How to be more confident around girls

How to Feel Confident Around Girls

How to Feel Confident Around Girls9 Oct. 2013
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6 Ways to Be Confident AROUND GIRLS | How to Be More Confident Tips

6 Ways to Be Confident AROUND GIRLS | How to Be More Confident Tips15 May. 2017
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Learn how to make girls

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Today, Based Zeus himself teaches you how to build self-confidence and self-image. You can use this "how to be more confident" method to get girls effortlessly.


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Comments (100)

Bruh even 3yrs later I’m still a fucking loser

Junior Wichayapol

Im mature
I play guitar
I dance
I have quality family and friends
I have confidence
I am open to new experience
I have money
I stop doing negative traits
I have life goal and it is to love girls
I am clean
I do exercise
I teach life
I am not afraid
I am myself
I have high education
I am ambitious
I am happy

The Black Revenant

Zeus, what do you think about video games

009 009

Please make a video on haircut

009 009

I dont know what haircut should i have it dosent look good after cutting and you have to grow it all up again and try again ?


I'm a girl but I was very curious about this lel


I’m a nice guy, smart, athletic, attractive, smart, make people laugh, close with family, have good friends, love helping people, and love sports.

Raash Bucul

?? i love this guy.

Gage Broomall

This sucked

Jack Butterworth

This Guy is class and actually helpful

ian jansen

10 pushups done
list done

Will AM




but idk what should i do with it xD
i feel awkward lmao

Vpx_Mb YT


mahua banerjee


Brian Musonda

am gonna do 20 straight

David Downey

"Maybe youre a Greek god in disguise as a human just to fuck with people"??

Amit Leffler

Did 10 pushups then wrote a list, I have 20 things in it.

Dr Nemik

fuck yeah

WorldBreaker Hulk

Bro, I can't do push-ups right now. I am in class.

Sophia Henry-Sharpe

Cool ? thanks

Aman Singh

BC confident banaunga mai??

Brian Andrew

Just wonderful, I've been looking for "how to talk to women book" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Ronradoon Desirable Catch - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my co-worker got amazing success with it.

Demarcus Millien


Nghia Pham890

I already did my 100 push up

Matt Bell

A lot of these are things that i already thought up but never commited to

Dupree JR

1. I’m a really good football player
2. I can looks good in any outfit
3. I’ve been blessed with good looks
4. I’m a different breed at madden and 2k
5. I have goals and dreams that I am determined to achieve
6. I love doing new things
7. I love to travel

Slash Kid

Inspired by the best

reddy hell

you r makes me write i am fan of BASED ZEUS:>


1. I’m a great artist
2. I’ve been told I’m super friendly and sweet
3. I took a picture, uploaded it to twitter yesterday and all day long I keep getting comments from girls on how cute I look. Damn
4. I’m disciplined
5. I’m emotionally available
6. I know how to animate
7. I’m creative
8. I have very good friends
9. I help people on collabs and YouTube projects
10. I try my best to help others


1. I am funny
2. I have fast thinking
3. I am athletic
4. I play guitar
5. I am good with my tongue (they told me hahahah)
6. I am resilient
7. I am always trying to get the best of my life
8. I am good at giving advices
9. I watch Based Zeus

Samuel Orozco

I’m good at shit

Sam Z

Did 10 push-ups bought a shirt, and said hi to a girl that surprisingly told me your shirt too tight chunky monkey. Fuk this shit works! Can’t believe she talked to me! Mind=blown

Leo G

hat if you dont like them cause they just not cute or not cool and then it works out and you stuck having to go with it

Alex Jeon

3:07 i fell down and cried

Prolece Leto

1:09 i just wana know what u said, how did you continue conversation, anyone¿

Schnobbz Swanson

Does abstraining yourself from masturbating make you more confident as well? Asking for a friend

Your ordinary stranger from internet

Honestly, i don't even know anything that im good at.
I cant do sport, is short, i am not smart, sucks at game, and cant even play any musical instrument

shells old channel

So just put on a nice shirt

No pants or socks or underwear just a shirt got it

Anirudh Kumar

Zara not Zera!
Wtf is Zera!

Its basic pronunciation!

Ryan Schaufelberger

Im done??


Things I am good at:
1. Computer science
2. Honestly math
3. Drinking??
4. I know a lot about lifting but I don't lift
5. I make music beats
6. I play fifa and I know a lot about soccer
7. I know a lot fun facts and i have a lot shower thoughts
8. I am interested in psychology
9. I am ambucious
10. I know to solve rubics cube
11. I train boxing (nothing serious)
12. Everyday I want to be better than yesterday
13. Idk what else and this is kinda wierd thing to do

Standin Man of Legends

2:05 lol


I workout
I have a good physique
I play football
I’m in ap classes although some improvement is needed
I have a great family
Good friends
People that love me
I’m into science
Nice guy and easy to talk to

Lowday vlogs and gaming

What I’m good at Drag racing, talking

Emin Gojayev

3:07 I kid you not. I didn’t have any of these qualities???

Hyper Monkey

I just talked to a girl I’m not interested in. She asked me out (NOT EXPECTED!).
I rejected

A plus health life

This is exactly what I talk about in this video:


Gold mine of knowledge✊

Chris Stockstill

1. I'm goodlooking and attractive, abouve avarge.
2. I can (actually) play the guitar.
3. Im an artist, I have a natural skill for it.
4. I'm well spoken and educated.
5. I am divine.
6. I can do anything I set my mind too.
7. I have good wisdom, knowledge and understanding.


im good at sports and gaming

Sam Goode

2:04 so that’s why lots of girls talk to me

jacob Thompson


Tioga Boyz 4

1:25 on the chock board

btn racy

1. Athletic
2. Determined
3. Nice eye colour
4. Sick hairstyle and colour
5. Great body
6. Amazing at sports
7. Sick at business and school
8. Nice bone structure
9. Dress well
10. Confident

009 009

Homework done ? feelin better now :)

Samuel Alder

here's what I like about myself:
I'm brave enough to face uncomfortable truths and try new things out
I'm good looking
I'm good at singing
I'm intelligent
i can take a joke... actually more than one, and, I have an infinite supply of humour, by laughing at myself
I'm more mature than most of my peers
I'm a good cook
I do my best to love people
I do my best to consider other people's points of view
I'm not afraid of women :)


- making people laugh
- great at sports
- surrounded by great people
- amazing at video games
- beautiful eyes

Soccer Star 07

1. Nice guy
2. Funny
3. Smart
4. Tall
5. Knows how to make myself laugh
6. Loyal
7. Logical
8. Always improving
9. Competitive
10. Good looking
11. Ambitious
12. Happy
13. Deep thinker
14. Likeable
15. Always try to figure out what I don't understand
16. Can be entertained by creating fake scenarios
17. Drink a shit ton of water
18. Opera maestro
19. Fun af once you get to know me
20. Private because I don't seek validation from others

Nicky J

@2:37 ....... what type of a girl do u expect to watch this video man

not the type that need to use these tips on men that's for sure

Bill Freeman

Working out first thing in the morning is great advice.
@Phil: Bro.. look up a program called Unbreakable Confidence..
Look for the site that has the big video on the homepage..
Those guides are really good for revamping your mindset, getting over your insecurities and overcoming approach anxiety.
I used to think I need to be jacked and rich to get girls..
Obviously that helps.. but confidence trumps everything.

Michelle Monteiro

You funny bro

Vibo Achumi

I'm not that bad looking guy, but because of my insecurities and neediness my girlfriend always looses interest and I gets dumped! Well, I used to try my best to stay positive and stay mentally strong..but it's f**king hard..!!



Prims3s YT

I am fucking handsome
I work out as hell
I have super sexy abs
I have a great potential
I am good at learning languages


I did a step higher than 10 push-ups I did 50 push-ups

Great White

The greek god deserves a bigger odiance, RESPECTS ZEUS!

Anahit Soghomonyan

Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about "how to talk to women books" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Ronradoon Desirable Catch - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my m8 got excellent results with it.


Right on thank you you f**** God for giving me the best guidance I've ever gotten better than what Church gave to me

stalker 10.__

Done ✅

I am Greatness

I love that bitches always tryna fuck me and dat i get all dis bread and I love that I do drugs and make money and make great music

aly khaled

I appreciate this video but please guys stop watching this and stop trying faking confidence and self esteem don’t do the mistake i did get off youtube and start working on your body and and mind and you will be confident without even realizing confidence isn’t something you can force yourself to do never do anything you don’t want to do and do things that makes you happy don’t waste your life forcing yourself to be confident


I do 50 push ups every morning

zakaria uchiha

-Im a good drawing artist
-Im a creative designer
-i have a good knowledge on bodybuilding
-i speak 3 languages well


I just wear a black t-shirt with black ripped faded slim Jean's and dirty Converses and I attract all the hoes lmao

Paddy Ryan

- I am extremely good at sports
- I have great hair
- I have an unreal body
- I am easy to talk to
- I enjoy talking to people
- I have good fashion
- I have good friends

Gordon Khor

1. I am a good looking guy (at least above the average)
2. I am tall
3. I am althetic
4. I am good at drawing
5. I am nice guy
6. I have a beautiful smile
7. I am good at basketball
8. My friends and family always care about me


All of this is so true, but why does it seem like it’s hard to be confident at crunch time when I spot an attractive girl across the room? It’s like my mind it telling me... just keep walking, she’s not for you. Anybody else experience this?

steph g

3:07 DAMN, i'm all those things except the money, time to fix that!

Anton Born


Based Zeus

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1.) I’m good at bass guitar
2.) I’m good at ukulele
3.) I have a good sense in style
I feel better already.


Me: texts a girl i dont care about
Girl: says yes
Me: aight imma head out


03:21 i checkoff all thats listed but the lots of money part

Devn world Bourne

Hey sup Based suze can you do a other video of you can get mad bitches in cash app pay skinny little emermiad on cash ? app


girls i dont care about dont say no though

Ramzy Mohamad رمزي محمد

- gamer
- good at swimming
- starting to learn piano
- working on my body
- have a good style
- experiment with bomb hairstyles
- have 2 bff that i can 100%trust
- have a great family
- always improving my self
- good at redstone & building in mcpe
- calm
- Smart
- open-minded
- educated
- work for my dreams

Alexander Future

I can do 73 push-ups and I’m only 12 years old and I’m very strong ?

suvash gc

I do 200 push ups( not one time) everyday. But I have no girls.


1. I have a huge banana
2. I smell gud
3. I bought a watch from ur sponsor
4. I don't wash fruits before eating 'em (makes me a bad boiii)
5. I play guitar and I'm in a band
6. I'm tall as fk boiiiii
7. I am Confident as fk boiiiii
8. I love peanuts


I really loved the last tip.. ; ) I needed to hear something like that

Patti Funkhouse

Ask her about her damn feelings. Let her talk about which of her skinny boring friends is fucking who and whose getting fat. Then tell her if she wants to hang with you she better know how to ski the black diamonds at Whistler or Aspen. Bitches go crazy for this. Trust me. Then hot tub time machine your ass up there with her. Yes - you better know how to ski first jack ass! Then give her “lessons” on the easy runs. Ski resorts drive women bonkers especially after you have taken the time to teach them. Rinse and repeat !

Anwar Jibawi

Make a video on how to f**k a girl

Sourish Mazumdar

Zeus now it's finally time to change the animation style.

The Cyclone

What I like about myself
— My athletic body
— My sense of humour

bruh_moment_ 1027

To the people that are gonna say they're not good at anything: you are, you're a fucking beast whether you accept it or not. Everyone's good at something and that's a fact, remember that. Have a nice day

Afghan Sher

Already done 300 pushups

Vpx_Mb YT

1.Im cute out everyday
3.funniest guy in the room
4.lowky smarty
5. Good at sports
6.very driven to goal
7.loves life's challenges
8.amazing voice and laugh
10. Life is good


things i like about myself:
i have an attractive face
i have a strong jawline
i workout a lot
i’m good at most sports
girls usually find me attractive


my list
look good
i got a decent size cock
i play games
i play soccer

How to Be Confident Around Girls: 2 Quick Tips

How to Be Confident Around Girls: 2 Quick Tips16 Sep. 2016
160 472
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Use these 2 simple

Use these 2 simple conversation techniques to be more confident with girls. They work even if you're normally shy or awkward.

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Comments (50)

I really love this girl in my class, i want to talk to her but I'm a very awkward and shy person.

Help me

Michael Castillo

All bout that confidence building bruh

A Seabee in Japan ?

Egyptian King

You're a good looking guy though, does thus shit work if you're a 3-4/10 like me?

xd timetoaster Gaming

Nice mic ;)))))))))))))))

Fredo Giron

You're good, you just talk way to fast


There is a how to fix confidence in 30 days video, but there is no cheat sheet pdf anywhere :P At least in my 3 tries to find it.


More datin advice videos pls :)

Brandon Narsing

That coach is Aaron Rodgers lol

Julio Rodriguez

how you approach a girl in the club where there is a lot of noise and she probably is surrounded by her friends.?

Fernando 007

you say hey senorita donde esta el bar . and your in ,,,lol

Tau Ceti


Sheldon Gooch

LMAO Dave sounds like you was in a rush ?????

Jazheel Perea

That's easy mode for you guys lol being in Mex lol .. great video!!!

RUV Talaro

thank you so much bro for giving tips and advice like this i hope my confidence will boost too soon and it can helps me a lot really to my everyday life!! keep it up!! STAY BEASTLY!!!!

lalo rc

Just subscribe” I feel comfortable that I am not alone I myself am shy and have shaky confidence when approaching woman and other people 24/7 but this tips really have boost my confidence and overcome my fears....dealing with anxiety all my life I need to break away thanks bro !!

Franccesco Navokov

no fucken way... Did you come to Mexico??????

Adrian Rodriguez

Short and sweet and informative love the videos keep it up my man

Adam Press

If the girl has seen a shrink before she will hate you!

Fernando 007

im a car detailer / volunteer ses rescue


Thanks for the tips, I really need some confidence boosters here lately.

Paper Boi

I just asked my crush out and I’m afraid we will get into that awkward silence gesus


21 questions?


Great tips man. If you notice, when speaking to people, a majority of them will say "oh nice. i do..." something along those lines. They turn the conversation towards themselves. People love talking about themselves, but most people don't like hearing others talk about themselves. Be genuine and curious about peoples lives and you can build incredible relationships.


Unacceptable, was wanting to hear that you were gonna be mad if I don't see you bro at the end. But for real, love your work David ?

Ashish Singh

Don't get me wrong I'm no homo but those lips are just delicious

orange didier Hungley

recently i have been doing game, but when i talk to a girl i ask a lot of questions about them, is it bad to ask a lot of questions when talking to the females

Adrian Jennings

I don't know what that first guy just said but I'm not aroused at all. I thought this was about fucking hoes

Parker Brown

it's macklemore!

Smangaliso Sphesihle

Thnx man u helped me alot


Almost thought you were gonna beast those mexican girls in spanish. Now that would be a challenge. ??

Riseup Motivation

Hey bro I like your videos, and how natural you are at picking up women.

Rufai Lawal

what if she is an introvert


im a beast bro i can make it happen


I have another easy tip. When you feel nervous, do it anyway. Deal with anxiety, don't try to solve it. Say anything, like "Hello". Never try to find the "perfect opener". Anxiety fades out with experience.

Miles Trombley

What if she doesn't talk much about herself and she wants to learn more about you instead?

Michael Jackson

4 lettersMDMA

Giblets I Am

I love and hate these videos. I love them because they are helpful as fuck, but I hate them because I'm just now starting to see just how fucked up my shit is. It's hitting me like a fucking freight train just how much I need to get my shit together.

9 9 9

You single handedly got me laid


It's about having courage not confidence. Being slightly nervous gives you humility which is better than cockiness. Approach anyways!


Shot on iPhone

Ryan E1097

Did your barber not finish your haircut? ?

Maryland Guy0326

Bro..great advice! First date went well. Subscribed ??


I'm lazy if I have to put this much effort in I just pass

Rufai Lawal

what if she is an introvert

Prab rai

Seen your every video
I’m alpha in boys,flirting with girls ✅,popular in school,but inFront of my GF?

Smacky Pappelroy

Yeah boiii

Trent Hankinson

In regards to David's tip, I think a great way to learn to NOT be a robot in conversation is to watch Seinfeld. The dialogue between the characters is not thought out, it just flows. And it flows really well, considering it is one of the most-watched tv shows of all time. Learn to talk like them, and your interactions with girls will drastically improve, and it will improve your interactions with just about everybody else in your life too.

Ben Rulon

Should've gone and talked to some Mexican chicks!


I like this girl but can't speak to her
and this other girl admittedly is prettier has a nice ass ?? anyways I can speak to her no problem I always make her laught but she is always shy around me so I am on decide

Adrian Green

Ice bear likes turtles!