How long should you wait to text a girl

How long should you wait to call a woman after she gives you her phone number?

How long should you wait to call a woman after she gives you her phone number?12 Aug. 2017
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achorpa Am

can you do a video about is ok for a woman to reach out an get a guy phone numb AN WALK TO GUY THE 1rst is it apropriate for the girl

Shakia Russell

Love it

Only Fitzgerald


Mateusz Wrona

waiting 7 days is not only to be "super cool" and be different. It is also to FILTER toxic women, who only wants you attention, who are low-self esteem and just structured...Normal women like a man who is a challenge.

Faithfull End

I agree

Solomon Pilot


Naadirah Abdool

From all the dating professionals advice on YouTube, I love this ,its the right way,every other way is just so complicated

Sharee Walls

Great answer!! Skittles though lol


If a woman approaches me for my number, that is the kind of woman I would like to date.

Noble Energy

Thanks I Like this video


Does this include texting?

Ajaajiina Ajaajiina

What would I say to the women

Danielle 2691

Question.. im currently praying for my husband. I dont even know who he is yet. Im just speaking it into existence. I have asked God to remove the spirit of girlfriend from me. My question is how can i be found if i dont do anything to be found?


Great advice!


The last time I didn't wait and got turned down for the most part. Sometimes I succeed when I wait.

Ajaajiina Ajaajiina

What about if I call or text someday I get number and she didn't answer ????


if it were the opposite....and you gave her YOUR number....if she was "into you"...she would call RIGHT, in my chances....I would say very slim to forget it. Done...dont bother....history. Btw....If I went to Vegas and won a huge jackpot....DONT CALL ME cuz I am NOT sharing my good luck $$$$$ with someone who wants me for $$$$ instead of a friend.

Kevin Davis

If she is smart she will not give her number to just anybody. I'm not saying anything but there are some guys that got a woman's number and gave her number to the bank loaners they owed money to the bank ?????


Dont give me skittles like that...drop em straight from the bag!

King Pharoah


Devlynn Lindsey

Great answer!!! God bless!!!

Rigo Patino

I’m not taking skittles that way, give them from the bag

B. Christine

My fiancé waited a week to call me :) I never expected he'd ask me to marry him after 9 mths of dating????

Jasmine Lidia

As someone that doesnt have many friends these days.. I enjoy these videos with you and others i watch.. Keeps me sane and i feel like i have a friend.

Lamont Ruffin

What if u call girl. Frm 2. Different numbers


I sooo agree with this philosophy. I've been fooled into thinking that I must use "the game" on women, but then i understood that being myself is more game than any method, self help book or philosophy.


The worst advice ever.

Ricardo Garcia

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WHEN to TEXT a Girl You Like?? (Follow THESE Simple Rules)

WHEN to TEXT a Girl You Like?? (Follow THESE Simple Rules)10 Sep. 2020
11 486

► Watch "7 Best Texts to

► Watch "7 Best Texts to Send a Girl You Like":

► Download our FREE Texting Cheat Sheet:

Matt shows you his best time to text a girl you like, so she won't feel bored, turned off, and she won't think you're needy or desperate - eventually upping your attraction.

Still puzzled as to why you don't know exactly WHEN to text a girl you like? Why girls usually friendzone you or think you're "too nice" or "boring?" when you're texting? Ever wait a long time to text her only to find that she's already uninterested?

► 7 Best Texts to Send a Girl You like -

► If you want our training, APPLY HERE:

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You'll know the best time to text a girl in today's video. When you know when to text a girl, you'll increase your chances of making her want to text you back, and decrease the chances of her ghosting you, of her not replying, of her getting bored and turned off by you.

Matt also shows you when to text the girl after a date if you got an amazing instant date with her. He also explains the situations where you know exactly when to text a girl after getting her number. Again, like Matt explains in the video, there's going to be a difference on when you text her.

Why? Initial interactions matter. When your interaction was great when you got her number, then there's going to be a different time frame. When it was platonic? It should't be needy yet still has to be memorable - so time is also crucial.

Don't worry, Matt also shows the exact times for those particular situations. PLUS, he'll explain the EFFECTS to texting her earlier, later, and on the exact time he demonstrates. Not just that - he also tells you WHAT to text her, or what kind of text, banter, flirty phrase to use.

We've also made a particular video about the things to text a girl to get a reply. So if you haven't yet, you should definitely check it out here -

If you found this video helpful, and if you like our contet, leave us a like, man! We appreciate that. Subscribe if you want more of our weekly videos!


0:00 When Should You Text Her?

6:05 When Should I Reply Back to Her?

10:14 Turn Her On Through Text

#texting #advice #men


Matt Artisan is the leading expert in transforming the lives of men and empowering them to create authentic relationships. He was voted "World's Best New Dating Coach." Over the past 7 years, he's coached men in over 40 countries, including U.S.A., Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Dubai, and many more... He's the creator of Turn Her On Through Text, the C.Q.C. Day Game Method, and the 2-Minute Chase Me Method.

The Attractive Man is an international dating company famous for teaching “Deep Authentic Attraction.” It was founded by Matt Artisan and since has trained men in the art of attraction in over 40 different countries around the world.

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Comments (22)
Suzanne Di

Guys what’s the movie in the first seconds?

Benjamin Adam Coughran

i like a girl how do i know they like me

Pøwêrsürgê _

Great content as always! Thanks. ?

I am not sure if you guys have any videos on this already, but I'd like to see/hear what Matt has to say on competition with other men. Like how to handle yourself and win.

papa sina

you are hilarious man i really can't take what you say seriously :))

Padmore T Chitauro

Thanks Matt I was waiting for this


Hi guys, anybody took those $7 courses? Did it resonate with you and help you?

Justin Garfield

Thanks Matt and the team!

Albert Elizondo

First impressions are important, but are they everything?

Felipe Carneiro

But when do you text her, when the conversation just ended?

Andrew Lind

Baseball rules. Good to know. Sent a girl a text a full week ago. Took her a whole week to respond back to me and all she said was, "Thanks. " I haven't responded back to her yet. Am I in The Friend Zone or is there still hope?


Loved it ❤️

The Attractive Man

► Watch "7 Best Texts to Send a Girl You Like":
► Download our FREE Texting Cheat Sheet:

Mr. PlayBoy

Hey Matt...
Fantastic stuff
Why dont you make some videos on Men Style.

Harshul Gupta

Thnk u so much Matt and team ? I also wanted to ask u that this thing apply on teenage girls also ?

teddy broosevelt

This works on northern women not southern women. Southern women are attracted to men that have jobs. That's all nothing more


so complicated lmao

Return of the Mak

Just be alpha and text whenever the fuck you want, if she don’t like it move on.


Keep it simple keep it moving???? best wishes men!!!

Jose Garcia

Awesome ?

Abhijit Singh

Hey, I saw all your videos , I sweat a lot at my palms , ever since childhood , which affects my confidence while holding hands and escalating things ...this sweating this isn't much resulted to stress ..I sweat normally too
How should I deal with it

Daniel Marquis

Too bad the dating game is one BIG game. No wonder men are red pilling now.


They are alaways there unless they block me or i boocked them,,coz its on facebook???

How Long Should You Wait To Text A Girl (Dating Tips)

How Long Should You Wait To Text A Girl (Dating Tips)19 May. 2020

Want to know how long

Want to know how long should you wait to text a girl? In this video you will learn how to do that

Get FREE 6 part Mini-Course.



✅ His Secret Obsession

✅ Make Him Sure

✅ Get Your Ex Back

Texting is powerful, like it or not, it's here to stay and the way you text can get a man to become more invested in you and to love you more. When you know how to text in a way that inspires a more emotional connection, then the passion and intrigue builds and his interest in you develops. In this video I reveal texting rules that you'll want to know about if you're uncertain how long should you wait to text a girl.

You can use texting as the glue that keeps the interest alive with a new man or you can use it to reignite desire and bring playfulness back into an existing relationship. Knowing how to text a guy you like can greatly influence the way he feels about you. just as his messages influence the way you feel about him. Texting is powerful. You can use texting as the glue that keeps the interest alive with a new man or you can use it to reignite desire and bring playfulness back into an existing relationship.

When you text the girl the right way, she’s intrigued and her interest will skyrocket. She will either see you as the keeper you want to be or he will see you as a fun time men with whom she has no future.This is why it’s important to know how to text a girl in a way that spikes the right kind of interest — the loving, adoring kind.

Guys are very easy to be flirted and they can fall in love with a girl in no time. As long as you know the right text to be sent to him. In many cases, guys are losing interest to a girl because of the text she sent.

If you are asking yourself how long should you wait to text a girl, you are in the right place. Success In Love shows you the other side of dating with results driven love tips on attracting great love and a lasting and united relationship, turning it from just EPIC. New videos every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. May you get great value out of what I share.

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Success In Love - Dating Guide

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