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What Is Sexual Fetishism

What Is Sexual Fetishism14 Jan. 2020
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How do you know if you

How do you know if you have a sexual fetish? Sexual fetishism or erotic fetishism is a sexual fixation on a nonliving object or body part. The object of interest is called the fetish; the person who has a fetish for that object is a fetishist. Dr. Dawn Michael goes over the origins of fetishism and if you have one what you can do about it.

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Scott Bailey

BTW: To all you men over 55 years, long live the Top 40/Rock-n-Roll on your AM Radio! Remember the song G-L-O-R-I-A, 1966, by The Shadows of the Night! Think about your spouse/partner as Gloria! I love that music! Just havin fun!

Sultanna Goodfoot

I have a Shoe Fetish that developed fro my childhood when I was turned out by my Mom's High Heels. She was a natural Toe Tapping Foot Pattin'Diva style of Shoeplay Eroticism and I was bothered by the way she would be doing it for a while but I began to feel strange but good. I would love to play with my Mom's High Heels and simulate or copy how she would be Toe Tapping on the floor with her legs crossed and wearing her Clogs or Heels. During my puberty years, as she was Toe Tapping with her High Heeled Stiletto Black Patent Leather Classic Pumps, I experienced my first orgasm. From that point on, I would be laying down on the floor on my stomach and being aroused by the sound of her foot and shoe tapping on the floor with a dominant authority-like sound. Other Women I would notice, were doing the same thing except for a different way. And I put her Pumps on one day and I felt so Free or good as I walked around the house with her High Heels on. The more I did it, the better I would feel. I would crave the opportunity to wear women's shoes more and more, and I would love to experience the pleasure of those moments when she would be Toe Tapping, especially when she wore High Heels and I would be dominated by her Shoes and the art form of Shoeplay Eroticism. I am glad that I am a Fetishist and have a great part of my Mom in me, for Life.

Scott Bailey

I asked my PCP Doctor, who is a woman, about Milking the Prostate. She told me it is a Fetish. Web M.D. says it's a good thing for men. My wife is against it. We go to the same PCP Doctor. I'm also going back to the urologist. My opinion is if you let the Doctor or Therapist guide you on what's good and and what is a bad fetish, you'll stay healthy.

mayank meena


Richard Lombardo

here's some of the nonsense this "therapist, "Dr. Dawn, writes on Twitter when she feels President Trump has been done wrong: "Nancy Pelosi should be censured for the way that she behaved, her actions are inexcusable! She slapped all Americans in the face with her despicable behavior." Her definition of despicable apparently doesn't include serially groping women and bragging about it

Laura Hahn

Can you make a video about chastity cages? I am very interested to buy one for my men ... but we are not in a FLR.

Sultanna Goodfoot

I'm a straight Male who has a lifelong fetish for Women's Footwear especially high heels. I kind of understand why I have it and I just want to be able to live more freely with it.

30 Paraphilias and Their Definitions

30 Paraphilias and Their Definitions6 Aug. 2011
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I talk about 30 different

I talk about 30 different fetishes and paraphilias. Educational and cute! Everything you ever wanted to know about: Acrotomophilia, Autagonistophilia, Autassassinophilia, Forniphilia, Infantophilia, Lactophilia, Macrophilia, Mechanophilia, Nasophilia, Menophilia, Olfactophilia, Piquerism, Podophilia, Pyrophilia, Salirophilia, Narratophilia, Dendrophilia, Dacryphilia, Pygophilia, Vorarephiliaophilia, Zoosadism, Agalmatophilia, Chronophilia, Formicophilia, Frotteurism, Somnophilia and Peodeiktophilia! / Submit your own: [email protected]! Love, Daisee!

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Davison Video

OneHundredJobs. com and YellowPageMountain. com for more Daisee!

mmm yeah diet dr pepper

Hell yeah teratophilia

Don Juan

Visit us to see more about all of this! ;) becauseporn

Salman Kayani

Don't have any of these, but it's really funny.


You forgot Odaxelagnia and Hematolagnia.

Davison Video

@iBeastKiControl Thank you! I looked her up and you're right that I do kind of look like her!

Davison Video

Regardless of whether or not you want it to be, it is. That doesn't mean it's disgusting or shameful, but that it fits the definition of a paraphilia.


Dendrophilia sounds like something that came out of hippie culture I swear to God the person that came up with the idea of humping a tree had to have been stoned and probably awoke with some serious splinters afterwards is my best guess

Davison Video

One word: sexception.


Yeah when you held up the doll and said agalmata philia I thought I'm in the right place now dammit


Im an agalmatophiliac I used to be ashamed of it but now I feel comfortable that other people do it as well

jesus corona

how can i inbox u?


Piquerism is actually cutting/stabbing/piercing other people, not stabbing inanimate objects...


You have the most disgusting feet lady. I guess I have a name for this it's Nastyophilia

Javier Treviño

hahaha, very charming

juan guzman

Ur fun and funny to watch keep it up

Yasser sk

i am suffering from Frotteurism, Somnophilia Autassassinophilia Olfactophilia exhibitionism and Peodeiktophilia! .wtf am i!!!


I actually have lactophila. I'm not ashamed of it

Radias 258

I have autoassassinphilia


High school students making fun of me saying your habit is weird oh yeah you think my habits weird let me show you the internet hold my beer and watch all this

Davison Video

@Caroleeena P.S. Playful comedy!


Yeah the dendrophyllia thing I really don't understand ouch splitters doesn't sound very appealing I would rather have plastic or something else silicone maybe I don't know just doesn't sound very comfortable to me kind of makes me cringe


The menstrual blood thing gross I guess there's some people really Keen to earn their Red Wings


you're awesome, you look like allison brie, but much cooler than her.

Davison Video

That's funny because when you google it, you find it used and the definition immediately!

Jeremiah Fenix

finally a word for it.... sthenolagnia

Davison Video

@ashl905 Much like a person who likes vomit is an emetophiliac, by definition, you are a hater, hater!

ann stedman

Nasophillia ur nose is cute by the way

Davison Video

Because of you few haters, I just bought TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN, WANKAS!

ahmed abdrabou

you didnt say necrophilia :D

Lucifer Lightbringer

i think i have chronophilia and you forgot to add Zoophilia (where you getting turn on by animal)

Davison Video

@Caroleeena Let's do some math: the amount I am paid to do this minus my time. CRAP! I OWE MYSELF MONEY!


zoosadism(ashamed of it), symphorophilia,adcryphilia(from others).The sym one I discovered when I saw a movie where a guys get disemboweled by a pool drainer. But irony is I'm asexual.

Davison Video

@Caroleeena Your accusation of judgy is a paradox. JUDGY JELLY!

Davison Video

@ashl905 Actually, yes, truer words would be: HATERS ARE SHATOPHILIACS who love to project the shattiness of their daily lives.

Davison Video

@supercoolsephirothis NUDDDDDEEE!

Craig McVay

I love High Heels and feet <3 oooh the way she says 3:01 just oooooh

donald new jr.

I know must women have Mechanophilia.... And y'all know what I mean ? Let's just say some operates on battery


I will never understand the feet thing I know I'm a bit off on some things but I don't understand feet


See now I'm glad you're covered agalmata philia in this one because I always used to get teased about my Barbie doll Habit in high school until I found out about planet internet honestly I wish smartphones were around back in those days so I could have told these people with the brainpower of an insect oh yeah you think the crap I do is weird check out this thing called the internet there's some really weird stuff out there that's worse than mine insects


Raging dacryphillac here... Funerals are awkward.

Patrick Rahme

Holly crap! Zoosadism ?! Getting turned on by torchering little animals? Who ever has that fetish, they are FUCKING sick!!!! I don't like torchering animals!!!

Davison Video

@aassaa99 It's a mofo awesome fetish leading to dominance of GOOG.

Jim Johnson

Symphorophilia FTW. You needed to add hoplophilia (sexual attraction to weapons, especially firearms) Yup, gun fucking.


Number 15 burger King foot lettuce

Tommy2parts _resinart

omg shes actually so cute and funny ! XD marry me <3


I'm a diecast o holic I don't think there's any cure for that one although that's more my hobby that don't pertain to a fetish I don't think collecting diecast will ever drain out of my blood


Anyone that has Autassassinophilia let me set you up with my ex wife because having sex with her is life threatening!


@lolpervs So because I think you did a bad job I am a "hater"? Wow, what a pathetic attempt at an insult.


I think Charlie Sheen has Corona philia be attracted to younger people he is definitely a classic case of creepy cradle robber

Armas Tolits



Clop. Turned on by mlp chatacters. Furry. Getting turned on by furry creatures.

Davison Video

@whirlydervish18 Sadists.


I love Macrophilia <3

Davison Video

@stebolian I'm sorry if you're suffering! Fetishes can be fun!

Mr. Decency

It is the most disgusting term in the entire chronophilia, even more disgusting than pedophilia. SMDH


@lolpervs why would anyone ever do that?

Davison Video

@ashl905 What year did your sense of humor die? My condolences. Has Reddit been supportive?

Nire Miruko

Lol turn on by breast milk , I just like boobs in general! XD

Feral Crafter

This relates to my dream ... but I don't know if I do have Mechanophilia:


Tim Allen has Mechanophilia

Ava Grima

I love the intro?

Marilyn Lewis

I couldn't find anything on it at all, it just came up with Xenophilia lol, perhaps there's a different word for it in England lol

Kur Kangang

The fact shes so comfortable talking about this is funny but also mildly disturbing x3

Davison Video

@MillionDollarExtreme You are the same people as AlienMode. Very perplexing. I am also more than a viral wannabe vlogger and will become as such because I lack the hate that keeps you down. Good Lord.


You know you're pretty funny by the way like watching your video very good content I like the stuff he covered on this

Davison Video

@Caroleeena Do you have a thing for hula hoops?

Bruce Willis

Paraphilic Infantilism FTW, NOT that crap about attraction to children, but the desire to be a baby and or be treated as one. Didn't even know that kind of young child attraction existed, sad really but I guess that's why we have lethal injection.


What type of paraphila do I have if I get turned on by celebs (by the way I am picky, it can't just be any celeb)?


i have a barbie doll fetish and theres countless guys doin that on xhamster jerkin it on dolls makes me wish id washed mine be4 i used them i dont get scat and the feet thing so i have agalmataphilia


I have macrophilia and sthenolagnia. :D

Davison Video

So, wait, some of you have paraphilias? Which ones?


I have macrophilia and I'd love to get stepped on you for no reason. Yea, go figure.


@lolpervs Your premise has no relation to your conclusion. I actually feel sorry for you.

Electric Apple Media Premium

Paraphilias are a real thing, and a distressing, awful life struggle for many of those who have them. How nice of you to expose and mock these people. You;re a terrific bitch.

Marilyn Lewis

are you sure menophilia is the right word or even an actual word? I can't find anything on it at all and it's nowhere in the dictionary


fun fact agalmataphillia started in roman times when the statue of venus was carved by a married man yep he was married and chose to have intercourse instead with the statue sounds very uncomfortable stone yea rather wipe my but with corn cobs like they used to no thanks ill take my dolls

Davison Video

@yabitchonmydikk Crash by David Lynch?

Davison Video

@MrTheGrabber I like you

Avo Zildjian

I have capnolagnia that is when you love people who smoke. I don't know why but I love girls who smoke but I don't smoke, but eventually I will smoke.


Pygophilia or ass fetish? I think every male and most females have that one.


Yeah being turned on by eating other people isn't that something write up Jeffrey domers Ally

Davison Video

@alienmode For the love of sweet tea, what would possess you to express such hate for a playful paraphilia video? Why does it enrage you that I was lucky enough to post a video that got picked up? My name is Daisee, nice to meet you! I will also be appearing in an epicmealtime video very soon. Peace.

Miss Ghosty

Teratophillia the sexual attraction to monsters or deformed beings.


Crap is gross it belongs in one place the toilet not on someone's chest I would rather spend the night at home alone with my action figure and some hot chick crapping on my chest


@lolpervs no i think some people have sexual attractions that ruin their life, thats what paraphilia is, fetishes are just sexual activities, paraphillia is attractions and urges that are most of the time are illegal in society but sufferer's are compelled by those abnormal attractions, For example, dead people, flashing, voyerism, children, these are all terribly illegal and so they should be, but a parra cannot control their perverted urges like you cannot control certain urges,

Ava Grima

I love her energy and whole vibe??

Davison Video

@Ygernesfeld And Ikea!


I have Pygophilia.

MDE Chinese Connection

@belushiosu youre laughing out loud because youre an idiot. im surprised this happens rarely for you; most idiots will laugh at anything. have you seen any videos by Shane Dawson?


My paraphilias are Microphlia, Voraraphilia and Pygophilia.

Jo Stevens

I have odaxelagnia

Davison Video

@IWrotePotato (_x_) @DickOPlenty I think it's butt or muscle attraction to the extreme.

Davison Video

Hate to be the bearer of news you don't want to hear, but, yes, it is. Don't talk to me like that.


I mean seriously what is normal anymore I struggled to find normal but I found out it doesn't exist at least not in this lifetime


this is really dumb

Jesus Is a dead man on a stick

capnolagnia is an absolutely nightmare

Just A Peaceful Man Who's Born in 1980s

Infantophilia is obviously more disgusting and disturbing than paedophilia/pedophilia, 110 percent. ?
Teratophilia is pretty cool. ?

Eh Parah

I think i'm somnophilia


@stebolian I'm not a sufferer. She may not ne laughing at you. But I am!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

A History of the Foot

A History of the Foot14 May. 2020
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Gresham CollegeSubscribe 438 721

What makes a beautiful

What makes a beautiful foot? How have ideas of foot-beauty changed over time?

A lecture by Joanna Bourke, Gresham Professor of Rhetoric

14 May 2020 6:00pm UK Time

The science of feet and footprints has a long, yet often forgotten, history. In this lecture, I look at what people from the late eighteenth century to the present thought they knew about toes, arches, heels, and ankles. What makes a beautiful foot? How have ideas of foot-beauty changed over time? Size, shape, colour, smell, and even taste have been important markers in the literature, science, and sociology of feet.

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Rvards Kammanuuzvardu

Nothing looks as pretty as foot of female.

Deepak Deepak

You speak very exclusive and knowledgeable

Praveen Rao

Esoteric yet universal. Very interesting look under the socks of modern society.

Tom Hopkins

Engaging and fascinating lecture