Head bangers


HEAD BANGERS - DJ Trajic - UC MUSIC - HH5 Apr. 2008
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The Headbangers song by Dj

The Headbangers song by Dj Trajic and DJ Irene. Hope u gys lyk this Underground Construction track. I'm loving Hard House forever.



Format:CD, Compilation, Maxi-Single




Style:Hard House, Tech House

Credits:Co-producer - Chazzo (tracks: 7, 8)

Edited By - Kevin Halstead (tracks: 4)

Producer - Chris Cox (tracks: 1, 2) , DJ Irene (tracks: 1 to 4) , DJ Trajic (tracks: 5 to 8)

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Adson Ramos Alves



Dopest hardhouse song ever

walter love

revise mil veces este canal..esta rola se me paso..pleace amigo..ya sabes donde enviarla.jeje..genial..un abrazo.


remember this hell yeahh i was like 14 lol in san fernando valley 818 hell yeahh back in 95'



chest rockwell

hahahahah fuck yeah!!!

Rory Knezz

I want the head bangin shit.


I loved that radio station back then when it played good music and when it played powertools at 2am. Now I dont hear it at all. I envy you man getting to see DJ Irene mix at your highschool...


the fuckin headbangers !! dj irene went to my high school when i was a junior. she went to dj along with power 106. that shit was fuckin dope ! the good ol days !



Michael Valdez



actually this shit is kinda old and it is headbangers.....this was like from 1998-1999 i know this for a fact....

Bruno Sainz

Cant say I remember "More", I remember Florentine Gardens, The Arena, Cicus Disco, and a few other clubs but that one doesn't ring a bell.

ribert stipson d santis perozo



I still love this track I want that headbanging shit


Backyard partys in BALDWIN PARK!!

Red Red

Had this but don’t remember the CD had all my shit on it Tetris buda all them shits

Jerry L

Perfect for fifa

Mari Castro

Batalle mucho en enkontrar esta musica pero al fin :) ES LA MEJOR VIEJOS REKUERDOS VARIOS SALONES TOKAVAN ESTE TIPO D MUSKIA


Where the hell can I download some old school Chicago hard house tracks like this?? I would love to throw this on at a house party with some college kids who have no idea what this shit it.

Gabriel Hernandez

yup! I got a CD at our local fair and had all those songs. best CD I had growing up.

Waldo Chavez

this shit is the bomb even tho im not into this kinda music

????? ?????

Which Vol Do You Got Hook Me Up I Love THat Shit Its Memories.

High Noon

Demonic Ones!

Roberto Costa

Simplesmente espetacular... uma das melhores músicas do DJ Trajic!!!


<3 fo life <3


anyone remember a jam by one of these two that sampled FRIDAY, the scene about bang bang bang bang up a dogs ass..I cannot find it or remember!

AyeKay Beatz

Haha atleast I know whats up. I'm 19 and I've been listening to 90's Hard House since I was 13. Discovered it on accident by downloading a bunch of random songs on a p2p site and one of them happened to be a DJ Bam Bam track LOL. After hearing that I had to look up the rest of his shit and that opened up a hole new world for me HA, I was probably the only 13 y/o with good taste in music.


Thanks for the comment and u are so right. I never liked House too fast. The original speed was the point. Hard House will never be as fast as Techno nor Poky, jumpstyle, hardstyle or anything alike. Hard House is supposed to be rhythmically danceable.

Keith Ortega

I have a tape of this


esto en mis tiempos era punchis punchis de lo mejor


DJ IRENE jajaja quien te pego nada que ver chavo que esta rola halla salido en un cd de dj trajic y dj irene que es el vol. 8 de la coleccion que saco perlees no quiere decir que sea de irene o que ella halla colaborado.. jajaja otra mas corregida DJ TRAJIC - Headbangers UC MUSIC NO NO NO !!!!!.... UC LABEL HARDHOUSE MUSIC



Ozzie Fraire

where is soul patrol and orgy trax anybody!!


Us hard house lo mejor nunca moriremos

Purna Rai

what the fuck .

Andre Rocha

Muita nostalgia. Final dos anos 90. DJ TRAJIC

Jay Dejeu

cant wait to go back my home Baldwin park ;D <3333333333


I think u can get it only. Search for UC rebel track and u'll find in either Yahoo or Google.


Welcome, I have more stuff. U shudd check my channel more frequently. :P

Edgar Acosta

Rompiendo fronteras cd Juárez el paso en los 90

No Mic Gamer

:D good times.


Inglewood California House Parties in the late 90s


@lokuazaz The sweet spot happened between 96-98, it was 135bpm and had a funky groove to it. Over the years it started getting faster, sounding more like jumpstyle and hardcore

yvette martinez

agh love this :D


haha i had this cd when i was younger. im only 22 so that wasnt that long ago lol


La Puente (626)


Quien mas viene por el video del tsuru??

Santiago Solar

this was my golden years.nothing but HARD HOUSE ...1997=2005...best years


i remember this song came out in a cd with tetris, the smurfs and i think if i'm not mistaking, a jeoperdy remix..

Lily Bear

lol thats so true


I love this song, I remember thinking it was so amazing at how powerful it was. But I have to admit, I remember there being a mix of this that had a metal guitar line in it. I'd love to hear that again cuz it really went well with the song.

David Castillo



I'm not sure but in Los Angeles all the Hard House tracks from what I know, I believe they used to play them in a bpm faster than what it was regularly made. In Mexico City, well, it was regular bpm from original vinyls.


I'm 30, this brings back memories when I was 19 and 20. Use to BANG and battle to this SHIT! Thanks for posting!


got it ..i'll try to upload..i got a lot of cds i use to get at the santa fe springs swap meet back in the days

????? ?????

Rhythm Of House Vol 6. I Wish I Still Had It. Vol 7 Is Better THough.


ima headbanger ;D

Vitor Ferr

DjT destroy toooo many speakers


Puro Anakrime, Kalifas! 714 - banging this shit all nite long! Shaaauuuuuuu

????? ?????

Anybody Know Where I Can Get The Rhythm Of House Vol 7?


Damn I remember this!!!! Lol

Dj Sujinho

EPMD!!!!!! LP "Business Never Personal" 1992

Victor Creed

Shoutout to all my fellow party people from the mid to late 90s. The fuckin good ol days will never be forgotten!
SoCal 4 life!

Robson Araujo

Rio de Janeiro Brasil 1998.


This is the song that started it all for me. If it wasn't for this song I would of probably never been who I am today. This led me to more house music and then artist Iike Paul Van Dyk, Armin van Buuren and Tiesto.

Erotico Studios

wtf? i was on trajic with pants r saggin....this shit right here, speaks for itself!!!!!!!!


fuck i lost the cd with all this shit. it was called house of rhythm headbangers or something like that i dont remember


Reminds me of going to club metro in San Bernardino



Angel Quijano

Club arena on santa Mónica I was only 14 and my friend was like 13 wow those times I missed


my goodness...bro, you're my hero...i've been looking for this song for like years...you dont understand....i like techno and trance and all but deep house/ hard house is where it's all at....

Eden Hernandez

dont forget the finger bangers lol

Fabian Gallardo

club FX late 90s tijuana Mexico good times

Ibarra family

richard humpty vission this is my house

Ur Sr

quiero una musica que dice mas omenos huajaus huajaus huajaus

Lily Bear

i've got this cd. use to get down to this shit in the 90's haha. the original is actually faster though

lissette karina

THIS IS THE @$%ish! brings back memories of los angeles back in th "arena" and all ages club alexandria...who remembers those places??


So true No doubt the 'golden years' of hardhouse Great times


this song is the bizness, [active as fuck] lol


Can u upload some of that? I mean I'm still looking for more... :P



jose torrealba gonzalez

muy buena me recuerda cuando yo competia en las disco

marlon brandon

oleee chico toma temazo olee


no hay comparacion con la musica de ahora... esto no lo escuchabas en los antros ... lo vivias


I remember the good old day's when i listen to these tracks. Dam All the ho's That use to get down to this Shhhhhooooooo! Tha Reble day's I still rock my harleys Every now and then . I use to be a promoter so u know i use to go to every event and Rep my Crew F.E's 4 Life 213!!!

Paola Ramirez

Florentine Gardens, Cali!


The Headbang Purse, The Headbang Curse,.

The Career of The Headbangers

The Career of The Headbangers12 Oct. 2019
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Wrestling Bios Presents -

Wrestling Bios Presents - The Career of The Headbangers

Mosh and Thrasher, better known as the WWE / WWF Tag Team "The Headbangers", worked for the World Wrestling Federation from late 1996. The duo had tagged previously as The Spiders in the USWA and Smoky Mountain Wrestling, however it wasn't until Mosh and Thrasher made their way to the WWF that they garnered a worldwide audience.

During 1997, the WWF was going through a transitional period, where the company was getting away from the cartoon-like superstars of the early to mid 90s. The Headbangers gimmick in wrestling fit into what the WWF was trying to become, a more edgy and contemporary product. The Headbangers did indeed have some success during their first year within the company, as the team was able to win the Tag Team Championships in a Pay Per View match. So it leaves us wondering why The Headbangers weren't a bigger deal when the WWF's Attitude Era was in full swing.

In this mini documentary from Wrestling Bios, we take a look at The Career of The Headbangers in the WWF / WWE. Topics covered include:

- How Glenn Ruth and Charles Warrington got into wrestling

- The Spiders Tag Team in the New Jersey and Dallas areas, along with the USWA

- Jim Cornette changing The Spiders into The Headbangers

- The Headbangers WWF debut

- The Headbangers winning in their first ever WrestleMania (and their first Pay Per View appearance)

- Mosh and Thrasher becoming the WWF Tag Team Champions

- The NWA WWF invasion which led to The Headbangers becoming Tag Team Champions

- Mosh going solo, his questionable new gimmick

- The Headbangers Reunite in late 1999

- Chaz in the Lo Down tag team

- The Headbangers WWE return to Smackdown in 2016

- Much More!

#wrestling #wwe #documentary

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Kyle Sites

Do a story on public enemy


Sunday Night Heat royalty


They definitely didn't do enough with these guys. They could have benefitted from a good manager, too. James Mitchell would have been an awesome fit.

Anthony Morlett

so sad WWE didnt know what to do with them...they could of stayed midcard for a lot longer much like the newer tag teams

Ed McGuire

I remember them and go way back with them when they were The Spiders working in Memphis area

Nicolas Bowling Show

Loved the Headbangers. They were super over. I disagree with the main event status comment.

Reign Gambino

Can you do a story on Billy Kidman

Tr Line

Can u please do one on the odditites??

jason dirt

I was fan of these guys I was about 15 or 16 around their debut. So I was into what they represented. It was Boss

S.R Woodward

there's an even earlier video of thrasher with Ric flair in 91

Daniel Martins

Glen (THRASHER)wearing a MOSH shirt!! (Parody on MASH)

Drew Nelson

I used to play with them on WWF war zone

Trenton Fowler

My favorite Attitude Era tag team. I loved them in Warzone, Attitude, and Wrestlemania 2000 for the N64. Every time my save data for No Mercy gets erased, they're the first two I create. ?

Romeo Koroma

Please do sting crow gimmick

MeeZy StudioZ

I love the outtakes at the end!! Keep doing that!!! ???

Katie Mcweeny

The Headbangers were ok but honestly the Attitude Era woulda been just the same without them, they werent very impactful although I thought they shoulda been bigger than what they were...what I actually remember most about them is them being on the video game WWF War Zone lol

Side note: For some reason I dont remember the whole NWA being in the WWF storyline at all? Would definitely like to see a video on that.

sam lapolla

Glenn is a good friend of my cousins. Hung out with him a few years ago at the gym he managed when I went to visit. Really good guy. Very underated tag team


Have to give them credit for being included in 1998's WWF WARZONE video game. They were obviously very highly regarded enough to be put on the game's main roster. There are only upper-card guys on there.

Difrent Styles

They had a good run thats about it. They couldn't sell tickets they where NOT over rated they did what they did for the company.

Ant Wilder

Did not see this 1 coming ????????

Luke Baer

Damn..Bret is the only member of the Hart Foundation still alive. ?


I'm loving this channel!!! This will probably get some mixed responses, but can you do one on ICP and JCW. Say what you will about their music but they really try to do a lot for pro wrestling.

Leo Conchola

Wasnt a great team but it was better than the teams that the old WWF had from 1996-97 some of the moves they did were amazing

Steven Harrison

Do a Henry Godwin video. He beat Triple H in a slop match.

Relax ASMR

Great video i had forgot about them but.... its kilts not skirts lol

Jonathan S Templeton

I started watching WWF about 95/96 and I thought the Headbangers were a lot of fun

daniel garcia

And also Vince hates tag teams

Kris Cowan

Who remember the blackhearts manage by luna vachon

Mr Tony Williams

Always thought they would be better in ECW

Jeffrey Negron

Hell yes. I hit the like button even before the video starts and I’ve never regretted it.

Scott Crawford

I loved the Headbangers! And I love this channel! Your videos take me back to my childhood! Thank you!

jon gurhnill

Why are these not on the new wwe game?


You should do The Oddities!

Gary Robinson

How Rhyno got anywhere. Bob holly was good, but he and Bradshaw learned nothing from their failures, hope Shane O Mac takes over soon.

uninterested Observer

Jim cornettes "Metal" band was probably Nickleback


I loved these guys. I hated that they didnt get the push I think they deserved.


Anyone seeing the pattern? Potentially great teams and performers being phased out for “up and coming talent”.


Why haven’t you done Raven in TNA?

david johanson

first off: good intro song. wanted to mosh to the tune!!!!! Again AWESOME INTRO MUSIC!!! Get a thumbs up just for that. Thank you!!!!

Kingman Highborn

I thought De Lo Brown accidently crippled one of these guys and couldn't walk again?

syxx Poppin

What was the intro music sample?

Bernard McDowell

Good Bio

Nightmare Fuel

Haven’t watched yet but I hope you talk about them being the tag team champions of the Universe


Tight perspective

Louis Fair

My favourite tag team

Kyle Whitehead

The Midnight Express. No one caught more heat while getting the babyface's over than them. And yet they're never really talked about.

Zombie 86

I loved the head bangers

Robert Cullen

You should do a video about public enemy. They were great in ECW. Very underrated team!

Ed Henson

When are you going to bio the Rock n Roll Express

Krakatoa Apocalypse

Good video.

For the record, people don’t “spit at each other” at heavy metal concerts

RETRO Sports

Anyone know why WWE used different theme music when the Headbangers returned to Smackdown?

A. D.

bring them into AEW they look like they are in decent shape


Gaaaaw watching this just reminds me how unwatchable wresting is.... After the attitude Era its a wrap.... Thank the good lord for ecw inviting the attitude Era into light.

wawa Elias

I remember when Terror rising was playing poker with a bottle of whisky , and these dudes went in the ring to try and get terror rising out the ring and terror rising busted one of these dudes over the head with the bottle and blood went everywhere

Trevor Norton

??? I wear a kilt because these two

Justin Lawson

Almost got all the videos you’ve done watched. Gem after Gem man. Your one of the only channels I’ll stay subscribed too. Keep it up

Insignificant Aftermath

Its strange.

They would have been ideal for late 80s, early 90s.

But back then the gimmicks were more cartoony and less grungy.

HuviOf 1800

“Real men wore skirts” That slogan till this day no one knows the origins.

Dr. Doom

more bloopers!!

Brandon Riddley

So basically their bio is “They we’re trash, the end”

Old School

Mosh and Thrasher in their mighty battles? vs (Elroy Jetson) Crash Holly, RIP, for the hardcore championship were a highlight of the attitude era

Derek N

The Headbangers were not metal enough. They needed to be more extreme to sale they were metal/headbangers. I fringed watched the WWF at this time. I was and am still a huge metal, anything from grunge to metal core, and heard of the headbangers and started watching WWF only to find out they were anything but metal. I never associated skirts with metal, nor was their theme metal so it fell flat for me.

Scott Marsh

Jim Cornette at a metal concert never thought I'd hear those words


I saw the Headbangers at an NWA Ring Warriors show in south Florida a few years back and I believe one of them (or maybe both) made an appearance at one of Gangrel's local shows here recently.

the 95 clown

Beaver cleavage eh

Ascencio Largo

Jim Cornette is like the Tarantino of the WWE, he even looks like him

Johny Porter

Real men wear kilts ???????

Bad Anoose Productions

What a awesome gimmick! Favorite tag team. 2nd is Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney similar gimmick but more extreme.

Joe Lopez

Request.. do the Fabulous Free birds.??

David Jefferies

Can you do a bio on the nation of domination?

Robert Cullen

I liked them enough, mostly because I was a metal head as a kid. But why did they wear skirts?


Mosh: If you're not down with that, then we got two words for you.

Thrasher: YOU SUCK!


Shaved heads, spitting and stage diving is hardcore punk culture. Corny confused hardcore with metal lol.


I love it, The Headbangers face the Hardy Boys, and then the Hardy Boys steal their gimmick.

oliver kloshoph

Please do a JCW episode

Paul Contento

Quick note Glenn Ruth was supposed to get an evil clown/juggalo gimmick but it never materialized

Mr Weaslio

Just a quick note to say ‘thank you’ for your hard work on the channel. Some really good stuff on here - keep up the good work!

al tanner

This channel is great. Can you make a video about Kane.

Dan Jennings

Would love to see a bio on Rick Martel

Cian Nolan



Thank you for these videos, pretty outstanding work! Please consider Ron Reis and Gene Snitsky and as Mike Tenay (another good bio candidate) would say, don't forget about the big muscle man, Rob Terry. And RelliK, which is...

Michael Mccoy

Jim cornette definitely needs a video

realass Niggy

Lol i totally forgot about these 2. They were pretty dope back then

Umm Talha

I hated these guys as a kid

David Young

Bio on the Union Stable

Austin Mitchell

Mosh and Thrasher where dope as hell

Alex Flores

Do ravens flock from wcw !!!

Vikkor Heel

They WERE SO cool

Steven Cook

These guys, The Headbangers were cool and just crazy, from the footage and videos I've seen of them, including facing Crash Holly at the amusement park Fun Time USA for the WWF Hardcore Championship in 2000. They have won 15 Tag Team Championships together. Thrash is a former WWF Hardcore Champion. Both Headbangers returned to WWE in 2016. They also wrestled in NWA. The Headbangers were criticized in the years following third release from WWE in 2000. They were criticized for their WWF Tag Team Championship reign and for supposedly not being worthy of holding the belts. Thrasher competed in the WWF in the early 1990s as enhancement talent. Mosh also competed as enhancement talent in the WWF in the early 1990s.


Loved the Head Bangers

Justin Washington

U should do a video on Savio Vega


Used 2 be my favorite tag team in the wwf and attitude era being a young kid i loved watching them wrestle

sam lapolla

My cousin introdued me to Glenn a few years ago. He is a great guy. He owns a gym in West Palm Beach FL where my cousin works out.

shadi sawaqed

I love the blooper at the end... great job once again

Norvan Zanders

Always liked the Headbangers. Underrated tag team.

As usual great job. Always look forward to new episodes.


Any chance of a Disco Inferno video?

i I

You have to do Jim cornette biography next

J.M.O 1000

I used to pick them often on the WWF Attitude video game

boss hogg

i met these guys when i did security for them in orlando fl, when they where hitting it big, they would sign autographs and i would do security for them, they where cool.

Scott Marsh

Holy young Matt and Jeff Hardy Batman

Dont mess with Headbangers from Lostlands Music Festival !!! They always k

Dont mess with Headbangers from Lostlands Music Festival !!! They always k6 Feb. 2019
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Master JuliusSubscribe 438 721

Comments (15)

1:06, when the song is so lit that even the fossil from under the ground can't hold itself from head banging.

Esphyxia [Dubstep]

MT ❤️❤️❤️

Andrew Pettegrew

I’ve been wanting to go lost lands since I was 8 and now I’m 12 and I’m dying to go

Patrick Carroll

What’s the song at 2:45?

angello pessini

Song 2:13 ?


Went to my first concert not to long ago and got the rail experience for the first time and let me tell ya, I enjoyed it

Luciano Guzman

Song 1:10 ?


First song?


Son 2:25


The headbanger raves are like kinda dangerous for me lmao

John Duchovny Ugale

This is Not Metal you Stupid ASSESS! Fuck Modern Musics!

Dubjunkie official

What sets are being played in this video?


What's the song starting at 0:55 ?


Song at 1:45?

Katty Way

Who is dj?