How to rub a girl right

Rub Her Right, Then Pound Her » Jessica Roberts

Rub Her Right, Then Pound Her » Jessica Roberts2 Jan. 2014
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"Now this is my idea of

"Now this is my idea of the perfect SCORE Girl. She's sweet, pleasant, very attractive, speaks well, and is bright. She comes in and she just matter-of-factly fucks JMac. Just the way a SCORE Girl should be." (David)

"Jessica is so hot and down to earth. Really seems like the girl-next-door we would all want to fuck." (Linksman18)

Those are two opinions of Chicago boobie baby Jessica Roberts who is back to knock another one out of the park in "Rub Her Right, Then Pound Her." They've hit it right on the head. Jessica is that girlfriend-type with big boobs, quiet and fun-loving. She likes going to baseball and basketball games, going to the movies, barhopping and hanging out with friends. Jessica used to work at Under Armour, the sportswear people, but she was attracted to hot modeling of the big boob kind.

Today Jessica is here for a massage. Since it's Stiffy Saturday, the one-man operation is offering a Ladies Only two-for-one special. Get a massage and get a hot beef injection. Jessica wants to take advantage of that. This is a girl who likes to fuck. She even said she doesn't care for masturbation. ("I would rather have the real thing," says Jessica.) We'll get to see those heavy 34F tits bounce, shake and quake while she's fucked on the massage table and a nearby ottoman. Missionary, doggy, lap-fucking, standing... they do it all.

Jessica leaves another satisfied client. Who would not want to fill this babe's dance card?

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What Happens To Your Skin When You Rub An Ice Cube On Your Face

What Happens To Your Skin When You Rub An Ice Cube On Your Face20 Nov. 2019
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Glowing face with

Glowing face with beautiful skin is what every woman desires. It makes them look stunning and attractive.

But due to the pollution and harsh environment maintaining a glowing and radiant skin is becoming difficult day by day.

Facials and spa treatments are good for refreshing and rejuvenating your skin but they are expensive and time taking.

No need to worry.

In today’s video, I’m going to tell you a simple home remedy that can provide you with the same benefits but a cheaper cost and at the comfort of your home.


Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor or a certified professional if you’re in any way concerned about your health. All content within Good Life Tube Channel is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.

Good Life Tube Channel or it’s creators are not responsible or liable for any diagnosis made by a user based on the content of the Good Life Tube Channel or Website, or any action that a user takes after viewing or reading the information provided on the channel or site. Good Life Tube Channel is not liable for the contents of any external Internet sites listed.

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Sameera nadheem

Done it for two days and saw some slight differences. So happy because of result and planned to do this reguraly. The next day ????????.and all was flopped. So I'm gonna try this in summer maybe I may get relief from this ???



TaCoZ LeGend

U know men exist to...

Mariappan Mariappan s

Who all play with ice
.....with siblings??

Antonia Nohou

Every TIME

Stream Better

I here cause I saw Bella hadid (my wife) doing this

Sanam Khan

Omg dont ever do this please,i didnt watch this video but i tell you my experience,i was rub 3 ice cubes on my face and after 1 hour my face had got too much redness and pimples .so please dont ever do will burn your skin.

Legends here dot com

Who else remember the scene from kabir singh?

Jomol Jojy

Won’t your skin get red when you do this.....


All human need a beauty skin ok

Peichi Chi

Hey just asking is this really true?have anyone tried it yet?

Bhava Darani

It definitely works...I rubbed ice cubes on my skin to reduce pimples ...but dude trust me it made my face bright

Jerome Timbang

Dont do it

Subhi Singh

Moral: We should rub ice cube on over face

chocolate world

I'm rubbing ice on my face since 1 month n mine skin became very brighter than before..{rub ice on face regularly} I used to rub 3 to 4 cubes it's your turn guyz try it once you'll see results soon :)

Kalyani Gandhi

The only thing that i can afford ?

Dynaxx xoxo

I actually had a bowl of coldwater in my fridge before watching this

Cleofil Fernandes

God Jehovah Bless You'll Jesus Loves You'll too much stay Blessed Love from Goa India ?????????

Mohammad you You


NotRipper BG

I did this when Irub 2 ice tube I. My face after 1 day I saw my pimples is shrinking and my faces is clear now this works

Joridelle Gregorio

Not only women desire to have a beautiful skin also men.




this works ive been doing this for MONTHS now and my skin glows

Oliver Ava

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Shreya Sharma

Winter mai kon hai be yha??

Alondra Salas

Could you do it everyday?

Heart Playzz


Kirishima's Man do you know if the ice is clean and not touched by human hands

Thanmay Kandakuri

mam how many days should we continue this ?? pls reply me

Robert Robison

Legit thank you for sharing your experience

VonDutch Music

May filipina ba dito HAHA
Ask ko lang pwede ba yelo?HAHA

Anantha Lakshmi

Waw Soo many likes???

Anngela Abrea


Miss Foxiness

Men want to take care of there skin too

Cyle Reyes

Its effective. I cant live without putting ice into my face everyday. Thats why i have a clear skin

Harshita Bangera

should we apply it directly on our skin ? Coz i thought we must wrap it up in a cotton cloth. help me please.

Puffy Pet

I'll try rubbing ice on my face from today......


Me:watch this video and fly to the kitchen

Lady Ikan

Me: watch's this video with my sister's
My mom: what happened to all the ice cube's

av0cad0 rantar0

never thought a small ice cube can do so many things

Anantha Lakshmi

Any one from INDIA watching this!?????????????????????
Hit a thumbs up then!!!!

Chetna RPVV sec5 Dwarka

I ve subscribed your channel n hope that you'll cross one million??


When it's so hot in your country even when it's December ?️??️?


It is allow to kids?

Juhaina Veronica Bingayan

I had been doing this for 3 years and it is very effective for me ?

Indu Amazon

If it worked.. Hit a Like Here Guys.. ?

Shreya Nair

Can we use this twice a day after face wash ?

flower girl 20

Ok i wow nice

Uday Pandya

Who are boys and men's present here?. Not only womens should have beauty, even men's need the beauty so that they can attract others?

Keila Oxford

You know what? I just like my natural skin

priti Singh

Does it really work??...


How to remove pimples ☹️

potato potato

It's not good to directly apply it tho. You should at least wrap it with clean clothe 'cos i read it somewhere that rubbing it directly isn't good. Been doing it for months now(since quarantine happened) and they always said that my face got whiter and clearer while in fact, i just did this. Wrap it to thin clothe, rub it on your face fir about 5-10mins, leave your wet face until it dries.

TrashE_ Queen

My ass was like “uH yEAH SURE THIS’Ll wORk ??” and boom after crying over how cold ice is my skin started to look bomb asf ???

But my dumbass stopped doing it rn and shit went backwards again?? but overall it’s fun give it a shot


Gonna try this tomorrow

Anantha Lakshmi

Whose gonna try this???
I'm trying it!!! :)

Hunie_wifey Baby

I always put Ice on my face since 2018 and everyday and very effective

Ani riba

After watching this video:

Everyone: Let's take a ice cube and rub on the face.

Me: Taking the ice cube out to eat ??

Boss Girl

Now i know why the ice living people r beautiful ... Lol


tricks to remove acne

booster: drink water(it helps)
1:put salt on a wet cotton tampon and apply it on you acne
2: baking soda and water but it in a cup and make sure theres not that much water and it becomes a mixture then put it on your face if you leave it there if will get hard just put or wash it off with water


I,m watching this while trying to get the ice out the bottle that I froze

Ferdous Esha

Guys ice cubes definetely works, not even puberty could do anything to my face, but* NEVER* use ice under your eyes,I have a red veiny eye now which happened due to nerve freezing around my eyes.

new asmr

We should apply ice every day


My parents ashamed me cause of my pimples so i search this... ? ?

Kim Flores Donan

Thank you for sharing this beauty tips with us. More beauty tips videos from you. God bless?

Vanshika Agarwal

Does it remove acne scars?

Benna Maria

It is really good to see when they hold the ice cubes like that but it in real life it's so hard dude...


Fun fact: Trying to wash your face does NOT open your pores!! Your pores cannot open with just some water.


I know that it's just not me who had this moments in their childhood

Many kids going to the fridge to get something but get distracted by ice cubes or some ice then instantly just rubs it all over the face,us children back then are geniuses ???✨

Rejena Rai

Can we do it daily?? Or???

Gurung PLAYS

I'm a ugly guy


Will I apply everyday once or everyday twice?

Lucy vuite

I'm on my way to my fridge?‍♀️?‍♀️?

{Love Potion}

My dark circles made me look older, and I am still a teen, but when I put on ice, it seriously helped.

hahehihohu hihihi

I rub an ice on my face before sleep..and on the next day..all my pimples become smaller??i love it...and u know what??i got natural blush on my cheek?my cheek became pink

Anngela Abrea


Rajib das

How can I do that in winter❄⛄

Gabrielle De Torres

Can I rub the ice cubes all over my body???

Vinutha vinu

Yes....This works effectively. But I'm using papaya ice cubes rather than normal water ice cubes. Good results 100%.

PK XD gamergirl

Are we supposed to use it

Ellie Briggs

I just had a face mask on and before I took it off i out a ice cube over so it absorbs better

Delanie Jo

Me* I hope its not bad for you*

Him* its ok*

Inaya Khan

2:21 who do u think i am? a news reporter?

honey luna v

my cousin does this everyday and she has clear, glowing skin ?

Namjoon 354th airpod looking for jimins lost jams.

"It reduces inflammation and acne"
"Reduce sebum production"
"Reduce under eye bags"

Me: "Ok first I'm going to north pole and then to korea."

Art -Sujal Nrk

Really great

Sujal jung Kunwar

Legend are watching 2021

Rachelle L.

Let me try this home remedy :)


Let me guess how many of you come to comments right after he said "Korean" ??

Nathalie Sofia

Me after watching the video: gets an ice in the freezer and puts on face

1 minute later

My face:?

Mubashir Khan

Ice pack will close pore and reduce absorbtion...... people do it before make so that skin doesn't absorb make-up....
And keep skin safe from any harmful effect of chemical products. Steaming opens the pores.....??

Charu Sharma

Me everytime when I hear name of Korea : my boys live there ofc BTS ????????

Shahiba Fiza

Oh my god. ..... I known it's very well. And I have done it. ?????????????????????????

fried chicken

My mom see me rubbing ice on my face and she get mad add because she said i will be blind because im rubbing ice on my face -_-

Marycris Bohawe

I put ice on my face so i watched this


Got your heart broken? Rub a ice cube over it!

chan Belandres

i actually do this for 1 year and its effective my skin now is literally glowing

Antonia Nohou



Don't mind me living in Canada: Jumps outside and jumps into a pile of snow and ice

Skyla _maythuheinhtet

can i know it will free pimples