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Self-Catheterization For Females

Self-Catheterization For Females24 Jan. 2011
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Women can learn the

Women can learn the appropriate way to self-catheterize.

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Jyoti Verma

how to find urethra ? i m not getting it... what to do

sherri bailey

What about using Lidocane to numb the area where you insert the catheter ? Looks like it would be better to numb it that ways it want be as uncomfortable to the women.

Helen Joy

One thing i find helps when teaching my carers is to keep it simple- there are two holes lol one is the vagina, pop a tampon or someone put a finger in it lol that leaves the small hole and its easier to pass the catheter in, job done! My favourite two catgeters are va pro plus which has a really great bag attachef abd really cuts down on infectiond big time and perfect for using in bed. If you can sit on a loo then compac eve is awesome and easy to use and very discreet, they look like lip glosses in your bag.

MuSlim Living with MS

I've been told to do this.. I've had 2 failed attempts hopefully tomorrow will have some success


Very well explained.

lizann nicol

l have to try this in september nurse is going to show me and then l have to do it myself before l can get botox for my bladder am not looking foward to it

Kelly Keener

Thanks. I just had to help a friend out, and this video made it possible for me to help her.

sd lena

y does it hurt if it's lubricated?it Shud b much easier but it hurts?

alexandra phillips



and you never talked about asepsis? why?


Thanks for this video. I've watched a few instructionals and this is the one that helped me. I can't see what I'm doing so it's all by feel. The phrase "little donut" helped immensely! Though I'm still trying to get the hang of it, this video made me more confident :)

anne Duncan

This is most likely in my near future and I am FREAKING out!! This explained it better than others, but the hospital nurses often had to make two or three passes before they got it in. How will I ever learn to do this just by feel? The doctor wanted to start last week and I begged for another week to see if "things" would get better. But I can't keep going 12-18 hours without emptying my bladder. I see her again tomorrow and I predict she is not going to let me wait any longer to learn how to do this. I'm scared!

Molly Mayor

Thank you , I need to start doing this and I am dreading it . I have an in continuance nurse ...