!!.i met this hot girl on a dating app and she gets 300 likes on instagram and i dont know how the fuck i got her attention.

Jonathan Tripp

I came to the right place.

Cesar500 hokage

smash or pass?

Immanuel T

Put playback speed at x1.5


I'm on the toilet watching this


I didnt even look at the video before this comment, because girls dont pick up the dam phone!

Julian vlogs

What if her phone is out of service ?

How to Ask a Girl for Her Phone Number

How to Ask a Girl for Her Phone Number31 Aug. 2016
6 718

How do you ask a girl for

How do you ask a girl for her phone number? For a lot of guy, this is a super complicated process, but it's really not that hard.

Video on How to Ask a Girl Out That You Just Met:

If you already have a relationship with a girl (ie. she's your friend), all you have to do is go up to her, tell her you'd like to hang out and ask for her number. It's a lot easier with girls that you are already friend with because you've already built some level of trust and rapport in the relationship.

If it's a girl that you are just meeting, you can go about it one of two ways:

1) Talk with her, build a relationship, and then ask for a phone number so you can hang out.

2) Be direct and straightforward. Tell her she beautiful and that's the reason why you came over to talk to her. Ask for her phone number.

When you ask for a phone number, there's two things that you should always do. The first is to hand her your phone and the second thing you should always do is smile. Smiling puts a girl at ease and helps her feel more comfortable giving you her phone number.

Comments (4)
Pugman Pugly

pls i dont know how to even talk to her

Carlos Cano

she asked me out i said yes??????????

NC9. Cortez

Thank you mate.

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