Hot text messages to turn him on

How to Turn Him On Without Touching Him | 8 Texting Tips to Active a Man

How to Turn Him On Without Touching Him | 8 Texting Tips to Active a Man15 Apr. 2020
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You can turn a man on from a distance in SO MANY WAYS if you use these 8 powerful and creative texting tips! It's simpler (and more fun) than you think.

How to turn a man on over text? What can I text him to get him hot? How can I spice things up when we're apart? I get asked questions like these ALL THE TIME by clients, students and women in my life... so here is a video explaining

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Comments (100)
Gerri Miller

I am so excited to especially tease my guy through voice sexy i say?

Melanie White

New here. Matt I am into this. However it’s got to be with a guy I am sure that we have chemistry and have the intense heat between us in the bedroom. We definitely do! He is now out of the country on a work1 assignment. I bet you would recommend these techniques to keep the fire going. He said he saw me on a dating site and that we were a match! I finally said I don’t want to date anyone else. However should I keep it this way? How do I know for sure he isn’t lying to me and just wants me to stay off? I am just not sure about him being faithful to commit yet. What is your read on it? Sorry so long here.....

dzana saynes

You have the best relationship coaching content that i have ever seen...keep up great ?

Anette Baby

All of them sum up to “Talk Dirty”... And promise sex...Expose yourself to getting Raped...Give him the consent so you can’t prove the rape...No thanks...I’m smarter than this and looking for REAL love...I’m not a “Freebie Prostitute “...Or just a “Booty Call Toilet “...Not too smart, Mat...Sorry...

Hoili Swu

Thanks for tips and advice sexually

Slurp Nugget

Bruh, too bad we can't see eachother ;c

Chris Jenkins

Hi Mat! Wanted to let you know that I've been following you for a long time now and you're still one of my fave dating coaches on YouTube:)
Also was curious to ask, when you're just newly dating someone, maybe a handful of dates in, and are trying to hold out on having sex for awhile so you can get to know each other better and build more emotional connection first, I'm never quite sure how far to flirt or be suggestive because I dont want to seem like a tease or have him think that I'm giving him the red light sexually if in not ready to actually follow through with the action yet.?‍♀️

VAISHALI Jamnadas amari Maltby

I do all this lets say my man works as nurse did not end well lol ? its amazing that this year will be three years i can still turn him on

Minerva Franklin

Can you suggest a good online dating service?

Flora Shorter

Amnot tready.

Sandra Marie Gray

Mat, I have just found you and now binged on your videos. Super enjoying learning I am doing the right thing and you have also given me quite a few suggestions in the videos I have watched. I am going to be a little more subtle having turned 60 this year. So many thanks.

Shambre Levangie

Do you offer one on one coaching?

Samia Hoque

Can you make a video with some tips for us female partners/wives struggling with a husband who has low/no sex drive?

We have been trying to grow/start our family, but of course this cannot happen without intimacy ??
I find myself feeling extremely shy to make moves or to "try new things". Like I have all this lingerie, but too shy to use it ? It was never like this for me, but with time and as his drive decreased, I find myself afraid to try new things or "seduce" him. I guess the fear is that I will come off as being desperate or "weird".
When trying for a baby, we have certain days where we need to make it happen or our chance is gone. So i'm looking for ways to help ensure intimacy on those days. Communicating ovulation with your husband just puts too much pressure & turns them off ?

I hear women sharing very similar stories & I think its especially difficult for those of us with religious & conservative backgrounds. If you could make a video addressing some of these things & some tips to overcome this & things us women can do in this situation for our husbands - we would really appreciate it!
Thanks ?

Maanalie sumagaysay

Nice tips..Excellent

Ernella Dalumpines

Mat I love all your videos and I learned so much from you. Thanks for this video.

Leanne Olsen

If you are interested, find the window your self! Do the work the prize will be worth it!

Gcobisa Mapongwana

Matt you are so soft
Even when you talking ?


Me: * kisses his neck *
Me: * stops kissing his neck *
Him: * asked me to kiss his neck again *

When he talks dirty i reply back to him but i don’t reply all the time, i wait till later to reply.

Tianie Mitchell

Now I'm actually thinking about Carly Simon and the song she sings ,anticipation
Anticipation is very exciting

Justin James de bastıan


Sharon Johnson

How are we supposed to do this during the virus now?

Jaleny Namasaka

What’s #MOC ?

Mat Shaffer


Olivia Lane

Thank you

Child of God

I paused the Video to send him a its on. No 4 works. I had this point last week and discovered he loves it when I say what he is to do...sexwise...

Kiran Sharma

Mat I love you and the way you talk and explain .

Caterina Zaffino

I think Mat is turned on by his own voice lol! Thats why his ear is Red.?

Marnie Williams

This works if you already have a sexual relationship with a man. If you are beginning a relationship and it's stalling, this isn't working. Not having this conversation at this time.

Daniela Perez

In a long distance relationship, how often should you do this?


'I want to tie you up and test your threshold of pleasure!'

quiet rebel

This is literally word play combined with imagination omg ?????

Nimfa Bangay


stacy fisher

Creepy techniques Men are creepy enough

Lynn Cissell

LMAO. It's called phone sex.

Naf FS

If he does not like you and thinks you are not attractive, then it does not matter what you do. Nothing will turn him on.

vannie f

idk why am i watching this when im single for a fact..but this is informative i must say.?

Terrie Richards

You are awesome ., ! Really wish a had thus info years ago.

Emi Fanny enjoy the rest of your day with this beautiful song

Liz Rodriguez

Wow! Love your videos!

Koby Riggz

See new methods o

Isalia Lourenco

Thanks Mat. You don’t know how much you helped me in my long distance relationship. Thank you so much!

Riza Formales

Hello I'm new here ? thanks for the advice I'm in long dustance relationship ?
God bless ?

Sheila Wolford

How do u know if a man is cheating????

Zenaida Cariaga

Nice voice love reading ??

Henx Max

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Thea Shaikha Hannah Scholtz

Thats wot Iv been praying 4...thank u...print it in an intimacy-bible...asap...?

Norah Maina

Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Lady Zakari

Thank you

Natalie Cross Colorings

What if a man is in love with you and you work together/ and you’ve never touched. And the sexual tension is so powerful.and you are powerful. A spiritual connection. Actually, a love of my life. After the show was done,?we had a mesmerizing time. And he left with his friends.

Bonita Newby

I want to bite him!??????

Narelle Montauban

High vibration messages between myself and an online date that Ive not yet met ! LOVE the idea of the voice message - gorgeous way to message - thanks Mat :)

Tammy Coco

Loving the lessons

crystal goddess

Oh my god. I was so clueless. This video is so informative. I love it. Will try later.

Leanne Olsen

No mobile phones! Get close, deep eye contact "Tell him what you want now!!"


Are guys watching videos like this for us ?? I’m so single but binging these videos like I’m not

Sandy Lunden


Autumn J

I just send it through text and then u said send as a voice memo lol wish u told me that before ?

Tianie Mitchell

Don't be insensitive obviously you must be a man it's talking about sensitive things sexual things can be a little embarrassing sometimes even knowing there's hundreds of strangers listening to you talk regarding that so again please don't be so insensitive

marjorie kraft


Chris Swaby

Thanks for your examples but the men I’ve been out with have been too sharp for these ideas to get through. What else can I do? ?‍♀️


Long distance relationship is going to benefit.. he's a 10 hour drive away... I love the voice clip idea.. speaking slowly and sighing alot

Crisandra Allen

I hope this works

BtheLight 444

Fun and creative.. Thanks!

Koby Riggz

This guy is a vibe abeg?



Shreyaa Baranwal

Such beautiful voice omg!
Listen to him with eyes closed...


Do I need to worry if I kiss him softly in his neck and near his ear but don't really get a reaction from him ?
I asked him if its annoying and his reply is "he didnt say that "
??? Don't know how to read that.

Shamiran Younan

i wish if i have man like you , you are amazing experience man


I am so sexually advanced in technique and what I want I often think I can come across as intimidating to a new man. This helped me come back to earth with some ideas to get him warmed up better!

Cyn dy

i love ur vid and ur background doesnt give destruction. thanks 4d info. im actually shy and conservative but watching some porn makes me wonder how to express. love u so much how u express, seems ur d man tingling me??jokin here

Ella pizon

Is it effective to a guy not ready for a commitment? Annulled and with 2 kids, busy career. But he still coming back to me but if i ask him what he wants to me if he is not ready for a commitment? He replied. Special friends for a lifetime.. Almost 4yrs nxt month knowing this guy and dating . But last 2018 i discovered he is flirting with other girl then he left her without label , same thing. Then now i dont know. He still texting me but not often unlike on the first year

Priscilla Farrell



I love that you are so specific!!!!!

Koby Riggz

He really knows what’s up?

Aiyonna Houston

Mannn I’m so mad because I was already naked and I just got up and send a booty pic right before you said not a nude. ?

Marlene Jenkins


Danny Jonez

ok so we in are 50s iv got kids ranging from 8 to 14 now what


damn i wish had listened to your channel videos earlier. I think i blew it with this man i liked and had just started texting in March just as the lockdown started. We didn't meet because of the lockdown and he went back home to another city to be with his parents... i think the lines all got mixed and he stopped replying and the texting fizzled out.. bummer.

bsc nyc

chipmunkvoice.... wl that gv u the desired window... so... mboy... how many turn ons.... in a day!? ?I can jst imagine!!!??? ↘️↗️⤵️????↘️↙️↪️↩️?↩️↘️?


I like to tease him with a close up picture of my new bra and a small bottle of lube?

Melissa Tobin


Shamiran Younan

i like the way you acting and explaining how to ???

Alexandra Morales

Try googlinng Celestine Dessike's Words of Desire, there is one of the many approaches to learn to talk dirty like a pro rofl, though you have to be prepared to learn a few things about male psychology, and so forth

Koby Riggz

This guy na baba o??????????????????????????????

Lali V

I love your page among so many others , your content is so honest and real, I am trying to signed up for masteryofconnection connection but page is not opening (

Kre8ive Ingenuity

While this is great information, however I'm not @ this point in my relationship(s), I was wondering if you have a video on how to draw an acquaintance in & let him know your interested in him. There has been moments, we'd meet up with each other by chance, he's helped me jump my car & we almost walked right into each other & when we 1st met he helped me move 1 or more things into my apartment. It seems when he does say hi, we are usually both busy!! How do I let him know I'm interested without being too obvious? How do I make him think its his idea to go out on a date? Do you already have a video on this, or maybe you can make one?

Valarie Wood

Omg just used it and ooo lala thank you!

Kay Yong

You have a new subscriber ??‍♀️?


you almost never blink

Bernice Walsh

Ohh I see now. Good advice! But you were a lawyer? My new boyfriend is so horny. OMG he keeps asking for nude pictures!!


What would you say to a 61-year-old man

Pascalle Douven

Even before listening this video i am looking for how its is when you tekst him that you will have “ sex / initmicy “ with your self

Katherine Foster

I love that, thanks for info.

Melissa Seigal

So I was wondering , have you ever gone out with anyone that was subscribed to your channel..or you hers ... How did you step it up both knowing all your game moved and weaknesses??? I'm thinking I Kno ..jk ;)

Simply Marilyn

Eyes so blue I can drown in them ?

modicia martin

His ears is really

Naomi Blanchard

We're seventy plus. These are techniques we use in text and together. If you are healthy sex doesn't have to stop with age. Words and touch can build intimacy


Wait! You mean to tell me that women enjoy sex too????

Lori Moppin

That is hot

Olimpia L

Cool but in my opinión and Experience bit too much in First dates
iwill run away instantly yaay guys dont like to be chased

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Listen up, try searching for Celestine Dessike's homepage for a spot-on suggestion that helps any type of woman take her talk-in-bed skills one stage further and feelsuper confident with it all along.