Hbo nude scenes

Why Anna Kendrick Refuses to Do Nude Scenes

Why Anna Kendrick Refuses to Do Nude Scenes19 Oct. 2020
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Netflix and HBO have made

Netflix and HBO have made audiences see nudity as something absolutely normal. More and more actors are voluntarily opting to go completely nude if their role demands it. Such scenes make many actors feel empowered. For instance, when Kate Winslet decided to bare it all, she felt the scene made her feel empowered and she also hoped that it would make other women feel empowered. Going nude is one's personal choice and no actor can be forced into it. In fact, there are many actors who refuse to go completely naked even today. They have their reasons too. In this video, we tell you about some actors who refuse to do nude scenes and why.

Why Anna Kendrick Refuses to Do Nude Scenes

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Comments (100)
Ronald Patton

Refuses but has

Willard Witherspoon

Raquel welch? Susan Sarandon? Claudette Colbert?

Suhur Hassen

Why is this a topic? I'm sick

crystal Perez

Jessica Alba was nude in a shower in the movie machete

Jacy Deptuck

Literaly 22 seconds ago

J Young

That's why he da man Samuel L is just being honest and straight with people that's just what I'd expect from him. No BS answers.

Wesley Sabin

Actresses don't have to get naked unless it's a Harvey Whinstein production

Allen Hardwick

I think it is up to the actor or actress to do and they should not be pressure into it.

John Hendry

Thank God Rebel Wilson said no to nude scenes....

Breanna the flipper


Shock Value

I agree I don't want to see her nude at all she's ugly af

Rachel Diane Thompson

If they don't wanna show it don't

Dave Harris

Jackson has a small Johnson

Michael Daniel Laryea

I am glad there are some stars out there who dont do this these I give them thumps up?☺️?☺️???

Sarah Connor

Cuz her titties is weird.


She's nice

Bob Marley

Here's to hoping??


I would never do a nude scene either it should just be for a guy I truly love. Not some random people looking at me. Once shown it can never be erased. These celebs are simply smart.

Damian Peters

The problem is most except the rolls doing it and then want to back out at the end but still get paid Hippocrates you don't want to don't! But don't shame others for doing it! Better yet if their is nude or any thing with sex in it don't take the part! Hypocrites! Actors are so full of shit! You picked entertainment! Then entertain me! don't want to hear your sob story!

Sam Kresil

4:21 Yeah, its a little bithard to believe that, though.

Mary Rice

The perverts in the movie industry are creeps! The girls who have said No are very smart in my opinion and their careers have done just just as well. I respect woman and men who say no to being exploited.

Nick Cifuno Jr.

Admirable. Disappointing.


Hi lol

Ummi Ramli

Too bad women wanting to be actresses MUST show a lot of flesh and be nude.
Otherwise, the movies or TV series "won't score points" and make money.
That may probably show that directors either do not have better ideas than following 'a la porn like scenes' or, just desparate to hit bix office movies.
Just my two cents (NOT) worth I guess.

Latoya R

Mon if i was a actress the producers would have it so easy bcus i love my body and feel confident with it .wouldn't be a problem to do nude scenes


Subscribe me too❤

vanilla Gorilla

Just watch fast times at ridgemont high and look for the phebe Cates and they look the same !


It's cause she's not Kim or cardi b she's modest

Philip Enos

Trust me. No one wants to see Rebel Wilson nude.

LilRoc Nine

Once they seen all of you they gon treat you like that.

Erik Feinberg

What about Dolly parton?

Markie Poo Harling

All lies. I think their bodies must appear as hideous train-wrecks whilst neked so they just make up different reasons.

Sufian Ahmed

Many celebs are famous for being nude not because of their acting unfortunately


I think the subject should be "Why XXXXX accepts to do Nude Scenes".

lg josh

Watch my vids if you like fact verse plus subscribe to m I wish he was the most popular youtuber

Mark Kelley

Anna K. She is a very beautiful woman. I always loved her. Good for these women not giving in to doing nude scenes.

Dy Ton

I love u girl

Brianna T

But Megan fox has been nude on TV.

Mark Jackson

Keep that junk private and use your craft


I seem to recall Sarah Jessica Parker doing a rather steamy love scene with Bruce Willis in “Striking Distance”.

christine maddy

Everyone has their own privacy!


Who really cares. I’ve seen better heads on a beer.



Modesta Harris

1 like = 1 person forgiven from god
I'm scared if I’m going to hell for this..

Cathy Work

Cause their transgender

Harlee III

I applaud these women (and men) for their commitment to decency and morality. If you want t&a movies, then hire t&a actors, there are plenty of them out there.

Jose Coss

Good for her.. Sexy is more than just carnal..

Robert Holcomb



Well if its not in a movie then it's time to go see Megan Fox on the good old HUB

Alonzo Winston

Acting is acting! You want to see porn, go to porn Hub!

Joe Penn

More power to these Ladies. They respect themselves and their families in their refusals to appear in nude scenes.

Rick Cross

Who would really wants to see Rebel Wilson nude anyway!!?? Yuck!!

Disco Saturn Loves To Do Subtitled Comedies and Other Things 24/7

I've got breaking nudes...
I can't do nude scenes.


Annoying page flipping sounds must stop, everything else is fine.



Yufeng yan

Subscribe to yufeng yan


make this the most liked comment on youtube!

Leo Gonzales

Never say never




Well shit.

Empire Reviews Company

We want the shaft we want the Shaft

Owen Burke

I love being naked.

Geofrey Nyachae

Valid arguments

Marilyn Harrison

I totally agree with them . It leaves more to the imagination and will not disappoint you.

Ryan Jensen

ah yes the thing that women have the privilege of. Using their bodies to make money.

Mark Olthoff

Yes is very good and awesome and wonful

bmo shareholder apple shareholder

I am the kind of person that once I see a woman in the nude, I I don't find them attractive anymore. I guess because the mystery and imagination is all gone. But, that's just me.

David Ellis

Lol " Modesty Pouch ! "

Teri Soto

This should not have been brought up. Let actors have their own privacy. It's their bodies and they DO NOT owe you a reason WHY OR WHY NOT to do nude body scenes.


Damn shes hot af

Empire Reviews Company

Sam jack bit show us the Shaft

Nat Schoen

I agree with these stars. If you're uncomfortable for any reason, you shouldn't have to do it.

morgan 5171

Anna need not exposé herself as she has nothing to prove.

Pittsburgh Bonsai Hunters

I see full nudity as a really simple thing when it comes to anyone who appears on screen, if they don’t want to show their own goods they don’t have to by no means. It’s their body no one else’s. For male or female artists if they show it all then the excitement is gone but when they show just enough skin it becomes more powerful to the mind and builds on the imagination of the viewers.

TH Squishy

This vid should have just been titled why some actors refuse to do nude scenes.

Owen Burke


I LOVE GOD, Do you?

Stay safe and stay blessed always those who reading this. Amen ❤?

Joe Mama

No need to be first kids

Reginald Forman

Id like to personally thank rebel wilson for never getting publicly naked.

Cristian Zamora

No one needs to see Anna Kendrick's chicken legs


Mom: opens door
Me: Oh shet

Trystan Most wanted



Anna who?

Gamer angel :] :]

7 year olds be like:what’s n—uuuuu—-des

Abraham Lincoln

The same actress who's doing a series about woman who's friends with a goddamn sex doll.


ima keep it real... the streets dont care

Yusuf Kennebrew

I think if you're by yourself in the house yeah people are around that's just me I don't know but everybody else but that's how I am lady after all ☺☺ besides if I did at practice being from my husband that's it nobody else just him

Richard C

Because NOBODY wants to see her naked

Zena Gawronski

I agree you should be comfortable with what you do

Laural’s White

Hooray for the courage to just say no!

Mark Jackson

Thank GOD rebel did not feel comfy doing a frontal?

Robert Estes

Did you ever think that these Stars standard of conduct was higher than most stars in Hollywood


Imagine be a cornstar and not want to do nude scenes


Been in love with jessica alba

Emma Grundy



Why does a film require nudity? Is getting the actors naked so vital to a film's success? Are they making porn or a movie?


"Why Anna Kendrick Refuses to Do Nude Scenes"
Puts a badly photoshopped nude image in the center of the thumbnail

Kurt Sam

It's usually the beautiful once that don't wanna do nudes.


Does anyone really care, or wanna see half of these people nude... Nope

Mike Flanagan


Keira Knightley Will No Longer Shoot Nude Scenes With Male Directors | THR News

Keira Knightley Will No Longer Shoot Nude Scenes With Male Directors | THR News25 Jan. 2021
15 690

Keira Knightley has

Keira Knightley has revealed that she won't shoot nude scenes for films with male directors, saying "It's partly vanity and also it's the male gaze."

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Keira Knightley Will No Longer Shoot Nude Scenes With Male Directors | THR News

The Hollywood Reporter

Comments (85)
Taylor Krystal

0:22 my love video :X.?? ??♥️❤️


They can just get a man to take his shirt off

Kerry Barber

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .?? ??♥️❤️


Enjoy getting no work ?


No one wants to see her flat ironing board of a body. Thnx.

Andrew Moores

Very sexist of her.


Does Kiera like guys? Always seems like she has a problem with them.


"Male gaze"?? How does she think she got her husband?

N Hoff

Sad that she had to get to this place in her career to be able to make this demand.

Behija Omerbasic

So now it's sexist to feel uncomfortable? Lol it's her choice nobodys asking you anything.


But what if the director is a transgender man turned into a woman, do the same rules apply !

T C 2005

Would she mind a lesbian director gazing.♀️♀️?

Paul Hancock

Translation... The offers of those kind of scenes stopped coming when I hit 35.

Ranko Orović

It is completely ridiculous when an actress that made her career on being an "eye candy" pretends that she never was "eye candy".

Patrick van Gorkum

Great, no one wants to see Kiera's skeletal body anyway ??


Boys, I hate to say it, but she may have a point.

flash of doom

no one cares


So she is discriminating? well I hope that reflects off the jobs you get then. Get over yourself!


This may have worked for her around the time of the 2nd or 3rd pirates movie, but today...


It's her prerogative as it should be.


Net worth 80 million

Benjamin 5781

I've had it with female celebrities, and I'm gay. I've had it with "lgbt", had it with memememetoo, had it with "anti"-racism-racism, had it with cancelling everything, had it with keyboard warriors, and i've had it with "actresses" that first cash in to something and then start virtual signalling.

Marc Reyes

Me neither.

Donna Perkins



A SEXIST is someone who discriminates on the basis of gender -

Amna Farooq

What Difference does it make to shoot with female director .. when her audience will be men ??????

Wall Street Dave

So what about trans or women who wear underwear with dick holes in them, or gay men? Talk about discrimination.

Paul Mark

“Male gaze” as if every man is interested in her body


What's so wrong about the male gaze? Men aren't allowed any form of gaze anymore.

Rice Adrian

A la verga.?? ??♥️❤️


They all say that when things get saggy.

Wally Balldinger

Politicians might be upset because it is the only way they could imagine diddling little


so many here saying they dont care, but being super angry. what is bothering you so much? That you clicked on this video or that she feels unconfortable? it is silly to feel attacked by her argument.

Avijit Kabiraj

Read comedy of coffin on kindle ....

Reese Doreen

Love you.


Great news (lol)


Woooow soooo the male director was the problem,I knew that!!! Like you will not have a single male on the crew for lights,camera,sound and on and on. This to me looks more like a hollywood new ideology and THR ready to spread this garbage. Listen now ppl:"Female directors are the ones that make the movie great" FFS.

King Me



But she demands little girls must shower with men in wigs and if the little girls are uncomfortable they are bigots

Selecta Waynazz

There are no female directors ?


Lol ?

J Kinzel

Wow! Had no idea she was so sexist.

Padilla Richard

Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.?? ??♥️❤️



Lorene Robertson

0:22 my love video :X.?? ??♥️❤️

Judge Dredd

My contract says: “Willing to do anything for anyone at anytime for the role, no questions asked.” Hahahhahahahahaha

Gato 008

I feel her tho.....also society has brainwashed so many females to feel like they hv to perform like prostitutes .... Rme ?


Breaking News : Kiera Knightley won't be acting*

Ulo Magyar

This is perfectly understandable, I hope this will inspire other actresses to take the courage to do the same

Josh Sinclair

I hope no male directors hire her then looool since they’re all perverts apparently

Real Talker 101

I can understand this being a headline if it came from Margot Robbie, but honestly, who cares from this one, lol.

Donna Perkins

Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

Baldwin Lorenzo


Bryan A

Gosh.... first world problems.

There are more pressing matters in the world....the male gaze is part of being a famous actress... she's lucky that she has a choice.

Mackie Messer

no problem, they can just identify as female for the duration of shoot and if she doesn't accept it cancel her for being transphobic.

keno kc


Mark Callaghan

A beautiful , but mediocre actress


Well, let’s hope she works with male directors only in the future.

Arizzle 804

So men make her uncomfortable now?


Her prime is over anyways

Anna Gonzalez

I guess like most women she’s had enough of the harassment by males we all experience in real life and no longer feels like dealing with it on set

Rufus T. Firefly

If men are “gazing” at her, it’s only because they haven’t figured out how to rip their eyes out.

Nicholas M. Meyer

Who cares about a random actor when the worlds in chaos. Hollywood is silly af at this point. Whys this in my feed for fck sake

John Wickerchair

Cool,give the part to a minority actress that doesn’t have a problem with the “male gaze”.Has a problem with a male director but not the MILLIONS of men that will be gazing when they watch the film.


Wow that’s so sexist. I hope make directors sue her for the disgusting gender discrimination she’s demonstrating

Rice Adrian

0:22 my love video :X.?? ??♥️❤️

Judge Dredd

That just opened a slew of opportunities for eager actors!

Francis Steele

Que Dios nos perdone.?? ??♥️❤️

Darkening Demise

StRonG iNdEpEnDeNt wAhMeN!

NoLa Ray

Because men can’t be professional? Ooookkkk. Girl, you going a little too far.

Blue Dwarf

She really needs to shut her mouth and just get on with her job, she talks so much crap and thinks shes making a statement just so she can get an applause.

Boo Boo

Shes woke and going broke

Lliam Clifton

Thank you!

Krunoslav Stifter

Honey, no body cares.


It is a sexist statement. Women are the best in sexism. What's the next? Won't she work with male actors? Won't she see males in the streets?

Suvigya Basnotra

Almost all scripts to Kiera right now: It was So Nice Seeing You....but Not Anymore!

Donna Perkins

0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.

Suman Das


Josh Lewis

Men can be so sensitive sometimes, it's literally her own decision.

Stephen Michalski

In that case I quit.

Vic Boss

not that she has anything to show

Boo Boo

Who cares

Prison Mike


Reese Doreen

Yang pilih allah like.

Qore Jun

0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.

HBO Girls 5x07 Hannah finds out about Jessa & Adam | Jemima Kirke, Adam Driver

HBO Girls 5x07 Hannah finds out about Jessa & Adam | Jemima Kirke, Adam Driver12 Apr. 2016
766 659
TBluzASubscribe 438 721

Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke,

Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Adam Driver, Joanne Tucker

Comments (100)

that was so real

Amethyst Rock

I wouldn't be hurt if I saw my ex walking with another girl. Someone totally unknown to me. But if it's one of my friends no matter if they aren't close close to me. Then hell nah I'd be so heart broken and jelly and so damn sad. Because that's when I know I'll be hearing about how good he is. It's good when they go off with unknown people so you don't hear back about how they doing. ? I mean the hell dudes are so damn stupid because they know they can't find another girl and then know ur friends and it's easier then starting a whole relationship of friendship with a new girl ?


This makes me not want to see the rest of Girls seasons


Jessa was the worst. Adam is a pos too

Jamy Ganados

What would you do if this happen to you?


I don’t like Jessa and Adam together. I barely can stand Jessa to be honest. She’s the most selfish and fucked up character of the whole show.


God forbid

Rez Islam

Honestly I don't get why Hannah is so mad about it. She's the one who turned Adam down multiple times. If you're not interested then even if it hurts it's not your place to keep ownership over someone else. She didn't want Adam, Jessa wasn't in the wrong by getting involved with him. She had more than one chance and she turned it down.


Fran was such an asshole


Me trae recuerdos de mi adolescencia. Que bien representada la situación. Muy realista.

Mkay 86

This storyline (Jessa&Adam) completely ruined Girls for me.


Jessa always was a piece of shit, to be true, with all that "look at me, I'm so different" attitude.

Jackson Bova

After years of being sure I wouldn’t be into this show I’m starting to watch clips now and every character seems so belligerently insufferable.

Alan Day

Watching this show is like watching really old paint dry on an improperly prepared surface. Even the sex scene is uncomfortable and dry.

Alexis Balmaceda

Lol so the woman in the hair rollers/ Adam’s scene partner is Adam Driver’s wife Johanne Tucker


joanne is so... beautiful


for anyone that's seen the whole show lol - fuck hannah

Kevin Wasilewski

What a bunch of conniving, narcissistic jerks. Does anyone know what nationality they are all supposed to be?

th ais

how the viewers react to girls is sometimes as interesting as what happens in girls. like, it is 2020 and there are people who still don't get that you are supposed to hate all these characters and think they were all shitty friends and shitty people lol

Amrita Roy

One of the most brilliantly written scenes !

Yellow Mellow

It's hard when you really like him

the gingerbread man

Fucking JESSA. Awful person.

Chuckles Sutton

This has happened to me it’s excruciating

Susana Jiménez


mike gribanov

I'm alone in this but I'm actually rooting for jessa and Adam in this perspective. Sucks that societal standards hurt their desire and chemistry with each other


That haircut is the absolute worst.

Alyssa Schwarz

Fuck you Jessa! You never go date your friend’s ex, especially your best friend’s ex. No matter what kind of person Hannah is, you don’t do that.

Léa Durand

Its honnestly my favorite scene of the show.

Go Go

Lena is a great actress


That balcony, window scene was so perfect. It was so real. The bond you have with someone you love is that strong that you get that “spider sense” just like that and you just add one and one and you know ☹️


I really hate they went this route with Adam and Jessa, like why?? What’s the point?? Just seems unnecessary

Dani Cortez

Odio mucho a Jessa y a Adam

Karen Villanueva

Is that Joanne Tucker?


She always looks like shes having a stroke when shes sad?


This is the episode were Jessa looked so breathtaking.


I liked adam and jessa..bitch hannah is crazy!!

Aristo Teles

hakan.capkn ttext me girls if you are horny

Gleidis Santos

The fact that Jessa flat out admitted to introducing Mimi-Rose to Adam just so she could be with Mimi-Rose's boyfriend, even though Hanna, her supposed best friend was dating him, and to finally ending up with Adam herself, still pissess me off.
I never hated on Jessa's character but that was the shittiest thing to do.




With friends like these Hannah doesn't need enemies.


I don't understand how can people put someone (they love) through this.

Maria C

God Fran was the worst. Like Mona Lisa Saperstein level the WOOOOOOOOOORRRRST


I'm hurt....... so much


This scene is one if my FAVORITE scenes in anything ever. It is SO impactful. Makes me cry for different reasons. You can literally feel what each one of them is feeling all at once. They all do such a beautiful job. Love the way it's shot is genius. And the song!!

Vitória Felisberto

Sometimes i come here just for feel my heart breaking again


Jessa was always looking for someone to save her acting like she was unique, different and independent. All bullshit. She knew what strong men wanted and she acted the part. But then, eventually she ended up losing herself, realising that everybody was moving forward, even Shoshanna. That’s when she wanted to take control of her life but it was too late. At least with this group of people.

Inexpert Xennial

I had my own sister pull this on me. Its not fun.

Kim VanFelton

Jessa had absolutely no redeemable qualities throughout the entire series


Keep those ears hidden Adam :/ lol

Rebecca Elliott

Jessa is such a shitty friend


Thats a boyfriend


Am not up to speed. Never seen this show which I guess it's why am confused. Adam wasn't with Hannah when he started seeing that Jessa girl, right? Then what's the big deal that he is now with Jessa? Is it because she is Hannah's friend? Because if that's what's happening, why are people in a storm? I can see that it might be awkward but come on, the guy is not Hannah's property and neither is her friend her property so if they like each other, I say power through the awkwardness until it goes away.


Haha, I was glad that happened to her! Hannah must be one of the most insufferable and unlikable tv characters! Doesn't help that she was interpreted by the Dunham lady herself... When fiction meets reality...

Whatsupwith torii

Jessa has always been a Bad Friend, and that’s on peridot ??

Gabriella Stanley

I can’t stand Hannah. I feel for her on the broken heart level but they werent together anymore. Adam and Jessa were organic and nurturing to one another even in chaotic times. Hannah was so entitled throughout their relationship.


one of my fav scenes from the whole show!
the background music, the pov's, Lena's performance, the execution all gave me the chills. wow!

Maria Regina

...I dont get what Jessa did wrong...Adam and Hannah were broken up?


Guess what, Adam & Jessa fits better.

Michał Wu

Jessa looks so good here?

Zelda Reben

jessa fucking suuuuuuucks

Julienne Crispe

Jessa and Adam walked like zombies when they were walking away from Hannah. Is that how guilt walk looks like?

Teno Fit

Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

Summer Maclin

jessa walked all over everyone’s emotions even from episode one. her friends even say she stays for a while and leaves when it’s hard because she only cares about herself. i think i truly knew jessa was an asshole when she could have easily flown home from rehab but she had hannah get a rental car and drive and get her. hannah isn’t the best person obviously but it’s a trend throughout the show they fight and get over it. she just took it too far. really...fuck jessa

Millie Tempo



She is fucking the love of her life. Girl code doesn't go there ever! Sorry, I have been there and NEVER crossed that line!

Ueu Hin


Galilea Salinas

I’m sorry but Hannah kind of deserved this.... she doesn’t treat anyone right.... any one else think so?


Jessa looked like a DREAM in that scene.

Sara Hewson

I just realized- that’s Adam’s wife playing his wife in the argument scene, right?! Makes it so adorable ?


one things for sure, lena and the team put so much into these half hour episodes. they always felt like an hour and a half.


A great scene from a very good show.

peachy the II

When hannah saying bye to them i felt the awkwardness through the screen


this is so heartbreaking moment for Hannah. i dont even want to imagine this situation. if i were Hannah, i would only forgive them when one of them die.

Allison Samuel

What kind of play was this supposed to be?


this scene literally breaks my heart everytime i watch it.

cat mom

i actually like jessa and adam together! hannah is so selfish!

kim drakula

It made me cry so hard

Ashlie Love

I couldnt finish this show, even for Adam Drivers acting/sexy ass. Hannah was the most insufferable, unrelatable, and entitled females I have ever seen onscreen. Couldnt get past it.

victoria hale

TECHNICALLY it wasn’t wrong but I would NEVER forgive a friend who did this. I wish you well but I could never trust you. What if next time you think my husband is the love of your life? That lack of boundaries...


Somebody knows the name of the song?? Great scene...full of feelings?


3:44 Perfect parry #poiseboyz


This show was so good in the way that it really highlighted how awful and unlikable people truly can be towards one another. And I mean this as a compliment in the highest regard.

Alex S.

Miss this show.

Ani Vai

I've never watched an episode of girls but damn... this kills.


Jessa looks so hot!!

annelies Rosseel

Do people realize that the woman he is acting with is his wife

Xan Do

0:22 my love video :X.

Jessica James

I love Adam and Hannah together.

Jill Collins Brown

The only thing that makes this scene bearable is that Hannah gets to share her perspective on the matter by being published in the New York Times. It’s the perfect way to say, “fuck you both and fuck off”

Antonella Leiva


Meegs B

Vaccines cause harm. Please check out the documentary called VAXXED (recently banned on Amazon).


Girl plays his wife in the play is Adam Driver's actual wife, mind blown

Amanda Leigh

Jessa broke the girl code

Carla M.

My fave episode. DEVASTATING. :(

Catherine O'Connor

Lena Dunham has put on an awful lot of weight since GIRLS. A huge amount!! ?????

Corrine Donovan

Fran needs to take a step back and notice that Hannah is upset and stop demanding attention for once. Jesus Christ if I was in the middle of a mental break and someone infront of me was demanding and tries to touch me I thought I'd straight punch and leave


When I found out my friend was secretly dating my ex...

Eve J

i just cant take this seriously lena dunham is just such a bad person

Noam Weizmann

I had a friend who dated someone I liked and even though he didn’t like me back, I still think she’s a stone cold bitch for it. So if this happened...I don’t know what I’d do.

veronique mcfadden

How come whenever lena cries in a scene she just rolls her eyes to the back of her head. Never once saw a tear.
I fucking love this show but it's been bothering me fooooorever LEARN HOWTA CRY M8