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Breast Form Adhesive: How to attach breast forms for braless outfits

Breast Form Adhesive: How to attach breast forms for braless outfits3 Aug. 2018
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Don't let bra straps ruin

Don't let bra straps ruin your backless or strapless outfits! Diana Vandenburg demonstrates how to attach silicone breast forms with DressTech Adhesive.

Adhesive available at http://procrossdresser.com/product/breast-adhesive/

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Juliette Juliette

we have some good comment from youtubers/ well me Im special, my formes wight I ,kg 500 grams eaches/ or 3 pounds eaches that a lot, its what I like ,I have to wear a bra 110/95 cemtimetre F size ,that whight 800grans/ i.5 pounds, , they have been modificide to the present size of H or G size, its all glue to my chest, the feeling I have now, my body feel my chest gose up and down and left and right, just to say Im a transgender MtF I must allways look perfect

jessica taylor

Will this glue work for a double d breast form and will last for about 3 days without having to take the form off

jamie transgender

tips on shaving your chest?

ascott tv

I want to get one

Elizah Art

Very helpful

fish riddick

I would like to ask, is there a way i can produce a cleavage-look?

Charles and Stephanie Harrison

what exactly 9is the name brand of the product you are using to adhere the breast to the skin and where exactly can i buy it and get it asap and about how much does it cost. if you would kindly please please please answer me back you would be making a huge fanonminal difference in my life as a women with a flat chest who has lost all desire for sex due to her poor body image. thank you very much and if you also know of any products like perhaps theatrical duty too blend the silicone implant further -gradually it not the skin so it transitions better and looks more real..or if you dont know if you have any ideas or any body does that they could share with e ...you .anybosy - you guys would be making a huge major contribution to my life as a real woman. thank you i very eagerly awaited your anticipated responses so that i can begin to make my transformation asap and as natural as possible!!!!!!<3~.~/<3.~<3~<3.`~<3

Maiq Liar

Big question: Are there ways to blend them into your skin? Like liquid latex and makeup to really get that seamless look?

David Hunter

Question: does the adhesive work on heavy breastforms like sizes DD?

Epsy 2017

does this also work whit the hip pads , pls react

Jamail Boone

how do you know what real breast feel like

b Last

Diana which breast forms do you like better, these in the video or Aphrodite

musltv_ _

واو زق

Robin Mendoza

How ro remove it without hurting your nipple

Trigger Happy

it make a big difference. i didnt realize breasts were so wide apart .

Golden Retriever

Here’s probably a dumb question but do I have to shave my chest for this

I got a pretty hairy chest if I may be honest

swapnil jagtap

I need artificial breast where available please reply

Wellie H

How long does it stay on ?



Zuzia Aleksandra

Is it possible to spend 24 hours with such breasts?

Tess Farley

Where can I buy a set, plus the adhesive? Those look very natural. I have had a double mastectomy with botched reconstruction.

Kimmy Kat

Hey I'm not sure if you have tried using pros aide on the hip pads? Any thoughts? Thank you

Zero Videos


Rudresha S

I have a question- please answer, is it gives the real touching feel to The partner. Is there any difference?

M Lab

Thank you for this helpful vid!

James Youngblood

I want some of them breast forms my bras suck..

Stuart Morris

I Like This...THANK YOU

Stefon Williams

You are a beautiful woman my queen

Vlad O

how do you remove them? Just pull them off?

R j


haji nomi

How to get it in pakistan and how much price

Patel Is King

Whot a prise


How long does the adhesive last on the forms?


You are gorggg !

Nancy Blue

Fantástic and very helpful! I like one! Kisses




Great tips! I rarely wear strapless outfits because of my large shoulders, but maybe someday I will try it. The feel and the bounce of breastforms is so exciting, I agree.

Epsy 2017

How long does it last?

ghina salma

Like Now

Timmy Washburn

They work so great for me. I have a pair of them. They feel just like real boobs. Love them

Daury Davis

You’re so beautiful

Audrey P

how long can I keep them on. do you think it would be OK to where them to bed?

Rin Philips

I love watching your videos you're very beautiful I wish I could look as beautiful as you and afford some of the stuff that you have for sale

Louis Munos

You are a real knockout

Malia'n Gloqowej

Could you ware these lets say going swimming?


your so beautiful

Alika Maisuradze



You are very pretty


How do ypu remove them after they have been glued???

Vidhyadhar Naik


Typical Shasheerian Slut Boy

Hi! Where did you get that necklace? Is so pretty! You are gorgeous! And of course, thank you for this advice!

animation TV


dragonj bones

You’re so beautiful queen!!! Thank you for the lesson

ghina salma



How can you take them off just take them off or is there a special thing you need to do?

crossy rumi

very nice........ thanks

How to make fake breast [Comment faire de faux seins]

How to make fake breast [Comment faire de faux seins]20 Jan. 2019
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How To | Full Body with boobs! | Drag Queen Boy To Girl Transformation 2 kier

How To | Full Body with boobs! | Drag Queen Boy To Girl Transformation 2 kier15 Jan. 2019
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clawdeena9Subscribe 438 721

How To | Full Body with

How To | Full Body with boobs! | Drag Queen Boy To Girl Transformation 2

So many of you asked where to buy and where I got my breast plate, so this is a tutorial and informative video on how to get a “drag queen” body for drag, or cross dressing! Thanks!

LINK TO PURCHASE : http://bit.ly/ClawBB4Q

I strongly suggest researching and educating yourself on the difference between Trans , Drag and Cross Dressing as each are seperate. With that being said I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

3:00 Eyeshadow Base/Primer

3:30 Eyeshadow Tutorial

6:43 EyeBrow Tutorial

7:20 Eyeliner tutorial

8:14 Putting on Chest Plate

9:41 Face Makeup/Chest makeup

10:16 Contouring

11:10 Completed look

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Comments (100)
Mark Herma

You’re so CUTE ❤️❤️❤️

D.A Bruton

Hi my friend I am blind in my left eye I can't drive a car no driver's license or bank account I am not rich man I have both my ears is pierced I hope it not bothers you please accept me I am live Greensboro north Carolina USA my email address is [email protected]gmail.com and Instagram dabrutonsuperman please followers me. My YouTube D.A.Bruton.

טום לרנר

You are the best 11:49

XFriendly Air

I didnt even know you were a boy, speachless?

Cool Susan The dancr

Boy the only good looks good on you if you wary it looks really fake hair because if you bend you can see part of your arm shoulder thing so I don't like that part

Brittany Alexis

Honestly, I thought you were cis , but that changes nothing I still love you the same. Keep up with the great content❤️

doras_skinny _c00chie

I thought u where Nikita

Grellina -

It just hit me... When I was watching the dolls video, I WOULD NEVER EXPECT U ARE A GUY...

Jastine Deguzman

You're voice sounds like so feminine ?

Abigail Jimenez

what are your pronouns?

stephanie Davies

It was weerd

Deily Low

I been lied to I honestly thought we’re a girl

Mak Dayang channel

Nice dear

I watch anime TBH Lol I have an obsession with Xbox

I was about to say if he is a boy or girl XD

Alien Abuser



Title of the video: how to catfish someone lmaoo


Im a trans guy. I'd never be comfortable doing this pre t. But once I pass drag honestly looks fun as fuck.

Ultra Game Player 01

Well I mean his parents might watch this


I'm thinking of become trans boy ??

Jess Harvison

That’s so awesome great job on your makeup ?

Virginia and Red Rose

I just discovered this video and all this time, I thought you were a girl lol. I have to say, you always slay the look queen! ?❤️

Magdaléna Valentová

They don't look real at all sadly

Harold g stalington is here

Lo key the start of the vid and I'm laughing 0:02 XD

Nona Zaynollin

Bruh I thought you were a girl!! Don't get me wrong! I just got very surprised!! You go gurll!!?

Jojo Rosario

I was right you are a boy/gay❤????

Allen Sandoval Jr

How do you like better and very beautiful and sexy as a woman

Rainbow Goth

punches boobs me: ouchie!! ?

Rakesh kumar Mandavi

Kaha se aodar karna padega

Cenek Welch

im confused if im gay or not

Denki Kaminari

yez hunyyyyy, u look great!

ihEart Jazmin and Salvia

I want one but do you get like hot in them?

cookiexpookie uwu

Didnt even know u where a boy i legit thought u where a girl???? u go girl ilyyyy????


03:34 Just trust and believe
Well duh, I'm a respectable believer

Alien boi

I didn't know you were a guy!
This level of commitment and care you put into your art is very admirable


Giiiirrrrllll, that DEFINITELY looks realistic!!!!

sss sss

Are you a boy or a girl please I need help


A link to a product no longer works so sad :(

Nate Lalonde

Hey they look good on you i got the same one but it ripped on me they do need to make wider shoulder sizing bigger box with smaller cup size

candylicious Kluivert

Are you a boy or girl Serious Because if you have yourself but no make-up YouTube lekker Richard Just A Boy So Please in the commons

darkdying angel

I thought u was a girl omg I still love u but I'm honestly kinda shook.


Literally offended

Hjessee 09



oh uh i love u girl


I see a lot of videos since i find your channel and i havent idea that all of that wasnt natural. Youre a queen!! Super beautyfull makeup ♡.♡


fuck its trap! why boy be a girl?

Terron A Joseph

Gurl shouldve done the instant influencer casting call ???


We’re these silicone filled?

Xocaloid Kun

I almaot thought he is Nikita Dragun

Jason Edwards

You could fool the best critics. Maybe find a way to tone down the shine on the breast plate just a bit. I'm a trans woman but makeup turns my stomach. Not the look of it. Just the feel, taste and smell. I kind of freak out when something slimy touches my skin. Expesley my face. That's why I somewhat like this hole mask stuff is going around. Every time someone mistakes me for a woman I want to run around pulling a Daniel Brian. YES! YES! YES! YES! Lol. Good luck and have fun.

Brandi Becker

OmG Looks Soo real that looks sexy

Jamie lovelock

Now you just look like a smart doll

Jayden the ranger killer

I could clearly see a boy in that girl

Lele Cow

Can I ask do u do that voice or like u born with it

Shinobu Kocho

Omg they really look so real I'm jelous you did a good job with them??‍♀️???✨

jorge m ss

You its a boy???

Tereza K.

I THOUGHT YOU WERE A GIRL OMG I AM SO SORRY, you are so amazing and ily❤

Alli McClellan

Around 12:20 , they do look pretty real, other than u might want to tamper down, how reflective near the collarbone looks. But girl! U slayin!

jorge m ss

Oh hi one question you is a trans or dracqueen ????

Queen Regret

I know this is late but I had no idea that your were wearing makeup and wigs and stuff. I thoughts that’s just how you looked. Your makeup skills are crazy good!


i dint know clawdenna was a guy lol

ANR Rivera DX / NDSi Gamer

Pluto is one of my favorite planets!

Michael Williams

Yeah, they look good girl.

Towing Comp

Are you a girl or a boy

Melinda Dickert

You look so gorgeous!

Dylan Dickey

I wish I was a girl

BlueMer7 Lee

I really sorry but I Thought you were a girl


I searched for this and am watching this for absolutely no reason.

Renata Marsheilla

Omg I thought you are Nikita Dragun??but your make up looks fantastic!!

Random account for random tingz

Bish i couldn't even tell before this wtf-

Lola Colin

I'm a cis woman and they can fool really easily ! The "crease" or "cleavage" is a bit too strong to look natural in this lighting (an revealing outfit, super cute but see all the boobs so, easier to identify if fake) but a light a little less hard (like daylight) would be perfect and seamless ! They look like implants ! Good ones of course lol but not moving too much and this big and high on the torse, if it fools, it appears to be implants

JoAnn Rogers

Simply DIVINE!! ???

Ramen Boba tea

Why is this actually satisfying..

makenna shuter

I was like COOL I'd wanna try big smooshie boob suit ...but then I realized I had mine built in and I'll never feel the sensation of growing big lumps on my chest in minutes.

Jaron Victor

Do they have colors for darker skinned people

esperanza rian

I tight you were a girl sorry ro

High Apple Pie In The Sky

Please audition for season 14 of drag race

Mone Luve

or **gasp**? deMONEtized!
That's it. That's my Drag Race name.
Even though I'm a cis gendered woman with no YouTube personality to speak of, that's my name if I ever make it in drag.

Sleepy Lion King

I’ve been watching this channel for awhile and I had no idea everything was drag

Allen Sandoval Jr

You are very beautiful girl

Cheyanne Starr

Honestly here as a woman who is looking into info to help my transvestite fiance

-G3 Horror-

I didn't know u were w boy

Harth Ramos

Hi. Please i'd like to know the shade of foundation u used that's perfect for tan color like me. I look forward to ur response. Thanks!

gxs txb

clawndeena is a trans girl? i didn't really understand it


Only I actually thought you were a girl Lmao! Sorry! Still love you tho

wolfy girls _gacha

I didn't know that you were male probably because you waer wigs also I am new


Ok idk y the collar bone is so shiny lol I think I put too much highlighter in that area njsnj dfnjdndsvj

Ely Santander

You look more naturally a girl than my sister in law, for reals! Actually thought you were, in the first doll reviews i've seen you in. Commend you on trying to help people get to where they're comfortable about themselves. Your vids are lit!

Zbysek Sliwa

Divine ???

Michael Thorpe

It look real.?

Mia Sara Mohd Aini



Question, will the foundation on the breast plate rub off onto the inside of your clothes?

Ramen Boba tea

This is a boy???? Queen u are so good at this it’s amazing :0 u look bootiful UwU

adriano bettella

as a male you're pretty insignificant, but as a female... wow! :-*

Viola Reid

Are you gay????

F.R.C.K Rahman

তুমি মায়েদের মত

Magical Demon Boy

Lol i was not prepared for that intro

Reginald White


Allen Sandoval Jr

You are very beautiful girl

Ariel Reeves

i love how u look as a girl but u are cute

Momo Thegamer

They look great but they give you doll body with the lines on the shoulders and neck like it be perfect for barbie cosplays