How to get husband to stop snoring

Ways to help with snoring

Ways to help with snoring18 Feb. 2019
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Dr. Jay Khordsani

Dr. Jay Khordsani discusses ways to help with snoring.

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Jose Dejesus

In just three minutes this stop snoring solution “Pοzοtο mawa” (Google it) will improve your life. Since I trulysnore so loud before. There are several exercises that you can and each physical exercise can really reduce the snore sound until you will discover that you no longer snore. .

Musical Triangle

Sleep week

Advice on how to stop snoring

Advice on how to stop snoring31 Jan. 2018
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Dr. Harvey Shiffman

Dr. Harvey Shiffman explains what causes snoring and how to stop it.

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Yoni Ortiz

Lol y’all need to fire who ever is making the titles

Panga Didel

Thanks for the Video! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would love your opinion. Have you researched - Taparton Splendid Physics Takeover (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a great exclusive guide for learning how to stop snoring minus the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend after a lifetime of fighting got cool results with it.

How to Get Your Spouse to Stop Snoring

How to Get Your Spouse to Stop Snoring22 Sep. 2019
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In this video, we’re going to talk about snoring and natural ways to stop snoring.

What is snoring?

Snoring is a loss of tone in the structures in the back of the throat that cause a vibration sound.

There is a big correlation between people who snore and people who are overweight.

What causes snoring?

• Obstructive sleep apnea (fat neck, visceral fat)

• Autonomic nervous system (ANS)

• Cranial nerves (specifically the 9th and 10th)

• Phrenic nerve

How to stop snoring:

1. Vitamin B1 (thiamine) — nutritional yeast

2. Vitamin D (20,000 IU) — sun, supplements

3. Healthy keto

4. Intermittent fasting

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Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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maqsuda quoreshi


Tufan Butuner

Which one is the best vitamin C serum for the face? I'd appreciate it if you could help us find what out what it is and where to get it in London.

Pamela DeVrou Smith

Husband wakes me up all night! He did keto for awhile and lost weight, snoring all but stopped and so did his heartburn! He’s not doing keto anymore!

alison philpotts

I was wondering how much B1 supplement should I take and 20,000 IU of vit. D , taken after forest meal,of the day?

Carolina Granich

Basically I’m fat that’s the all point ??‍♀️


I just kick him in the leg till he rolls over, lol

white woman from town

All mouth breathers snore
But none like my husband
I wear really good ear plugs but sometimes the noise is too much ,guest bedroom I go to


CPAP machines are almost just as noisy and annoying as snoring ?


I lost 35 pound and I stop snoring completely

Mark Proffitt

Cranial misalignment???

nicole Kelly

This didn't help me at all

Art V.

Or just not sleep on your back

Jim Fromearth

That I put.....


Hi Dr. Berg. I was wondering if you could do a video discussing how you used reciprocal inhibition when dealing with muscular imbalances. I see that you often use them in your practice but I don’t fully understand how it works. For example, I watched your video on sciatica where you put pressure on the opposite side to relieve the pain. I’m curious as to how this exactly works. My assumption is that you are stimulating the nerve, causing it to contract on the side with no pain, causing the opposite side to relax and take tension off the nerve. I also saw you do this in a scoliosis video where you used stretching to create reciprocal inhibition for pain relief. I would love to learn more so I can become better at working with the clients that I train. Thanks for your videos!

i LuvCosmetics

How many mg’s of VitB1 should I start with? Also, the VitD levels are no longer included in the annual exam (or maybe our insurance no longer covers it??‍♀️). My doc said to just take daily supplements from 2000–5000 IU’s as it is assumed that almost all in Northern America are deficient.

NotJustAnother Mother

My hubbys cpap saved his life. Moldy house aggravated snoring ? Mold exposure is super hard on nervous systems sympathetic vs parasympathetic and fatty liver too. Doing keto and if and taking supplements trying to rejuvenate and recover.

Kayaking Kelly

My husband is thin and an athlete (cyclist) He snores so loud, it sounds like he is dying.

Bash Geek

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My grandpa's snoring is the worst...he should heed dr berg's advice!

Matthew M Canada BC

59.3 per hour

Matthew M Canada BC

Is keto ok for long term?

mary nguyen

My husband used to snore SO LOUD!!! I eventually had to stand the ground that my sleep and my health are far more important than staying awake all night sharing a bed with a " bulldog" , just for the sake of it. Since my husband started to follow my keto way of eating ( with lots of skepticism and resistance, you bet!!!), one of the great side benefit was no more snoring coming from his bedroom, I cannot even tell if he is sleeping in there or not :-)!!!

Ian animate

Nervous system wakes us up because there's an obstruction in our airway.Take high doses of vitamin d to get us into the deeper stages of sleep?Would that be choking us in our sleep without our body waking us up?


How do we know which vitamins to Trust?

abdulla ahmed

Thank you ?❤️


Dr Berg , what s your personal opinion of mukbang BJ. Some of them seem to manage good exercise even they eat enormous quantity of food.

Gato Blackx

I'm afraid to show this video to my GF. i guess i'll keep sleeping in the closet

Betty Burton

Thanks again great information ??

Playground dolls

I tried everything!!! Nothingn worked for long. I was desparate, angry, had hundreds off unslept nights and FINALY I found solution and sleep like a child!!!!

I bought cotton circles for 90 euro cents. Then I took two small peaces from them. Made small balls. Puted in my ears and tadaa! It really works!
Make sure Your partner as a guilty one take responsibility to wake You up for work in the morning:-))

Ogie De Guzman

a lot of valuable information. very enlightening. appreciate it so much doc. thanks for sharing. you are doing a great job!


Amazing . I just came downstairs to sleep on the sofa cuz of my husband snoring

B Leon

But why do men snore louder and more than women?


When would be the best time to take nutritional yeast. Some B vitamins give energy, so would it be counter productive to take before bed time?


Thank u know I use this on my imaginary wife

Jumpy Cat

Now, how do I get my spouse to stop cheating?


I’ve snored when I was in football shape and now that I’m out of shape.

Didn’t matter what my weight was, I’ve always snored.?

Lisa Gavin

My husband snores terribly when he drinks too much alcohol.

Mel Cou

My vitamin d3 supplement is only 2000 I’d have to take 10 If I heard you correctly? Or buy a larger does supplement?? I just want to make sure I heard correctly. Thank you.

Raj Srivastav

Wow...fat ? Had no idea...


Separate bedroom.


Kelly Brown

Hello Dr Berg
Thank you so much for the information that you provide. I have benifited from your videos so much. Although this particular video is on snoring, you information on B-1 is priceless. Thank you very much


I found that people with fat around the neck snore as in the case with myself after I gain weight I started snoring


What are your thoughts on the documentary What the health...?

Gobi Grey

I've been taking B1 for about 6 months now and I still snore. I'm a fairly healthy weight. I still snore loudly when I sleep on my back which I like to do.

Chuuwee Forgaming

My sister is thin but she snores like a freight train. I used to kick her butt if she slept in my room lol

brooke greenfeder

Sense MCT is brain fuel, how does keto effect Narcolepsy or day time sleepiness being a brain disorder

Kanga Seymour

I find that a thin sheet of plastic over the face works great! LOL

Hegan Valdino

Good video as always, keep it up.


It's a guarantee it will work if it comes from Dr . Berg.?

Javier V.

I have severe sleep apnea since years and will get rid of the CPAP. What is the recommended amount for B1? What source of B1 do you recommend which is compatible with preventing a heart stroke? Should B1 and D3 be taken before go to bed? In general, when should vitamines and supplements be taken. Sorry I have a lot if questions arround this topic. I would appreciate a video about that explaining when it makes sense to take which vitamines. Thank you very much.

Cathy Cirona

I saw a photo the other day taken in the 70s on a beach. Everyone was so slim. So different today where almost everyone is overweight or obese that I see when walking on the beach. The food manufacturers have really done a number on us.

Jose Dejesus

Good thing I found out this snoring method “Pοzοtο mawa” (Google it). I`m truly pleased that my boyfriend appears to like the good results of utilizing the treatment. I have had restful sleep this past week My stress will just fade whenever I perform the neck and jaw exercises, it keeps me calm. .

Rebekita Vega

Loved the info!!! Thx dr Berg!??


Genius! Critical care nurse for 25 years, have never heard anything regarding snoring and cranial nerve tone. Continually searching for further education. Thank you Dr. Berg for helping us all, so much!

Love Yours

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Lorne Beck

I'm confused... oysters, cod and many sea creatures have high levels of vitamin d3... dr berry suggested this in his d3 video recently. Why do you disagree???

Sa s a

You gave very very important tips about snoring. Dr. Pls tell us how to get those vitamins and about the keto as well.

Gerry Walsh

Vitamin b 1 brilliant. Still working for me. Thanks doc.


Hey honey Dr Berg said,” your fat”.
Busts husband over the head he sleeps well!???

Paula Ralph Surgery Coach

Great video and explanation. But it doesn't explain that the ANS doesn't let you snore when you are awake! How about we 'talk' to the ANS as well.


Your marker pen is so cool! Which one is that??

Therese Carter

Having suffered from loud snoring and light sleep apnea that have been getting more severe for longer than my spouse cares about, I decided to try this snoring solution “Pοzοtο mawa” (Google it). My better half informed me a good news after several weeks of utilizing it, I never snoredor had any difficulties with breathing throughout sleep. .

Marianne Perez

I have had a boy friend that snored. I cant sleep in the same room with someone that snores. I had my tonsils and adenoids removed and I dont snore. People that snore must understand that some people cant get any sleep if you snore. They will have to sleep in another room.

Melanie Davis

Magnesium may also help. My husband's snoring is dramatically reduced or eliminated when he takes magnesium before bed.

Rosalia Maramis

Thankyou so much Dr, good infomtn, about this artcle. Gd evening Dr Gbu

Dr Craig A Westoby D.C.

Great advice

Ines Meneses

Don’t get married

Maribel Poe

My wife have been sleeping in another room for at least 2 years now due to my snoring. Because I used this anti snoring remedy “Pοzοtο mawa” (Google it) to stop loud snoring, I tend to rest much better. It is just so amazing. Apart from treating the snoring issue the treatment will give you great advantages that will result in a much better life. .

B Martin

Post nasal drip problems

Tufan Butuner

Hi Dr. Berg, I'm writing from London. I've listened to your video about Vitamin C, I've searched everything that you've said about it but I can not find Vitamin C with all the properties you have mentioned. Where can I purchase Vitamin C with low ascorbic acid and the other properties of the vitamin? If you could give me a brand name I would highly appreciate it.


Just put a pillow over his face! It stops him from complaining too!

Kelly Wilson

I am feeling so much better now that I take the Nutritional Yeast (B1) from you Dr. Berg.

Barbara Botanica

haha - divorce and sleep well....


Dr Berg - I found grounding/earthing helped my snoring/sleep

Nokuthula Ndlovu

Oh the love I have for Dr. Berg's Keto programme. My hubby stopped snoring as soon as he started the lifestyle. 1 day I told him that and he said he noticed that I don't shake him anymore so he can stop...yes I was mean but keto rescued us both??


... and Vitamin K2? with Vitamin D3 :)

Fred Nicholson

Great info Dr Berg. My snoring improved greatly after Keto and IF. Great to learn nutritional deficient affect it too!

Karen M

Just wanted to clarify statement made about CPAP. CPAP does not dry out your membranes as long as you use the humidication chamber with it. In fact, since you control that setting yourself, you can actually humidify yourself over and above the ambient air. Also, this video does not explain why pressure on the diaphragm (from visceral fat, which leads to pressure on lungs and less air in lungs), actually causes snoring.

portlandbelle jay

Dr Berg forgets he is a Dr and I'm not lol, got lost half way.

Nora life

My husband uses the CPAP machine and still keeps snoring. The machine is snoring too with my husband i just decided to sleep in a separate room??????

Deirdre Helena Wells-Dziadkowiec


Jim Fromearth

My put a harmonica in her mouth. The music helps me sleep.


Duct Tape over my mouth solved my snoring! lol! Love 4Truth!


Before I went on keto, i had constant conjestion in my lungs AND too much fat. Within days after starting keto, the conjestion cleared and that morning dry mouth was gone. I've lost 45 lbs now and I think there's no more snoring.

White Ninja

I just shove a pacifier in her mouth. Done and over with in a $2.00 solution.


Cpap machine will interrupt your partners sleep and you will be driven right out of the room.


Keto helped us. Thank you

bomark 2002

How to your spouse from snoring? Have them see a sleep apnea doctor because there may be a life at risk, why do you think many have a heart attack in their sleep never being diagnosed with sleep apnea?

Harold Hart


sara belkadi

Hi Dr,

I am diabetic type 2 and i am snoring from time to time specially when i am sleeping on my right side, is it okay to take the benfotiame instead of the thiamine B1 ?
Thanks in advance


Great info. I already take a D3 cap at Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol, D3) 5000 IU=1,250% RDA. Is it safe to take 4 of these a day to get to your recommend amount of 20,000 IU instead of 1? Is this version of D# the best choice and safe at your levels? Thanks

Dionisia Operiano

Thank you once again Dr. Berg, can u educate me how to stop grinding of teeth/bruxism while on sleep? Thanks

Rita LaFleur

My husband is thin regular built. He has been through two sleep clinics and used the mask machines and ripped them off. He has been using the breathright strips, but since ì showed him this video he took two of the last four remains nutritional yeast that I bought from you Dr. B. He gets so tired and winded at the end of his long day. Ty we will update.

Lena Elle

WhT about sinus? I can have get quite blocked at night and start to breath through my mouth! Any tips on how to clear sinus?

Wanda Gingerich

In just three minutes this anti snoring remedy “Pοzοtο mawa” (Google it) will change your life. Because I reallysnore so loud in the past. I’ve been trying some of the routines, and I’m discovering almost a sudden in my Snoringdecrease . .

Whitney Mills

My spouse snores alot when hes really tired

Nacho Fnub

Step 2point5 Vitamin K2 mk2


This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about "do snoring mouthpieces really work" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Joomestyn Apnea Secret - (do a search on google )?

It is an awesome one off guide for getting rid of Sleep Apnea and snoring without the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend got great results with it.


If your taking 20000 iu of vitamin d3 don’t you still need to take it with vitamin k2 or are all the vegetables good enough for it I would be scared taking that much vitamin d3

no one

I'm the one that snores ?