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Harder Erections -It's all in the Flow

Harder Erections -It's all in the Flow15 Nov. 2019
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ED can be complicated, but

ED can be complicated, but once you understand the anatomy behind your erection, it becomes much easier to get one and keep one. You go through school, and not once does anyone teach you the science you can really use. Without good blood flow to the tissues of the penis, you cannot get an erection. If blood flow is compromised, you will lose your erection before you even get started.

Before you pop a pill, learn how it works, so that you can learn how to completely control your erections. Erectile dysfunction doesn't have to be something you struggle with.

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Decoy 263

One question but.sligjtly off topic. When aroused I sometimes have a leaky penis.I will notice a small amount of what I assume is seminal fluid leaking from it. It's not much but this has been going on for a month or two and has made me wonder what caused it to start to do this. Sure any skin to skin contact with a submissive female causes the normal feelings of arousal. Also I am able to achieve a nice erection although of late it goes away. I watched the video on how to exercise but I am going to look into a prostate massage therapist. The hotter that therapist is the better my prostate is manpuilated successfully

Toy Sentao

Your an awsome passion filled doctor! thankyou!

Eyong Robinson

Please I need the treatment am Cameroon I am having a Silvia erection problem

Dave Saenz

Hope he's neighbors weren't outside watching.

Micmac Mike

I love your enthusiasm Dr. Ross !!

Mike Danik

Could you advice on penis growth naturally please

Gustavo D

There are a few tactics to get reduce ED that work quicker than others. For instance, by googlingg Mario Volpstein, you can go through a bit more about one of those methods, and finally figure out why a few kinds of supplements are probably not working for you.


That was such a good demo

Richy Kong

Any way to boost a grows flasic look? And is there a natural way to boost girth size?

Derek Fournier

that was the best erection prop demonstration ever! Love your energy and enthusiasm Dr. Rach :)

Sajjad Haider



Thank you. My erection gets stronger every time that I see you.

Great Nile Medjay Warrior

Great Stuff Interesting I think every Woman Been with A Guy that Had Erectile Situation Couldn't stay Hard lol it's Normal but Not Normal and your very Beautiful an very Entertaining hahaha Great information Video

David Sparks

If I have never wake up in the morning with erection dose that mean my testrone is block or it very lowe because I can't get any muscle mass would that shop the growth of my penis and if fix the levels of my testrone would my penis grow and get fat

Joe Turner

Proper editing would make this video a whole lot better.


Second video ?

Taddeo Jude Mugagga

That's a great deal! Thank you Doctor. ?

Z Mack

Great info


If you were holding my like that I would have no problem holding an erection

Mrutyunjay Jadhav

What u can suggest about Peyronies disease...

Deus Vult

Your excited ? Now dont mock us ?

Charlie Wels

Lol, damm i love this lady ???

Edd Taylor

Hello there Dr. I'm 67 and haven't had a hard on in over 12 years I'm so imbalanced and can't even get a soft hard on. My girl friend is 38 and tells me don't let it get me down. I need your help what do I do. I don't want to lose her ever. Help me please. Skip

O. Bhambra___94

Go vegan and stop eating dairy and meat the cause of blocked arteries also animal products decrease testosterone which is also needed.

Christie Morgan

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Black Nificent TV

So where are the vids on how to increase blood flow?

Bryan Naylor

I have the flow

Hernan Marin

I love this Doctor!!!!!


Only TI knows his daughter. There are to many single mothers.

My Destiny Bright

Hi Dr Rachel.
Eating hot chili is it good or bad sex drive?

Mysta -P

Doctor Racheal I have a question for you?I'm having ED problems but it's from having a rare cyst on my left testicle that I had removed 5yrs ago,but I believe the cyst has caused me to have nerve damage...So I'm wondering how can I go about fixing this problem?I can actually have erections but not for a long period of time an sometimes it hurts during ejection


Next time u sound check try saying 'tickle test' 7 times fast as you can.. ? ?

Sebastião Miazo

Será que dá pra você traduzir em português pra mim

David burton

from now on i will refer to the good doctor as ""miss whiplash!!"", ""much more fitting to her credentials!!"".

Arudhi JaKanyo

Akuku danger might know something

Mathew P J

Hi, Dr I'm 67 and haven't had a hard-on in over 21 years. I'm so imbalanced and can't even get a soft hard on. Recently checked my blood test and everything is normal and even no libido. I need your help what do I do and Kindly advice. Thanks and Regards

Paresh Raijada

Wow it's amazing !!

jeffery riggin


Ucantcme D

Beautiful lips you have there.


I masturbate 10 times a day. My boner is no more. I'm only 19.

Matt Doyle

Good stuff Love ya

Gionni Griffin

Ooh baby?

Sean-X M

I love her, she's hot,looks sexy dressed...luv to pick her brain intimately.

Reginald Johnson

Your energy is so awesome

Kirk Jamaal Boykin

No worries....

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Tennessee Airman

Any tips or videos on increasing seminal fluid naturally?

Kevin H

Have you guys done any episodes on anal sex? I’m curious if there’s a position that is best for beginners that maybe hurts less. I just don’t know enough about starting it and how to do it to my partner so that it doesn’t hurt and so that she won’t give up on the idea after the first time if it hurts.