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3 Extremely Bizarre PORN Videos

3 Extremely Bizarre PORN Videos6 Dec. 2016
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3 Extremely Bizarre PORN

3 Extremely Bizarre PORN Videos Part 1 by GloomyHouse

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Link to the interview has been removed because the website contained strong content, a simple google search of the phrase "Soiled Sinema: thistle harlequin interview " should give you a result.

Comments (100)
Shabhana Taj

Very hot and sexy ? ?


I have seen 2 out of 3. Not watching number 1

Cassandra Amore

What I'm I watching

꧁GäCHä Mîñtÿ꧂

They ruined Edward scissor hands for me T^T


how do you not get virus when u watch porn?

Nurse Terra

Now how did I ever miss these films?? Legendary...stuff Oscars are made of! FISTFESTS? LOL
May he be popping cow eyeballs in heaven or hell ♡ rip

Cona 6789

my only question is how you found these

Maryjane Kohler

wanna be friends?❤???


Why is this guy reading my history

slutberry shortcake


Diane Groehl


A God.

1# how to get herpes in 5 seconds

Abandoned and Forgotten


idk no name lol? MKII

No rule 34 isn't true


Well, the air quality improved a little


He passed away cause he was mentally ill.. ?

Mj Figueras

Make more

Basic Movies

Back when porn was on dvds and you had to buy it at the store

Lillemor Paulshus



last one sounds more like shock video not porn

Erdinc Yedikat

Some people are so fucked up beyond repair it’s sickening...maybe they need to be put down honestly dude. ???

Giuseppe DiStefano

"A blowjob, yes, a blowjob."

Benjamin Byfield

This is a waste of time

JONNY_Z__ 370z NA

He died from mad cow, R.I.P!

Blue Jays 2

Not so sadly he passed away

Xa Bong

Pongan más videos de porno es lo que más estusiasma.


seems like the edward penishands one has a decent script lmao

Andrea Fleet


Elliott Bruce

Sauce ??


Ok lol

Danielle Wolf

"When suddenly, this other man appears. He starts dancing and playing a saxophone over the woman giving oral sex with the man dressed up in a box."



There’s a spongebob one too

Danilo Salinas



You say sadly he passed away!!!! Seriously your sad that messed up crossdresser is dead! Now thats sad!

little little dumbo

ayy lmao

Bob Klopfenstein


Grizzly Braden

Looked like coco wheats not cream of wheat.

Alviing 01

Girl two lift baby mens

Nonjabulo Mthembu


Doris Gillman

Strictly come dancing

Тимур Мартиненко

Why I wanna fail no nut november

Sad boy

Q poha e essa

Mason Sanderson

Edward penis hands XD 2:03

Raymx slapped y'all

Did the porridge company ok for them to use the cream of wheat box image/logo ia a porn I wonder

Ayush Kumar

He was just eating shapgtti...

raiden stark

Why am i watching this at 1:00 p.m


well at least Edward penishands can literally screw himself lol

Remolos Remol

Edward penis hands ...Wtf ???

anime reviewer

I deserve to watch this video for losing in clash royale

Labeed Osman

your contents are shit

Cristian uziel Bolaños salazar

No lo kieres Aser con migo

Xenomorph Warrior

Demonetize The video AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


How tf i end up here??‍♀️

Monique Marilyn

"Sadly he passed away" nope not really..

Raymx slapped y'all

Truly Oscar material here

Ran Lau

Is my is my mother goose club out.


That last one was fucked up

Ahmed Al Mousawi

number 15, burgerking foot-lettuce

Sekuo Sekhose

Night dream

Otlarlife Guwahati

ecsseszsezssesezs3zwcssesscACscscsszcsexzsscsscs cscs

Sadie Ireland

Wtf?! ???

Miguel tvid

I see you selling this channel that's why I'm just passing by

Clint T

yup its 3 am and I'm on that side of youtube again

Thanos Dione

The pussy so fire it burnt him

Cam C

I've never liked rules.

Wesly ACNL

Did he die from mad cow disease


edward peenushands hahahaha ??????

Nwafia Emmanuel

Who is watching this 2020

Reb Roboturner

This ain't shit bro,watch horses blow loads in sluts or watch Asian women injections of bugs and larva
I never seent it!



Lau Da


على حسين



@2:26 "So Edward, have you thought about what your going to do?
Maybe Proctology?"


What about two girls in a cup

Ethan Samuels

why am i watching this lol

Chapman Collier


Mike Rains

Hard core phorn fucking



Christine Pedian

Nice fuc......

chriz dow

Does that kind of shit actually happen ? Bizarre

Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/Malak

Thank you.

Shelbie Mixon

Omfg ??


?*00212.679.620.248* *Whatapps*?
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انت لازم يكون قضيبك الذكري يزيد على ١٢ سنتم و اذا ما توفر هذا فالحل عندنا ان شاء الله
هذا الطبيب لديه الحل المناسب والله ما يفوتك
كن استثنائيا بقضيبك
هذا واتس اب الدكتور whatapps 00212.679.620.248

doãn hiền

좋아요 ???


I've actually watched Edward Penis Hands! Omg it's the most funny thing I've ever seen haha! Better the real movie!



Adam Stickley

I thought these were going to be strange?

• Ángela •


Alexander Ryen

lol, i love porn so much

Connect The Dots

Wow @monster mom brought me here ?

Anthony W

I don't know why the fuck I clicked on sick

Bartek Cynk

What the fuck


Eating spaghetti from penis hands? oh my god, that scene was VILE?

Amelia Mae

Oh I completely forgot about Edward Penishands lol


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Gardner De Aguiar

I'm glad that last guy isdead.

Bruno Sousa

There's so much.. but so MUCH bizarre porn.. content.. OMG, zoo porn with dogs,pigs, boars, horses, sea creatures, frogs, scat (shit) with piss and vomit porn, maggots porn, bukkake, creampies, sometimes i got a little depressed just knowing that these kinds of things are happening as i breath, and the majority of these videos.. like 95% is only with womans, showing their faces! When it does appear man, they rarely show their faces, or it appears blurred.. like they still want to be able to live in society, go to places, and try to have somewhat a "normal life" and not be recognized... but the womans They don't give a shit! They just show their faces.
I keep thinking how could they do such things, , ... i mean.. what's up if some of these womans go outside, go to a public place, what the family .. what the people... the neighbors will think?
And the girls are all pretty, gorgeous, healthy, beautiful.. if i saw one of these girls on the street, i would never could possible imagine the kinds of things that they do!

I mean.. omg... it's know.. i'm like.. developing some kind of misogyny .. when i see a woman with sexy body on street, i automatically think what if this woman do messed up things.. what if she drinks piss, drink semen, fuck with dogs, eat assholes full of shit?? Who knows???

And it's even worse.. there's not a single site, page, forum , video to see comments of actual normal people, sharing their thoughts, saying what they thinking about this mess, it's like... nobody knows...! Just look at the feminists today, with all their rage against mans, what a bullshit, what they do have to say about all they do in these bizarre porn videos???
Fuck it.. i'm losing my mind....

Moist Panda

You mind telling us how you found these.


War makes strange bedfellows, but thank you

GamE FrEak

What the hell u said about Number 1. Just think about it made me puke.

Meet The Man Who Is Sexually Attracted To Balloons | My Strange Addiction

Meet The Man Who Is Sexually Attracted To Balloons | My Strange Addiction26 Apr. 2019
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tlc ukSubscribe 438 721

Ever since he was four

Ever since he was four years old, Julius has been in love with balloons. The affection is both emotional and sexual, however, Julius sees no issue with this addiction as it does not hurt anyone including himself.

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Comments (100)
Phoebe Wood

"there soft, smooth"
This guy is most likely a serial killer.


uhhh... UHHHHHHHHH... good thing I didn’t end like this

Hannah Gene

Man this guy is as serious as a heart attack. This is sad! He must have had some terrible trauma!

RealLife Krystìę!!

I- Ouu yuh get it I guess ??

faze peppa

Ok buddy

Jay Lawson

His head would explode if he went to a strip club and saw all the balloons there.

Ryder Henderson



If there was a live action version of Up, he would play Carl Fredrickson


This guy must love condoms ?


So using a condom is like having a threesome for him ?

Brad McNaughton

Woman: Gives him a condom
Him: “Thanks” Walks out

Grumpy Gurrl

Vsoc girls: skkkksave the turtles
Him: ssskkkk save the balloons

・Fruit loops ・

suck it up

Phoebe Wood

him: i have a 5 foot balloon its more to love
me: what the actual--- ._.

Mr Onizukaa

Watch out mcgregor.. he's out for your leg.




I died when i heard “my wife”

Elijah Lopez

When he finds out about water balloons ???

Therali Rebecca S Ezung

I feel so bad he wanted to keep it a secret, now the world mfing world knows about it aha

Victoria smith

The only ppl who know ,now is half the world

Cassidy Gawler

this dude has trauma because someone popped his balloon

Manny Castanon

Imagine walking in their with an air soft gun and lighting his world up??JK


I’m a perfectly good person
Robs car dealers balloons

Cyber Girl

There going to pop in your sleep and you get scared like wut

Jean Paleo

Is this Up?

Kim Abel


Candy Huang

him: blows up a balloon very seriously.. *stares at the balloon and grins *

Codie Hodge

I have a balloon fetish


At least he’s not hurting animals or anyone/himself. That’s something

A. Sayied

It's amazing how they don't have more children, must've been hard not falling in love with the condom everytime he took it out.

Ieine /r

Guys at least he won’t cheat on his wife with another woman

Stephanie Luna

ha ah peepee poopoo


bro what?


I keep thinking of that balloon song from China Il.


My strange addiction: I can't stop hugging my cat every hour or so and she likes it, double strange addiction (cat's squish addiction)


What if he was colour blind?

Haggle Pig

Objectophilia is not a problem. And people deserve to love whatever they want. The offensive people are the ones calling him crazy.

Klesk Quake

Patatrac! ?

Kimi Colorful

awww that's cute in a way haha :)
i mean he isn't hurting anyone, and he's happy so yeah it's strange but i think if he would change, he wouldn't be so happy so at least you don't have to worry about what to get him on his birthday :D

Signy Upz

Beware if you’re mother only says “I love you” with a balloon.

Kyra Moore

Sexually ?!?!? HMMMMM?

Laura Severi

"We all float down here" ?


His wife!!!!

Erik's Account

I facepalmed over 100 times watching this ?

Haley Green

"I mean don't you like to hug and kiss a woman that you love?"

Zuzu Slayz

danggg he a player, look at all those balloons!

Foxy girl

Pic one or cheat on all of them

Rex Risko

8+40=62 I guess


Guy sees balloon: oh your a dirty fucking balloon aren’t you naughty bitch

Balloon: im me

chyenne Sangster

Idk why but it's kinda cute.. ya know let him love his balloon's ✨

a mul

Me: shows my mom this video
Mom: ItS bEcAuSe Of ThOsE dAnM pHoNeS

Edit: my spelling I-

slinger dude

Imagine someone walks in his house and pops all his balloons

unknown 6633

as long as he’s happy

Zada Zoom

honestly they should just leave this guy alone, he isnt doing anything to hurt himself or anybody and he doesnt even take it outside his house so whatever

Fosterplayz432 4

“ I started when I was 8...” “ and your 62 now “ “ so that’s 40 years “ lol what

Jhavyen Thomas

Where do they find these people, I'm truly intrigued.


I don't think they should really tried to change him he's happy he knows it's not normal he's fully competent and he's not hurting anyone

Kawena Moniz

I mean- At least he looks happy…?

Eden Hart

The balloon store: fam why you keep coming back ?

Hadeel ja

Doesn’t remind u from the old guy from the movie up?

Unauthorized Poptart

Bruh he's gonna be the dude from the UP movie lifting his house up with balloons ?

Gracey Chambers

Anyone else wanna go in there with a thumbtack and stab em all like ?✋?

Ruler The Lion

I mean, as long as he aint hurting anybody, he is free to do whatever he wants

Ella M

This guy definitely had something traumatic happen to him as a child


I don’t see any black balloons in the mix, you a balloon racist or what ?

Carmi Jean

bro balloons scare me

Jimmy D Cricket


Jacob M8

I mean there’s not really any reason for him to stop his balloon addiction it isn’t doing anyone any harm ?

Ender Bot

ok this is even weirder than the balloon infatuation over on national geographic


Ah, the heart wants what the heart wants

I changed My name

“I take them, and give them the life they deserve.” Ya know what, I’d rather fade in the sunlight then watch some guy sleep every night.

A. Sayied

christian grey : " I have a room dedicated to sex and kink"
anastasia steele : *excited noises *
opens door to a room full of balloons



Jeremia-E. Pindra

the real hero is here. He saved over 1000 Balloon lifes. Respect xD


He’s going to be sad about how helium is in danger


Keep fallowing your heart my man


I actually think this is quite cool. Everyone is getting so moral about it just because it is different. But it is so much better than almost all other fetishes. And there is also probably less of a chance of him cheating. I hate it when people are so simple minded.

Marco Taylor

Lol it’s the grandpa from the movie “up”

Nuh Ghazli

Theses gotta be made up

Duncan McCockiner

That weather balloon sure can take a pounding.


"Ill take a 12 inch and inflate it to 11 inches, that way it can take a lot of abuse."

That was the moment I asked myself "what the fuck am i watching"

Bloke Jr


Aiden Kriens-Nauer

Karl from Up is probably this guy's hero.


Inflation fetishists in a nutshell

Simon Glass

the fact he married, my guy


i mean im not into balloons or anything but a room filled with them would be pretty f*ckin cool

Adriana Rivera

If I were Julius wife I wouldn’t want to get filmed either FUCK THAT ?? fkn weirdo

Felicia Buckner

“Yea I got some OrAnGe


Imagine poping all them

Deluged System

In my opinion its totally fine, he does need help but its not dangerous to him or other people.


Yeah just stop making these videos just let ppl live their lives your just making humanity more messed up than it already is !!

Ella ღ

What if a balloon popped how would he react-

zuriel p

Imagine they all pop when he’s sleeping ?

Ayesha Khan

Weird pervert

Phoebe Wood

him: name a color i have it!
me: murple

Mercy kevin

It’s quite innocent. I mean it strange, but he’s not hurting himself or others. So I guess it’s not that bad. I’ve seen so much worse.

Squattin' Neville

5:50 "You've been doing it since you were 8?
You're 62 now, so thats what?
...40 years?"

With math skills like that Its a good thing this guys a addiction councillor and not a rocket scientist.

In all fairness this guy is really good at asking questions that doesnt have judgement.

London Campbell

He a damn weirdo

Queenof losers

I could never walk inside his house cause i would be too scared, that These ballons Pop.


his favorite movie must be up

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What is Considered Gross Sexual Assault? - Biddeford Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys18 Dec. 2019

Gross sexual assault

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