How to say good morning to a girl

DAY 26 | Different ways to say GOOD MORNING

DAY 26 | Different ways to say GOOD MORNING31 Oct. 2020
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Our KeerShaan 2020

Superb mam.

ᖇTᑭ EᑎTEᖇTᗩIᑎᗰEᑎT

Wake up panda?

Sasti Vel

Nice teaching in Different location ??????

Sanmugam V is calling you..


Beautiful location & it's new cinematography

Balu Magendra

Nice ....

Kala Kutty

But this word formal la Ella mam how to say this word to my mam

Kalpana Kalpu

Your videos very useful

Sakitha Sakitha

Thanks mam?


Could you please upload a video on different ways to wish GOOD NIGHT..

Keerthi Kamal 007

Mam... Na English la romba Wk... Last time exam LA fail aaiten... Na epd skills a develop panrathu.... Enaku unga contact number venuem... Plz help me... ??

Snow Roses S

Mam..I am snow from Thoothukudi.. awesome your taught

Beermohamed Mohamed

Super sisyy tqqq

Theertha Kumar

Have you registered your WhatsApp number on the website, if so kindly share with me in order to clarify doubts.


Super mam?????

punamalai mani

Good Thanks sister

suresh kumar

Madam your tutorial is good please add the video of usage of overlap

Nisha Nisha

Water,,YAPPIDI,, uchharippu,,please,,rply

Suga d

Just for Fun,I used to say the last one frequently "wake up Paandai" ???

Evaraja Raja

Thank you anitha more idea give...

Shivangi Dayaa

Hi mam .I'm your student.
I still remember
1.House warming ceremony
2.Baby shower
3.Dust bunnies
4.Not feeling well
5.Nature's call
6.Assault -Attack
and so on...
And I'm still using these terms. Thank u mam???

Theertha Kumar

Great tutor ???

jothi kannan


Mahesh Alagappan

Hai , happy to see you today, useful tips, "u admiring me a lot" thanks for that too.. take care.

mathu mathi

Tnq mam?‍♀️ Mam, u got a huge fan base. I 've been read some comments. It reflects ur hard work & humble nature. Grow until u satisfied with ur success??‍♀️

Jothilatha .M

Thank you mam , thank you for your great video mam, I am ready to get a morning moments mam , thank you so much mam

Saras Anbu

Superb ??

dakshina moorthy

Mam sharing very verey nice. Thank you.

aries arrow

Mam, could you please tell me about meaning of 'MANSPLAINING'

sree kala

I'm daily sending Good morning msg for my friends, so very much useful this video Mam, thanks Mam

Benadict Stanley

Very nice .

Vithushika Segar

Super duper your face and car mam

Keer Thana


Gayathri .R

Thanks a million mam for your astonishing ways.i love you?


Have a pleasant day

hema g

Thank you so much mam?

Maatram follow Jesus

Thank you? so much for this video


Thank u so much ?mam. Neenga ? drive panuvingala?????

aron raj

Good morning mam

Tharshini Sekar

It's time to wakeup
Wakeup and welcome a new sun
May your day goes as bright as the sun
Mr. Sun here to welcome you
Wakeup Panda ( I like lottii)
Hey, coffee is calling you
Take a moment to njoy the dawn
Wakeup and be awesome
Be a morning person ? Thank you ?

Divya D

1. Its time to wake up
2. Wake up and welcome a new sun
3. May your day goes as bright as the sun
4. Mr sun is here to welcome you
5. Yet an another day to be awesome
6. Hey, coffee is calling you
7. Let the morning dew drops wash away the burdens of yesterday
8. Take a moment to enjoy the dawn
9. Wake up and be awesome
10. Be a morning person
11. Hey, Wake up panda ?

kiruba kiru

Super madam

javahar rajendhiran

This vehicle is alto 800

Blessy Jeffrin

1.It's time to wake up
2.wake up and welcome a new sun
3.May your day goes as bright as the sun
4.Mr sun is here to welcome you
5.Yet an another day to be awesome
6.Hey, coffee is calling you
7.Let the mrng dew drops wash away the burdens of yesterday
8.Take a moment to enjoy the dawn
9.wake up and be awesome
10.Be a mrng person
11.wake up Panda

ramesh kannan

Mam the place u r in car is tuticorin??

Ramya Ramya

Super na ropa English pasa asai

mohana sundari

Thank you so much sister

Sind huja



Good teaching mam

c. vetri

Madam , nanga questions ketta pathil solveergala?

Socrates kannan

Really wonderful phrases to say good morning .....another great video...

Vasanth Kumar

may yr DAY goes. as bright as the Sun ......tq mam

Theertha Kumar

Wov great phrases and blossom outfits.

Karpagapriya Palanikumar

Super mamm tq

Yoga Lakshmi

Thank you mam...very nice lesson

sai parthi


Muthukumar N

Atmosphere is so nice..

Arumugam Arumugam

*It's time to wake up.
* Wake up and welcome a new sun.
* May your days goes as bright as the sun
*Mr.sun is here to welcome you.
*Yet an another day to be awesome.
*Hey, coffee is calling you
*Let the morning dew drops wash away the burdens of yesterday
*Take a moment to enjoy the dawn.
*Wake up and be awesome
*Be a morning person
*Wake up panda

Nithya S

Mam direct class yadukureengal r u from Chennai

r baskaran

Mam sammanthi veetukarar englishle eppadi sollanum?

Sekhar Sekhar

[ Have a great, nice, cheerful, laughter , marvellous day ] Rise and shine

mohan thas

Super akka??Ungaluku thoothukudiya akka

Devis Deviss

Too useful ?


Mam entha oorla irukinga I am willing to see u please tell where

K̸A̸N̸N̸A̸N̸ K̸A̸V̸I̸

Hiii mam

tsunami sura

காலையும் நீயே! மாலையும் நீயே ! இரவும் நீயே ! பகலும் நீயே ! இதில் எந்த பொழுதில் உன்னை எழுப்புவது கண்மணியே...

Arun Kumar

Your speech nice unga face beauty speech speech pearl beautiful

Pandi Raja

How are you mam

Krishnan Krish

ohayo gozaimasu ???....
This is also a different way to say GM in Japanese language ?

prabhu chaithanya

Nice ma'am thank you

tamilselvi gowri

Thank you for your lessons mam

Rathinam Kumar

So cute of ur lesson.


Hi sister R u softskill trainer???

Balasundari 11

Magical morning?

Ganga Devi

Hi Mdm ,ur lessons are wake up my life?..

Perin Leonis

Hi Mam new way to say good morning ... superb ?

Kalyanasundaram Asokan

Yet an another video to be awesome

Ganga Devi

I want to know was + past participle explanation & examples Mdm ( passive voice may be)

19Coo237 - S.Rajeswari

Super mam


Super super mam ??

Mahalingam Kirushanthan

Wow super mom

mathu mathi

Tnq mam. I 'll apply tis phrases for wts app chatting.

Aravinth Vanni

Super teacher do you more p.s

Theertha Kumar

Wishing you joy and happiness, you are an amazing teacher, and you only deserve the best. The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book. Thank you for being a wonderful teache

sathiya moorthy

I know an another away to say good morning that is " wakey wakey eggs and bakey

Theertha Kumar

Happy morning and happy Tutor ?

Subarathna Kannathasan

Mam....watsapp illa mam WhatsApp. title check it out

Vinodhini R

I like wake up panda

Mirror Story

Mam unga class more useful to go forward in my life.. thanks mam I always pray for u.

kalaivani 's craft

Super mam Tq

Naseer Naseer

Thanks sister ??

Dhana Sekaran

Wooow my Darlingu...wearing black dress...she is always BEAUTIFUL girl..???

Nivi Rithan

Excellent sentences.........⭐

Theertha Kumar

Hi Wanna, I have some doubts to be clarified can you clarify?

mukilarasi M

healthy morning
happy morning is also different way of saying good morning

mydeen abdul kader


paranthaman S

Vera level ?


Akka oru hierarchical level la ulla mugam theriyatha people's ta eppd welcome(nambaloda msg ah patha oru energetic vara mari sollunga ) pannadra mari tips kudunga 1st ..

Philiph Kumary

Good morning

Theertha Kumar

Have you updated your WhatsApp number here ?

Different ways to say Good Morning••||Greetings||☀️☀️

Different ways to say Good Morning••||Greetings||☀️☀️12 Oct. 2020
2 392

Different ways to say

Different ways to say Good Morning☀️☀️





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Guna G


Manjula G.

Wow. Good

Kaviya Vijayakumar


Daily Knocks

Spr video ?

Aswini Kiruthika


vidya sudhakarias

Superb mam

roshna parveen


JM Prashath jp


Nambikkai Kol Manamey

Good one da....

Elakkiya Elakkiya

Interesting to learn new things

Veera Samy


20 Different ways to wish 'Good Morning' & 'Good Night' - Alternative English Greetings! Shalima

20 Different ways to wish 'Good Morning' & 'Good Night' - Alternative English Greetings! Shalima5 Jan. 2021
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Social networking sites??


Facebook page??


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uddeshya nigam

????? ??? ??? ???

Awais Khan

In the morning, everyone wants to be fresh and start the day with a great morning. So, Inspirational Good Morning Quotes are an amazing role in freshening up your mode and face.

Vidya Kumari 7L Kangana Kumari 6K

Hey! Sunshine it's morning time

Omveer Singh

Thank you mam for giving me your precious time

Avi das Avi das

Thank you mam ???

Yogendra Kumar Verma

Thank you ma'am for this video.

Crypton Gaming

Ma'am honestly i like the first one

Pankaj Pal

I am divya Dhangar 6 G

shamsa khanam

Hey sun shine it's morning time❤️❤️

Ayan Qureshi

Amazing video mem?

piyush jain

maam this video is very interesting my favourite hey sunshine its more time

Sujeet Kumar

My good night word is night night sleep tight mam you are so good

Sana Tahir

Thank you Ma'am. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Suryansh Singh

Good vedio maam thanks for the vedio?

Kanpuriya Sultan

Maidam answer bhi sath sath Bata de to asaan rahega bolne me

Tripti Sharma

Very interesting video ma'am

Sonu Singh

Hello mam

Monu Yadav

I am Khushi Yadav six g

anisha yadav

Mam your goodmorning phrase was very intresting

Yogendra Kumar Verma

Thank you ma'am for this interesting video .

Gorgeous Faces Vlog

wonderful video..... keep it up sis

richa agrawal

Nice Video Mam You Are Great I am kratika Agarwal of class 7I ???????????????

Sana Tahir

Ma'am apki Instagram I'd kia h mjhy nai mil rhi Instagram py plz name to btain

My fashion runway janhvi

ℍ? ??'?? ??? ?ℝ ?????ℕ? ??ℕℍ?? ??ℕ?ℍ ?ℝ?? ??ℍ ?.... ?ℕ? ?ℍ?? ????? ??? ℝ????? ???ℤ?ℕ???? ?ℕ? ?ℍℕ? ??ℝ ?ℍ?? ????? ? ???? ?ℍ?? ?ℕℂ? ????ℕ ?ℍℕ? ??'?? ?ℕ? ?ℍ??? ℙℍℝ??? ?ℝ? ?????????✨ ?ℍℕ? ??ℝ ?ℍ??? ??? ?ℍ? ℕ? ??'??....

Sujeet Kumar

Priyanshi ‘class - 7 (B)’ my good morning wishing word is wakky wakky sleepy head

Ayushi Yadav 8k

Great vdo ma'am ?

Ganesh gupta Ganesh gupta

Suggest me how to I will speak English

Pankaj Pal

How are you

Akanksha khare

Ma'am very informative.. ma'am by listening these new words... ma'am our mouth is ready to speak these words...thanks a lot ? ma'am ? thanks...thank you ma'am

Bala Murugan

Good morning and good night

Soniya Singh

Wow Very interesting

anisha yadav

I watched video anisha yadav

Pankaj Pal

Good morning mam