How to lighten beard naturally

5 Simple Ways To Lighten Facial Hair Naturally

5 Simple Ways To Lighten Facial Hair Naturally29 Oct. 2020
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Do you have facial hair?

Do you have facial hair? Does that make you feel embarrassed when you are with your friends? Facial hair is one of the biggest problem areas when it comes to looking our absolute best.

Today's video will discuss 5 natural ways to lighten facial hair.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in our comments section below.





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Comments (2)
enock b'e'n

I like watching those videos

lisa mariya shiju

can u plz do for face whitening

Trying Hydrogen Peroxide to lighten my body hair (natural) DIY

Trying Hydrogen Peroxide to lighten my body hair (natural) DIY11 May. 2020
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Solution: (half hydrogen

Solution: (half hydrogen peroxide, half water) *you can add lemon juice as well*

If you have dark hair or long body hair, do it more than once!! it starts by making the root light than the hair itself

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Comments (14)
Verity Arden

I feel like it’s way more normal to have lots of dark body hair than we think. I have lots of dark body hair as well. I used to shave everything, but I just stopped this year.

Emilija Terzic

babes it perfectly natural ??

Perrine Demaret

Absolutely normal to have that much bodyhair as a woman, never believe anyone who tells you otherwise :D I stopped shaving a few months ago and thought I was weird because I've got lots of bodyhair (even at places I never expected lol). But now that I've seen lots of women with bodyhair and talked about it with lots of ppl, I realize it's normal, even more if you have dark hair. We just got the feeling it is not normal because we never have seen and we still don't see many women who keep and assume their bodyhair. Even in history books women from the prehistoric age are shaved :') Do whatever you want to feel good, shave, don't shave, bleach, etc, but never doubt about you being normal because you've got bodyhair, you're beautiful the way you are and there is nothing strange about your hair !!!

Lunako 1111

Thankyou so much for sharing this solution, for so many people saying 'it's normal' usually don't have as much hair as us hairy girls. It's not nice and it sucks if you don't like being hairy.

ravi sharma

Hey i just wanna know that did your body hair removed??? Please rey

Hannah Velasquez

You should have mixed baking soda with the hydrogen peroxide and used seran wrap

Hannah Velasquez

You should have mixed baking soda with the hydrogen peroxide and used seran wrap!

Ana 911

Unrelated but you remind me of Megan Marckle ?

shingara Singh

Can we do this on private parts ??

Noir Fit

.....I’m gonna try this on my peach fuzz mustache lmbo ?

Yuuki Bean

I have pcos so I will def use this so that when it grows out a bit it won't be as noticeable!

Pizza Panda

I also have long dark body hair but it’s genetics and I hate it so much but if I shave it grows back thicker and darker so idk what to do

Sonia Hernandez

omg I’m going to try!! THANK YOU SM FOR THIS!

Edona T

Body hair on women is absolutely natural! And its beautiful. I have hair just like you bc I'm Latin, haha. I'm glad that you have found a way to feel more comfortable, however! I dont know who you are, but all the love to ya!!

How To Whiten Your Dog's Beard & Coat | Sheepadoodle, Goldendoodle, Labradoodle

How To Whiten Your Dog's Beard & Coat | Sheepadoodle, Goldendoodle, Labradoodle3 Feb. 2017
95 988
Doodles UnitedSubscribe 438 721

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Whiten Your Dog's Beard and Whiten Your Dog's Coat for a beautiful bright white fluffy look and silky soft feel. (See links to the products in the description below)

Join a great crew of peeps and pups in our private 'Doodles United' Facebook Group if you haven't already. It's a fun place where Doodle Dog Lovers share top notch tips and tricks for DIY grooming, pro. dog training and behaviour pointers, educational interviews, etc. There's a great crew of peeps and pups in our group, check it out!

You Can Find Us Here:

Doodles United on Facebook:

Doodles United on Instagram: @DoodlesUnited

Doodles United Website:

*Here are the links to all of the products featured in this video:

1. White on White Shampoo:

2. Large Slicker Brush (Undercoat care), this will make your Doodle's coat look super fluffy (and absolutely gorgeous):

3. Cowboy Magic Shampoo:

4. Cowboy Magic Conditioner:

5. Large Pin Brush: I love this brush:

6. Metro Vac Air Force Commander (2 Speed): I LOVE this dryer!

Comments (43)
Arlie Sheepadoodle

I'm buying this right now! I googled how to whiten a dogs beard and I cannot believe a fellow sheepadoodle was the first video?!?! Ahhh! You are so cute and fluffy max! Can't wait to turn my dogs beard from gross to white and clean! Thanks for the video!

Lucille Lemos

The dog's beard was not stained to begin with so this didn't show me if the product worked. sorry:(

Rhett Barkley

Love the markings and the name! Doodles are awesome, here is a compilation of my two goldendoodles Rhett and Scarlett. Godlendoodles : Life's an Adventure

Alexandra West

Thank you so much for this video, I am getting my first sheepadoodle next week and I am so glad I watched it. Now I know what products I need to get to be able to take care of his coat. Thank you again and please make more videos like this one.

Lucas Sophia

I got my 12 weeks old female Labradoodle pet from garyjamie01 on Instagram.. Current on shots and vaccine, crate trained. Such a lovely pet

Mitzi Farr-Rubright

Can you use this on Maltese?

Kit Katsuki

Oof I have clay all around my house and my dog is huge! And hates baths!

Jose S

Thank you for this video. I'm waiting for my first sheepadoodle, cant wait! Max is beautiful.

Thu Nguyen

I just wanna hug him :(


Very good tutorial! Keeping my emotions in check (as you mention) seems to be the best tool for making our doodle bath sessions pleasant! I just ordered the White on white, cowboy shampoo and dryer from your links.Can't wait to use the dryer as we have two doodles (Max and Micki) and it takes 4-5 full sized bath towels with every bath! :-)

Angie Lawrence

Nice video but by would u want a dog with curly and want to straight I love my dog’s curly he is not a doddle tho

Dylan Robbins

Thanks so much for the tutorial! We are getting our sheepadoodle puppy in a few months. Should we start with this larger blower from the start or wait till the puppy is older? Love all of your videos and FB posts! So helpful!

Biting Goat

Hooray!!! We’re watching you with Sadie Rose from Ontario! Great video ???? sheepadoodles rule!!!


How frequently do you have to wash it when the mouth is entirely dark orange?

Will it have to grow out?


Does the Whitening shampoo work on apricot beards as well? My doodle is golden/apricot colored and I am not sure if I should use a product meant for white coats.


Does this product work on anal gland stain?

Hemal Karambelkar

Look at that cute face

Gabriel De Assis Siqueira

Thank you so much for sharing such a nice information with us. I’m buying the white to white shampoo. I love my baby “Joy” to go outside to play and be happy. But, she also gets so dirty and I honestly don’t care at all if she gets dirty from playing and having fun. I just don’t want her to keep looking dirty after all. The products I tried just make her more yellowish and I don’t like that at all. Anyway, thank you so much ? again.

Haley Marion McLean

How often do you whiten his beard? Is this weekly?


What do you think of Chris C's Show Off spray for in between baths? I need something for yucky beards.

birungi phionah

Can i use white on white on my 1month puppy? Thanks for the video???❤

Jocelyn Jew

Aww so cute! I have a Labradoodle too!

Yuyu Htoo

My German shepherd is December 25, 2016. She's still 1 year old.

becca bunkam

Where do you buy this shampoo? And how much is it?


Shoulda showed him running around afterwards

Michael Loper

2 questions. 1. Why do YouTube videos always have to have music and 2. Why is the music always terrible


what is the name of it???

PinkyDoo AndFuriends

Thank you for this video. I have toy poodles but I'm guessing everything is done the same way.

Laura Nava

Thank you so much for the awesome much needed video. Question.. for an old English sheepdog do you recommend the pink dryer for double coat or the orange one you use for Max? Thank you

Naz F

Coton barking

Haley Rowland

What do you use for tear stains?


Can I know how to bleach the black fur into white

Diane Moore

I had that dryer and gave it away! It's a toy compared to the Chris Christensen dryers! I have 4 Standard Poodles and groom them myself and my granddoodle (Sheepadoodle puppy) . The Chris Christensen dryers have a LOT more power, and are amazing! Their speed is adjustable, and they're pretty quiet considering the power they have.

Summer Orta

Will the white on white work well for darkrer rust colored tear, bard, and paw stains?


Would have liked to see how to rinse out the shampoo from the beard/face. Makes me nervous to use that much shampoo around the mouth without seeing how to properly rinse it so that the water doesn't go up the pups nose or in his ears.

Laura Barber

Your dog looked clean to start with. I have a white Puli which is the string mop dog and because she squats she gets urine on her backside dreads and they get stained with urine and I'm just looking for a way to clean them. The dreads from her back are over 12 in Long. Any ideas? Thank you

Eliakim ishchayil

Did Max have beard stain before you used this product?

Anthony Echevarria

What happens when you accidentally put it on the black fur part?

Kerri-Ann Bell

Thank you for making this video ? and adding the links.


Thank you, I just purchased white on white from your Amazon link!

Luna Xoxo

What do you use to get rid of eye stains

Pamela P

Omg!! Now I believe in love at first sight. He is gorgeous. ???

Erin Stritzinger

As a professional dog bather I have to say u did great! May I suggest u get a stand for ur dryer so u can use two hands to dry him. I think u would like it