Girls masterbating men

Video shows naked masturbating man in Lake Oswego yard

Video shows naked masturbating man in Lake Oswego yard4 Sep. 2014
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Suspect was seen

Suspect was seen masturbating in the driveway and back yard of two houses in the 3000 block of Douglas Circle.

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Silent Hood Official


Family Guy: brian is caught masturbating

Family Guy: brian is caught masturbating23 Jan. 2018
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Scouty Williamson

Poor bryan


Damn... I think I'm beginning to see why alot of people wish he was still dead


Red rocket! Red rocket!

Naruto, Ninjago, and The Flash are the best

Okay, that is just inappropriate for a kid’s show

Ryan Blanche

Why didn't he just do it in a private locked room or something? You know, where it SHOULD BE done.

DrumZ DuVal

Brain is BY FAR Seth’s best voice ever!!!!

W for Wavy

Brian always gets fucked Over lol

Dark Hood Chief

Brian's some next level stuff

Mangplamatada Von yiurs

Brian is a fucking dog oh my fucking god..... you weirdo girls

StarDust 227

See in a situation like this you have two opinions
1) hide your junk
2) hide the photo/video
If you do both you have unlocked your 6th sense

The Snow Dog




Random Panda

My middle school friend was called Martha-

Nate thegreatYT

Why Brian oh my god my favorite character ewwwww????????? he is a pervert for now my favorite character is stewie

Family Guy - Brian Gets Caught Masturbating

Family Guy - Brian Gets Caught Masturbating28 Dec. 2017
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Family Guy - Brian Gets

Family Guy - Brian Gets Caught Masturbating

Episode 7 / Season 16

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Paladin Boyd

Why dose he need lube?

Jaylen Williams

Is it going to say copyright purposes every 20 seconds!!!!?!!?!!!!???!!!


The copyright purpose was so f*cking annoying.

Bjork Laser

Story of my life...



Philip Tucker

We have all been there before Brian...yes we have...

Greedy face 354 Greedy face 3542



Copyright (for Brian jerking off)


Cocaine, glorious cocaine. Best stuff in the world. ?

leslie hicks

About doing that when you calling your girlfriend

Brittney Nicole Saenz

Wow gross masturbating ewww


Disgusting dann dog

Kid Gamer


Breno Henrique

Who the hell posts a photo on a funeral in facebook amyway?



Yidan Chen

Martha caught him mastur bating that should be apart of the song

salang-ui yeosin

Am I the only one who realizes that these women are willing to date a dog?! Are they really that lonely??

Firework Flier


Obese Garfy

Lmao the copyright purpose every couple of seconds.