Hospital diapers for adults

How to change diaper (for adult diapers)

How to change diaper (for adult diapers)27 Aug. 2019
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Disclaimer: All the

Disclaimer: All the information shared here is only for educational purpose.

You can consult your doctor for condition specific advice.

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Ge Lo

This is a great presentation. It's precisely. Thank you


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I wanted to post this

I wanted to post this video for those of you who also struggle with your bladder. It is definitely one of the most frustrating things to have to deal with for me. I often find that I have to treat myself like a kid by reminding myself often to use the bathroom when I need to. Though it may get frustrating every now and then, I know that I can get through this. Having positive vibes are what get me through my day and I will continue to have exactly that! I posted a link below for the diapers I find that work for me and let me know in the comments of what may work for you! I'd love to hear from you guys!




My Multiple Sclerosis Journey:

Adult Diapers:

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troy bratcher

them are not Diaper's they are pullup's they stink when it come's to weting i know i'm incontinet person here 49 year's and it make me mad when someone call's pullup's Diaper's ..

Lauren Campbell

Thank you for sharing ? I am going through the exact same thing right now. I’ve got the ‘Depends’ adult diapers and I’ve had a couple accidents in them and they haven’t leaked at all! I’m hoping soon ill have more confidence to wear colours other than black on my bottom half haha!


I have never heard of this. Thanks for teaching me something new. Don't listen to ignorant people out there. ?

Tim Leary

Great video, I’m wearing a pull-up right now!

Your videos are the best, thank you for sharing and being so honest!

Sam DH

Hi Bumble Pree, thanks for sharing you diaper tip. I'm 33 and still wet my bed 3 or 4 times in a week. I think it will looks also very cute to wear an adult diaper. Cool video.

Ricky Luviano

Sorry for the bother where did you get the diapers from I have the same problem

Sinziana Enescu

Just got an update on my follow up mri...seems my dmt s not working multiple new lesions in 5 months.. I am crying, I can't believe it is not working

J. Nicole's Multiple Sclerosis Journey

Happy Belated Birthday!??

Austin Johnson

I hate the vision shakes

Joey Morin

Walmart is cheaper

Wayne Potts

Do you still wear adult diapers

Roger Valderrama

Thanks for shared you experience... you are a brave warrior... i want to ask you if you tray goodnites pull up are great, the best, i'been bedwetter all my life and im still used then

Ed Sullivan

Thx for info my exwife has multiple sclerosis and had to to wearing diapers so I understand what ur going thur even that we di value once we still talk often

Princess Evie - Topic

You should give depend fit flrx underwear for women. And I dont suffer from MS. I actually suffer from BMs (bowel movements) so it means I actually have to use and wear an actual adult diaper with tapes on it.

Jonathan Zickefoose

I been dealing with overactive bladder snice 2017 at the age 22 and it wasn’t next year that I sought diapers and pull ups to mange

ABDL Diaper Proud

I were size medium diapers brand select

Herman Wilkens

I am Herman wilkins i love to wear adult diapers for night time and day times


You are Awesome!!!! Thank you for sharing :)

The ultimate review channel

I wear diapers I get my diapers online from Bambinodiapers also from Tykables and Abuniverce also rearz they all sell adult size diapers with cute prints all over them

Synyster Gates

You should check out ada KiGaines YouTube ☺️ she's got amazing videos on all these amazing diapers a million times better than those and she tests them out and everything honestly check her out ☺️ and she walks around to show how discreet they are or kot ☺️☺️ so definitely check her out try out abuniverse website for diapers littleforbig aswell the diapers with actual tapes on them hold alot more and are way comfortable ☺️?

James GrasshopperNinja

Just found this video of yours. I like it, and your honesty. Yes I have also found the Tena to be 1 of the most absorbant, and also can order only on line. Just wondering if you have another social media you promote this on.

Cameron Mcintosh

Huggies dry nights would fit

Charlotte's playground

i need diapers at night and sometimes during the day but i almost wear all the time. i wouldnt use diapers lower then tena ultima because they cant hold much and leak fairly quickly. i prefer ABU, tykables, rearz they have products that can hold up to 6l+ so i dont have to change that much and dont have to worry about leaks. they have printed but also completely white diapers. But if you want to still try to go to the bathroom these pullups might be better for you. Also don't but them at the drugstore. Get good deals from the internet or try to get them from the insurance company. good luck with everything.

savvas32 lukas

you wearing diaper?

Herman Wilkens

My name is Herman wilkins I'm wearing a adult right now

Francisca P

want you to know how inportant toour vedios are!

Sinziana Enescu

i love your videos. thank you!!!

Annon Amus

You are extremely brave for telling your story.
Goodnites are an awesome product if you wet the bed. Its what me and my sister wore growing up. Good luck on everything and its awesome to hear you also have someone thats understanding and loving to help you through your trials!


I wear Diapers 24/7 tape tab not pull-ups. I have a small bladder and have no control that's why i wear Diapers

Noe Godinez

I want to get diapers

Ben Frank

I have relapse remitting. Apparently I have had it much longer than I was diagnosed. Somehow my doctors can tell how old lesions are. In junior high I started bed wetting and everything. It kind of went away. When I was 21 I had some sudden incontinence. A doctor did a "neurological exam" nothing serious just like squeezing his fingers or whatever. I asked why he did that, he said because it could be a sign of MS. Years later turned out he was right. But yeah I'm with you. I wear diapers all the time. I would never make a video about it. So good on you. I think many of us do but never ever talk about it. So sometimes I think I'm the only one with MS with the severe bladder stuff. Most of symptoms seemed to be resolved for now. Fatigue and incontinence though seem to very very rarely let up. I can handle peeing my pants. Feeling kind of sick because I'm so tired is the worst though. I just try my best to be fun and happy even though I rarely actually feel that way.


I have a friend who just found out they have ms. How do i as a friend do to help them. Also is bladder issues something that's common in ms so i can prepare her. She knows i have to wear diapers cause of my health issues so hoping she won't need them but as a friend i want to learn more to be a better friend no one was around to help me at my time so i want to help others

Michael Black

Thanks for the info and sharing! That’s a great idea to try it out in the tub. I’ve thought about having a diaper for emergencies before but worried they’d be too thick and people would notice under my pants! :( Are those really thick?

Stig Gressgård

U should test betterdry M10 and Abena Abriform M4 they are supercomfy premium diapers ?

Jason Carpp

No one can hold on indefinitely. However physically able-bodied one may be, we all need to pee a lot throughout the day and night. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to make it to a toilet in a timely manner.

Frederick Fennessy

I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis almost 4yrs ago and have been wearing some kind of protection for the almost 6yrs it started out with just wearing diapers at night and it has progressed to 24/7.
There is a wide variety of incontinece products sold on the internet and if you do some proper research you can find products that works for you with good prices here some websites I frequently order from:
Products that work great and without breaking the bank:
1) Better Dry diapers
2) Seni Supper Quattro's
And don't ever let anybody say anything negative about something that you cannot control! ??

فت زغ


peter schotte

Hi Bumble Pree am an ms patient as well and recognise what your r saying and advise you to follow Whals protocol what( helped me so much wish i found out bout that sooner , Wim Hoff i do as well and helps me against the neuralgic pain ms is giving me but right before covid , i started with Wahls protocol and that will work for you as well plse try it its not easy cos i do not eat rice potatoes pasta anymore but i feel so much better ....You r so courageous and positive keep at it and stay blessed !!!

Laura B

Hey Pree it's a girl on YouTube that I think could use your help go to her chanel at Eat Heal love she just had a ms relapse and she also lives in Canada go see her recent post I'm concerned about her staying positive and having hope so if you can go look at her new post and if you can give just a little positive Pree I think it would help thank you.

David Smith

I love your confident and positive attitude!

Mary Martin

WTF? Aren't you a little (lot) old for diapers?
Seriously did your parents never toilet train you?

Ethan Ewart

MS sucks, but we will make it through this.


Great Video! thanks for sharing it helps trying to talk about things that most are embarrassed or wont talk normally about , No matter what u wear no one should judge you, Advice always helps so i wear diapers for reasons but also giving some tips help, unsure if you know what premium diapers are or ABDL\ diapers , they are far superior diapers then what you use and you should get something with top quality if you use or wear them u might as well be the most comfortable :) Check those out if u want ,

Abby Birdsell

Oh my god, thank you so much for commenting on one of my videos so that I could find yours. These are soo helpful!

Daniel Campbell

What's your Instagram. I love to follow you

John Moellering

Not considered adult diapers Tena makes adult diapers however these are not considered adult diapers they are pull ups only with rippable sides and the video is less than good did not like this video at all ??????????????

Laura B

Good public teaching that was really brave thank you Pree take care.

James Conners

Betterdrys are the best ones.

Alanna partin

Tena are OK... try NORTHSHORE lites... slightly better than tena, and cute colors... price is similar and 4 color options


Keep up the good work abs keep your head up. Do you have a plastic sheet on your bed now? I heard those are lifesavers.


My ex girlfriends sister had Ms and it was really difficult to see how hard she struggled. They made her sleep on the floor and every birthday or Christmas she got a pack of baby diapers becuase she also had the bedwetting problems and her parents used to tell everybody about it which made it way worse - I think your video is good because she probably would have been way better off wearing some kind of protection occasionally and your taking a lot of the stigma away if that makes any sense. Your make up Is awesome by the way and anybody who judges you isn't worth your time , nice people don't care about these kinds of things

Riley Kilo

Blue Waistband goes in the back if you're still having trouble finding the proper way to wear. My mom has MS, thanks for sharing your experience.

Varlocke C

hi, you really use diapers?

Disconcerting Alchemist

Wellness Briefs are also a good option and not too expensive.

Rez Terralico

You sound like your maybe in Canada from the shoppers drug mart comment.. Seek out Lille Supreme Fit Maxi if you need more absorbancy at night. They are almost as absorbant as Abena but almost half the price. They sell them at major health stores at least in Edmonton, Alberta at healthcaresolutions. I think they sell them on and have free shipping if the order us 50 dollars or more. If tena is working for you power to you.

Jason Carpp

Whatever your reasons for wearing diapers, calling you names because of that doesn't sound very nice.

Fabs G.

Why all the blackscreen jumpcuts? They're kinda distracting. Good video though and stay strong.

Jon Dávila

You are so brave for sharing this <3. Could you make videos about how to wear them discretly ? Outifts...

Jeff Woodard

i wear walgreens brand

Khamsin Shamal



You are honestly a legend Pree for doing this video!

Most adults don’t talk about these things when it affects a lot of them.

Thank you!

Best quote:

“It’s like big all the way around because men have dicks”

Herman Wilkens

Hi there I am Herman wilkins I'm wearing my adults diapers

Adult Diapers for disabled people use, Hospital Patient use Diapers

Adult Diapers for disabled people use, Hospital Patient use Diapers11 Apr. 2017
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Adult Diapers for disabled

Adult Diapers for disabled people use, Hospital Patient use Diapers

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Stephon Joseph

Diapers is for anyone who wants to wear them not only the sick or special needs normal men an women wear diapers all over the world

Maarten Van Weeren

I was recently in hospital and wore a adult nappy l was not the only one everybody else was wearing one also so l did not feel at all strange l still wear one at night after the operatiom

Barry David

where can I get those diapers I'd like to try them

Robert LaVon

What the heck did I get here aww.

Ronald. Gargus

I. Inso in. I love. My Diapers. Ps. Love. Your. Diapers. Diapers