How to have sex in a public bathroom


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Why Public Bathroom Doors Don’t Go To The Floor

Why Public Bathroom Doors Don’t Go To The Floor19 Dec. 2020
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Public bathrooms are a

Public bathrooms are a life saver in times of need, but also some of the grossest places on the planet. Today we're going to tell you 25 reasons you shouldn't spend a second longer inside a public bathroom than absolutely necessary, but also answer some of the more curious questions about the bathroom layout, like "Why don't the stalls go all the way to the floor?" and "How gross are those air dryers?" The answer to these burning questions are right here! Watch now!



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Cleaning the toilet takes more time because doors reach the floor?, mate do you think the cleaning staff doesn’t know how to open doors

Twinsnabi Cruz

At 420 what is that girl doing

Shahana Ali

They do go to the floor in the UK


CA-MRSA or community acquired methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus is a bacteria not virus.

Alex Banner

the public toilets ive been in have always been really nice or the inside of the Chernobyl reactor, no in-between

Freddie Mercury

...and on today's episode of
"Only In the USA"


Me trying to sleep:
The Infographics show: " Wanna know why toilet doors don't go all the way to the floor?"
Me: "Iteresting"

Ronald Rodriguez

Strange how separating women's public restrooms was out of discrimination and now other gender requesting for separation is a sign of their recognition and respect.

devin miller

Unless you goto Bucky’s

Lee Dee

Interesting ?

jose mascorro

Why did I love this video


it’s actually just a rendering issue coming in 2024 patch 11.4

Dice Flawless

I dont care what Infographics says. I aint BareButtin no public toilet!

Jack Adogoff

Im going to guess ventilation increase so therefore more smell dissipation, so you can see if someone else is in there, and so someone having a medical issue can be helped more easily.


can u plz be more lgbtq friendly? its 2021

Salah Saidi

In UAE mall bathrooms offers full privacy

I don’t know what to put here

in the hotel my mom works at, the doors go basically all the way to the bottom (just a small like 1 or 2 inch gap at the bottom) and we live in the US


In our country public toilets door go to the floor actually.

helen kern

Once the lock in my stall didn’t unlock I had to crawl out


So people like me can crawl under


2:35 .... stop hating on T-Mobile ... ya’ll puttifn secret messages in ya infographic

Cool Guy 77

8:33 NO WAY

This is Cutie Ringo Joy

I guess america doesn’t care about privacy

Atina Burger

Well in Austria they do go all the way to the floor normally.
The only place where I noticed that they don't is in school bathrooms


3:45 look at the dude's hand, it stays in place when not supposed to

Jerome Claessen

The point where your best friend touches the inside of the bowl ?

Ali Chehab



Jr Banks

T Mobile sux lol ? funny

꧁Jen Be Random꧂

I looked up rocket league and now I am here.....

Kevin Marshal

Hover P technique what WHAT how come I never heard of this


How many of you have legendary bladders????

Rens De Lange

Why women use more toilet paper than men? We all know the answer but you just don’t dare to say it out loud?

Mark Hammer

Huh, you definitely don't want those doors in an Asian toilet

Little Mac

I don't know if distance between urinals is a rule so much'd be really rude to crowd somebody when there's plenty of space!


2:39 easter egg :D

Kriptycoin II

quick answer, so you dont get trapped inside and you can crawl bellow it in case of emergencies

Journey by Moonlight

They do go to the floor in England.

Juu So

I thought it was so I could keep trading Pokémon cards

L Han

everyone skips the first one because it's always the dirtiest ffs

Knight's Oath

Anyone who is worried about germs in a public bathroom. Has never been in the military.


Try school bathrooms

site 19 gaurd


Gary Allen98

Now explain the reason for bathroom gloryholes lol

NoChill Deagz

George Constanza just wanted a more private bathroom... that’s why the door has a lock


American public bathrooms doors ensure full privacy of your face while you are taking a dump


Men wash there hands less bc of the contaminated soap were just 10 levels ahead


I can confirm that I have a very robust bladder after years of not being able to relieve myself when I'm not comfortable. Sometimes I can't even use the bathroom in my own house when I know I have to get going urgently. Basically: Stress = no peeing, unless my bladder feels like it is about to explode (been there many times - ouch).


Uses of the first stall in bathroom now ???

Simon B

I can’t use those. My body won’t let me :’)


me: having to watch a 10 minute video on why bathroom doors don’t go all the way

also me: search’s the answer


5:44 were not gonna talk about how they can see each other’s peens so easy? OK

The Hatred Gamer

6:39 ever do ride in an local Indian train...

C willa

I flush with my foot ALWAYS! even at my own house and I live alone ?

Insane 10

I don’t know!!! But, I think it’s disgusting a public bathroom having a door going down to the floor ????

Demarcus p



10:43 ahahah, I just indirectly flexed my liking for overpriced phones while calling out it's countering brand I'm so cool right guys? uwu

Vladimir Lenin

Mad Respect 5:46

Silver Sickle

Im remembering that time in grade 8 when some grade 2 or something looked at me through the side gap. I hate everything.


When you watch a video about public washrooms, the last thing you expect is to get attacked for your phone choice.


Men who keep their distance at urinals are only trying to prevent corona from spreading

John Rundell

The new factory intralysosomally inform because self unknowingly listen on a dear chime. ossified, agonizing cheque

Mari !

European who’s never been to America here, but I’d say that bathroom stalls with gaps are pretty common here as well (in Norway). It’s not a uniquely American thing

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

so much BULLSSSSHHHIII in one video.. all this bacteria talk when the phone in your hand probably has 10 undiscovered bacteria.. stop spreading nonsense

Caramis Kriasol

Hay algo malo con tener Android?


How to get OCD


I'm still thinking about the scientists or musicians who did this research...

Tummy Yummys

Pffffft toilets in Mexico don't even have doors

Emil V

Where are my bigger paper scroll people at?

Bobbie Bailey

The breakable crowd overwhelmingly spare because phone latterly communicate from a damaged morning. spurious, righteous chime

shino ataya

Simple. Do not use the public bathroom .

Jeremiah Pragas

This is why I usually just wait to go home and use the toilet

Nandi Lewis

Why worry about public bathrooms go Wipe down your iPhone or android if you’re that green bubble texter in your group of friends ?


So yeah I ate ice cream while watching this. I like "infographics"

Cooper Koenig

So you can see if anyone’s inside. There I just saved you 11 minutes of your life and I didn’t even watch this video.

Arconis The Wolf

video idea: You vs a star wars clone trooper,can the average joe beat a clone trooper?

helen kern

Most scientists advise closing the lid

Public bathrooms: don’t have lids

Blue Man

In Germany the doors don't go to the bottom.

jeff ridge

The t-mobile suxs I’m the bathroom lmso

tony cave

I’ve never understood why men don’t wash their hands, it’s disgusting.


Now I'm German and have relatives in the US that I used to visit every summer before Corona.
And one of the the thing I always thought was the weirdest in the US were the doors to the toilets ?


I use 20 toilet paper squares

Aya Daoudi

I’m eating dinner
Why am i watching toilet facts?




The E flat information was the best

orionpax 500

Mythbusters did test on how clean blow dryers actually are, and they found that blow dryers have about 60% more bacteria

Aaron Raycove

Conclusion: Public bathrooms are nasty so only poo ? at home. . .

Ilyan Benazza

with the 30% od men not washing hands i do this instead i use hand sanitizer

Teshu Pateria._.

"we send our public bathroom examination sqaud"

Kris Sisk

Concerning the dig on Android do realize that Android users significantly outnumber iPhone users, right?


If door goes to floor would scrape the floor.

Daeshaun Cummings

This man has a cold soul

This is Cutie Ringo Joy

what country is this? in Singapore all doors are all the way to the floor

where are your fingers?!

So students can lock it and crawl out

This is Cutie Ringo Joy

someone is going to steal my bag

Addison Callender

that’s why i like to use Bucky’s bathrooms

Demarcus Faulkner

So basically if you get trapped they want you to crawl under the door yeah makes sense.

Blue Daddy

I'm a guy I use 7 paper squares does that make me feminine or something like that

Pink Droid

MRSA is a bacteria - NOT a virus (4:43)

Balloon Lagoon


jose mascorro

ME: 30 seconds of pretending... yeah I’m just not going to go

Sex in public bathroom!! (Gone sexual) (Gone Wrong)

Sex in public bathroom!! (Gone sexual) (Gone Wrong)7 Jun. 2017
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