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Axe Body Spray - The Fish Scent Secret Weapon!!

Axe Body Spray - The Fish Scent Secret Weapon!!24 Aug. 2019
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In this video, I test out

In this video, I test out Axe Body Spray as a fish attractant and it totally works! I am using the Pheonix scent and bass and pike absolutely LOVE it! Do you think fish scents work? Comment below! Thank you for subscribing to Fighting the Fish help us reach our goal of 2K subs by the end of the summer!

Infinity Random

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if everyone does this, then soon all fish species will go extinct



Waylan Smith

I think the garlic scent is the best

Coconut Water

What’s a unique soft plastic colour that works good. Just wanna try something different not the boring green pumpkin or watermelon


He sprayed that first worm like a 5th grader sprays himself.


that stuff might be bad for your line

Alex Turner

Am old school I use WD-40

Rafael Vallejo

Would that work with saltwater?


Dude amoung many plastics and fish attractants, this is probably extremely dangerous for the fish's health.


Try bang on next date w/the mrs.

Mike Chuy

Try wearing 'Bang" next time you go out.??

Alex Johnson

this will not catch anything i tried it didn't work it catches seaweed

cb A bc

I know you say it's a joke, but please state clearly in title. I say this as there are fools out there using wd40 (the company states there is no fish oil whatsoever in the ingredients and is a bad pollutant to waterways) and similar and they might start adding this spray also.


This is funny shit! These are the vids that go viral. Go figure.

Addicted Angler

i am a true believer on a scent , scent usually comes in handy in winter or slower presentation

Logan young

Does this work with eney axe body spry

Two Passions Fishing

Very interesting


I wore AX today and went swimming. I was attacked by multiple Large Mouth Bass and Northern! So, it works on fish, but I wouldn't use the body spray on a first date! :) LOL! Unless she was a MERMAID! :>O


and i thought i was gonna attract women with this,,no wonder they were repelled ,only works on stinky fish


makes total sense. if it works on pussy, it should totally work on catfish.


Is this real!?


Axe Body Spray....not just for jr. High kids anymore.

Sister-in-law wouldn't let me buy any Axe products for my nephews after the first time. Kids watch the commercials and it actually chases the women away.....but now we have a new group of buyers!!!

262 Fishing

Lure selection and presentation seem much more important, but I did make my own scent once. I marinated some plastics in a concoction of coffee grounds, garlic powder, salt, and a few other things. The only difference it made was the smell in my tackle box...


This is too much it!

Joshua Morphew

Your harming the environment and poisoning the fish with that,shit! You're probably that guy that uses WD-40 too what the hell is wrong with you man


C'mon dude up your fishing skills so you don't feel the need to use harmful sh*t to catch fish

Interplant Garlic with Roses to Produce a more Pungent Rose Fragrance?!?

Interplant Garlic with Roses to Produce a more Pungent Rose Fragrance?!?17 Nov. 2016
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Plant AbundanceSubscribe 438 721

In this video Dan from

In this video Dan from shares with you some of the thought behind interplanting garlic with rose bushes.

You can easily help support this channel by bookmarking and shopping amazon through Dan's affiliate link: Thank you so much!

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sumit bajracharya

Sir My Roses have Zero Fragrances. How?


If your rose have no fragrance at all and you plant garlic surround the rose, those your rose turn fragrant?

Brandon Burrell

That's awesome! Thanks for the information.


Hi Dan, so after your test what was the result, did you find it to produce a more fragrant rose?

skeeter stanley

ty for sharing

Trudging The Road Of Happy Destiny

Hi. Thanks for reminder. I've done this in the past with garlic and onions. I happened to find some wild garlic and now I know where it's going!


I have roses in my front yard but still have beautiful strong fragrance real smell perfume just like IMARE perfume smell

Chicken nuggie

Did it work?

Aston Bridgman

Dan, can you update us on how the garlic interplanted with roses worked out as a protection and what effect it had on the scent of the roses?

J.B. Anne

peeling the garlic or no/?

Fe C. Morales

Beautiful roses!?


How about blue raticulata iris ?


Did he ever update on this?

Holiday Garlic Herb Porchetta

Holiday Garlic Herb Porchetta18 Dec. 2018
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This incredible Porchetta

This incredible Porchetta recipe will be meaty STAR of your Christmas dinner table! Buy your copy of Tasty's Ultimate Recipes NOW -- including this delicious dish:

Get the recipe:

Follow Matthew on Instagram now:

Check us out on Facebook! -



Licensed via Audio Network

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J Ray

When did Jack Osbourne start doing cooking videos?

Disney Channel

In our country, we call it boneless lechon, the only difference is the seasonings?

Big Boy John

Is that a snake

Railgun Gaming

He sounds gay ? Just asking

Mr Chicks Butt

Stahp inthulting thim


135 your pork will thrive dry and white you ain't doing it right

Marko Lulić

For Thrithmath?

Lyxes Suaberon

Lechon is the Best


No offense but looks dry to me.

Marah C.

Looks like lechon! Yum!


I love him ??

zero crusade

Do you really have to take it out after 3 hrs in the oven to empty the tray? or you can just turn the temperature up without taking it out?

Ongles au diesel

is it boneless ?

Jules Gainey

Dry brining = salting!


yea the meat looks neat but that MARBLE COUNTER

Dani B

Diff iff ffo deliffoff! Ffooo preffy!


Questa non é porchetta..non c é grasso

Michael Acedo

Boneleth pork roath. ?? . I'm sorry i hust had to

Caio Favero

Foram poucas vezes que eu vi uma pessoa feia assim ser fotogênica kkkkk


He gay

bibi 129p

this guy looks like Grinch omg sorry


Do you season the pork loin?

zarafshan khan

What the fuck plx dnt eat it

Matthew Francis

WOW! this porchetta fed everyone in the entire office! SO GOOD! and I can't wait to make it with my family again next week! have any questions? ask me right here or on Insta!

Meenakshee Dalal

That's a big piece'o meat you have got there!


Matthew is my favorite tasty guy.

Patricia Louvre

i love how he explains everything plus he seems so sweet

FurryPineapple 420

Is everyone gay at tasty?

Yeet yeet

Ath the thimer goeth oth take the pork outh.

Yolanda Just Me

I so going to make this for my Son's Birthday or Easter 2019 which ever comes first... you know how they change Easter?eyes rolling. Butter milk biscuits, over the top garden salad and roasted garlic potatoes with green beans and it's going to be a great lunch. Go away winter! I need spring!


Crazy how they ate the string too

memory -pikachu

No matter what i messed up again?

Emily Chan

Égua nem deve estar salgado

Jordain Williams

My boi Matthew lookin like a 2nd stage evolution in pokemon xD

Beavis Kapowski

Thoth bothos! I love porchetta in my holeth

Controller Glizzy

Eww pork

flora mae donayre

Can i deep fry the porchetta just in case we don't have oven.


I am not a pork fan but I would definitely eat that.


Matthew and rye are my fav!

Al Defone

I love you dude kisses from Poland


I just made these following your steps and made a video of it. You are true inspiration, probably my favorite food channel. Your recipes and videos are so easy to follow (even I can do it). Thank you Tasty!


Dang, this looks TATHTY


He even looks like the porchetta on the thumbnail


the lisp is kinda annoying


I love his slight lisp because he is not uncomfortable with showing his voice to millions of people on the internet and I am here with just a very slight lisp but still to anxious to even speak for longer than a few sentences at a time

Axel Lexot

Отправьте это срочно друже

Lala Booboo

This is something that I might try. Or the prime rib recipe.

Alex White

Your fucking voice! Jesus it’s annoying!!

T_L 1



Thooper tholty


What's the difference between kosher salt and normal salt?



Pauline Rose

Matthew and I have the same problem with letter S,X,C,Z

Sarah Spencer

I sit down and realise I'm a fat fuck

Emma Patabendige

Prime time did it better

Kawaii _

Where's the meat?

Sumaya A

Why am I even watching this I don’t even eat pork ?

Kat Deluxy

I want to make this but can’t find pork belly anywhere

Roberts jack

"Thsuper cwristhpy thkin"

Joe J

The minor detailthhhh

you will be triggered

iss ith cwisspy?

Al Simmons

SUGAR?!?!? O_O omg

Hideout Cooking

I got hungry from just watching this video and I placed it on my list of recipes to do in the future. Keep up the great work!


Seriously, I come from THE country where porchetta is a fucking specialty. I can tell you that this is a bullshit recipe, there is more fat than meat, there's nothing special to it.
Plus, and this is the first reason why I decided to post this message, WHY DA FUCK ISN'T IT POSSIBLE ANYMORE FOR TASTY TO SHOW NORMAL GUYS ON VIDEOS. Either they're gay, or effeminate or got other unusual hysterical weird behaviour. My god, WTF is wrong in this world.


Why are so many people shitting on the way this guy talks or his sexuality? Dude seems cool and would probably blow your mind if he invited you over for dinner. (Might not be the only thing blown, heyooooo). Who cares anymore? Let the dude be



a xx


Dani B

Ooooh yaaaaaffff!!

Hussain Brothers Taqi Taha official //

I Am A Muslim And I Do Not Eat Pork.

B d

this looks like a really nice easy version of porchetta. i dont like the way it seems to fall apart, but whatever, it still looks good enough to eat

Floris Van den Doel

Damm i hate this guy please use someone else

Anat Yoshkov


Lil Niggi

... Fuper falty, phatty roaft...


I was finally able to find pork belly locally. I am definitely making THIS recipe this Christmas. Looks great !


Porthetta ith tho good ith delithous

Ken Harrison

Any other producers wanna step up and keep this guy off camera? No? Fuck...

not harris



Whyd they fire you


Ammm... What is the kosher alternative for pork belly... Cow belly? Any ideas tasty?

kanelipulla !

oh no I really wanna make this but meat is like so fucking expensive in my country this would cost me like 50 euros atleast


god ew his voice

Brick Attack

"I love those bozos more than anything"
Mathew Francis

UnderCoverAgent 399

Food wars anyone?

Shoi Griffith

I love pork! Would love to try this!

Cat 。

I love cooking videos with voices and stories ?


Tasty, moderate your comments. This is truly disgraceful.


we need more of him he's like my favourite at tasty


Honestly looks so good..... and I like plain ass tenderloins. That fat layer looks so appealing to me xD


You sound like a thyroid gland

Nero Zashi

I would Love to see the perfect gravy recipe for Christmas dinner :D

Bobby Brown

Wtf is that voice lol

William Richardson

He still spit on me a little bit while he was talking. Internets crazy

519 Forestmonk

Oh madonna

Matteo Ressa

Omg. Never tried at home. Now I want to ??

Carol Talj

Matthew Francis are you Lebanese ??


I love the story about your family, and how you challenged your dad! I actually recently did the same thing this year for Thanksgiving, basically begging my parents to let me cook the turkey. My dad gave in and said yes, but hilariously didn't actually follow through! He got everything started suuuuuper early, before I even got there! He let me make the gravy, at least, so it was something :P

I'd love to see more personal stuff from the Tasty crew! Something like what the Food Network used to do with "the best thing I ever ate" or "the best thing I ever made". It'd be neat to see more personality!

Lance Ortega

I want to be a tasty producer in the future omg


He Sounds like al gore South Park character “super cereal”

JT McAwesome-Face

looks fuckin good!