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How to Massage Your Foot Pain Away, SIMPLE Self-Massage

How to Massage Your Foot Pain Away, SIMPLE Self-Massage7 May. 2019
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How to Massage Your Foot

How to Massage Your Foot Pain Away, SIMPLE Self-Massage

Bob and Brad demonstrate self-massage techniques for your feet.

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Comments (67)
Mary Mercedes

Haha. Love the comment about Brad's wife giving a foot massage. Ha. You have to earn it Bob. Do a barter. There must be something special she will trade for that foot massage you want? Or you can move to southern California. SO cheap to get 30 minute foot massages everywhere there, on every corner. Heavenly! Love you both! THANK YOU. Great tips.

w. 9

Thanks! ?

Toshiro Hitsugaya

Ugh even my hands are sore after long months of lockdown dangit.

Doctor BoADl Doctor BoADl

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Meg Renard

i am a bob and brad SUPERFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A.J. MayHam

Again that opening song is all the therapy I need

Alma Vargas

Thanks for yours videos. ?

Marie-Danielle O'Reilly

Thank you, guys! You taught me the self-massage??????

Sue Sung

You guys have us covered head to toe! Thanks!

Lucie Taylor

You two are great! Thanks for all your tips, they really do help, and for your positive attitude and humour ??


I hurt my muscle in my shoulder and was put on muscle relaxers ive taken a few but I don't like taking stuff like that do you byave a video or advice on how to help

Mr. J

Great. Now even here I'm reminded of my ? :(

R3TRO Gaming

I work at a wendys and my feet hurt insanely bad after work and decided to watch this and it helped a lot


Tickling feel?


I've got a foot massager similar to that but it goes almost to the knees. Very nice.

Sadiq Warsame

Ty it is healing my mom’s feet pain

eileen williams

I dhave pain only stiffness and feels like swelling on the inside,its very uncomfortable underneath the ball and toes of my feet,can you give me some advise on that,I've seen a foot doctor, he said that I have planter facitosis instead of planter facitis ,remedy to soak with warm water and Epson salts but thats not helping thanks for any help you can offer

Lue David

Does this effect/affect reflexology?

Plantiful Vegan

Hi! Have you done a video on Plantar Fibromas? Couldn't find one, would love to hear your info about these.


heyt the link for the foot massager went away

Alicia APG.Studio Fitness & Yoga

We all know this feeling, sore muscles, pain, but you still want to hit the gym, still fancy to exercise. Proper stretching helps to release tension in your muscles. You can also use a great Gun Massager for: myofascial release, lactic acid decomposition, deep massage. Hightly recommended. Stay healthy and flexible ;)

Lil_ Angel

Hey what about some massages for someone who have damage nerve pain.(nerve damage on the left foot from the knee to the ankle.!??

Brown Mamba

Just wholesome

Sahil Sahni

I saw your video regarding to check slip disk, amazing. I found it was not slip disk and in 1-2 days pain went away as well, which saved me huge amount of money from doc visit :). I loved it but forgot to subscribe that day. But today subscribed. Both of you really great. Keep up the good work.

Jackie Bohannon

Yeah Thank you Bob Brad Your the Best ???

Kj Mason

You guys are hilarious

Amylou Morgan

I know this is going to sound odd...but have you heard of using a car buffer with the sheep cover for massaging the arch of the foot and also the I-T band?

Elaine McMurren

You guys have helped me tremendously in the past few days. I fell, sprained my neck on the left, and broke rib #7 on 18 April. The pain in my upper back and left arm were making me really sick, causing scary weight loss. I thought I was on the way out. You taught me how to take the pressure off the nerve. Now I’m getting better. Thank you!

Murph Dog

0- 0:08. My face is burnt. But seriously

rahma bouden

This is soooo good thank you

barb Snyder


Nishu Saroha

Sir plz make video on PRP for arthritis

Guns & Books

I would pay good money for this cause I dont want hand or back pain.


oh, it's for the feet! seems i did it wrong all the years

The Kook

to make everything easier, I just roll my feet over a golfball while sitting in a chair. it's also more sanitary than touching your own gross feet after a long day at work

Glen Yancha

What’s the discount code for the foot massager?

Darius E. Bennett

That splaying technique is HEAVEN!


oh it is back click show more above


This helped me alot thanks

Juliana Avila

I approve of this video. Super bad foot pain after hours at my shift standing but now it’s better and I’m soooooo glad.

Shreya Sanjay

Idk but their friendship is so cute. It made the pain go away faster


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Or misslittlepiggy on Instagram

cindy antonio

How loud is the machine?


The foot massager you “KNEAD”!

Gaga_42 Nestle

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Cynthia Hummel

Will this help arch pain?

904 CZV

Nice, clean feet, Bob and Brad! Lol ?


If my hands didn't hurt so bad this would be great! XD

mr anderson

Have you done a video on shin splints? thanks

Smile Smile

? Your Eminence?

Another helpful and hilarious video. Liz and Marcus doing a great job as usual.


When he asked did u find it important to spell it had me rollin


The only part of my feet that hurt are the back of my heels!

Hakuna Matata

I ve arthritis in my left knee what you will suggest for me and have mild lumbar spondolisis

Nancy Hemati

I love you guys. ?????

Anita Sanders

Code did not work

Ontheball Lee Gibson

Great video guys ?

Janet Lau

You guys are awesome. Can you show some exercises/massage for carpel tunnel and cubital tunnel syndromes?

Mimi Salarda

CUTE ? thankyou for this

Dominique Richardson

Ummm them feet though lol

Steven M

Will it take a size 13 foot?

I am love

You guys have pretty feet


LIKE it when you spell. It helps. Thanks

april martinez

Hi B&B, love this vid. Thank you. Also, would you consider moving the SM plugs to the end of your videos? I know how to find and follow you as do your "minions". With some videos having the plugs at the beginning I don't think you would lose any body. I bet most of us are skipping to the 2:30 mark, BTW.


all of these massages techniques, i can get them intuitively.. i do not know how, but i love massaging. massaging is a stress reliever for me.

Dominic Escosora

Therapist : dont you worry it wont hurt at all

Therapist: among us kill snaps your neck n your feet


??? the two cutest therapists ???

Shaka Bruh!

these two guys saved my career in hospital. I hate those hospital shoes, so i started to massage my foot and its really better.

Plantar Fasciitis Massage Therapy Treatment

Plantar Fasciitis Massage Therapy Treatment29 Mar. 2018
150 668
Fremont CollegeSubscribe 438 721

Learn how to use massage

Learn how to use massage therapy treatment for plantar fasciitis. For information about massage therapy programs visit

*It is not recommended that you try this treatment unless you are a certified massage therapist.

Comments (38)
Capybara Market

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Moe White

I need these right now


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Hank Hayes

Yoga completely healed my pain.

Gordon Wallis

Everyone has it wrong.

NumNomsGirl 468

i remember i had foot pain a couple of months ago when i lifted my heel, i felt like there was a pulled muscle just below the ball of my foot (is there a specific name for it?) and i wanted a foot rub soo bad!


A few weeks ago, I had a tough time walking. It is simply exceptional how I were able to complete a 5 kilometer run today. This is all thanks to this plantar fasciitis solution known as , Sαnzoka Mula (Go ogle it). I strongly suggest it to you!

George Bandey

I am a nurse and a plantar pain patient for a couple of years. I got plantar fasciitis remedy , Sαnzoka Mula (Go ogle it) and a few days of sticking to it my pain is entirely over. After quitting my meds, I no longer experienced the condition. I’m positive that it’s gone because I no longer sense the pain and soreness.


I can now get up without worries after 10 months. I no longer feel bothered about feeling the hot, throbbing pain whenever I put my heel down on the floor. With the help of this particular plantar fasciitis treatment, treating my plantar fasciitis wasn`t just feasible but also quick. You can research this tip on Google. They call it Jacob Ballοycut
good day

Julee Rowley

I personally couldn't touch another person's feet...hell no !!?
But I'd love someone to massage mine ?

Joanie 345

This looks amazing, I really need this massage.

Bertha Robinette

I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis last year and my doctor didn’t advise me any home remedies. He basically mentioned medicines, podiatrist referrals, and specific orthotics. Thankfully, I learned about this plantar fasciitis treatment, which enabled me to obtain the excellent outcomes without needing to invest in pricey medicines. The easy way to research this tip is using Google. People call it Jacob Ballοycut


I like your technic massage

Underrated 77

When i first got my feet massaged, it hurt like hell. I didn't realize how soar and tender my feet were. Probably from the walking and jogging i guess. It feels good to have them rubbed like that because let's face it everybody needs their feet rubbed every now and then. Nice stuff sir

Derange Gaming


Karen Imran

Roll a ice cold coke can under your foot.


What is the effectiveness of massaging for Plantar fasciitis?
I have it right now I’ve have steroid shots and physical therapy that didn’t help they only used a stainless tool.
The tool did seem to work a little if they got the right spot.

George Bandey

I have been experiencing plantar fasciitis soreness off and on for 5 years and I have mainly tried just about everything. When I found this plantar fasciitis guide. It took only under a week to alleviate the soreness entirely. I attained the fantastic results 3 months ago and I’m so grateful that I no longer feel the soreness brought on by the disorder. The easy way to get this tip is using Google. Name of this guide is Jacob Ballοycut
Good luck

A warning sign

This is exactly what I need

Emily Nunez

This looks so good love deep tissue foot rubs

Siwei Gou

I started dealing with plantar fasciitis more than a decade ago and I assumed there is nothing that can handle my ailment. I was in fact wrong about that ever since I found and tried this plantar fasciitis treatment three weeks ago. I am now completely free from pain. I still can’t believe that I am treated. I already saved more than 100usd on acupuncture and during these occasions that means much to me. . I think Google is the best way to research this tip. People call it Jacob Ballοycut
take care

Tom Tran

I need the instructor's to work on my feet right now. It would help me for sure. Just been painful everyday and walking is getting very challenging each day.

supergirl toTheRescue

My planter fascias hurt so bad especially in the Morning ? both heels

jose vega

zombie bad wolves


Today is my 2nd day on this plantar fasciitis treatment solution and the soreness is 95% eliminated! It has enabled me to stroll and run easily again. Contemplating my improvement, I think I can get back to taking part in soccer by the weekend. I can now show to my instructor that plantar fasciitis can be cured in just days. The easy way to find this guidebook is using Google. Name of this guidebook is Jacob Ballοycut

Siwei Gou

The soreness in my feet still remains after visiting doctors and taking most of the needed prescription drugs. The severity of the soreness got to the level that taking pills every twelve hours is required to relieve the pain sensation. The circumstance was so awful. Fortunately, my ailment became much better when I started adhering to this particular plantar fasciitis treatment. My pain is entirely gone and now I feel much better.. I think Google is the best way to get this tip. Name of this guide is Jacob Ballοycut

Victoria DeShield

Pretty good keep up the GREAT WORK!!

Ayan Mohamed

I know it really hurts

Joe DeVitto

Ive just started getting this a while ago , always had a stand up job for ever and never had feet problems, i took 2 years off in 2018 and went back to work after that and this started not sure if it could be from taking a break or what could of happened , thanks for showing this video to help the pain .

Siwei Gou

I have been experiencing plantar fasciitis soreness on and off for 5 years and I have mainly tried out almost everything. After discovering this , Sαnzoka Mula (Go ogle it) plantar fasciitis treatment guideline. I was able to eliminate the soreness in just a week. It`s been three months since I attained the relief and so far, the pain sensation didn`t come back..

Edgar Lopez

How do i get rid of it i have this problem for 2 months

Ines Huang

I have been following this plantar fasciitis remedy for two days and I am pleased that it has relieved the pain. It has enabled me to walk and run easily again. Contemplating my progress, I think I can go back to taking part in soccer by the weekend. I think that my instructor is wrong about stating that it is not possible to relieve plantar fasciitis in days.. You can research this guidebook on Google. People call it Jacob Ballοycut


man law: no man massages another man's foot.

Sharine Renaud

Oh my....very good techniques .... I can see that person falling asleep with the way u do the massages . Wonderful... I have to get my husband to do this for my feet. I'll let û know the progress.????? thank u for this video.

Richard Oliva

Where can I get a massage like this?

Alfa Portales

unintentional asmr


The continual pain almost made me lose my mind. My condition made me feel frightened and sad. I discovered efficient outcomes from trying out this plantar fasciitis treatment solution. The results I`ve been getting speak for themselves - in just a week I was totally free from pain!. I think Google is the best way to find this tip. It calls Jacob Ballοycut

How to Massage your Spine (Erector Spinae)

How to Massage your Spine (Erector Spinae)16 Apr. 2012
6 437 santa monica personal trainers show you how to self massage erector muscles.

Comments (3)
Real Deal Em.

Does it make you taller.?

Shanta Hsieh

just use Unflexal instructions :)))

Jeremy Remele

This looks unbelievably fucking painful man. Throughout the entire spine. Especially with Lacrosse balls.