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we found some more weird

we found some more weird fetishes for yall!! thank you for stopping by! Leave a like and comment

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Comments (100)
CanadianCthulhu 1337

If you look up stutter porn, you will eventually find Scatman John.

im seth

Dude wth is everyones problem like first i see shit comments saying stuff like "jared is to pussy to grow a beard " and now i see you guy talking shit about his beard like why the hell does it even matter let him have wut he wants i think he looks HOT AS FUCK

Andrew Canter


♤l_Sir Ace_l♤

Jared looking like if Jesus was a metalhead..

jim t Belfiore

you nerds are a little too old to be dressing like high school cool kids

Aaron Rhys

Oh my the last one ?

Μανώλης Πιτσικόπουλος

Melissa means bee in greek ( μέλισσα ) ! Agalma (άγαλμα) means statue in greek ! Ok im done...


That fetish with the stutters might apply

Alex Lovato

Why is this video so quiet? I have my TV cranked

Melissa Pray

Fear me.


I stutter and feel attacked? I can’t help it??‍♂️

Aaron McCann

I'm surprised that a video about fetishes didn't get more dislikes.


Nice Periphery sticker

peter horvath

Probably the only one here who knows what his Naked 100 hat is..

Desolation Mania

The thing I paid attention to the most was CHON in the background


Is that polyphia or CHON in the background?

Harold Henslee

I hear the song watercoulors in the background


Stygiophilla could make for a great album cover!

Meme Lord

Jared has the keemstar beard

Rylon Young

The weird thing was I watched this with my three legged dog and when they got to the amputee part I just looked at him and spanked his nub.

Despoina Mpraessa

When most of the words are actually greek , so you know immediately what they mean and just laugh with the way they pronounce and comment on these words !! ??

Brian Bethea

2:14 "[Arousal from statues] is a solid fetish."

Can't tell if that was an intentional pun or not.

George Deves

Most of the names come from Greek words, Melissophilia is from the word Μέλισσα/Melissa that means bee in greek and Agalmatophilia is from the word Άγαλμα/Agalma which means statue.

Anthony Spickerman

im so tempted to leave my address because austin old me to. lmao

Dave Levensworth

That pic of the chick grinding on the statue was hilarious

Ian McFrazier

I have a stutter and I've never felt more special


I have the utmost faith that Austin can find fetishes that are weirder... keep trying...

Michael J

Nice Majora's Mask shirt, Jared! I think I have the same one, but I'm not sure.

Blah Blahsen



My gf hates it when I lick her nose but it turns me on like mad


that last one is metal as fuck

Brianna Fowler

Chon <3 !


Nugget porn


Fan roast : Oh look it's Mario and fat Luigi!


2:13 how did no one get the joke

Dragon Balance

Satans all pissed cause the metal heads keep cumming in his lake of fire. I bet that's like hells equivalent of pissing in the pool.

Florian Stumpf

Being aroused by hell is soooo metal ?

GreenVana Mansön

Stygiophiliac here

Jordan Powers

I don't get aroused by being in small spaces but I feel more comfortable in small spaces

donaldthescottishtwin (DTST)


andre steele

Best video yet

Christopher Slone

Stigiophiliac ;)

Jason Rushing

Audio MUUUUCH better!

deathking 4119

So pretty much the final one is some hard core bdsm type if dominating thing where its like an extreme version of being dominated forever

Brad Lewis

Arousal to oneself dressed as a giant cartoon-like stuffed animal

Umpor The Tragic

Bro. Love the tj detweiler tat

Call Me Mittens

I have that exact same naked hat. Hawaiian pog for the win!

Myles Mullarney

Stygiophilia is the fetish of the day - austin dickey

Mr. SadGhost

Holy hell, look at that Majora's Mask shirt?

joey bates

I love watching this shit at like 2 am

Ενας Γαμιολης Ακομα

actually melissa(Μελισσα)in greek means bee

Josh Harrison

im more faded than tj rn

Buy the Emoji Movie

I have Stygiophilia. Dante's Inferno is my 50 Shades of Grey

Kekistani Insurgent

My home address is 7861 Blackthrone…

RatchetOfVaporex / Thomas Håkanson


Melissa Laura

My name is Melissa and now I want to kill myself more than I wanted to before I saw this. I didn't know this was possible....thx bois

Ripley Harvey

6:04. 2.7k likes, I'm worried


Everything's flaccid down here

Davy Spearink-Jones

3:16 OH HELL YEAH! Now that's a nose job if ever I saw one!


remember when this channel used to be funny?

Jason Kameo

I think my girlfriend's stutter is cute but like, really tho?

Ethan Bagley

Is that Chon playing in the background? Maybe Chon is my fetish??


melissa is greek for bee,μέλισσα

Jessi V

Whyyy the fuck did I just have to click on this

Victo- Rhi

Can someone tell me if Austin has a Mark of Cain tattoo on his arm? I thought I saw it once but I dunno.

Jacob Goodman

Finally some classic Dickeydines format.


0:40 BEEsteality


Everyone was making fun of Jared for not being able to grow facial hair and now that he has a beard, everyone is telling him to shave it


I mean, if you're getting aroused by the thought of hell, that's probably where you'll end up in.

CitizenErased 17

Well the whole not laughing thing didnt work out. I died at the putting your dick on a stump part.

Culum Maitland

Still way too quiet, needs more compression bruh

Tug Cypher

The first one, I thought of John Mellencamp.

Simon Drouin

they have the special edition sumerian macbook

Ezio The assassin 2.0

I stutter a lot


austin making accidental puns for the statue fetish



Can't believe no one's made this joke yet ?

inferno joshman

I want jareds shirt


Soo what would the Blowfly girl technically be called then?

Sign. Me. Up.

Drew Osborne

Jared what the hell happened to the TJ tattoo


stygphilia- The sexual arousal of The band Stick to your guns

Esko Carl

These are the best videos.

Lakota Cordova

I like how jared is wearer a naked ejuice hat what's your favorite flavor from naked jared

Anthony Rivera

The last one applies to me.

TsH21 Hero

people who like stutter porn must love Drew Lynch


Pls do more of this

Alex J Tanguay

Yes Austin you’re right, the fetish of liking statues IS a SOLID fetish ?



nate Wendt

it wouldn't be the Dicky Dines Show if the audio was good



Adam Thomas

Thought that last one was sexual attraction to Stick To Your Guns. I have that.

Jacob Eberhardt

A pretty dope song could be written about stygiophilia.


dat Periphery sticker \m/

Toby The Oracle

Moa plz

Love Bernhard

what about blood fetishes?


the volume of your videos always seems strange, just me?

lawson lee

Keep going

cassidy zaye


Anime Airbags

My username says it all

chr das

i only clicked because there was 69k views.

the big D

Melissophilia is called like that because in greek, melissa means bee. Not because of any Melissa ...

Sex Fetishes - Which ones would you try?

Sex Fetishes - Which ones would you try?15 Jan. 2021
3 978

In this video, Jokestrap

In this video, Jokestrap and Jamie Lee discuss Sexual Fetishes. Common Fetishes include pegging, fisting, sounding, pumping, ball stretching, and vagina stretching.

**** Check out more of Jaime on Instagram:



Comments (49)
Sean H

Can you guys do a Q and A video sometime?


Beautiful girl on the show? Good idea ?

علي امير - ali.ameer20p

Well, if you have never tried ballbusting before, I don’t think you understand the issue. Do not think about the pain hitting. Try the medium and low level of kicks or squeezing by a woman naked foot , it will be enjoyable and the pain will turn into nothing but euphoria without damage to the testicles. As for what you see in porn videos it is very dangerous and not amusing and may lead to infertility or testicular damage. This is the advice of someone who has tried the ballbusting, and I enjoy it a lot. In fact, I feel that my erection is stronger and the semen multiple when I ejaculate after practicing it. ?????


Hahahahahaaa yall are some freaks! ?❤ I couldnt try that stuff, nope! ?


Nothing really. I like fairly conventional oral and vaginal sex.

The O.G King Fyre

I like my girl being agressive some time

Then I want her to be soft some time?? Idk why in like this??

Chris Stainer

my fetish is jacking with friends on zoom or facetime w/ boys and girls

Triston FPS X

How long does it take to come ?

Bruce L.

You three are hilarious together. Glad I found this channel


Son are you winni...

What the fuck!?

Are you watching Jokestrap Sexy Time without me?

Revenge GAMA

its my birth day this march, im turning 19 and still a virgin, if you could can you give me a toy? love it if you gave a doll haha

Buck Thrusthorn

I love Jaime! Will you go out with me and why not?


Little bit disappointed that there was nothing about feet but oh well...

will berdon

My crush was on her period and see was pissed at me and she said " ugh im gonna smear my period blood all on your face" iv got no clue what her problem is but it gave me and my call of duty friends a laugh


Wait ball kicking?! Wow.. interesting....


If a FIST has been in it a ain't lookin to Hit it

First Name

Does Ian have an Instagram or Twitter

jerk s

Holy shit i had to watch the video several times cause of the red head.(Sorry girl)her feeding machines not from this world(Ye im a virgin)funny as hell tho keep it coming!


Haha, Ian looks like a deer in the headlights, like "I'm surrounded by psychos"

I should've known Randy would be all too happy to demonstrate every weird fetish. But for him, they're already old news. Nothing is new to him anymore.

She's a great addition to the team. A female perspective will definitely change the nature of the team, but she probably has yet to realize the full extent of how crazy you guys get.
At least she has a good sense of humor. Randy's said he doesn't get that at home.

sd thrutheroof

Hey guys. Another crazy Ass video that made me laugh!!? my fetishes are tame by comparison, a woman's feet for example. Love the Red Haired woman! Very cool to get a woman's perspective. She said guys love sucking on her nipples, I can understand that!!? But she doesn't enjoy it much so her nipples are not sensitive.? Thanks for the laughs guys! Always enjoy your videos!!??

jeramie maddox

Again another great video. Who does the editing? They are so funny

Shani Madushika

So cooolllllllllll woooo

Brian Gax

Brian Gax ?

Cola - Cat

Bro imagine ur parents finding out bout ur yt channel


ass or titties

Tornado Warning Lover 9000 TORL

Finally you’re back

Cmaxx Jordan



I'd try anything once with you guys tbh. (No homo)

Quicksilver A

You guys are like the 2 big brothers that would be awesome to have lol


The election felt like a giant unwanted fisting.

Mister Galaxy


Phillip Trinh

It's a Jokestrap video! Time to close the door and turn the volume down! Lmao

Ken Behrendt

Hey, guys, did you hear about the latest ball stretching technique? You have to make a noose at one end of a rope and tighten it around your ball sack. The other end is tied to a concrete block. The guy then stands with his pants down on a bridge and throws the concrete block off of it. It's guaranteed to give him a new sensation he won't forget!

Only kidding, of course, in case there's anybody out there reading this who's nutty enough to try it.

I think all of these fetishes you describe in your video might appeal to someone who's gotten bored with regular "normal" sex and is seeking some new level of sensation. The average single guy out there, however, who isn't getting any will probably be quite happy just to get some normal sex without all of the extra "equipment". Maybe partners considering something like that would be better off working on enjoying their non sexual relationship with each other more so they won't have to "spice things up" with kinky new forms of sex?

Also, you have to be VERY careful when putting circulation restricting clamps on any part of the anatomy. They will restrict blood flow and after about 20 minutes there is the real danger of them causing what doctor's refer to as "ischemic injuries". That means that the cut off of blood can cause cells in the area to DIE! If enough of them die, a condition called "gangrene" can set it. That can require surgery to remove large amounts of dead tissue before they start rotting and causing a bacterial infection of the blood that can be fatal. Also, be very careful with any sort of vacuum device or "pump" applied to ANY part of the male or female body. If the pressure is made too low in the pump's chamber, it can allow the blood pressure in the area of the body affected to actually make the blood vessels there expand enough to rupture. Again, that can interrupt blood flow there to cause an ischemic injury. Some guys who used penis pumps and overdid it in an effort to increase penis size wound up becoming totally impotent as a result of the vascular damage the too low air pressure in the pump chamber caused. Some wound up getting gangrene of the penis that required AMPUTATION!

Whatever one does, do it VERY slowly and only with full mutual consent. At the first sign of ANY pain, STOP! Some people aren't meant to fool around with some of the "toys" out there. And, if you do hurt yourself, don't expect the seller (in the US) or the manufacturer (over in China) to accept any liability for your injury. They will just say that what you bought from them was only a "novelty" and not a medical device intended for regular use. Occasionally, you may actually notice this disclaimer on the packaging of some sex toy you purchase or some website selling them. It's there to protect THEM from lawsuits. It's up to YOU to make sure you read and understand that disclaimer. It really means that, after you purchase the item, you are using it at your OWN risk!

TD - 12IA 625592 Turner Fenton SS

my sex fetishes are fucked up too


welp, thanks to youtube for age restricting this for me


Make the videos faster!!! 13 to 15 mins shouldn't take half a month to put together.


I guess it sounds so boring but I'm just not interested in anything all that unusual. I guess the kinkiest thing I do is fuck other girls behind my girlfriend's back. But it's not like we're "in love" or anything.

Fleshmike Toys

I think i had someone pay me to eat my nail clippings


I enjoy a good kick to the balls. Would either of you gentlemen indulge me?

dendokke 82

The doll in the back looks amazed at the random perversions the entire video. Do you guys still have plans to do the review of a new stroker which you said is possibly the best 1 out there?

Gwar Richmond

Yeah..... if a chick can take it up to the elbow. I don't have nothing for her. I'd feel like I was throwing a hotdog down a hallway. That video with the head up inside is with Mark Davis, I've got the VHS, called Bazaar Sex Acts....lol !!!!

Larry Fine

Remember kids, always clear your search history.
Fun stuff.


Fun fact! Fisting is illegal to show in pornography in the UK!

Ray La Bonte'

You guys made my Friday! Thanks for the laughs! I ❤



Maciej Rubacha

First one

Mike Murphy


El Pendejo

Great vid


ok, so I have something a little kinky to report but maybe I shouldn't.... lol

Gay Guys Try Fetishes!

Gay Guys Try Fetishes!30 Nov. 2017
93 575
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Himeros.tv is an erotic

Himeros.tv is an erotic website to enhance the experience of sex and sexuality for gay men. Members have access to an extensive library of hot videos, live cam content and more. Sign up today!

Special thanks to Sam Wiles (@swiles89):


Comments (16)
Anthony Boarman

I don't like the way those large tattoos cover his nice chest. That's just me.

Syguy jackson

Y'all big GAY


Masc Crusader!

Hamada Gay Jordan

Nice ?️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??

Larry Baley

If you don't have the fetish it's pointless to pretend.

Ron Crate


Neelesh Parwar

I have navel fetish

In my rear view mirror

I cant get enough of Sam

Morticia Ferrant

Hi Guys you are so great!!!!! you should try the male armpit fetish!! please i hope you can do it in another video that would be awesome!!!!


i love both leather and piss

Dave Bolgert

Omg. You both are ticklish. I came.



Kenneth Murphy

Navel fetish here. I love the BELLYBUTTON!

Allen Gregg

I am owned by a tatted skater badboy. See my videos!


Unless you have someone you are attracted to the whole experiment is pointless.


Thinking the strength in bondage. While it is about trust, the power or strength is with the person that is tied up. This is what makes it is so erotic. Maybe ask yourself how far would you let your partner go if he tied you up?