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The Teen beard

The Teen beard17 Jun. 2020
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Over the years I've received questions about beards from guys as young as 11 and 12 years old. In this video I share my beard journey which started around 15 years old. Your beard development will be uniquely yours and will change as you grow older. When your beard starts to grow will be different than those around you. Genetics will play a large role into the development and rate of growth of your beard.

For me personally, it wasn't until my late teens that I had enough growth to actually wear some facial hair with some confidence. Through my 20's is when I saw the most development and into my 30's is when I had the confidence to grow my beard out fully with length.

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Mr. Green Clapz

He doesn’t need a face mask to go to the store.

Justin Huckabey

This dude new I was looking at my beard while he was talking, beard guru right here

Luca Duka

Just turned 12 and already have mustache and I’m starting to get dark hairs on my cheeks and chij

Jeremy Crauford

This quality is too good


I just turned 36 and still can't grow a beard but my girlfriend likes it she always tell me you still look 19 combined with the fact that I have a baby face ....I'll never grow old I guess lol

Polar Turtle

I had a beard at 17. 19 now and my beard Grows fast af


I'm 12 and have a stubble

Mohammad Amin

My beard started growing at 14 and I have a full beard and moustache at 15 now ?


When your mustache is so long u dont need a mask

Chewie 52

I have mean mutton chops/ cheek hair and it connects to my chin but my mustache has always been very weak. Got a Wolverine look going on basically. I’m 20 so I’m hoping in a few more years it’ll connect and fill out

Tanishq thakur

I am 16 years old
And has stubble on my 25-30% of face
Will i able to grow a full beard

Max Keenan

Man all i wanna do is grow a horse shoe moustache..

Ahmed Irfan

Fuck yeah

Clasifica T

Can you make a video where you show the best mustache styles for teens?(

Grant Danze

Currently 20. I will be 21 in September. Right now I can grow a mean Amish style beard, my mustache, soul patch, and cheeks are still filling in. The hairs are there, and are slowly maturing. Also, you are absolutely right about patience. The key to growing an excellent beard has always been patience. For the longest time I’ve wanted to grow a beard, and as a teenager, I was always waiting for the day my beard would just pop in all at once. Obviously that day never came, but it taught me that patience is key.

Muhammad iqbal Kurniawan

My beard start to grow at 14 really. Full beard start at 17


I’m 18 and have bad facial hair but I’ve thankfully let go of my obsession over it

DeL1nX 69

Well that’s great,”my dad taught me” me with no dad ??

Alex Silva

I’m 18 and have a 2 month goatee and man I love it?

Coen Camp

I am 18 and I am going to join the army and I have to shave my full goatee that I grew out for 3 weeks so far. My dad finally shaved his beard and hair off after almost a year and a half because for the past week people have started giving him money and thinking the he is homeless

Sqn Ldr Najma

I.have hair should I remove them

Jakub Dreshaj

im 15 and i only have sideburns chin hair and a moustache but the hair is soft. is that good?


I'm gonna go ahead & admit this now: I began to develop arm hairs when I was only 7 & had small peach moustache fuzz when I was 9 ½, but I didn't start growin' a small goatee 'till I turned 17 last year. Man, my genetics are weird.

gros pilon

2:29 that hair tho. ?✌️

Igor Károlyi

Hello, I am a 16 year old guy living in Hungary. I’ll tell you honestly that I really want a beard, but I’m just not as genetically advanced in facial hair development as most. Anyway, I don’t think my genetics are bad, but I’d be interested in what methods can be used to boost facial hair growth and how to make it visible as soon as possible. (Actually, that would only be important because I want to look more masculine, because it matters a lot to me, and a lot of people said I should be glad I didn’t have to shave like that. I honestly say no I don’t care because I want to try. I’m disappointed because those who look older take them much more seriously.
Basically, I don’t have a beard right now, just flakes, and I want to change it as soon as possible.
If you answer in advance, thank you! (sorry for the spelling) :)

Glitch Master

Lol I had a moustache at age 12 lol

David Lopes

I’m 17 and I have a good amount of facial hair, I have a good amount of hair on my side burns and my chin, the hair on my stache is pretty full too, I can’t grow too much hair on my jawline tho, I have a good amount to where it does but there’s always a little patchy spot, to connect the chin the side burns. My point is I never had like really good side burns they were always above the middle of the ear, since I know I can’t connect my beard just yet how do I shave and make a side burn?


Im 20 and i dont have any kind of beard, any tips? All men in my fam have full beard

Mr. Vegan

Hey sir, I'm 21 i have thicker chin hair and mustache but my sideburns never grow thicker but taller and so thin, they have been there since im early teenager will it developed into a thick beard? Please reply


I started growing a beard at 15 and I don’t like it because I think I’m too young and that’s one of my insecurities and shave every other day

John Emmanuel

How the fck is my beard growing at 14 y/o

That Dude Over There

2:07 am I happy in this picture ?

Darion Burgess

I’m 26, no beard


I got my first very long beard hair today but im already 18 soon 19 in february lol. If this is were i got my first real strong long random hair popped out- how long will it take until i can get first normal amount of facial hair ??? what is normal??? a year or three or three months? Does it help massage the area to get blood circulation, was late bloomer so ive thought of copenhagen grooming with the dermaroller but it only causes blood flow which can be done by its own hands for free right?


My dad has never had more than a stubble and I have no hair. Not gon happen here boys

Carlitos 8

I just turned 19 with a full beard already, I consider myself one of the lucky ones

DanE dan

I am 13 and middle eastern and i have almost a full beard

Mohamed FAOUZ

My friend had a full beard at 13 I swear I can't believe he's normal

Captain Jurczyk

i haven't started growing my beard until i was 16/17 and i now i am 19 and i still have a goate and little bit on the sides and it's patchy on the sides missing alot of spots and i have bumfluff type of beard so i have to use beard dye hopefully it will get it's colour when i turn 20 or 21.

mouse discord

Im 14... im starting to get a goatee.. and hell im going for it


I’m 16 and Bosnian with a decent beard for the age but barely any mustache it’s annoying cause everywhere else my hair grows fine except my mustache

very big kittens

I didn't even shave until 19, and couldn't grow a beard until at least 30 patience.

Mr. Cyber

His beard is way I want a beard he went from Ugly to Mr Steal your Girl

Paul Bauer

I'm 15 and a half, got a mustache und way too fast growing sideburns. Gotta shave weekly.


I’m 19 and I keep forgetting that I’m a teenager since most of my friends are in their 20s

jyrki22 ,

I had a guy that had a full mustache In 5th grade. Wierd ass guy but a good friend

Antonio Cardenas

Yk im Mexican so we gonna get facial hair fast but I have like 2-3 dark hairs on my chin and I just changed to 14 so I expect a good size goatee by mid 16 or 17

jack mars 333 SB

My dad can't grow out a beard and he 51 but he just get little hair on face and if he does not shave nothing happens he just has little hair one his face but for me I'm 16 and I was surprised that I have a little thin mustache and a little hair on my chin.

Master Yoda

Ffs im 14 and nearly have a full beard


I am 19 years old, my right side moustache is hardly connecting to my beard but my left side can easily connect to it

Both side of my family can grow beards (my dads beard is the thickest out of all of them)
Shit is making discouraged but hopefully it can all fill in in the future

Bim Sim

I am 17 and I have been trying to grow a beard. I am blond so what has grown out it hard to see. Do you have any tips on how to make it darker or is it just time.

Param Sengar

im 18, my mustache is so close to connecting to the rest of my beard but I've grown to like the way it looks and embrace the patches as is. I know it'll fill in eventually because I can see vellous hairs in those areas but its so frustrating sometimes :/

Desmond moonbear

Had "mutton chops" at 15

17 now and my moustache refuses to connect to my cheek fuzz

Hardhitter1738 Hardhitter1738

I’m 17 had to start shaving when I was 13 just shaved my beard well “beard” off that was going for about 2-3months it was about a inch and a half long but it’s not super thick yet from a week ago I say it’s about 5-7mm rn Ik mm Bc I have a electric racer that measures in mm and I’ve shaven at every length and that seems about the right area I’m really hairy tho it’s everywhere my back my chest abs shoulders upper arm and can’t wait to see what I can grow in a few more years

yeet VR

I’m 12 and I have a dark outline


KSI watching this like:?

Thanos -

I’ve had a Peach fuzz mustache since 5th grade and in 7th grade it became thick and dark, and in 8th grade I got side burns and cheek hair and a soul patch, the last thing that grew was my chin hair in 9th grade but now I’m in 10th grade and I can grow a full beard but I still have to keep it light because they dont allow it in my school

(Btw I’m middle eastern so it’s not actually something special over here everyone is hairy, although I still grew it a little earlier than most of people I know)

Infam0uskiller YT

I’m 17 I have a super thick mustache and I have hair on my chin and under my bottom lip my side burns grow to the bottom of my jaw and my neck gets a lot of hair. Is this good

Jihad Jeter

If i shave my fuzz, how long will it take to grow back. Yes I'm a teen and my chin hairs are growing uneven, but if I shave how long till it grows back


I had a moustache at 13 14, I'm 15 now and get somewhat long mutton chops, moustache and neck beard

enriko fercak

Im 13 and i already an starting to grow a beard and already have a moustache i hate it o dont like it


I am 17 and i have a beard of 37, kids already call me uncle?, I don't mind.

Kinga Pienińska

I was bored during quarantine 17 days ago and I started growing beard and mustache (just stopped shaving myself). My mustache is growing pretty well, but my beard is like random 3 hairs. Any tips to grow it faster? I'm 17

Maltese Ninja

I'm 16 and i have hair growing more on my right cheek than my left cheek...

Margret Mcmahon

I'm 17& I have awesome beard. I'm proud of my beard


I remember growing a bushy beard when I was 15 and people kept thinking i was in my 20s

Trucha Foo

My friend grew a beard in 8th grade as you said it wasnt fully thick and coarse but he had a solid beard and then on our senior year his beard is basically fully developed and a nice beard

George Romero

Everybody puberty is different and unique

Ace Ak

My mustache came in at 13 now I'm 16 and I can grow a full beard lmao

Say Goodbye To Life

A person without a beard is either a woman or a child

Atlanta Memez

I’m 13 turning 14 dis year I am currently regrowing my mustache and I’m growing hair and the sids of my face and at this rate they are growing those hairs will be as noticeable as my mustache which is really noticeable I feel bad for people in they 20s with no facial hair at all

Person Person

Ive had a Mustache since I was 4 I shave it because I cant grow a beard yet, im 14 but it comes in a little bit


I knew guys in high school who could grow really thick, long and full beards by the age of 16. I’m here in my mid 20’s (26 to be exact) and still can’t grow a full beard, I still have big sparse patches.

ur dad

i started growing facial hair at around 13 ?

Leonardo Cosenza

22 years old and a shitty “beard”... can’t understand 15 years old complaining about not having a beard?

Galactic Guardian



I'm 20 & all i got is a small mustache and a chin strap xD


I’m 17 - got a full beard and idfk what to do with it.

Fabio Masciulli

I'm 16 and I don't know why, here in Italy, the beard appears pretty soon. I remember that I had an ugly moustache when I was 12 and now I must shave my beard every three days. I don't know any boy who doesn't shave his face here

Chris Schmeitz

It's different for everyone, a good friend of mine had a full beard, and i mean all over the face, from age 13 while i only started seeing a little bit of slightly darker hair in the mustache and i've got an invisible soul patch at 15

Nqaba Nkosi

I started growing a few solid chin hairs early in high school. Now i only just turned 20 ive got growth by the chin/neck area, mustach and side burns are getting thicker. Plus some solid cheek hairs. But not alot??


I'm 15 and almost have a full beard and i love shaving mine i feel like i am cleansing myself and becoming a new person every 3 days


I have had a beard at age 12 i had a 3 to 4 cm beard but no mustache

Andreas Aarskog

I grew a full beard at 19. Coming back stronger now at age 21.

Geubt Trdl

I'm 16 and I can grow a pretty good chin and decent sideburns and a mustache but my cheeks just refuse to connect...

Logan Willis

Like what are they gonna do shave me if I don’t in school

mr you

Blumin hell that's a mighty beard


I just got like 6 long chin hairs but my mustache is full but won’t grow long

Waffle Genie

I'm 18, my sideburns came in first. They are still getting thicker but don't connect to anything, my mustache is basically non existent, my chin doesn't get much either but under my chin grows faster than my sideburns... Idk man


I had a full beard at 15 i was so blessed

naruto Uzumaki

I'm 12 years old and I have a bunch of facial hair I don't know if that's good or bad

The Father

I'm iranian what I'm doin here
Iranians are popular for their hot beard

Yousef Alaa

i am a 13 year old and i have a beard

Rustinhimer 04

I turned 16 just about 2 weeks ago, not a full beard but right now my high density area is my lamb chops

Rigved Kale

16 and got a beard. Indian genes coming in handy

Lamar Reese

Great vid prett helpful

Domedag1706 [RBTIA]

At 15, I’m able to grow “thin” or “stringy” facial hair on my upper lip, chin, half of my neck (annoyingly) and sideburns. It’s never neat and I’m scared it’ll stay that way and won’t become thicker and more fuller.

Corbin Tracy

Hey loved the vid and I just turned 16 and I’ve been shaving for 3 years now and all I can grow is my sideburns,chin and a few dark hairs across my face. I would like it to be more full and less spotty

Roushan Pandey

15 and kind of a ful span beard ...just not strong enough

John Smith

Im 13 and got my first chin hair and have a light mustache