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The Last of Us Part II - Sex scene

The Last of Us Part II - Sex scene19 Jun. 2020
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The Last of Us: Part II is

The Last of Us: Part II is an action-adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony. It is scheduled to launch on June 19, 2020.

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Alejandro Garcia

I think many do not like a woman with muscles:D


I was ok leading all the way up with the rough fore play until Abbys bra come off and I realized her boobs are smaller than mine.

Mr. Nikron


Eden Leave

Wait that was a women with muscles and no breasts?

Central Sword Art Online

that game is CRINGE. this scene is cringe.

LVGEGVO * tu macho *



By God nooo

Professor_Tickles 92

I worry with bad faith points like this you guys are either trolling or are not taking a lot of time to think about where the game is coming from. Let me ask you why did you think there was a sex scene? Here is what I think: Abby was just hung by the Scars with a blade at her gut. She almost died. In addition for a long period she was worried about Owen being dead since he hadn't been seen in several days. This made her want to connect intimately with an old lover.

Matías Janssen

The problema with this sex scene is not the way Abby and Owen have sex, the real problem for me is why they do it, and it is so cliché: they look at each other and wam! Sex ??

Brigitte Lempertz

OK this ist mm

Steve Rogers

two men having sex is totally normal people ... wait ... one over there is a woman?

paperweapons Studios


Nate Banton

I HATE!!! The both thoses 2

Reginald Louis

Owen is gay

Bro 123

Hate game now


So thats the lust of ass game, that people talk about so much?

Jamal Williams

Didnt need to see that again.

Jose Jafet Lagos Mercado

Elie like Dina omg

Your one black friend

Honestly so not needed

Dillian Stockman


Wayne Dowdall

It feels like the wrong person was bent over

Brayan Pagan

Just got here, guess I had same question. Is Abby a tran? Not even ufc females look so man like. Maybe cyborg

Bai De


Assassin 4056

This is just uncomfortable as hell has nothing to do with anything

XxX_Numbers_10110_XxX i

Yeah, that's a no from me!

World War 2 Footage

0:51?to small



Ezio Auditore

The teacher in class: "And that is how babies are made"
The class: .....
The quite kid: tf did I just watch?

Lake Silver

She was.... The man ?


Zombie apocalypse porn ?‍♂️

Edward Smith

She looks more like a guy then him. ?


0:521:03 her chest went from cleavage to man pecs

Vuddisa Srinu

20 X 20 X


Is thsis even alloeer

Genesis Xdee

It’s the heterosexuals trying to convert us. They are shoving the straight agenda down our throats! Lol ?

Marc W

in its butt the government and big tech is full of them

Ni Chu

ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

Nitsua Nomrah

Smell like straight up B.O and expired shellfish in there



Samuel Silva

looks like two men ?

Bai De

Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

Jake Ryan Booth

This game is disgusting

Chungus Has Big Badonkus

Jesus Christ atleast apply some lubricants first



Master Sashimi

I do like how Sony did remove the interaction mode in Senran Kagura

but this is fine I guess-

ivangta 5 gutierez1201

O si o siparq dentro yo le ise lo mismo a minprima estuvo delicioso o siiii que ricudaaaaa mmmmmm

De Boi


Milica Jovanovic

Samo da se vidi pisa

Sarah Zoz

I loro stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirli


Don’t no one start strokin like that...

Krueger Pool The 13th

Muscular women are sexy

ciptaan allah



Fucking Banjo Kazooie music



animation awesome Studio

1:03 ?

F Cruz

Los padres a los menores de edad:¿Que carajo estan jugando?

Saiful Purnama aji


Bui Ca

Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

Gdhxbxgg Gshfbgs

Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m


I saw LTG play this on his live stream. I was like, "Okeey, I no longer need to buy this game, now."

lara cavallo

She wasn’t gay?

Julian JV

Sword fight, jajaja

Luong Van

0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.

Gdhxbxgg Gshfbgs

Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan


Bruh thos was one of the animators sexual fantasy


I can only imagine what that room smells like.

Is R.A.E.L

Why fuckin muscled ladys is weird

Pankaj Kumar


Connor Buskirk

She got pecs not tiddies

Muhammad Risal

Gara gara Miawaug ?

Ni Chu

Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

Bai De

Is my is my mother goose club out.



What do you care?


Corzda is 9

Mw2 general shepherd-
I lost 25,000 men
Me: to this vid I suppose
Him: it was a dry entry

Catty Fangames

0:58 the good part

Thiago Acosta

Soy el unico que habla español Aqui?

De Boi

Very nice….



Francisco Macedo

Should've spat first


Someone please...please reset back the character body type.


She has muscles not titties

Try Lap

Beautiful love u.

Try Lap

0:22 my love video :X.

Sthdvgsg Gshdvdgh

Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja




They show nipple

Jay Klappa

The fact she overpowering him like that is so non femine its disgusting

Weenis McBungus


Bai De

0:22 my love video :X.


"Santa Barbara" ça te barbera, mais tu ne sais pas pourquoi tu regardes ça.

regulargodzilladude youtuber

so we shure she not a man?

AgiYo x2

The background music sent me


This is as sexy as a shart in a spacesuit


.... But why!?


What the fruit

Nahuel Diaz

Ja Dou




Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.

Mar Mar


Get In Bed With Hasan Piker 6'4 Woke Bae

Get In Bed With Hasan Piker 6'4 Woke Bae9 Aug. 2019
181 325

On this episode I have

On this episode I have woke 6'4 bae, Hasan Piker open up on how he lost 80 pounds, found courage to talk to girls, overcame his insecurities, found love, and dated a porn star.

We then discuss Leo traits, what men want, whether guys care about a girl’s labia, sex, eating ass, open relationships, f*ck buddies, and toys,

We end the podcast with fear of rejection, being vulnerable, coming off overbearing, and the struggle to find love with you don’t love yourself.

feeling overbearing, how to win a breakup by changing your perspective, dealing with anger, marriage






business inquiries ONLY: [email protected]

ADD Hasan ON:




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Randy Bobandy

What kind of piece of shit stares at his phone in the middle of a podcast that is being video broadcast?

Scary Hours

Woke Bae.....?????

lil sprite

This guy is an actual moron though xD please don't have these type of smooth brain guests on the show.


Hearing a man talk about a woman’s anatomy in a positive way? That is so rare

Victor Kipgen

Hasan looks like me after I eat one too many ramen noodles.

Mike Garza

Yea I HATE pet names. Babe or etc. It sounds so corny and like he said not genuine. Because those are generic titles that feel forced because that's just what people in relationships do.

Generic American

When I was in middle school in the early 90's I watched a movie called "Pump Up The Volume". The main character was a pirate radio DJ who talks about being naked wearing only a cock ring. Pre internet I went to the library and looked it up in a book called the "Joy Of Sex". I then washed my hands.

Dylan R.

I need an unedited version.... between cuts are probably pretty sexual lmao

Abraham Alzoubi

Being pro Palestinian is not an opinion lmao it’s a human rights issue lmaoooo

Madolyn Amira

DAMN he fine

Bune Locke

hasan viewers left when she said she was israeli lmaooooooo fuck israel ???


"omg yea me too"

Siddharth Sharma

Lol its not woh wons't du

Björn Pagenkemper

"Wo wohnst Du" means "Where do you live". "How are you" is "Wie geht es Dir" in German. Greetings from Berlin! :)


Hasan: doesnt need forgiveness
Host: i forgive you

marcus Bear

This is super awkward considering they already know each other.


wo wohnst du haha


Hasan said ''where do you live'' instead of ''how are you'' in german and it exactly represents what hasan is doing in germany ;)

Stephen SLM

im 6'4... siiick

Not Fabre

Free Palestine

Big Boy Bernie

Hasan is way better now


The youtube algorithm was wrong today....

Eugene Williams

I've never been cheated on that's a has mod out the ass he can't keep getting away with this

jacob mullins

Azan definitely smashed after this interview. Pog

Eugene Matthew Tuzon

I feel like describing a guy as a teddy bear is like the straight version of calling him a bear.


holy shit this interviewer is so bad + her being thirsty for hasan the whole time was so fucking cringy to watch.


Like I’m not being funny, if someone opened a conversation with me being that strapped to a phone I’d have left before they looked up. How entitled do you have to be to disrespect someone like that, you can pick up your phone after they’ve left. ?


Literally has the most generic interview questions. I guess some people have talent, and others go through the motions


Hasans stance on cultural appropriation is so based, imagine thinking culture mixing/ integration is a bad thing lmao

OddBox Gaming


Timestamp Tammy

Oh no, only a 59% female audience pepelaugh

warren botes

Fuck. Nationalism is so fucking stupid.

Hailey Torres

Lol @hasanpiker hallo wo wohnst du is hello where do you live? In German hello how are you is hallo wie gehts ihn oder wie gehst dir

Robert Gowdey

Free Palestine ??✨

sloth enthusiast

Bruh she is so awkward interviewing him I feel like she’s going to try and eat him. Weird predator vibes from this chick. ?

Buzz Zu

Wait i agree with the head thing. I feel like giving head is more gross and degrading than actual sex.

Jennifer Salinas

I relate with Hasan on not wanting to be overbearing. It feels icky to be overly affectionate but I guess this just requires some good ole introspection :D

TolgaDur ASMR

"How do you say 'Hi How are you in German'"
"Hi where do you live"

Sierra Sierra

I with her on the head stuff, it's so much more intimate, and its like a special gift that I only like to give to significant others

Richard Cabanas

So far an amazing podcast

Trevor Price

Is this hasan abi? On twitch? Im confused. This dude is a monster irl ? looks so much smaller on twitch

Raineri Rinkeli

Is this interviewer an AIPAC agent?

After H;ours

I feel like, when they talk about sex, I shouldnt be listening. It's so intimate hahahha


People: wow this is insightful

Me: 23:04 that’s what she said

somiari tobin

A bit less than a fortnite before 8/21 boys

Tamara Karlas



So far im 33 minutes in and i was liking the interview, thought it was quite personal and from a different angle than usual...until she kept pestering him about his rumored relationships with celebrities.. if he doesnt wanna say why force him...also the anal stuff was a little much and lowkey irrelevant to really getting to know hasan as a person...yeah he seemed uncomfortable... That is all to say i can not read his mind nor do i know what theyre like behind the scenes. Only watched a third of the interview anyway so it might reveal some plus points aswell. This is genuine constructive criticism

Jasim ker

11:46 Thats some creepy stare,kinda reminds me of the possesive girlfriend meme


god i love hasan but i can barely get through this video its so awkward ?

Christi Clark

Honestly this interview was pretty interesting. It might not be "on brand" for Hasan, but it was a different perspective and I enjoyed it (maybe I'm just a simp tho idk)

Blu the White Knight

hasMods moment

Somebody Else


Mary yourdaddy

Hallo wo wohnst du is hello where do you live but yeah you got hello right


I’m sayed Idrissid and Israelite of Algeria diaspora imagine how conflicted my friendships and political views can be sometimes btw turkey and “ Muslim brotherhood”

Annette LF

The only person who tells me I won’t make it, is myself...

John Scialpi

Ive never seen such an openly conceited person before, I guess if your tall you can get away with being an ass


I felt so uncomfortable watching this

J. McConnell

'Woke bae' fucking hell what is this cringe, it's no longer 2016. Please let it end


This girl is the perfect example for the fact that looks ain't everything.


The girl was very annoying

Leah Sorensen

it’s bad how attractive he is

Rip Harambe

Hasan koçum kızlar senin için sıraya giriyor bak elimizdeki en güçlü koz sensin. Türk genini yaymak senin elinde koçum düş yola koy amlara lol

Holly Albert

It’s weird that he glitched when he was talking about being lonely. So on point with glitching

Elie •

Okay, Hasan being hot and shit aside, who tf still says bae?


Hasan is so perfect I literally cant

Vanessa Shell

Is any woman immune to the Hasan Effect?

Heath Anderson

I’m str8 up Gaga over the Girl ?


brUhhhh not her defending Israel-

Patrícia C.

This was the longest foreplay


When a woman comes on your show do you list her bra size in the title? Must be ok to objectify Hasan.


Well, did they smash?


This is sooooo awkward. Why is the host soo bad ?

Long Khan

Pongan más videos de porno es lo que más estusiasma.


why is he on his phone so rude

Lleyton H Habimana

he looks like a chad here how tf

Arch Dornan

Palestine isn’t real.

Pappa Pat



I knew I'd regret clicking this...this is bad

Aku TheAntagonist


Will Abbottsmith

1:03:23 this is literally an episode of curb where richard lewis says baby too early and larry comes up with plan for him to call everyone baby in front of her LOL

Nagato Ryu

Jfc her thirst was too obvious ? I bet after that they friked looool

J King

Hasan should do an interview with Ben Shapiro and take a picture together standing.

Arshbir Janagal


Space Chase

Hasan wants this bad lol

Space Taco TV

he can't keep getting away with it


Insert Ted memes below. “Nobody wants to fuck a teddy bear”

Manoj Kumar

Even a chad feels insecure if his girl is fooling around , so much for progressiveness ? , wtf is this Interview , eating ass , Anol and relationship, dude frick it ?

Renée Lucero

I feel like Hasan and Angiespeaks would get along really well.

pia katharina

fyi it's not "wo wohnst du?" (where do you live?) its "wie geht es dir?" (how are you?)



jetzt reichts

Jonny Piña Allendes

I'm so sorry but straight males are so boring hahaha I prefer your interviews with girls ?

Laura Vela-Daulon

This is so awkward to watch


1:14:07 Damn I've done that too??‍♂️



Jessica Roy

When Hasan says he’s dominant in the bedroom... ? can I come!?!? ?

PF Films




Kristen wait we can't just zoom past that


He's so hot.

Hawra Ahmed

she’s literally the definition of a clown. “How dare you speak against my country, the same country who is committing a mass genocide against Palestinians” like girl if you don’t shut the fuck up. the pink hair gave it all away.

Kerri K. - Family Recovery Speaker - "How to accept I'm powerless, but not helpless!"

Kerri K. - Family Recovery Speaker - "How to accept I'm powerless, but not helpless!"16 Jul. 2014
100 540

Kerri K. is such a delight

Kerri K. is such a delight to hear tell her story at Al-Anon speakers meetings. She has a great style from the podium that is endearing and easy to relate to. In this tape, she shares her experience about being powerless and how accepting that leads to so much freedom. However, powerless does not mean helpless, and she talks about the empowering experience of going to Al Anon and how it has changed her life!

The Twelve Step Model has been utilized as a treatment for alcohol abuse and alcoholism since 1935. It is extremely important to know that help IS out there and addiction recovery is possible. If you or anyone in your family are battling alcoholism, drug addiction, addiction or any other form of addictive behavior, there are people who know EXACTLY what it is like!

Every tape is carefully selected to ensure its quality and that it is entertaining to listen to. You can trust Odomtology 12-Step Recovery Media to be synonymous with the best online recovery material out there. QUALITY is our mission. This is why we have such a large and engaged following. Have fun and enjoy listening to the amazing, wonderful, and powerful recovery speakers!

Be sure to follow us on social media at:




Namaste, friends and blessings to all! :)

Channel Home-

Comments (37)
Dawn. Cheri Paul

Oh I hear you

Sarah Burtnett

Kerri, thanks for sharing. I related to so much. Inspiring!

Lisa Moya

Thank you so very much, Kerri K!! Your transparency is the most beautiful thing I've heard in a very long time....God loves you and adores you more than you will ever comprehend!! Love to you!!

Morgan Hayes

I’m new to the program (about 2months in), & I’ve never heard anyone say so many of the things I feel. I’ve never been able to let people in, never felt like it was ok for me to feel something if it would make someone else uncomfortable or unhappy. I’m about to give up my home & the one person I thought I could count on in my life, because I’ve realized that I cannot grow or get healthy with them in my life. Thank you for this share. It gave me so much hope.

Blissful Life


Treeva Peacock

I just stopped the tape where you were saying you spoke on going to the 21 day dawned on me WHY alot of alcoholics relapse , I think there are probaly quite a few who didn't get that safe space you speak of to unburden their hearts
And even if they're doing ALOT on their own and are being diligent and sincere.....that component of unloading and being in a protective environment for 21 days is paramount...THE key element among it all for not all, but many.

Alisha Markee-Ala

I just listened to that and felt so touched.  That was amazing story.  Thank you Keri for sharing your story.


Keri, your story moved me more than any other story I have ever listened to in my entire life, and I have listened to many. You have been through some difficult times that's for sure. But you came out an angel. You hit feelings I never knew I had. Your heart is pure Keri, I will never forget your life lessons. You have a gift for explaining your hardships, and how you gained strength through them. The story about your Dad just ripped my heart out. How painful his words must have hurt you. But you did not give up on him because you know he truly loves you. The story as to how you met the love of your life was beautiful. You deserve one another. Thank you for who you are, thank you for opening up a memory of my own Dad I had buried deep in the bowels of my soul. I wish I had listened to you in my twenty's. I would have lived a better life. God Bless you, all my love...Andi

Maria Madeza

Kerri, my dad and I have a strained relationship. I really identified in when you had the reunion with your dad. I totally get it. To be loved and adored by my Heavenly Father and knowing that while sitting with my biological dad is the best feeling in the world. I am good enough and holy enough for my HP. Thank you.

Stephanie Mojica

Thank you for posting this. Kerri's talks, which unfortunately I've never had the privilege to hear in person, have given me a lot of comfort during some pretty hard times.

Dani Alvares

Wow, what a blessing and miracle. Thank you for sharing your story.
Keep Trudging.

Ashley Semones

I have listened to her 2 times now! I love it! Her honesty is moving!

Robert Oneill

Amazing journey to happiness and self discovery. She had me weeping.

Asha Sanawar


Julie Kaufman

Excellent, honest, helpful. Kerri thank you for your COURAGE and BRAVERY. WE need more LGBT+ positive program speakers. This really spoke to me on so many levels and I am grateful.


Such an incredible story! I’ve listened to it several times over the years. ?
Makes me want to go hike in Phoenix and get a teddy bear ? ??


Absolutely beautiful! Thank you!!

Bonnie Baker

Bless you for this incredible Share...

Ash Carrier

Wow ? what an amazing story. I cried so many times. She spoke to my heart! God was responsible for me hearing that today! I would love to hear more from her.

Julie Fisher

Wow, what a beautiful attitude to have gained from the rooms of recovery, thank you, that gives me confidence in what’s ahead for me. Thank you x

Bridgette Noel

My boyfriend relapsed last night after 4 years of being clean. I’ve never attended an alanon meeting but something told me to read on it today for the first time and search on YouTube for speakers. I kept fast forwarding and switching through videos thinking do I really want to waste an hour of my time after the night I had after the day I had listening to this and I landed on this one. I’ve cried laughed and felt understood by someone who I can’t see, couldn’t shake their hand and that, it was a moment.

Brand New Day

Thank you Kerri

Terri Sutherland

Thank you, Kerry!


Thank you Kerri. Brought tears to my eyes... wish I could hug the teddy bear ???

Zosia Bazgier

Thank You ! Great happy talk!!! <3

Ron Moss

Awesome! Thank you for posting.

Val Mel

Her story was awesome! Thanks for sharing

Catherine Healey

Such a powerful story. I cried several time and am convinced that God sent me to listen to her so I can move on.

Christina Parsons

Thank you soooo very much for sharing your story❤️. I’m not in a good place in my life right now, but I won’t give up! One second at a time is how I’m surviving atm, but it’s something?


Heartwarming share? BLESS YOU?

Annette Crossno

Amazing!!Thank you for sharing,


Thank you for putting these upI cant get to the meeting much so Im greatful as I need peace its draining me being with sick aa person hes argumentative i have learned not to argew i let him do his thing. I tried to leave but it went wrong had to move back. I didnt want to but ran out of money. I need to give it a go and be well so thank you it begins with me.

Jess Unknown

I just want to thank Kerri, wherever she is, for sharing. I hope one day she reads this, so she can know how much her story moved me. I was meant to hear her story today. Thank you, Kerri

Sarah Ninnie

thank you!

d p

Thank you Kerri. You just changed my life. xoPatti

chloe blackburn

These videos are great, thank you

Ava Scanlon

Thank you.