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Should I trim the Neck Beard? Week 40 Yeard

Should I trim the Neck Beard? Week 40 Yeard9 May. 2019
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Should I trim the neck

Should I trim the neck beard? Great question and the answer I'd give you is no.

Do not trim the neck beard if you are trying to grow out a fuller and healthier beard. If you have aspirations of attempting a Yeard, or growing a Gandalf beard, then you cannot trim your neckbeard.

The neck beard is the most important part of your beard. It gives the beard volume, shape and texture. It is simply the most important aspect of your beard to grow.

So many of you lose so much of your beard by taking the neck beard up too high or trimming it too short. Trust me, I've done this before so I know how it goes.

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Dani Gal

Bro. I became your fan. Come visit Brazil. Stay here at home

John Edwards

Interesting advice. I'm 21 weeks with zero shaving or trimming since the start. .

Sven Sunderland

Solid no BS beard video, excited to watch your progress.

Marcus Eversley

Im 12 weeks and 2 days in going for a double yeard

Stephen Tolman

On,h problem for me it gets super itchy I know that’s because I don’t grow it

modig Abdi

Great bit of advice, you've just saved me from a terrible mistake. Thanks bro.

Future Eyes Only

You look great with a beard.Let it grow.

Anthony Arcanum Sanctum Regnum

Hey I'm I'm Anthony from Queens New York. I have been a permanent beard wear since the age of 16 different shapes and styles lengths etc as you can see in my icon pic and I have some videos on occultism and hip hop being a new Yorker born in the 70s hip hip is like our blood anyway I always shaved my neck bead from 16 to 43 this is the first time I haven't shaves my neck beard and what yous soooooo true it gives much more beard to work with

Robert Cutter

I shave to just above the Adam's apple.

Bearded Cog

I would love to have a beard down to my bellybutton bro

derek fisher

Awesome video dude!! I cant for some reason grow a neck beard!! I can grow the front & the sides. I cant grow the neck beard & it sucks because my beard right now looks like the insides has a lot of space. I’ve been growing this beard for 4 month now & I’m stil committed to growing a beard. It looks nice it’s just the inside has a lot of space. Do you know how i can grow one? Should i take any vitamins or just wait it out?

Urban Hussar Style

Great video! I agree brother! I'm on Week 28 of the yeard and I'm sorry to say that I only stopped trimming the neckline around the 3 month mark (if I could do it over, I would have cut at least a month off that time)

Conger Scott

Thanks for the advice, im not shaving the neck beard at all, i can tell it will look awkward for the first 3 months but in the end it will look great, im going for a big beard, a 5 yeard ! ?.

Aditya Das

In what age did your moustache and chin got Connected?


I'm actually gonna start a yeard this January, and I'm confused on a topic on it. Should I make a neckline at all or should I not touch it at all?

Luke Podmore

Mint beard

ali javed

veey nice

Terry B

Fair point, I think i'll leave mine for now, thanks dude


That beard is majestic

Tony White

Great Length for Forty Weeks,I'll be at the three month stage on the 19th of this month,hoping to make the 12 months and beyond this year.Great Video well done!!!!

Chuck Wichtoski

Your beard is getting incredible and I am so jealous. You are also such a good house husband. How much are you selling that place for? Good luck and hope you will find a better home for your family. Let the beard grow until it reaches the floor. You rock the bearded look!

Ibrahim Khalil

Otherwise I have two quick inexpensive techniques for you that will sort it out in like 5 minutes. Let me know if you're interested

Ibrahim Khalil

Leave it for a year then go to mahesh


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This video explains some

This video explains some tips and what to expect when deciding to grow a big beard

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Comments (100)
Natalie Harris

Good morning my brotha♥Never was a fan of beards because men simply didn't care how they looked but now I'm absolutely amazed at how coiffed beards are now and THANK GOD!! You look absolutely gorgeous ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Mr Fuzzy Face

This is 100% truth ??

Cars4 4

Do you wash it with chemicals ? Such as chlorinated water or shampoos ?

mitchell gant


RJ Gamble

Awesome Motivation, i get unwelcomed comments by FAMILY. Thanx for the video

Live Bearded

Love the content brother! Keep em' coming - Spence

Eddie G

You have big biblical


I guess you could call that a beard. .lol..

Robert Rixey


House of Lamarr

I’m trying to activate growth


A beard worthy of its majesty

Crescendo Tapes

You should make an update vid of how to grow a big beard

Big Tims Trucking LLC

The way I see it treat your beard like a baby if u want it to grow give it attention if not neglect it

The Northman

I just stumbled on your channel. Wanted to say that I really enjoyed your video, great advice. I'm 10 months into my beard no trims. Your beard is on its own level. Respect. Subbed. Stay good brother!

Panda Panda Panda


Wigs 251

my biggest problem is split ends and then it stops growing

Quinten Robinson

Don't shave y'all

Peaceful Hooligan


Charlie c

Sweet beard!


bro.... thats a sick beard!! congrats my dude


James Harden aint not nothing on you


Wow, I've gotta say your beard is very impressive. You're doing an amazing job taking good care of your beard.

Melanie Rodriguez

I wish I had a quarter of your beard bro!

Larry Smith

How long did it take you to grow a big beard

The Loose Moose

TRIMMING SIDES = BEARD DEATH !!!! learned that the hard way..

Carlos Mccoy

I have a question I've been noticing that lately my skin under my beard has been itching slot and I noticed when I scratch it flakes come from outside beard. Wat products can u suggest I use to help keep my skin healthy and less flakely and continue a healthy clean beard. If you could me out I'd greatly appreciate it.

Florida Man

For your beard the only word that comes to mind is... EPIC! I didn't announce to anyone I was going to grow a beard, not even my wife LOL. Now that I'm 3 months in my family is starting to tip toe around the subject. I had to renew my drivers license yesterday and my picture....I looked like a bum. Oh well, eventually I'll get past the crap stage and make it respectable.

Dawy Thieb

I like big beard but I think can't job with that


I keep getting these fucking split ends

larry bertgin

How to grow a big beard..... Genetics, love the beard!

Mic Derin

It’s called genetics

Sebastian Bolt

Finally, fucking great beard and tash. Let that tash grow!!!!!


Just came across your video and I must say you gave good advice! I dont know if your into the TRUTH/BIBLE,but in Lev21:5 it's a LAW for us Israelites brothers to have a beard.So you are in the spirit when it comes not giving a DAMN about who don like it.keep the beard cause it's a law bro and keep helping us that struggle with this thing SHALOM:✊? Means PEACE

Nomo 4u

Good info homie thanks

Mark Hoffman

I'm at 18 months growing. This video is right on.
So who gave this 6 thumbs down?


Ur hat is on the wrong way! Lol


And also when you have a bad beard day don't cut it, think about the time it took to grow and wait, often the beard will be better after a couple of days. Great vids and awesome healthy beard you got there, keep up the good work!


What's crazy, is that I litterally shaved my beard off a day before I saw this video, lol.

Said asli

I think my beard stopped growing since 6 months its not get any longer i'm worried what to do


Thanks, Great Information,

Jay Snider

Glad i clicked on this video. I'm 3 months in and thought about trimming my sides because my beard is coarse and thick and has hairs sticking out so I thought I should trim....thank God I found your video. Blessings to you and #beardforth


Umm I know you stay pulling cheese out that thing. Still looks amazing.


Can I edge up my beard for Xmas without taking away from it just started my beard going on 3months and I have two small patches


Awesome beard!! A long beard is like good BBQ, have patience and don’t be messing with it all the time.


My barber had cut my beard from 4 months beard to 2 months beard after saying to him not to reduce length, but that didn't stop me to continue growing my beard, I was thinking of cutting it all and start fresh or stop growing beard anymore but no

Carlos Vera

Awesome beard

Talal Wa Rapha-el

Liked and subscribed. Let the journey begin

1804 colby

Best beard channel on the tube In my opinion ♡

Scott Conger

I have a 15 year beard that touches my belt, my wife loves it, she says it tickles her thyes, lol, ❤❤❤????

Fuego Flames

Hair growth is due too genetics, if your hair grows long or short it's genetics.
No oils, grease, creams will make your beard grow like his its genetics.

J Beard

Thanks for the advice!!! I am in the middle of my journey with my beard and I think it looks crazy to me. But I will continue to push.


That first point was sooooooooooo damn true!!


Seriously grow a beard men!! Its super viril and cool. I am a woman and I like em. Find beards and mustache super attractive and masculine. Just like another goal, dont give up- it's well worth it. ? plus there are scientific benefits to growing a beard, like confidence, testosterone boost, attractiveness, responsibility etc.

So guys, try and grow a beard, including you guys—> native American men ?

harold hayter

What oils, and Shea butter should I use???

Jajuan Bell

thank you. I'm on my way, to my journey.# big beard


According to the Bible, men must have beards

Fleet JJ

I’m growing out a beard and it’s going on about a month in a few days.. it’s already trying to connect. Learned patience when growing out my hair now onto the beard!


I live listening to you sometimes brotha. You be on some shit that makes me wanna keep my beard when times get weak and when times are good haha :p

Male Nomadic Lion

My advice was “you gotta go through the ugly phase”

Vinny P

Is there something I'm doing wrong? I dont trim, use quality products, co wash 5-6 days a week, dont over brush or comb, and yet in two years I've only hit 7 inches... Is that possibly terminal?

Clovis Ahmed

Brother i appreicate you always droping knowledge ive learn alot by watching your videos you and beard samson has the best beards on you tube love you my brother ✌

Raul s

Genetics play a great part

pk anders

My beard is so uneven and it doesn't grow long how do I take good care of it?

Beard and Company

Love the videos, man!

German Matos

You have a very impressive beard man

Willie Jones

How long did it take to get to this length bro?


Tell me why this guy looks like SLICK PULLA but with a long beard !!!!



I-Z-A-K 91

literally one of the greatest beards i've seen !

MLavo M

Just crossed a year in Sept. I realize it is a beard. But it is for the is for the is for the sophistication. I love my gibraldi look. Fellas keep going because opinions shouldn't matter in all affairs of men.

Huncho Z9

Nice beard brother

Big Rug

What beard products do u recommend?

Mz SaintSquare


Luigi Garziano

Can u suggest me a good beard brush with hard boar bristles? i used the soft bristles one, but it does not work so well :/

David Caballero

Can you make a video on dyeing your beard and the pros and cons of dye

James Gates

I like talk to 16 people dislike this video. He’s telling the truth. Just look <<<<<<(pic)


How long have you been growing it? Like since what age?

matthew conner


J.B. Amaral

Great advise, love the beard!! 100% on what you say is right, letting mine grow and its a struggle, the way it looks from day to day!!

Slim Jim Longfoot

Before I heard a word out of ya mouth you get a subscribe from me...just for having the Godly let’s see what ya got to say?

Mohammad Zahed

I too have beard..but I want big beard ...give me tips..till now I didnt trim


this is the biggest beard i ever saw on a black man

Made You Look!

damn bro you make me want to grow my beard out but id look homless

John Richardson

I started my beard October 15th 2018. Right now the time is February 18th 2020 and I'm just seeing growth underneath the neck where I can have a comb snag. Patches are starting to have small growth on the cheek area, but my side and jaw area looks good. My chin is very long and my mustache can be put all the way in my mouth. #TrustTheProcess


Another good video thanks for sharing.

Kelvin Nwachukwu

Hey I really have a problem that I have been struggling with for a long time. Basically, my left side is weaker than the right side of my beards. It does not grow equally and it really frustrates me cuz I have to always trim, which I don’t want to. I really need advice on this pls. Thank you.


Big beards are gross bro.


I never unders5ood dudes with beards but no hair on they head

Baruwk Israel

Do you blow it out?
That beard is on point!!!

Chris Kimnel

Your beard is awesome!

Mac N Cheese

Let me borrow your beard bro to hit the club

Ish Ish

that's a damn nice beard you have man I'm growing mine out right now. much respect??????

Sergio Richardson

Yo brother, I feel you on the dreads patience. Teaches you because of your current situation doesn't mean you know the possible out come. I hear you fo real!

Robert Devoy

Damn awesome beard. Just started my journey and this is great advice.

Henry Thompson

I pick my bearduse beard butter then use beard balm to way it down and it hold the fly away on my beard be ez.✌

Beard and Company

Very true about growing your beard past where you want it and then trimming it to where you do. Very important. A lot of guys think (but may not know better) that shaping happens naturally. I contantly screw up my neckline personally because of this very reason.

American Camionero

Dam bro, your beard is a Champion of a beard. Good shit ? ??


In short: Don’t fck with the beard until the suffering is complete!

Storage unit26

I have a rick grimes beard -_-

Israel Dubre

So right, I have been receiving all type of unnecessary insult here in Liberia West Africa, this part of Africa is different from any other part of Africa, they don't mind their business. They call me Usama Bin Laden everyday each time I step out on the street.

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