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Vic goes back on Tinder ( i think i found the one )

Vic goes back on Tinder ( i think i found the one )23 Jan. 2020
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snapchat - VicChancellor

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Ninow Cash

hope u get cancer


Daddy Vic changing ??


Hey Vic ?

everyone sleep on svrite yall needa wake up

What is ur outro song


Post ur playlist. sorry I’m late

Coby Lopez



Vic are you banned on twitch?

Master C

When Vic can’t think of another name for the vid ( Vic goes back on tinder (found the one))


FUCK BRITT 2020!!!


I swear every single Omegle video “you find the one”?


Vic eats trash


150K Vic?

Thats Tuff

This nigga really started praying ?

Sam Saltzman

Vic you should thell these girls about the fleshlight story and then you'll start pulling

Mr Shiesty

Vic’s gayness

Lil Scar

She a ugly bitch

Jahyir Wynns

can someone please tell me the outro song name


lol hey victoria




Yessir a new video and I donated in this stream u ain’t follow me on TikTok ??

Same Bertoe



britt ?

jj Scott

who fw them milfs????????

Kevin Aprea Cabrera

4:41 perfect timing?


Bruh did anyone see that kid pop up when Vic was swiping ??


3:44 just lookin at wat I said nothin important

Mr Starfish



never seen a frog eyed nigga drinkin his own piss




ngl this vid was ass vic.







Esor E

Lmfaoo didn’t expect to see me here but hey (LA)




Love you

Eli Sparrow



1:31 hey look it’s me


Vic will pin this idk why but he will


Vic Kobe Bryant died bruh deadass


lol frog face


Nice video baldy

Negative Mantra

you drink your piss too often bruh lmfaoao


What does this kid stream on?




vic i haven’t been on ur streams in a minute bc i’ve been talking to this girl but yesterday i finally lost the v card ??


when he drank his own piss I cryed

thierry barbosa

vic is dumb af LMAOOOOOOOOOOO

par cheesi

youll pin this if you like your subs

Jomi W blanet

vic i fukn Love you bro (NO HOMO) found ur channel like 1 month ago legit seen all ur videos ans streams since then,u funny ah


Who he on call 2



Rue Boe

Vic is gay

Jason Smith


what up

You a fucking simp

Elf King



Sick Vic takes W’s

Crusty Grandpa

vic can i get mod lol

Toni96 _

Does he really drink his own piss? I mean he is really crazy soo I don't think he is joking


I don’t even no


Bro Vic the Gail girl live in pk because she goes to Marist college

Gieza -

Guess what Vic

Fuck you


4:42 perfect timing

Hector Sanchez

Yo whats up vic

Axel Schäfer

His channel dying again ??


Her name gail, i wanna rail, lmfao

asap hector

When u alr watched the live stream WHAT THE FUCK


How many times you 'found the one' ?


When I tell u I spit out my drink when vic put questioning????????


shut up

Bob Francis

Free me


why vic like hella chop bitches smh

Chief Thee

Why dafuq you drink your own piss, nigga? Lmao


Lmao this live was funny asf love ya Vic


U is sux

Evan tall guy


Kristopher Cruz

Fat vic

Stoopid Chino




Anthony Lopez

5:00 Vic may be stupid but he still funny asl

Emanuel Wondim

I’m first and I don’t know why to say?

all collin

I wanted to be the first ones ?


but the way this stream ended tho ??



Arkham KT

2:53 W

W Marcos

I like how his videos are just straight to the point, no phat ass intro he just comes in outta nowhere and that is Just comedy.


As the bible said “thou shall not fall for thotery.” ???


Fat bitch


Who else liked before they watched?


Yooo I came out in the vid ??

Nick err

The way you ended this stream doe?

Matthew Moreno

Vic bucks your my dad


Sup vic

I’m Jewy



Stream everyday you won’t


bro I laughed so hard I fucking love yo vids


3:46 me in the chat part 56789

Pode Tije

Nigga drank it lmao



How to Rewind back if you accidentally swiped on Tinder - Simple solution

How to Rewind back if you accidentally swiped on Tinder - Simple solution13 Aug. 2020
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Tinder is undoubtedly one

Tinder is undoubtedly one of the most popular dating apps out there. Almost all of us have swiped a few profiles left and sometimes right too. But has it ever happened to you that when you are continuously swiping profiles left, and suddenly you see someone who piques your interest, but you accidentally left swipe on that account too? This is quite common in tinder users as sometimes muscle memory takes over what our brain is thinking.

So how can you go back to the profile that you just left swiped unintentionally? Well, you get this feature with Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. But both of these require you to pay a sum of money for the premium subscription. There is another way to do it too, without subscribing to a premium account. So in this article, we will take a look at what you can do to rewind to a tinder profile that you disliked unintentionally.


Comments (10)
Lugard Bailey

Thanks to nike_tools1 on IG I never thought I can get unban but he made it possible his legit guys

Larry Jones

I proudly recommend @_48datalog_ on Instagram who got me unbanned without stress, his a genius.

Sandra Peter

This video didn't work out for me, I got it recovered through 68datalog on Instagram, his fast and reliable ?


I sincerely appreciate the effort of 48datalog on Instagram, his a man of his word, he got my account unbanned perfectly. His the best to use.

Larry Jones

I proudly recommend @_48datalog_ on Instagram who got me unbanned without stress, his a genius.

Sandra Peter

Looking for how to unban your account? I just got mine recovered through 68datalog on *Instagram*????

Patricia Arthur

??OMG, I recommend _48datalog _ on Instagram, he just got me unbanned ?

Sandra Peter

This video didn't work out for me, I got it recovered through 68datalog on Instagram, his fast and reliable ?

Patricia Arthur

??OMG, I recommend _48datalog _ on Instagram, he just got me unbanned ?

William Sophia

I highly recommend 48datalog on Instagram, his his highly legitimate and professional, he fixed my account perfectly

No More Tinder Matches? The Tinder Saturation Problem...

No More Tinder Matches? The Tinder Saturation Problem...19 Sep. 2019
62 551

Trying to get matches on

Trying to get matches on Tinder can sure be frustrating, but rarely is it more frustrating when your matches suddenly drop to almost 0, and you have no idea why it happened.

As it turns out, there is a very real tinder saturation problem - this is an issue that will effect all online dating apps, and could well be happening to you.

So what can you do to fix the problem? If you've suddenly noticed your tinder matches crash?




**Click Below to SUBSCRIBE for More Videos:



School Of Attraction

Dating And Relationship Coach


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SchoolOfAttraction/


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Im using tinder for 2 days now as a fake girl for test purposes and I got like 30 matches,but all of a sudden it started bugging and I can't get a match..


I've never really struggled to get matches on Tinder. On average, I usually get about 1 or 2 per day, which I know is peanuts compared to some, but is far more than I was expecting. I found the my problem was I could never get a reply, or if they did, they'd reply once, and I'd never hear from them again. I did what you said. I completely revamped my profile, I changed all but one of my photos, and rearranged my bio so it doesn't necessarily say less, but it's not a paragraph, and it's easier to read. Now I'm getting replies msg's from people from my outstanding conversations that had died weeks ago. Thanks so much for the advice dude!

Christofer Prestipino

lol “Gold Coast north of Sydney”.Try south of Brisbane champ, you know the capital of the state GC is situated.

Amr Thabet

It does make sense for me. I'm using tinder gold + 2 boosts a day almost for multiple months. I'm still getting matches but at some point I will start to not get much anymore.

It's even smarter to radically change your pics, go with tinder gold to another country (or city) try this new profile and see if it's working. If it does, then reset your profile and try this new pics in your home city ;)


Been using tinder on and off for 3/4 years never met anyone and had tons of matches but never had a reply... I used to get all the women in my area pop up the first time I use the app and then It just gets worse and worse making you up the distance until it's not worth using. I did however have some bird keep replying for a short while asked me to go add her on WhatsApp but I've never used it so texted her instead but after two days never had a reply... I wasn't really giving off the needy vibe was just saying enough to keep her interested but not too much information as to seem desperate but she obviously found someone better or so she thinks.

Félix G

I’m disabled, I use a wheelchair, and I can get dates sometimes with pretty tinder girls. Its all about having alright photos and understanding the algorithm.

The Hispanic JukeBox

Fuck Tinder I gave up on that stupid app, in about a month I may have gotten about 10 likes and over half of those likes were from scammers I mean seriously scammers act like they have nothing better to do

plantec Smiths

1:22 why do you spend so much time doing that testing?


I'll try this...thank you so much brother

Carl Aspinwall

Women must talk to a lot of men. Sometimes I get have we spoken before. Oviously they have and I just say no but we can talk now ?


Tinder is useless, it de values men and boosts girls that are 4s ego to 8s its a lose lose

Liverpool Fc 99

I got two matches shortly after downloading tinder but they dont reply that much :( . I then got tinder gold for 1 month and since then I've gotten no likes or matches. It's so annoying


I’m finally shadow banned Lol
Shit sucks


I get 20 plus likes but no matches, why is that?

epic ninja sensei dinosaur puppet

Im having a problem if anyone can help i would really appreciate it
I got a match with someone but before i was able to message them i accidentally closed the app and i cant find her anywhere please help

Aarsh Parashar

I went from 115 matches in first month to 2 from next month. This app "Tinder" is a scam.

Alz Dsz

Tinder is on the verge of turning men into pussies swiping women in your comfort zone than going out there in the world with your head up than down in your mobile and matching with a whole lot of interesting women by seeking discomfort

Chris _

Hinge is much better then bumble or tinder. Bumble, they have to message you first, but they just say hey to everyone, and then it's men trying pickup lines again. At least with Hinge, you can message without having to match. If they like your funny pickup line, you can be much more successful, it becomes more like an art, then game of chance.

Mark Spin

Funny that. I was looking for a video like this and ironically live on the Gold Coast..


You could have said everything in this video in 2mins waist of time

Heather Feather

Tinder is both a clearance rack and a buffet of low-quality people. A woman on Tinder is either very desperate or is looking to extract from you (and not the kind of extraction you're hoping for).

Learn It

Tinder is just a fucking scam


Pfft you are assuming i get matches to begin with for them to "go away" to begin with lol.

Sam Finoh

Yes it’s the saturation problem ..... I’ll take that and run with it ?

Ingi Davidsson

i swiped alot got match and instantly unmatched so yeah haha and still i get no match for 6 month i just deleted it tinder sucks xd


Living in a city of 3,5 Million. 0 Matches for 2 months.

Alexander Caceres Gerasymlyuk

who animated ur intro


· i've deleted my profile every 1 to 2 weeks
· and, multiple times, i've posted the exact same profile and settings
· i'd always get a similar amount of matches (which isn't much)
· and this amount of matches has always been more than keeping my profile over 2 weeks
· i live in las vegas, n.v., u.s.a.


First start of Tinder got 20 tinder matches, been that for a year prob. Resets account and get 20 matches again. And the people are different obv. Iget fast matches in a month, but then no matches later at all.

Day Dreamer

Wow, this makes so much sense ?


i want to make new profile but i have 77 tinder +gold likes so should i just pay for tinder gold and see the likes or make a new one

Ragu Balan

Lets not forget more n more married guys get on the Tinder app. I have spoken to two girls who said they met 4 and 5 guys and all of them are married. This is in Malaysia. Unless the guys are looking for another girl for a threesome with their wife & girlfriend, wtf are the married ones doing on the app? Hence, shitty or barely the amount of matches now

M i s t a J

Been stuck at 13 likes for almost a week :/

Fusion Storm

Bro iget matches notifications then when i check there is nothing there

Love Muffin

The saturation problem is worsen in smaller towns

Mike Barnes

I attempted to request my tinder data and selected to use email to identify account. So I select the Gmail account associated with my tinder profile (the same email it says under settings in tinder app) but it says "oops" there's no account associated with that information.
How is this the case? Tinder is still actively sending me emails to that Gmail every day..


Brilliant explanation bud

Motorcycle Madness

How do i reset my profile?? I have tinder gold. Will i lose my subscription to gold if i reset my profile??

Love Alva

I’m trans woman and I was on the gay tinder and I got 0 matches and when I go to the straight I got 500 in one day wtf


Let’s face it. We’re just ugly.

Sandra Bella Nirvana

I got banned from tinder with no reason ( i donno ) i think its becouse the payment?
Now i hv new phone and new number and i create new facebook so my profile is there but i dont get any one matched..


Sashan Govender

They basically selling women to men, since men are overwhelming paying for subs. They're nothing more than a pimp, but worse because but not paying them.

Ethan Conrad

Yeah I think I've fell into this trap now actually and was super confused as to why I was no longer getting matches! I'm thinking of creating a new account with new pics like you say and see how it goes

Carl Aspinwall

Reset every ✌ weeks and swipe on ones that like you. They appear if you change your distance to 100 miles to like one and refresh your swipe section. They appear first. Super likes even have a star.


I do have any match and I couldn’t delete my tinder account. Plz help me !! I’ve been struggling for almost 4months

Stiaga Crevty

I dont understand why its not even letting me delete my account


Hey bro, do you think that tinder punishes you for not talking to your matches, I kind of use tinder like pokemon go and I have always wondered if engagement effects your profile score. Thanks


I think they tend to filter your profile out if it's not "winning" or old. I'd gotten up to 80 matches and nothing after that for years

Ainul Abir

I had a match. We talked for many days but suddenly I find she is appeared from match list even old messages too.

British MGTOW


Epic Rhino Films

I thought I was the only one for a while but I just heard another guy say the same thing happened to him. I was on tinder for several years and I never got a match. I have a perfectly fine description of myself and I use perfectly fine photos of myself. The only times I did get matched, were bad girls or robot accounts that were promoting sketchy dating sites that steal your money and don’t actually do as advertised. That only happened twice. Other than those two experiences, I never got matched ever. I was on every day swiping in I would swipe the girl that I like you I would swipe right on the girls that I did not like. The thing is that my brother was on tinder the same time as me and he was getting matches and would go on dates with girls. I never understood why I didn’t work for me. Tinder didn’t work for me from the very first time I used it. It’s not like I did something that was inappropriate. My description of myself was completely fine and did not have anything inappropriate written in it. All of my photos were completely fine and did not have anything inappropriate in them. I don’t know if ours shadow banned because according to what you just said in this video I did not do anything to warrant that. I do not know why I never got any matches on tinder. I was literally just watching a video before this and the guy narrating the video mentioned that his tinder account was out right banned for lack of interest. I don’t know if that’s a thing that tinder does so they can keep promoting that the app is actually active but I think that’s what happened to me. My phone number in my email address and my Facebook account can’t be used to make a new account. I want to know your thoughts on why someone would never be able to get matches from the very first time they created their very first tinder profile. It must’ve been 2013 or 2014 when I created my tinder profile. I tried for years swiping left and right on girls that I like and don’t like on tinder. It was last year in early 2019 when my tinder account got banned and I don’t even know what I did. My guess would be that it was for lack of interest like the guy said in the other video was the case with his account. I know I would update my photos occasionally so I could have current photos but nothing inappropriate. Mostly selfie’s and maybe two photos of me on my motorcycle. That was it. My description of myself was just me talking about my interest in music and photography and movies. I can definitely say that was not a problem with my account. Anyways, I want to know your thoughts and opinions about this. I especially want to know what you think about a tinder account that was created in 2013 or 2014 I don’t remember what year exactly but never got any matches the entire time I was on the app.

Jayee C

I'm tempted to try this but I am a little worried about getting the wrong matches. Also as a single woman tinder seems to promote judging people on more looks. There is so much to me other than my looks. Now before some person thinks I am saying that because you may assume I have low esteem about my appearance this would indeed be a wrong assumption. I go out to shop and I have many men take a moment to stop and take note but I am somewhat disappointed with the emphasis on just looks. People's perceptions can increase their attraction based on personality too. So say a woman isnt a 9 but however your scale works say a woman may get a 6. If only you knew of her genuine heart you would probably have a much more nicer time and have a longer relationship between you and her compared to a 9 where most likely she will get hit on all the time by guys. Just to share I am a genuine woman and am kind hearted I will give anyone a chance. If you look like you dont take care of yourself namely bathe or have goals in life that you're working to achieve I am not going to be interested unless you have some self respect and know how to talk to a woman properly. I would use tinder if I ever get the courage to even try it to find a long term relationship. I personally dont want a hookup. Perhaps I expect to much but hey it's my life I have the right to get what I want just like you want to get what you want.

Dave Crupel

My matches just disappear soon as i recieve an alert of them
Nothing to do with lack of people.

GMEN Rising

Tinder's guy to girl ratio is 88 to 12 rn, bumble is like 90 to 10, match is like 65-35, pof 75 to 25. THe fact is online dating is stupid and dead. When most of these apps started years ago it was better but the fact is that if you're a man online dating will depress you. Go out into the real world instead


It’s a scam tinder steals I paid and them messages don’t work gtfoh

House Station Live .com

i use tinder to collect insta/snap informations. i don t even care about not getting liked. i never got a single match on this app, bt when i get in touch through insta/snap i get much more attention. cause i talk to single woman in my area. whitch is not the case of many insta/snap followers in general.

Ryo Gon

I was so frustrated that I'm not getting any matches so,
I changed my show me: women to men and I got 70 matches in 1 day. I don't know if I should be happy....

Easton M

Go to a dance hall and women are literally waiting to be picked up. They're usually more attractive than the ones on dating apps anyways.

jimmy rustles

I disagree with you here. I don't struggle to get likes and matches when I go to a new city, but Tinder has a hard limit before it slows your profile down. It's between 50-150 likes/matches. After that, it slows to a crawl. Maybe a couple of likes every 2 days or so. I really do believe it is the algorithm.

Dejan Dejan

I live in Belgrade Serbia. 5,6 matches for 3,4 months of swiping.


"She's not playing hard to get, you're just hard to want" - FACE and LMS

Federico Ponzin

EXACTLY what I needed! And pretty much the exact same solution I came up with

KirsaKaboom -

Hinge is do do

قناة المؤلفة قلوبهم

very useful

Jack Meyers

I created a fake Tinder profile of probably a solid 9 female, 23 years old.

After 10 minutes of creating the profile she had 100 matches.



I use these apps mainly because I'm too timid and socially awkward to approach women in person. Unfortunately I'm a 26 year old young man and never been in a single relationship in my entire life. It's really stupid because all throughout my teenage years and late adolescence and early 20s and even now girls have complimented me as cute(as in adorable cute, not necessarily robustly handsomely masculine), having a "babyface"(even though I'm 26 I have a face that can easily pass as an 18 year old), complimenting me on acting like a "gentlemen" because I hold doors open for them if I see them approaching 10-20 feet away, and just generally making a noticeable effort to treat both men and especially women with kindness and deference, etc...yet not a single girl has approached me in person about even having coffee or brunch/lunch with them in person(not counting an old college friend who was already in a relationship and just wanted to meet as platonic friends), this app doesn't help either. It might be because I'm predominantly of African descent in a highly Eurocentric country in which most of the girls in the online dating market are caucasian and they almost always seem to prefer the over 6 foot tall bearded white guy who owns a dog(no offense to bearded <6 ft tall white guys with dogs)that preference is also true for some black and Latina girls on this app too who have literally stated that that's the ideal type of man they want to date on their profile bio. On a side note if anyone reading this checks out my channel I'm a highly accomplished classical pianist, yet unfortunately my talents and abilities are(in Donald Rumsfeld's logic) an unknown unknown to literally all attractive women I encounter and interact with. I wish I can at least experience a relationship with someone before I hit 30, women are just too picky and I hate that I don't fit their silly paradigm. Do you have any advice, whether it be on dating apps or just how to traditionally approach women in person, schoolofattraction dating coach/guru? I work in a prominent research hospital where there are hundreds of attractive young nurses I encounter everyday yet I feel any angle I may go about casually asking them out would inevitably sound weird/out of place and socially/professionally inappropriate so I really have no idea how I'd go about asking such a question.

What beginning to concern me most is as this heart shape void gets deeper and more vacuous throughout the years it seems my aging mind can't help but develop disillusioned warped quasi-misogynistic views about women, which is certainly unbecoming of me.

Sorry this was so long, the dynamics of this situation have just been percolating in my late night musings with myself for many over a year now, and I just wish the depression it has engendered would stop.

Oktay Shakirov

So much calculations and science just to get laid and females just have to show more cleavage.


100% can confirm it’s women based

Stiaga Crevty

Its saying no new matches in your area AND it wont even let me delete my account like wtf im baffled

Nick Collins

Yeah but what if your not even being shown to woman bc ur score is so low bc you screwed yourself over at the beginning? No fuckin way are girls seeing a good looking guy who’s pretty jacked with a witty bio and swiping left. They never even get to see you. I got a ton of matches first starting then I stopped using it and all the sudden my inactivity pigeonholed me. Whenever I get boosted which I rarely like to spend money on I’ll get much more. My problem is my profile being put in front of ppl, not ppl seeing it and swiping left. Call me cocky but my physical profile is in the top percentage of males.


I was starting getting quite a lot of good matches following your advice. At some point I chose to delete a handful of flaky matches and I suffered tremendoussly. Stupid idea. So now I have to write a lot of less interesting matches solely for the purpose of raising my ranking?

baked boy mail

They have been manipulating behind these apps for years. its gotten so much worse. Tinder is basically unusable now.


Jump to 8.03 for solution - radically change your profile.. all pics.. bio etc. Rest is waffle..

Steven E

4 matches in 2 weeks. this thing is a scam.


As soon as I stopped paying for Tinder Gold I stopped getting matches, coincidence? Think not.

sebseb seb

The dick market is flooded, trust levels are at an all time low... this society is fucked mainly because of social media and feminism.

James Tacardi

Tinder crap, full of fake profiles & SC IG THOTS, had gold & didn't even get a conversation let alone date. Don't waste your time guys try cold approach probably have better chance.

Muhammed Husseini

With all stressed I passed through,with all the methods done still didnt work until I met dex_cyber012 on IG and finally recover my tinder account,he is the best after many trials and I was scammed

The Captain

Using Tinder in the Netherlands for a few months. ~6 matches with girls not talking at all. After that I deleted it.
Was in Poland for the weekend, installed Tinder again. 23 matches in 1,5 days...
Back in the Netherlands, nothing. What the hell?


I notice if you go off it for a while then come back You get A lot more matches it’s weird.


I never got matches anyway lol

Steve D

I'm 22 and I only got matches from 40+ divorced plus size grannys.


The app isn’t free, but they don’t tell you that.

They only give you a few matches on the free version and then no more. It’s basically an unadvertised “free trial.”

I can see that I have numerous likes from women, but I can’t see their profiles. I can swipe all day and not come across their profiles. It’s designed that way.

If you want matches, you have to pay for PLUS or GOLD.

Black Lyfe

You're video is boring


Yall just all look the same ??‍♂️ tinder is an easy W for me

King Andre

So is 41 matches in 8 months good or bad. I’ve recently came across the problem of not getting matches so I was thinking of not swiping for about a week or two.

Shivam Runthala

Will I loose my matches if I reset ?

telili 2020

this is all not true so,ething wrong with the app is they feed u for freee and then they want u to pay: i am a female means more chances to get a dick match bcs they just match to match hhhh; I have 1500 matches hhhhhhhhhhhhh . but when I text them they dont answer I get mad the question is stats is why why I start to match all dicks i see even they have horrible discritiopn which I am picky girl about lol ; I match allllll and no matches and I live in a BIG CITY BIG city means thousounds of dicks would be glad to match with a female un conservative society : I get mad I asked , matches which I have in my whats app to text me in tinder and they text I dont get the messages oh I mad : i tied to fix my profile in sitting but eveything looks okey i have free tinder i used it fo 6 months i get matches like rain but why now no is there any period of feee tinder and then u have to pay i will be glad to hear ur feedback i love to match with new ppl hhhhhh tinder is my fun hhh

The Zombie Squad

sausage fest???

it becomes the a like pub and bar/ club scene people... but I don't need to tell you any of that.

Carl Mannerheim

If you're not looking to hit it and quit it with some THOT's get off tinder. Its a meatmarket for broken girls who need reassurance and attention. You will NOT find anyone wife or gf material there

adi ron

So if tinder is realy got an ELO system, should we swap our gender priority to men and after a week head back to woman priority?(because mens are more likely to like your profile) its can be a good way to raise the ELO but can this work?

aulia jawaz

There is no match. I even can’t see any people, it ask me to expand my discovery setting, I even set it 18-100+ age range and maximum 159 km. I have paid tinder plus by the way

Hény Adoris

you're hot af! xD


80 matches in 18 days and now 0... i have quality pictures, simple bio, gram, etc. What should i do? Oh and i have tinder gold


I agree very smart analysis

Jay B

Thanks but no thanks. It's still a losing game for most men. I'll stick to meeting women the old fashioned way.

Shrey A

35 million people in ny city.

Its ASetUp

I choose not to participate. Why do you want to give them the attention and validation. Meet people in person, screw the apps.

Zero Zero One

I've spent 2 years on Tinder and i've never gotten any matches. Not even a single one. I really hate Tinder