Girls squirting in shower

Shower time, game time, game on! | BBNaija S5 Lockdown Week 1 highlights | Live on Showmax

Shower time, game time, game on! | BBNaija S5 Lockdown Week 1 highlights | Live on Showmax29 Jul. 2020
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Part 1: What went down in Biggie's House in week one! There were tears, romance, first kisses and big fights as the housemates got to know each other.

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Scary Sinus Infection - Must watch

Scary Sinus Infection - Must watch25 Oct. 2015
17 944 191
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We have found that this is

We have found that this is the most comfortable nose wash to use!

Get your own Nasal Wash from Nasopure

(For licensing or usage, contact [email protected])


Disclaimer about this sinus infection flush video:

Always see a doctor before following anything you watch or read on the internet(including our video). Many people watch something and get obsessed with it, please don't....

Remember that the mix shown in this video(with onions, garlic, peeled potatoes and other ingredients) is a soup and not the mix to add in your Nasal wash!

Comments (100)
Cbiggie 92

Omfg that must have been so relieving

Daniel Perkins

I have been to my medical doctor this early morning and he validated that there was no sign of the polyps - and he merely couldn`t believe it! Just before this I had taken topical and oral steroids for 8 months and also the polyps would certainly shrink a little but the headaches were dreadful. Now, I simply needed to try the nasal polyps treatment method “Vοzαnzο Tvο” (Google it) for 5 days and now the polyps are vanished and I feel great! .


I felt statisfying

Mrs Rucker

Omg you mean to tell me thats in us? Making us feel like shit when we have a sinus infection!

Trixie Dixie

She was so cute when her eyes got all big and she said “it’s too big!” That was a big ole booger


I thought the listed ingredients were for the mix..people are gonna have a full on meal and all types of seasoning in their nose

Evi Gavala

Even if I film post I will not go that viral..weuh

Glow Dawn

does it hurt

Sweetish • Fishyy

Imagine she slurps it back up her nose


"Remember that the mix shown in this video(with onions, garlic, peeled potatoes and other ingredients) is a soup and not the mix to add in your Nasal wash!"

hahaha, well I for one was under the impression that was exactly what they used. lmaoooo. Now that I 'see' the ingredients I can't believe my mind just accepted that

Addli Luthfinur

Like a pizza Chesee


Wow! She's doing like a champ! She's awesome!

Jennifer Detrick

Poor baby ?

Pokémon and Puppies

does that hert

Joe Luis

Tge nasopure, neilmed, or the new neti pot sinus rinse bottle are all great. My mom loved her OG neti pot but i got her a nasopure for Christmas a few years back and she loves that thing. I use the neilmed. And would have got her that on but the drug store only had the nasopure same concept. Neti pot is a bit outdated lol. But works


I Espanish is saying “what what what what”


Mixing all of those ingredients together is how you get a sinus infection in the first place! Neti pots are already not that good but you added a lot more than sterilized water. And no, it does not matter how long you cook the mixture for.

Slinnx ツ

1:11 Just came back from Area 51 and now I’m installing my illegal fortnite nose controller

graham radford

When it dropped it looks like a man scre7


Nice detoxification

Joey Perez

They use the Neti pot so much it’s popping her fucking eyes out




I’m not putting onion soup up my nose!


Wakai Kakashi

I could feel the pressure relief in her sinuses when that mucus dropped. Probably felt so good.

TV MT Channel

Keep sharing everyone! We had a quarter of a million views in just 90 days! Well done!


"Yeah, It's coming"
"It was really hard"
"Tickles, tickles"
"It was too big"

That's what my wife always said.

Danielle Martinez

Poor baby. I felt so bad for her. That was a lot of junk in her nose

Notez Z

I guess she might have recovered a lot from that much bacteria gotten out

Jai On Ipad YEET

That is so disgusting OMG.LOL


I think they put noodles in the soup and she inhaled it!


The blob came out!

I usually mix sterile water with salt, a spoon of xylitol and 2 drops of iodine. I can usually cure my acute sinusitis with it completely within 2 days by applying this 3x/ day.
I'm not sure about flushing foods up there, sounds potentially dangerous to me.


Wow if there wasn't a cure to that she would've lost her sense of smell for life.....


I watch this vid every time I have a sinus infection and imagine all the gunk that's sitting in my face.

Alexander Kirwin

YIKES that looks painful and gross also what a strong kid :(

Bladenn Moyle

All my life ive been breathing out of one nostrol

Lucas Livingston

Those eyes though.

Nishi Mor


Qasied Lama

Do you this is so is costing why do you want to show us your son burger why like Siri say this is not funny



LilSilver Kitsune

Poor little lady she is such a trooper and a good girl being sick like that must suck so much

Mark Bernard

Well i wont be eating dinner now

Brenda D

My mom just left the room gaging

Hunter Daniachew

My eyes are watering after that

Always woody kreekcraft plays


s_ shaddows.

Poor baby!!! I cry when I had to do this to my baby.


My sister did this and she didn’t get 17 million views Endia Danielle

Old Man Zangetsu

Idk why i am here...

June Brison

Strange father- daughter bonding experience, but the results are amazing! What a sweet duo, not too many men would take this adventure on. Well done, Sir! You've got the magic touch with your little Princess, she obviously adores you, too. ?❣️God bless your family!


That's not a booger, that's a freaking oyster!

The McWhopper

Blowing kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

ypz '

Ku klux Klan confirmed

Vy Nguyen

"I want to see it too!"?

KS Dann

Yes it's very effective for Sinus problem.
Don't take allergic medicine, antibiotics.

Chase Watne

This just happened to me although the snot came out after I used it 30min later a sneezed and my palm was nearly covered in yellow mucus I’m scared

Ryan McGhee

Holy shitsnacks, i have been dealing with what, untill i watched this video i thought was the worst sinus infection of all time....WRONG. thank you little French girl, you have made my ordeal so much easier to deal with!

temi daodu


Sadia Brooks

It's gross but I can't look away

Letter L

Im part of the 1:13


Strangely satisfying

Soo Lambert

What is the best product or brand to cure your sinus safely? I read lots of great reviews on the net about how Sinuzolax Miracle can help you cures your sinusitis safely. Has any one tried using this popular sinus home remedy?

Umanga Deep Shrestha

Wouldn't it be better to take a steam and use neti pot?

Jennifer Jackson

Pooor baby

Stuff and Stuff

blink she did not blink at all blink child blink

Sitti Shaiva Yusup

This is not disgusting. What a brave child.


she's younger then me, and yet more brave than me to do this. sigh

Nix Eradicatus

Neti pots are a lifesaver.


Oh yes I'm sure your "very powerful" soup has outsmarted years of medical and scientific research. I mean, just look at that ingredient list: garlic, potatoes, black pepper... ONIONS?! Surely this exotic combination can perfectly target the "bacterial" infection, which in the case of a sinus infection is almost always caused by a virus anyway. Why are you keeping this amazing breakthrough a secret anyway? You can get a nobel award for such a breakthrough in the medical field! This could end drug resistant bacteria!

Hey, but before we go too far, why not do a little experient and leave your magic soup out of the fridge for a couple weeks and then take a few sips. I mean it's powerful antibiotic properties should mean it'll be just fine to consume, no?

Pobster88 J

How painful was it having all that in her nose before it flushed out? Poor kid. That was oddly satisfying though.

Free Freak

Great dad in this video

Mortal Kombat 11 Gazialbos777

Omg ?

Vilma Cruz

NENHUM BR AQUI??? ??❔❔❔❔

Annabee Bee

Aww bless....


Making the k sound doesn’t do anything...

Egidio Ruffolo

I think I'm gonna puke

Janeth Castillero

No se porque veo esta wea


damn that's like half the size of her head LOL

Maria Mitsios

Poor kid?thank God she got that out

Noah Harris

Brave little girl


she can smell color now

Cameron’s Barbecue sauce

When I try and use a Neti pot... it just goes up and comes out the same nostril it went it

C r a y F i s h

k k k k k k k k k ke-

k k k k k k k k-


I know these all to well..only thing that helps is a steroid injection and amoxicillin and mucinex

Scott Six

Nice video thank you for sharing!

Amanda Sherman

When she said “It’s too big.” I felt that

Goobert The Worm on a String

the thumbnail is so funny lmao?✋?

Char Ly

And... my diet starts now.

Nicholas Friend

Shoulda put that under a microscope

Megan McGunnigle

Oh my god. That was literally..... omg

Vasich lolcode

Ooohh the relief she must have felt.

Kali Iman

That was amazing


Wow..such relief. What a brave little one!

amy alaspa

I wish there was something for your lungs when your sick

Leah Edwards

She looked traumatised omg

Everly Irorita

Please how to prepare the Nassau spray..what the ingredients .please ..I'm suffering blocking nose with polyps.thank you

Crazy Caucasian

you do realize the vast majority of stuff coming out of their nose isn't bacteria... right?

legionmaniac -

Feel bad for the little girl

Brenda D

My mom gets my niece to go this

Andreas Biesenbach


Will Doug

what am i doing with my life watching sinus cleaning videos lol!

Deanna Calderon

Brave girl good job