How to give a girl head


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xehanna griffiths

my gurl mi cah get yuh beauty?

Kadia Williams

You... you tubers love to ask unuh woman about heads on video but get upset when woman ask you to go down on video but like oh mi stay something fi something nuh one thing around hear.


Am getting a head in the drive thru

Rohan Thompson


Petal amanda brown

Am here nikki and klyne sent me

vinroy brown

A pan yu right side yu heart deh Neeks

Raphiel Graham

What's this new thing for men to call their woman "breeda" ?


You have me worried Term and long to me,but they were just leave you gotta be up at times? or something to eat,I think s s and block party to be quiet class call back to you and yours too bad we can just?in in fact but re the girl an hour to know wah wah nobody has a lot

Racquallia Lewis

Twi shy

Shanalee Smith

Happy new year guys

xehanna griffiths

"im get in a head in the drive through" mi rass

crystal beharie

I’m getting a head in the drive thru?

chrissy boo

Team neeks

Lorraine Ward


Alliyah Clarke

All who love neeks like dis?

tappa & jay

Smh Jah Jah

Suzette Williams

Team twi ALLLLL day every day


?????but di woman dunce orange juice what flava orange

nineduss & shakera

Shakera and nineduss was here

urgurl krissii

Meet and greet

Ricky Moony

Team Burger


Ok thanks even though the same place o ok with that that's good good good

Brittany Howe

Team neeks??

Amelia Sawyers

Free up uh head b??


Chap chap

Benjamin Wallace

Mi rate neeks fi a admit say she dweet because nowadays every girl a dweet but dem a tell lie bout dem nuh dweet and bout dem neva dweet and mi nuh know y female nuh normalize say dem dweet cause dem dweet

Jamii Love

This video no cute it immature and disrespectful.

crystal beharie

Twi big and disgusting ?

Renee McNish

Team twi

crystal beharie


Audreena McIntosh

Number five sweet heart

Nashoy Hyman


Flames Gad

Team twi all the way straight

puss man TV

Crazy Train up top

Dj Elite

I'm getting a head in the drive thru???


Lol ????

xehanna griffiths

"mi seh come mek wi guh up iina e trea" bbc '???

Amirah Robinson

but anno kfc dat a burger king ?

Sandre Palmer

A so the thing works

Mona & Brianna

Neeks pretty eno

one don

yow baby girl yu too sweet fi da PUNK de fuckery style dat ' a man style yu a use battyboy a nu so we dweet

Sharie Taylor

I'm getting a head???

Zaheer Nelson

twi bad yf ...dwl

Aaliyah Marshall

“I’m getting a head in the drive through” ‼️???


Me go to u fullest extent of u working tho I nug Waiste man who was
Jamaican girls are 0,she was



Jason Hylton

Neek would u really do that with your mouth

Lenroy Simpson

All Christian a drop panty neeks a list intense hard



nineduss & shakera

Team twi

Richies The go getter

Neeks Naturally beautiful !!! Girl please dont bleach yuh skin.

it's me Rhianna

Meet and greet??
@smaddy tell me say me favour neeks?wid eh big farrid?

Dave Lawrence

Watch the ads

Jabari Thompson

am getting a head in the drive tru ???

collene queen b


kishi.comedy don

Help mi account plz

Romario Johnson


devy don



Uno fi do a storytime and tell we how uno feel fi the first time??

Cosmic Soul

I'd drop all attachment any day to live in nature


Team twi

Harriann Downer


Philania Grant

First time watching your girlfriend is sooo fricking cute?

Jerome Simpson

She's a keeper bro?

Shantea And Daniel

Yo onuh can see seh Neeks head hot inuh?


Team KFC

M Waltaz

Find a tree? LOL !!

Puppy DonVEVO

Team Neeks all day every day


B uh know seh uh too renk??

Saphoya Gyles

Meeks a bad gyal?? 21 ina cashpot!????

Teisha _._

"Batty flat thou"?

Althea Callum

Nikki n klyne sen mi

Darklife Music Entertainment

darklife prancas send me plz give'em back your support

Richard Walker

I’m getting a head in the drive through??

Shamieka Baychue

Rate neekz u fuck .....realg

Althea Callum

My first time watching you..unu cute tho lol

Petal amanda brown

Team twi

Shakera Wright

????mi a get a head inna the drive thru wull on deh??

Cryteria Muziq

Up team twi



Cryteria Muziq

Lol tuff

Twi & Neeks

Please remember to watch the ads guys


Lmaooo it’s Twi and da “mi deh here a get a head in a the drive through, gimme a second” ????.......I’m here.....New subscriber.....Nikki and Klyne sent me☺️☺️

Denise Stephenson

Team twi fi dh one yh it bad

kishi.comedy don

Mi well want the head..

Kedesha Grant

Team twi

Jason Hylton

If I love u guys one more time

Puppy DonVEVO

Twi say he a get head in drive through

Malik Hylton

Team twi

Julie Freeman

Team neeks she brave than twi him punk out pon har ??

Viral Channel

Juice sound good enuh twi ??


Neeks hav mi ah neely dead every video mi see wid unno??? She seh cum we gu up inna tree tu faat ???

I’d shop Office

Lol ??????????????

Randi Randy

Same way mi gwaan wen ocean waves a play ??????

keval hinds

Am getting a head in the drive thru ????????????

Mona & Brianna


Ronique Barrert

Gal pretty eee man ????

Neco Don

Every gyal a suck hood now a days

Rashad Allen

Is there any single jamaican women who like American brothers im ready to mingle


Free up u head mon

Sara's Head Girl Election Speech

Sara's Head Girl Election Speech29 Jun. 2020
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Here you see the winning

Here you see the winning speech that helped earn Sara the prestigious leadership position of Head Girl at The Study for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year. Congratulations to Head Girl, Sara and Sub-Head Girl, Danae.

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How To Ask A Female For Head????

How To Ask A Female For Head????27 Apr. 2008
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Just watch and give us

Just watch and give us answers if you have some...

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this guy looks like og mudbone...lolz

Miss Nicky Baby

lmao laura ur a joker

Matt Pyke

Just fuckin Ask, duh...

joe jackson

Very Very Disgraceful


Exactly ive never had to ask give it time make her want it.

Dta Lil3

I want someeee headddd


If you ask a girl for head best believe that you will too. If you dont want to, just get her spot that makes her horney and make her wet. There you have it.


Very very disrespectful. I am very glad that she had enough respect not to respond to such ignorant statements. But hey, we have boys...then we have Men...There are different expectations for boys than men.


Thank you for responding like a mature adult that knows that oral sex is not in any form disrespectful. Its a part of our lives and anyone that doesnt know that in 2009 is sadly ignorant.

joe jackson

This is so ridiculous


@ThePanafrica yet you continue to watch it, and have been since LAST YEAR!!!! There must be something that you like about it. Basic Ass...

marcus bradley



I totally agree! She probably had kneepads sown into her jeans!


Liar my 9 year old sister just looked confused

Haily Gottlieb

LMAO "i dnt give head!" "WUT YOU MEAN YOU DNT GIVE HEAD"


Oh! ok. Well preciate you clearing that up for me, because I had no idea what my problem was. Since you have so much game maybe you should come on the show and share it with everyone so we can all grow up and be like u.


Thats quite unfortunate... You must have lived an extremely sheltered life. I guess you've never listened to rap music that is constantly degrading women, by callin them bitches, hoes, sluts, etc. Guess you've never heard of pimps; who force women to solicit their bodies (sometimes against their will) just for a few dollars. All I'm doin is tryin to help a few of my fellow brothers get their dicks sucked & its the most disrespectful thing u've ever seen from a black man. Consider urself lucky!!!

joe jackson

...This is the most disrespectful thing I have ever seen from black men. When will we ever learn to respect our black women


@ThePanafrica well stop fucking watching it DAMN! I've tried to ignore your immature ass, but clearly u need sumbody to give U some head so u can chill the FUCK OUT!

William BROWN

A fat girl that don't give head? Wow.

She embarrassed her guy for real. I would've been like you giving head tonight and you likin some booty.

Thats whats wrong with you beta males y'all dont know how to make your women submit


The Donovan

as ugly and fat as she is SHE GIVES HEAD trust me

joe jackson

Again, I the others have stated below...very disrespectful. Think about your mother...or your sisters, or your aunts...How would you respond to other men who made such statments? When will we ever learn?


Really to b honest there is no correct way to ask for head, reguardless of how nice u ask its still gon b considered disrespectful if u messin wit a real ass female, in my consideration i believe u shuldnt have to ask, if you know what u doin u should do whateva u hav to do to plz yo partner and really she should jus doit on ha own, but if she dont do dat then she aint gon doit..if u act rite u mite get lucky lol..nuff said

rich raz

gay haircut ahahahhahahha


they wack!! the real question is how to ask a man, thats tougher than askin a woman