How long should you date before moving in

Dating Rubik's cube with Glue: Moving By Itself

Dating Rubik's cube with Glue: Moving By Itself30 Jan. 2021
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The Unique Phenomenon of the IDF's Lone Soldier?

The Unique Phenomenon of the IDF's Lone Soldier?31 Jan. 2021
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The lone soldier, or

The lone soldier, or chayal boded in Hebrew, is unique to the IDF and to Israel. What motivates young men and women from all over the world to volunteer for military service so far from their homes? And why are some local Israeli recruits also Lone Soldiers? Explore the connection that draws young Jews from around the world to Israel every year to voluntarily join the IDF and find out how Israelis have been supporting these soldiers dating back to Israel’s War of Independence in 1948.

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- GPO Israel/Kluger Zoltan

- Israel Defense Forces

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- Nefesh B'Nefesh

- ארכיון הצילומים קקל, אלכס בוז'יק, מתוך אתר פיקיויקי

- i24 News

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M. M.

1 of my cousins is currently serving in the IDF as Lone Soldier and his older brother served as a Lone Soldier in 2010-2013.

Asmita Chatterjee

Love the content that this channel puts out. Very underrated in my opinion. Kudos to you for sharing the history, context of customs/rituals and the struggles of Jews across centuries.
Love and respect from India.

Jarrod Williamson

Seventh Day Adventist (a flavor of Christian) here. Your entire Unpacked channel is really great. Fantastically informative and obviously authentic.


Del messiah ellos lo ven como un loco algo asi estos Israelies nos han causado los mismos problemas que la gente de la arena ellos y sus malditos lobby's ahora hay que llevarles pzyy,moderna y pronto johnson y no dejan que inspeccionen su arsenal nuclear mas quieren invadir a Iran

chananel 3


Alan Katz

I know many lone soldiers and it’s not easy. Also not the easiest to become one.




In america; we call them "mercenaries"

Jeffrey Culpepper

I love and support Israel and the IDF/IAF!!! ??????????????❤??

Matthew Brotman

I don’t know how “unique” it is, considering the likes of the Légion Étrangère and the Gurkhas. What’s different here is the romantic idea of coming to fight For The Cause.

David Green

IMHO , the IDF should assign a colonel ( or even a brigadier general ) to the task of lone soldier welfare , along with the staff that would help in the soldiers transition from armed forces to civilian life .Even the fate of lone soldiers returning to the land of their birth presents challenges , as some former IDF ( lone ) soldiers might face discrimination either at the work place or further education , so the local Israeli embassy should have a professional councillor ready to assist


Can non jews be lone soldiers?


Yeah lone ?? with this ???????

Corey Smith

Americans who join a foreign military should lose their citizenship.

Thadeo Arlo

A path of life not for the weak hearted

Majid Amd

Shalom All I Love Torah I Love Jews Long Live ISRAEL AMEN.


I'd be happy if you did more videos like this. These people are total heroes.

Gustav Gans

One Love guys

Michael Leonetti

Lone murderes what we call em

All the dead israeli and palestinians are on IDF and zionism's head - No way in life am I gonna ignore what IDF and zionist has done to the people of Israel/Palestine

So, go to hell, IDF, zionists and the reporter in this video

Effective Dating Tips: Should you make a move?

Effective Dating Tips: Should you make a move?23 Jul. 2007
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Should you talk to that

Should you talk to that girl you are interested in meeting and make a move when you are not sure whether she is interested?

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PracticalHappiness - Practical Dating Tips

Thanks a lot! Having someone quote a famous philosopher in connection with my videos is an ultimate compliment!

PracticalHappiness - Practical Dating Tips


PracticalHappiness - Practical Dating Tips

Sure, my pleasure.


brilliant. going to try it out tmrrw!! sooo nervous!! and hmm, as wrong as this sounds, this reminds me of Hitler and his policy... one of his men once said 'it is better to make mistakes while interferring rather than not intrferring at all' or something along those lines... his men were punished more severely for being IDLE and not doing anythin!! haha, wow, what a parallel.... :P keep up the great work!!

PracticalHappiness - Practical Dating Tips

Good point.

Jakub Rosman

I asked a girl out for the second time and I got rejected but I actually felt better afterwards. Because it was better than not doing it at all. Mind you I was disappointed, but it still felt good getting it off my chest.

PracticalHappiness - Practical Dating Tips

Hey there. Thanks for your kind words again. Obviously, that guy needs way more help than you. I can't believe his passive attitude. If he is not interested, then it's understandable. Otherwise, every man should know that it's his job to ask and get a woman's phone number.

PracticalHappiness - Practical Dating Tips

Thanks. Are there any particular issues you would like me to address?

PracticalHappiness - Practical Dating Tips

Thanks for your kind words. Obviously the guy is shy & nervous around you. I know this will sound extreme, but the best ice-breaker would be to make fun of the whole awkwardness and hit it "head on" kind of like in "Goodwill hunting." If you have the guts, you should say playfully: "So... why are you so shy around me? Do I look that scary? I don't bite, you know. Not at first anyway" - and wink. If that doesn't get him moving, then... he needs to do some work & he is just not ready for it.

PracticalHappiness - Practical Dating Tips

Thanks. Go to my site and look at the left bar with exclusive videos - there are not that many of them but you will enjoy them as well (they are no available on youtube).


exactly! that's the spirit! the man had charisma, and that's an amazing quality!! i still stick to what i said before... your videos are fantastic!!thanks!and as for the guy thing... LOL he approached me!! finallllly. i also watched your video about the msn thing,so when he asked for my msn i tried working it into exchanging numbers, and it got sort of confusing and he ended up giving ME his number and msn.. is that a bad sign? should i talk to him through these things? thanks in advance! xxxxxx

Kyle Jose

Are you more of a social psychologist? I am sure that you learned all these stuff from experience and the experience of others. Do you have any videos that will eliminate the fears of rejection and intimacy? Thank You.

laxmi lama

Very good video clip. I found this coz my mate became a lady-magnet He went from a no-one into being incredible. He behaved like it was normal for quite a while. He finally admitted it two days ago. He said he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you want to learn about it... He's seeing a beauty... Where are the most useful videos online?

PracticalHappiness - Practical Dating Tips

Hey there. Thanks for your kind words and support. It sounds like the girl is not responsible/mature enough yet to follow through with what she says or with plans, so... it is something that she needs to fix about herself and there is not much you can do about it. Thanks.

PracticalHappiness - Practical Dating Tips

Thanks a lot. I appreciate your letting me know. The host's servers were down. It should be up now. check it out and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter for more dating tips.