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Wes B Day Strip Down STRIPPED ALL MALE REVUE Saturday July 9th 2016 at 340nightclub in Pomona

Wes B Day Strip Down STRIPPED ALL MALE REVUE Saturday July 9th 2016 at 340nightclub in Pomona20 Jul. 2016
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Comments (11)
Daniel M

Sex through clothing

Noah Dockery

i love this i will be gay when i grow up and i will love it

Tyrone James

I cant believe he took a dance from male strippers

Jerry Gardner

so very attractive and so sexy wow looking so good guys

Emmanuel Johnson

Damn babe

Giovanni Andrade

Where is this at?


But i thought i'll get free robux




Oh man



alex mcormick

Damn the customer was just as hot as the strippers

Happy Birthday Strip-o-gram (PHONE friendly link in the description area)

Happy Birthday Strip-o-gram (PHONE friendly link in the description area)2 Oct. 2014
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Comments (100)
Marie Cajou

My birthday just passed 4 days ago, December 27th anyone else?


this never gets old lol :D

Diba Lowen

Very, very nice!

Penelope Pittstop

Love this man! I send this to all my friends on their birthday

John bauer

nice body

Angela Jones

What a very flexible young man:)

Sandra Tyson

Ok that's niceee!!!

Madame Livingston

Thank you for remembering my birthday

Silly Fool

It's very funny.

You live You learn

wow. that was... movement.

Historias de Medianoche

you can put those buns over my face whenever you want :)

Valerie Howard

Tomorrow's my sister's birthday. Came across your video. I want to take you! Love your pole moves! Pretty cool!

Lamar Anthony

wow that very sexy butt. I love it. I wish watch you.

Elisa Saldana

Dude, you're clothes. You're cat is better looking than you.

Rita Davison

Thank you! ????

Sheer J

Happy early birthday to meeee! Great job! <3

Emilys clay

oh my Happy Birthday to me need some popcorn ??

Erika Lopez

??????????? Happy Birthday Nora!!! ????????????

Tracy Edmonson

Fireballs my favorite too! Your incredibly talented!

Paw Pads

It wasn't anyone's birthday with lockdown all over I sent to my gal pals Happy Lockdown just to make a smile my sister went nuts she loved it

Corben Bowen

I know I’m a guy but you are hot

Sheila Acevedo

dam ;)

Demoinca Modz

still sexy as always ;)

mauricio salgado

rico trasero


Loved the cat!! it didn't give a f*. You are great dancer btw.

Helene Johnson

I get to post you to all my friends on there birthday. Thank you your awesome

Jack Ass

it is my bday

theresa sherrick

Loved it!


The fucking cat, though! ???


It turned me on!

nopi savvidou

You are super awesome ❣️❣️❣️

sonia soares

I loved it. It is my birthday today and my best friend just sent me this video. Seriously! I laughed my head off, almost fall out of  the chair. Couldn't say more. Just thank you, you made my day.

Lily-May Brooks

How is this not age resticted

Haley B

Happy birthday ???? you know who!!!! Yaasssssss

Angelica Espinosa

Great! I love it!

Fun Erus

SO! CUTE! love to you

Jen Hunt


Word Smith

The cat seems unimpressed! LOL

fnaf kid anamaids



good gawd all-mighty!

Kim Desaro


Teresa St.louis


bartolomeo daddario

I love the pussy cat passing by uninterested at all

linda hernandez

On cool

E. Chapman

That's The Best !!!!!?????

Stacy Scott

Eeeks I think It's My Birthday Everyday Now Lol

fred puccino

fe chat

Tara Lee

Owwww! Owwww!


it feels like it's my birthday! :)

t-square thomas


Amber Ortiz

Why does he have the most perfect belly button..... Or did anyone else notice

Allison Hillyer


Amy Homans

I send this to everyone of my girl friends on their birthdays!! :)

Franco Sanchez

Thank for the surprise ?

Pia Gessel

OMG... I love this. ..LMAO

Star Angel

You have a lot of talent. You brighten my birthday. thank you.

Nadia Villava


Tracy Adams

even the cat got bored. lol

Ximena Parra

fantastic, Love it!

Silverfaux Johnson

U cud b a ("CHIPPENDALE")..... ur HOT? u wrkin dat pole ????

Jose Espinoza

Oh lord,...I will never forget that pussy,

Ellie Perez Videos


Glenda Smith


Juan carlos Cornado



Wow.. <3 muah! What can i say that will be appropriate? lol.. lick, nibble.. ok i will leave it at that. Thank you


That would be a delicious birthday!

Jamie-Lee Venter

OMG!! Can't believe how small the world is!! Looking for a birthday video and coming across yours!! Hope you are still enjoying the Breakaway!!! =) miss you guys ;)


LOVE it and Love your moves❤.. I have a Birthday coming up ☺️

Isabella Babij


Karicat Watts

Tell me your straight.



Tracy Kurinsky

happy birthday he he

Touria Merzaya

Sexiest male pole dance ever :-)

E. Chapman

Love It !!!??

Sophea Hang

The cringe

r r

i love it

Gymnastics Workoutbros

Are you gay

Leah K

omg this is too much! had to send this to my friend. no he's not gay, I'm just that kinda crazy friend.

TyroneArrow TheNorbit

Wtf am I seeing -_-


3:13 There's at least one pussy that ain't impressed. ;)

PeachyMoths _




Linda Kaminski

Wow and wow!!! My gfd going to LOOOVVVEEE THIS!! I SURE AS HE'LL ENJOYED IT!!

Gabriel Quevedo

y yasmin dice
me facinan todo tooodo mmmmmmmmm puchis

Paniti K



I like the kitty too!

Secret ASMR

it's not my birthday yet doofus

Juan carlos Cornado

Fuck you ?

Francesca Fury

Was that multigrain ?


Thought you said you didn't have any cake? ;)

Tara MelnychukOG

I just sent this to my friend while shes st work lmao

CrazyCanine Gold

I'm 13 and I thought Andy Black's music already took my virginity..

Kimily Hagerty

omgosh, ,,i wish it was my birthday

Karicat Watts

You are so bad. Omg... Hey do you do housecalls. Pretty good moves. Haha

Grace Gutierrez



Omg my bestie and i died from laughing sooo hard watching this.. thanks sooo much totally made her bday ??

McDonald’s Free Wifi

I am uncomfortable.


At 4:30 though.......SPANK BANK!!!

Sarah Randall

Looks like you already have some p***y there XD

The Girly-ist Goth

Damn Accro - you really know how to move! You're muscle control is just beautiful to watch - and verrrry sexy! Did I mention that my birthday is coming up? batting eyelashes lol! ?

Hot indian guy stripping into underwear

Hot indian guy stripping into underwear17 Feb. 2020
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Raj HoneySubscribe 438 721

hello guys, this is a

hello guys, this is a channel for you to watch the sexiest moves

Comments (11)
Jaanu Shetty

Waaav he is so hottt??

Marina And The Little devils is my icon

Pls tell us his name

pyashi lama


Suhasini Priya


Raul Gomes

Ki fofinhos é bonitinho vai em frente continua aci gatinhos kkkk gue Deus abençoa vcs Tudos é famílias Deus deu asas p voa mais não tira o pe no chão kkkkk beijinhos huhhhhhu meu moranguinho e pedaços do meu coração kkkkk

Kartik Mahali

So hot love you ??????

Ulra Deja


Basharat Ali

Very nice sexy boy

kingkong kingkong

Wow handsome super Body.. If you cumming to Malaysia.. Let's v can MIT.... ????????

Shubham Ghatwal

Very nice isaka naam ky hai

Nikil Pundir

Kiya aap iss ladke ko mera friend banoge please plz yarr mana mat karna plz yarr plz i am waiting for your reply plz ??????????????? agar ye snapchat per h toh inki I d batao plz plz