How to take care of your man

Women....learn how to take care of your man....RING or NO RING

Women....learn how to take care of your man....RING or NO RING31 Jul. 2017
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Shanice Blackmon explains

Shanice Blackmon explains how you keep your man happy. RING or NO RING

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Take Care Of Your Man! ❤️

Take Care Of Your Man! ❤️17 Aug. 2020
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WOW, such a good video. I really needed to hear this.

Olivia Ruan

Such a wonderful video as usual! Thanks for sharing! Is there a book you reccomend? I need to go through one. Thanks ?


The Lord guided me here. I was praying this morning for wisdom. This brought me encouragement.

Women of God DLG

Love your videos! ❤

Kingdom Mindset

To the lady with the question of laundry. My advice is pick a day out of the week that you do laundry. Depending how many people in your household you can do 2 different days through the week. Every Wednesday I do laundry. I make sure to change the bed linings in both room. I usually wash the kitchen mats and bathroom mats and shower curtain every week. I have a lot though, so once I wash ____, I replace it with another and change it up so its never the same style.

I am not condemning anyone. Just sharing what works for me. Be bless!

Gustavo Mendez

God bless you

Alivia Bailey

so good! like usual

Shannon Cutshall

You sure did step on my toes on a couple of these. Thank you sister in Christ.

MrsChrissy G.

I have a problem learning how to budget can you please show how you do it.


Thank you for the humble, loving, TRUTHFUL and positive message as always Alana! ❤️


I feel very strongly about serving my husband, but working full time outside of the home makes it very difficult to get everything done. How do you feel we as Christian women should handle serving and supporting our husbands and being a good homemaker with so little time left after working and cooking?

Fred Schell

Congrats sister in Christ !!! ... So exiting the BIG DAY !!!
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Kevin B

Great advice as always its all about finding ways to make his life easier so he can better fulfill his God given purpose.


This is so good. Very timely, I have fallen off the wagon when it comes to these things because of a long vacation. I am going to take the time to do more for my family.

Emily Simon

I try so hard to do everything for my husband and it seems like nothing is good enough... or if it is I mess up somehow and then we keep coming to the point of being miserable and not knowing what to do... I’m so close to leaving but I know God doesn’t like divorce at all. Idk what to do and I don’t even know if you have any advice that you haven’t already said... I’ve watched all your videos and everything and so has he. We both think they’re great! But it’s something about me that isn’t good enough ever and idk what to do..

Nicholas Sides

Yeah you’re definitely a freak in disguise

Kerry Terry

I cant wait to take care of my husband one day!! OMG it brings me so much joy to think about serving this man unto the Lord! God is good lool.

Jason Herring

I had a mens meeting last week and this is what we talked about. I thought you and others would find this helpful.
If you were looking for a bride,what would you look for in her?

Christian - John 3:3
Friend/Friendship - John 15:14-15
Loves God/Jesus - John 14:21-23
Loves the world - John 8:31,15:7
Obeys the word - John 14:23,15:7
Loves me - John 14:21-23
Internal beauty - 1 Peter 3:3-4
A witness for Jesus - Acts 1:8
Loves people -Romans 13:8, John 4:7, 21
Servant Heart- Luke 22:26, Romans 14:17-18
Common interests -Matt 16:23, Acts 4:32
Submissive spirit - Ephesians 5:22-23,James 4:7
Humble/meek - Romans 12:16, Phil 2:6-9
Not worldly- John 12:25
Not an adulteresses- 1Cor 6:9-10
Jesus first/ family second - Matt 10:37