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DIV2_convos //hand on your crotch and get cocking

DIV2_convos //hand on your crotch and get cocking8 Jul. 2019
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Natural Edge Apple Crotch

Natural Edge Apple Crotch22 Sep. 2019
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Turning a natural edge

Turning a natural edge bowl from the crotch of an apple tree. Some of the hardest wood I've ever turned!

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Daniel Vilarino

Hi Gord! Thank you for sharing this video with us! The bowl looks beautiful, really nice wood and the crotch figure is fantastic! Cheers! Daniel

Ralph S

Nice job Gord. Where do you get your logo coins??? I would like to have some made.


That’s awesome beautiful piece

Nick O

That’s a few times now that I have seen you break out the carbide. Looks like Carl Jacobson is slowly converting you haha ;). Great job!

Alan Mullock

Beautiful bowl Gord,definitely did it justice buddy!????????????

Kobie Kaasjager

Hi Gord I think the wood is so hard to protect the apples, doesn't it say "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". ???? good night and God bless, your bowl is breathtakingly stunning.

Donald Trabeaux

Absolutely stunning????

Phil Anderson - Shady Acres Woodshop

Good choice on the way you cut the rough blank, Gord. Definitely the best use of the piece. Very nice design and spectacular finish, Great job!

Kent Turkow

I learn something every time I watch one of your videos. Thank you for sharing and that is a beautiful bowl.

Gavin Coyle

Great turning Gord. Love this piece I have not turned Apple yet but I do have a beautiful looking piece sitting on the shelf in my workshop and after watching this video I can't wait for it to be ready for me to turn. Also can I ask what this finish is that your using to leave such a shine I want to see if it's available in the U.K thanks again for sharing such talent ???

H F Bowern Designs - Harold Bowern

Beautiful bowl my friend
Take care

Carol Riley

Beautiful bowl...I've never turned any apple wood but would like to.

Flat Broke Frank

I suspect being a crotch its full of abrasive particles!

Steve Lindsley

Well done Gord. I agree with you on the cracks. As long as they don't jeopardize the integrity of the piece they look good left the way Mother Nature intended. Take care, Steve

Jordan Woodwerx

I really like that Gord, great job!! I've never turned apple. Glad you left the cracks natural.

Darrell Foss

Good timing ....... I did an apple bowl this week. A very low budget operation, no carbide, no bowl gouges, just cheap Harbor freight basic tools, no sharpening system, but I have fun. Nice work Gord !!


Well Gord I found 2 things we have in common. On my shelf I have what appears to be a twin to that apple crotch you have. The other thing is I am stubborn too. LOL
Oh and yesterday while I was out I just happen to pick up a can of Minwax Wipe on Poly in Gloss.

Great choice on leaving those cracks. And I love the bark going into the bottom. The bowl looks great and you achieved a stunning finish on the bowl.
Did you get all the wipe on poly applied in one day.
Great job on the bowl and the video.
Take care,


Nice bowl, Gord! Where do you get the medallion you put on the bottom?

William Ellis

That's definitely a beautiful bowl, Gord. Could it be so hard since you're basically cutting a giant knot? Oh, and he's baaaack (the little guy).

Mountain View Turning

Nice video ? great looking bowl ?

Phil Deeds

Looks great, I'm glad it didn't come apart!

wakely wanderer

I love apple but it breaks my heart as often as not. I hope this piece holds up. Nice turning.

Scott 1985

Hey Gord Great Video Vlog and Great Piece Of Wood Good Job On Edge Bowl Have Good Week Thanks You For Sharing ??

Second life of wood-turning

Beautiful bowl. I love a shape inside a bowl ?
Gord, did You see my pentagon shaped bowl which we were talking? Regards

Tom Puskar

Beautiful bowl! I'm not a fan of carbide tools, but sometime, like this project, they are the better alternative. Great job.

Tom Dullage

What a beautiful piece of wood and a bowl that shows it of wonderfully, great to watch, thanks Gord.

Bruce Jones

Dry apple is like turning stone......nice job!

Glen Crandall

All the good words have been said before me. All that's left for me to say is : I like it and thank you for sharing.

Billy Burt

Great looking little bowl, Gord. Love the figure!

Bill Smith

Dry apple is tough, that's for sure. It cuts easily when wet, but cracks like crazy when it dries. I think I only got one intact bowl from about a dozen blanks. You sure did this one justice. It will be interesting to see how stable it is over time. I really like the thicker walls you've been doing lately, stay away from that ultra thin orthodoxy! Thanks for another terrific video, Gord.

East Slope Woodturning

That is a fantastic piece Gord. Great video.

Ron Krietemeyer

Very nice video, Gord. As usual, your explanation and commentary are clear and down to earth. And you really achieve a nice finish on your work. If I made add a friendly critique about this bowl and others that I have seen your turn, I think the overall appearance and design of the bowls would be more attractive if the base on each bowl were I bit smaller. Richard Raffan and many other long time turners suggest that the base should be no larger than 1/3 the diameter of the bowl. I have followed this advice for many years and have found that my bowls appear to be "lighter" and less "clunky" when the base is smaller. Just my two cents. Thanks for continuing to put out excellent videos.

Peter De Houtdraaier

Well done… very nice shine.
With those eyes en cracks it is realy a naturel bowl.
Greetings from Holland.

woodworking 220-7

Great job!

John horsfall

Well fort Gord may I suggest explosives next time. Very cool shape Gord and what a shiny finish. I take great pleasure in watching your videos. P.S I enjoy a good scrap again well fort hahaha

Doug Robins

Apple is such a beautiful wood. It turns like buttah when wet. It usually cracks when drying, which is saddening. I boil my wood blanks for an hour (submerged) after rough turning, and even with that, about half my apple bowls crack during the slow drying process. I like the thicker wall on this because it shows off the bark so well. I recently turned a walnut blank about the same size and made the inside into a hemisphere because it was talking to me...that chunk of wood also wanted a thick wall.

Cigar Smoka

Beautiful bowl Gord! The poly finish is top notch, I haven’t gotten quite the shine with it that you do. Take Care - Jay


Nice job. Liked the bowl eyes and the and the eye roots. Couple questions: a. What sanding sealer you using, and b. What are you using to hone the gouges?

Dismembered hand on crotch - Dishonored

Dismembered hand on crotch - Dishonored26 Oct. 2012
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Random Blooper moment

Random Blooper moment

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