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Fine Art of Bondage - 3D Virtual Art Gallery of Rope, BDSM, Fetish Artwork

Fine Art of Bondage - 3D Virtual Art Gallery of Rope, BDSM, Fetish Artwork19 Aug. 2017
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A really big insight into

A really big insight into the "Fine Art of Bondage" photography project by photographer Rod Meier, Ulm.

In this 3D visual art gallery you see a lot of artwork which is also available as poster prints (sets of 12), wrapped canvas/metal prints, wall calendars or big sized high quality art prints.

Uncensored Video: https://fine-art-of-bondage.com/gallery/

Homepage: https://Fine-Art-of-Bondage.com

Image Gallery: https://fine-art-of-bondage.com/gallery/

All images available in our wall art and poster shop - worldwide:


Printed art photo books - also available in our shop:

"Fine Art of Bondage - Beauty of Rope" - ISBN 978-3946768012 und 978-3946768005

The Fine Art of Bondage project is a mixture of the western and the japanese (shibari/kinbaku) bondage style. Tying the girls, taking photos, retouching and the complete marketing is done by photographer Rod Meier.

This art project hit´s more than bondage enthusiasts, it´s made for all open minded people. Imagine such an image at your wall - nobody could ignore such a wall decoration....

This is probably the key of the projects success and why people all over the world buy wall art of e.g. the collection in the video.

Rod Meier,

photographer and creator of this project

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Leider nur Frauen

Matt Dempsey

This is good

Grover Clebland

Same way I tie Potroast ...lol

Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope Bondge Set Product Demo

Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope Bondge Set Product Demo15 Mar. 2014
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SexToyCanadaSubscribe 438 721

You know you were bound to

You know you were bound to go there and so let us help you with your very first bondage kit. This kit is perfect for beginner's that want to experiment with being all tied up and at the mercy of each other. The silk ropes are pre-knotted for your convenience, just slip on and tightened to a comfortable fit. A love mask is included to entice the element of surprise, have fun tonight!

Studio: Pipedream

For More Info:


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BONDAGE - Star Harness

BONDAGE - Star Harness17 Jun. 2016
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You're bound to be a real

You're bound to be a real star at the bar with this bondage harness tie!

This tiesday we give you guys a simple, elegant and easy to do tie, whether sex related or not, it's sure to help you shine!











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Teddy Bot

i want


Pointless. If you can just walk out of the room, it's not really bondage. He might as well be wearing a fucking hat.

nick bouwhuis

Are you guys gay


Pinata since you hit one with a stick till it explodes with candy!

Trager Leeper

Are you guys p*rn"stars" or something

Sevanni Black

Been dying to try this one.

Nikita Sharapov

Omg OMG OMG OMFG, is that arachimaru sign? From Naruto? Pls say yes ?


The star harness looks awesome! Do people wear it at BDSM conventions just because it looks cool? Also, for people who are big on top, is there a way to make sure the rope doesn't chafe?

Louis Archambault

Hi guys!! I REALLY love your videos!!! My favourite video is the one about gagging! Just wow!! ? And I think that the bondage games are really fun too!! Can you make more of those videos please? (Especially about gags hehe) thank you and keep doing what you're doing it's fantastic! ⭐️

Lau Gabriel

Nice hand job, bolt

Harry Strauss

Can't tell who's the real 'star' of the video XD had to say it


This was the first first harness I ever tied, and it's still a favorite. Very happy you two did this ^^

Electric Goose4

Entertaining and educational as always. I love it! How about a vid on safe ways to find partners/play mates/kink friends ect... Must be some go to places you could share.

Jonny Gu

Now bring in the swing lol jk

•Hunter N•

So I rewatched this and decided to do it on myself alone... well I ran out of rope towards the end and have been laying here binge rewatching more of Amps videos. What a day.

Katie Hancock

Star harness or Starness if you will.

Kitty Snacc99

"I'm almost done summoning Satan" omg

Pretty Chicky

ummmm.... I think it might be too hard for self bondage.... pout

Guilio Ryan

That's really fabulous!! I wonder how many variation can form by boundage.

BTW I would love to have another episode of boundage game, it's really funny. Maybe this time you can race in public, like citizen park or else, or maybe introducing pinwheel ? Since I have never understood what it is and its effects.

Anyways it just my thinking, you guys are awesome and hope to see more of your episodes. XOXO

James Brennan

Is no one gonna talk about the whole lack of pants thing
also it looks kinda like a penta- literally right as I started typing Bolt starts talking about the upside down star
Love y'all as always ❤️

Charles Nurse Salomón

The back of it reminds me of the alien harnesses that jump on kids n teenagers in Falling Skies to control their minds

Drax Quirnon

Hi guys! It looks very intricate.
Love you Amp!!! ?

Avery Hawkins

Another stellar demonstration, as always.

Maverick Meyer

Lol a star-ness

Daniel Haynes

I'm straight but my wife and I love yalls videos.


Idk why, but something about the tattoo on Amp's left shoulder intrigues me...

Ed Ont

D love to see a full body harness. If that's a thing?


Honestly wanna try this someday :')

Cøcks Ücker

nicely done star harness, bolt... frankly, i prefer voice over instructions with this type of demo... look for y'all next "tiesday"... cheers!... xo...


I am Wiccan...Obvi. name lol! this is a beauty ...I will be learning this one and may get my sub to learn it as well. cause its something I would so wear!


Do you have somewhere you could do a rigging demo or even talk about the development of bondage/rigging as a practice? I find anything to do with ropes and tying fascinating but I haven't found much information about it around.

ShowMe TheRopes

My all time favorite harness to wear/tie. Same color, too! There's another method that doesn't add a bulge to the back but can still be woven into something with the slack.

pudding cat

Can this be done alone???

Edit: to answer my own question, yes BUT my rope is too short :( (and the back will likely look like shit :'D)

This was my first time even touching rope so i'm really proud even thought i couldn't complete the back as i ran out of rope. I need to buy longer one :)


looks like it hurts, is it worth the trouble and discomfort?

Giannini Magalhães

backrolls ????


Amp hogtied?? Maybe make it a longer video??

Mark Warchus

Your starter question for 10. Why do that pants have to stay on? Discuss

David Ireton

I don't know about the star, but I love the glimpses of your pits--we all have our fetishes!

Renni Turpin

Amp took off his collar for the harness!

Florian Capdeville

Yeah! My safeword! Thanks guys still looking awesome and really nice harness!


The back looks like a gorgeous macrame chaise lounge. (That's literally the gayest things I've said today, and I say a lot of gay things.)

Mychael Gomez

I'm a big fan of this ASStral video. I said, ASStral...get it? ...Guys?

Louis Riehm

Being the bondage virgin that I am, once I am bound in a star harness, how do I best make use of my co-star?