How many pushups is a good workout


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Workout alongside Conor

Workout alongside Conor Sloan with the most effective bodyweight chest workout that you will ever perform to build lean muscle mass with no equipment needed. This is a 20 min killer follow along push up workout that can be performed at home with no weights needed. This bodyweight chest workout consists of the best 20 push up variations to create the most effective chest workout you will ever perform.

The Workout | 20 Exercises | 30Sec On | 30Sec Rest

1. Clap push ups

2. Wide grip push ups

3. Normal push ups

4. Pike push ups

5. Staggered hand

6. Staggered hand

7. Diamond push ups

8. T push ups

9. Lateral hand push ups

10. Slow push ups

11. Spider crawl push ups

12. Pulse push ups

13. Roof is on fire

14. 1 leg push ups

15. 1 leg push ups

16. Close hand pike push ups

17. Push up raise

18. Knuckle push ups

19. Knee push ups

20. Normal push ups

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Comments (64)

I keep coming back to this killer chest workout. Thanks so much!

Abel Rincon

Good workout!

Kamran Mehdiyev

It was the killer workout! I am gonna be doing this everyday. Thanks!

Og Nuffsed

Damn i love this workout!

Kumar Utkarsh Singh

Yeahhhhh????. Videos getting tougher and better!! Keep up the good work man. How many repetitions of would you suggest depending upon intermediate and advanced athletes?


good stuff conor. keep em coming ??

Elio. G. Nova

Thanks so much man! That was one of the hardest workouts that I’ve done in a while-felt and looked super pumped afterwards. Awesome vids!


Another great workout. I get that the ads are needed and have no problem with them, but is there anyway they can come in during the 30second rests?
It's really off putting when they come on mid exercise. Cheers!

يحيى Yahya

I like your accent ❤?

Tyler Hernandez

Wow, such an intense workout. Thank you very much for your hard work and encouragement during the video. I have found myself saying "every rep counts" whenever I want to quit and it keeps me going.

Ed O'Donovan

Perfect for lockdown! Thank you!

Moiz Moosajee

Looks amazing buddy
Cant wait to try this killer workout tomorrow
Please make a similar workout for shoulders as well

Vitor Mattos

Thanks man! This was one of your best chest workouts! Keep up the good work!


Outstanding Conor!!

Zahid Hoque

Again another amazing workout! Super challenging but really enjoyed it. I was drenched at the end of it.

Daniel Mendoza

Amazing workout as always I can't wait to do this brilliant routine you're the man conor keep it up bro

Darragh Oneill

Was looking forward to this and it didn't disappoint... Absolutely loved this !! Topman Conor


omg i i cant breath

Rahul Jain

Sir for 10 minutes I was lying down..just tooo awsm Superman

Fernando Perez

Great workout bro keep em coming


thats literally the best exercise ay home chrst workout ever i still cant breathe

S. N. K 23

I was dripped in sweat ?

Chris Hall

Killer workout! Awesome Conor!!

Joshua Harris

You are literally the only person I follow for upper body. Really appreciate that it's all bodyweight and you working out alongside. Helps me stay motivated!


Dude you helped me a lot, thank you for making me (not) feel my chest again xd


ill leave a new comment everytime i do this workout:

1. done
2. done
3. lets go cmon

Kyle Michel

fuck me dead. that was tough. feeling good powerful now though! See you tomorrow!

rory johnson

Brilliant workout!!! Burning arms

Mad Buu



Yo i appreciate the Workout but dude why are there ads innit


Yeahhhhh love this update!


Loved every second of it. I was profusely sweating by the 10 minutes mark ? Thanks for pushing us to the limit!

Tom -

My favourite bodyweight chest workout. Never fails to leave my chest in tatters ?

Andrew Cooper

Awesome workout. Keep them coming

Andrew Palatinus

How many ads was that??

Ricky Malone

If been lifting weights 18 years. Never knew until now that my body weight could be so effective. Thanks again bro ????

Joaquim A P R

This was a killer! I've been working out for over 3 years and was looking for an upper body workout now that gyms are closed. And I couldn't do the entire thing! I will keep training until I do. Thanks for all the workouts!

Phoenix M

This was intense. Well done! Thank you!

Eduardo Montes

I finally tryed this work out man its a killer ?

Lythe Leather

Thanks for all the great workouts! I appreciate all that you do.

Skyler Avant

keep grinding friend! great video would love to see more BACK workouts with only bung bells.


That was a punisher! I pushed through the whole way. I thought the 30 second rest time would be too much to begin with, but towards the end I was savouring every second. Haha. Keep up the fantastic work bud, and thanks for your dedication and motivation ????

Eduardo Montes

Man i luved the work out u motivate me

Veronica Gardiner

Great, Conor! Thank you. I had to modify to lift my right leg on the leg raise variation because I have a hip flexor injury, so I'll wait until that's fully healed before attempting this again, but it's a great workout. Now I'm off to do some leg work lol. I'm a glutton for punishment. Thanks again!

James Ashworth

Been looking for a great push up workout for ages. This is the one! Can't wait to give it a go again soon and see if I can do better. Absolutely blasted by the end. Top job!

Diego Aguilar

This workout really pushed me to my limit. Definitely I'm getting and feeling stronger with your quick workouts Conor!

Thanks for all the free content you give us! ??


omg i add this workout my chest workout i think im gona die i cant breathe

Steph Myszka

Loved this workout, thank you

Mark Smith

Just finished this workout absolutely burning amazing session

King Saad

love your videos man, keep it up


Got it good ?ty my friend

Ali Awada

YES this was a killer!!


This is a killer in a good way

Classy Lad

Absolute killer, I'm extremely new exercising but definitely felt the motivation to keep pushing, awesome work, keep It up bro!

Conor Sloan - Train Like A Warrior

Follow alongside me with the most effective bodyweight chest workout you that will ever perform! This workout consists of 20 different killer push up variations that will help you build lean muscle mass and get incredible results. I also have the full session wrote in the description box. Let's do this ??

Cory Scheuermann

Title says it all....absolute killer workout! Thank you, Conor!

Victor M. Vargas

killer keep the high intensity on man

Manuel Hutchinson

Wooo cant wait to get that prison-like chest! Thank you!

Mad Buu

doing this over and over again best workout no doubt god bless u brother


did this one today, definitely overload can be achieved and keep making them gains?? i thought i already did so many push-ups that this wouldn’t burn as hard as it did:)

giwrgos anes

I am new here, is it bad that i rested for 5 min on the 10th variation? I really felt that if i kept going i would have had to do every other variation on the knees. This gave me the best chest pump ever!!!


Love this chest workout


Extatic about the variation. You’re right I did about a month of your workouts and I noticed I could lift more as well. It gave me more strength.

Egyptian Kid

What a fucking great workout!!! It had my chest pumped like I was In the gym keep up the great content!!

Quick And Effective Home Chest Workout (Push Ups Only)

Quick And Effective Home Chest Workout (Push Ups Only)16 Jul. 2020
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Comments (100)

There’s no way anyone can do this three times without some shortcuts or extended breaks

James Ayers

I've been following the abs version of this video of a long time, been looking for this for ages! xD

liam craddock

He lost his abs but he got them back

Yoo Luis

Did one good round, then the second one all on my knees lol ?

Not a simp

9:55 do you mean I have to follow along this video 3 times??


Thanks man, im dead. Love it

Keil Andrew Nueva Gacho

Wow! I just found website Agoge Diet and read their fitness tips and recipes. I can't wait to get my diet and training plan from that site and transform my body. Summer body, here I come!

Real 14 com

Make a video on how to one hand pushups

Romano Antonio Aind

Isn't there any warm-up before starting this exercise?


3 rounds... NOPE!

Jake O'Donnell

Thanks dude ??? you're providing so many with a valuable service. Keep it up bro???

Jack Vlogs

y'll awe man Chris Love u

White Trash and Hellbound

Lost 75lbs in a year following Chris's work out routines. Was a hard year, alot of work. I laughed, cried and poured sweat during the process but came out on the other side. I don't regret one second of it. It is hard to push through that Fog when you are having bad thoughts "Fuck this, I can't do it... "I can only do 5 pushups, it's pointless"... "I will just skip today's workout and eat chips"... I had tons of bad thoughts during this. Then you look in the mirror one day and say, "Damn" lol. My scale didn't move much for a few weeks but then it started dropping fat fast. I got a charge of l dedication and determination. I started taking shit serious. I got my diet on point and my routine was solid. 75lbs later I am in better shape at 35 then I was at 19. All I can say to you people that are going though the "I can't do it phase" is... Onward Through The Fog!

Mauricio Marín

by far, this was the more hardcore zh¡t that I do the past year, really thank you for so much Chris!!

Dipanshu Raj

Oh man your app sometimes suck can't find this workout so I've to come here

Jean Kaczmarek

please add "Advanced"...^>^ on the title




Its really awesome interval morning to do this once at least. Looming forward for more full body workout for brginner to intermediate level??


i can barely do 25 normal pushups how am i supposed to do this

Cédric Monneron

Im doing my 3 rounds after 2 weeks of doing it, so happy. Feel good after this workout!!!

Γιωργος Καλογιαννιδης

This guy is an absolute BEAST


I thought you were gonna say that 3 more rounds to go in the end ?

romi_ _

well, I'm watching this because.. you know.. it's hot ?✨

Diyab Ahmed

Plz Chris answer me. My hands hurt when I do pull up. What should I do?

Mohamed El Hassan


Nate N

so the goal is to do this 3 times? I'm pretty sure that it would take me months just to get through this once

Hizkia Sompie

The ad is my savior

George Profi

How many times I must do this video in week? And how many set and reps. I need to do a big chest

Parinya Sainark

I think Chris is planning to kill all us in round 3. ???

Night Life Gaming

I’m hitting this exercise twice in conjunction with his newest 6 pack ab video x2 as well.
Probably should engrave my tombstone while I’m at it

Kerone Creary

yeeaaah i don't think i can do this

Adomas Janciauskas

When I was in military school the worst punishment was 10 times easier than this

Ozgur Senturk

Do these exercises from the end to beginning then it will be easier! Trust me?


How often should I do this workout?

ben wysocki

This is a great way to build, not only muscle, but the determination to power through! Great exercise workout!

mohammed Sumar

I gave up at the third exercise

Teresa Castro ochoa

Chris is my motivation since I started doing calisthenics and thanks to him I can


you're not nice chris


3 rounds??? Are you kidding me?

M Jaan

Chris I respect you very much I really like you very much. Your all exercises are the best

Aleksandar Mijakovski

How does he know how many seconds are left every time ?

Nah Guy

Bruh made me feel like I’m weak asf ? damn

Fiza Saad

I always thought dieting is expensive and 'healthy' food costs a lot. Little did I know. I got my diet plan from Agoge Diet and I was able to select foods that fit my budget.

Pedro Oliveira

You know he fucked up when he said "It becomes a lot more manageable" and not "it becomes a lot easier"

First Last

Don't really get the 3rd one lol

baby OMG


Hariz Firhan

Chris after 45 sec Diamond push up : That was qUiTe hArD~~~ was brutal

Nahom Wondwossen

I've been doing a weighted push ups workout (5kg) which consists of 150 push ups and has different variations like archer, diamond and pseudo planch. However I am getting bored and wanna try something new. Do you guys think I should try this? Is it gonna be effective?

Tom Senga

How much time should you rest between rounds

Bruno Carmo

thanks Chris, nice workout!

Lone merk Mel

I’ve been doing calisthenics for 3 weeks now I already feel and look stronger

Malik Y - Z

Is it normal to feel pain in the shoulder (both sides), when trying the archer pushups?


im 20 and im considered pretty fit and yet i still die after the first round


I thought I was kind of in shape but my goodness was this difficult


This shit killed me and my wrist. Next time maybe I’ll try to do these two times back to back. For today once is killing me

Arlo De los santos

Would i see faster results when i do it 2-3x a week?

tereike graham

This is my first time starting, I couldn’t complete but I’ll master this entire video

Jason Penguinz are cool



you just killed me with this!!! AWESOME

Buddha Awakens

Doing this workouts in case my lawyer fails and I get sent to jail...gotta look jacked!

Kevin Salazar

Who cuts your hair?


Chris: if this is too difficult for you on the floor you can always use a elevated surface.
Me: do you think im that weak?

After the set

Me: yep im weak..

Johncy Corpuz

been doing this for 2 months I'm already seeing good results I got more muscular and my arms are much stronger now I'm 16

Juan Mendez


Jonny Hardkore

This exercise is extremely difficult, I suggest using the easier versions when you have the chance lol


when chris is on his knees. we were most definetly doing them on the wall

M Jaan

Thank you very much for every thing

Jacob Muertegui

can I just do one set of these everyday?


You know you do it well when you can't do anymore straight knee push up

Gentlemen’s Row Spotting

I’m a weight lifter I can do 3 plates on bench (140kg) yet some of the beginning workouts I struggled to do 5reps let’s alone 20 or 45 seconds. This honestly is a wake up call and I feel more chest pain than I do with dumbbells. Workout took me by surprise.

Jesus Clbt

The push-up + 90 degrees hit so heavy

Ian Lasure

This killed my triceps

Master Man

Can you get a big defined chest ya reckon from doing this?

fortnite memes

This is sooooo hard


im 219 pounds and I have tried to lose weight so many times and failed I wanna get in shape and look better and feel better but I fail so many times I hate myself so much i should just kill myself and end this once and for all i really hate myself im just a big failure

Steve Burkett

this is great! thanks so much

Samir Mouada

i like it

SlyPhantomBoy YT

I've been using your ab workout now I'm using this as my chest workout. Thanks!

Mike B

Bro... I was so jacked after this exercise that I could have breastfed a Gorilla.

Ardika Sulistija

This was an awesome workout!!!!!


Love those workouts! Since I am a beginner, would be awesome to see another one of those full body workouts for absolute beginners.

Ivik Nier

I literally started to see the difference and got my musclety chest only after month of these. I was doing gym for years and have never seen such results on me. God dangit.
Also. Three rounds? I can't handle one and a half (second round I do on my knees) and you supposed to do THREE times of these? JEEZ.

Влад Корсун


LuCaS Emanuel

hice 1 y 1/2 esta bien?

True Q

Bro thoses archer push ups got my chest feeling ripped literally I had to check

Leon Ng

there are workouts. and then there is chris heria's workout...

Andrés Mora

hello how are you I would like to know what is the difference between the Heria Pro and Thenx app, I want to enter the world of calisthenics. Which one would you recommend? @thenx @chrisheria

Izack Hanz

I hate explosive push ups :'(


Who managed to do this, forgot about this??




savin this to ma workout playlist

Sankalp Patil

I barely get through this once ?

Bhuwan Dahiya

Man when you get to your knee don't your knees feel pain by the floor

Ivette Martínez

Buenos Chris tenías el primer ganador.. campeón mundial.competiras.con.otros.paises...para.que.les.ganes..okey.te.deseo.todas.las.suertes.telos.mereces.????????️?️?️?️????️

Vincent Sebios

it's almost impossible to do the 90 Degree Push up. Damn!

Atif fetahovich

he didnt sweat et all... big fan all the way from Bosna& Cris how much push ups u can do et 1once....i know u did 100 i seen dat... but when u start to sweat and where is ur limit how much reps u can do really...hope u gona answer im really intrested in dat info bro...keep doing what u are doing ....respect....peace....


Bro with the app you should give also diet advices and a meal planner!

#Amdoab Wrld

ey heria,must my muscles feel sore after the workout,to reach hypotrophy??


one ask, in chest push up, does retraction of the capsule (still on the rise of the movement) not give a better activation of the chest? thank you in advance, I really like your channel!


I'll try to do this workout until I can do one set of this whole video without taking extra breaks and not using any alternate moves. Then once I got all of that down I will try to push to 3 sets of this

Warm-up Before Push-Up Workout

Warm-up Before Push-Up Workout30 Dec. 2016
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Warm-up Before Push-Up

Warm-up Before Push-Up Workout. Please like the video and subscribe!


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#WarmUp #Chest #Workout

Comments (87)

cool video bro

Frezey Slay

Wtf i can barely do 5pushups i just did 10thx


Still use this video
It’s so good
10 months later

krilan n

jak zwykle fajny filmik polecam ten kanal kazdemu leci lapeczka jak zawsze ;D


Holy SHIT you're so good at this. ♥️♥️
The music choices are on the spot, font size is perfect for any screen size, workouts are shown simply and via a plethora of camera angles THANK YOU!!

TheUltra H


Groomology Tv

good work bro thanks

Tomás Valladares

is there a video about stretch after doing push ups?

Igor Zalevski

1:03 DON'T do this before excer. it's a stretching not wormup. You do this after exercise

Karol Karolczyk


Rishabh Kashyap

Without warm I can do 15 Push ups but with warmup I did 32 push ups.First time I noticed how effective and important a warm up is.

Shebaz Raza

My posture and form was terrible and my arms would get screwed up alot while doing push-ups. This warmup really did fix that and allowed me to see the importance of a warmup. Thankyou

RNONThenics Channel


Miguel Morales



how many ripetitions?



Anubhuti Verma

Thank you

Ayaz ofluoğlu

i was doing pushups and my shoulder was clicking then my shoulder clicked and hurt and i didn't stopped did one more pushup and it hurt again. i don't know what to do should i go to a doctor? (now my shoulder hurts just a little bit but it clicks constantly) please help me


od ilu lat można to robić ?

Emilio Barillas

Awesome video, short and each warmup is easy and practical!!

abbas farazdak

guys i used to do a push up routinely but i didnt warm so after a period of time i got a tension that hurts on the back of my neck up the spine inner can someone suggest smthn
when i stopped i didnt feel it
note. long sitting periods makes the same issue

Ash C

My warm up is 500 push ups... Why am I here? Reading this comments have me feeling like a god.


This is amazing tutorial, however, should we take a small break after the warm up and then do the push ups

SarKar 47

thnx bro

Cherry boy

Thanks brother... ???

Sarah Simmons

Video is a boss!


Thank you my good friend. I used this video to warm up for the push up exercise event for a pt test at work and I passed it . I maxed out the points . I just needed to warm up the last time I failed it . all because I didn't warm up. Thanks once again.?????


i could only do 16 push up

Marcus Mims

I ain’t going to lie, it look cheesy but it’s super helpful. Thanks

Abdou Ferhat

Is it bad to do push ups without worming??????????

Marcello S Kurniawan

I'll try this one if Chloe Tings workout warm up hurts my back again

lettuce pie

is this compulsory as well 1:55

Calor T

Just what im looking for

Alireza Shahmoradi

wow this is awesome thanks man

Ebrahim Jamal

nice sharing


tough even on the knees !


Legend ❤️

CryhFox - Gaming and Anime News

thanks bro can finnaly go ssj now

hamody twixtor

Thx bro usually i do 40 and i give up and now i did 50 and even felt like going beyond thx bro rly helped me

Samuel Beukers

I’ve got my Black Belt exam today and hopefully this helps ?

Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding

Our workout is your warm up

call now

Thanks for sharing brother!! Peace!!!

Enter action with Boldness

Should have discovered this one before, very valuable on Day 6 Chest/ Abs. 

Thank you friend; You are welcome to the Netherlands, Amsterdam !! Where are you from?

Some dude

How many seconds each excersises?


Thanks the video is back now ?

Lucille Cosgrave

Very useful video ^^ Thank you~


Super ;)!


the second exercise IS not for shoulders, IS for back

Adem Meddeb

when you get exhausted before you do a single push-up XD


Directions unclear my floor is pregnant


Good until you started stretching before a workout. Not good.


the warm up is a damn workout by itself

Brandon R.562

Thanks man I would already stretch but with some of the stretches I saw you do I was a lie to complete my sets faster thanks ?

Saurav Mallick

Hey buddy,
How many mins per exercise??

Kismat Kararii

Thank you brother !! Helpful video god bless

Sarojani Naik helped me a lot

Wang Sam

Day 1 15 push-ups. Day two with vid 34 pushups

Wasa Few

I just dont want to tear my muscles tonight, hope this works


Wew. Im a soon to be Navy sailor. & I do push ups daily but I would always stretch wrong. My time was 1.04 minutes for 50 push up. I shaved 11 seconds off doing these stretches. Im st 53 seconds now. All I gotta do is do 3 sets of 50 daily & my time will decrease.

Leroy Pastran

How long do I stretch before working out?

Eric Wang

after following your instructions, i had no more pain after doing pushups, thx


Before I could do 1 push up now I can do 2 thank you man

Star Struck

Thanks a lot..?
You just saved me from a ton of wretched pain from triceps tendonitis...


without warm up i do 28 push up it not work

F Diaz

I'm here


Your doing so nicely I love it

Kingshuk Ghosh

How long do we have to do each warmup??

Yan Paq

thx man. I don't understand why people dislike your video anyway.


Thanks for uploading this video. I have really improved my push up counts after following your warm-up video.



Chrono logical

I did push up without any warm-up and I got 4 days fatigue, I've learned enough to watch this video

TheGloryOfTheLordthe1st I love God and u should

Before dis warm I was like wtf I need to do more reps
But after I realized I just needed a good warm up

イ入 Asdrion TM

Does this also work as a full back warm-up?


My traps hurt after this lol

Raj Paswan

How to lose back fat...........


Thank you amazing video keep going bro!!

Kenji Montoya

ɪ ᴄᴀɴ ɴᴏᴡ ᴅᴏ 15 ʀᴇᴘs 8 sᴇᴛs
ᴛʜx ᴍᴀɴ


Thankyou so much for the vid bro, i needed to find a warmup before my pushups and i found you, thanks


I watch this video every time b4 my sets
It’s so important to stretch guys

Eli Freestyle

thank you

Elia Pinzari

Honestly i'm not noticing any differences, but i will do it anyways because i don't think it is healthy doing push-ups without warming up

Петър Ненков

What about elbow warm up?

Jewleein Fletchur

Better movements from anyone else

ahmet tok

Thanks dude. great videos. very motivating.

John Rambo

Thanks man it really help to prevent injury




Dobry film Marek, świetnie, że zwróciłeś uwagę również na rozgrzewkę :) Jest to mega ważny element treningu, i warto wspomnieć, że wykonana dobrze rozgrzewka zwiększa rezultaty treningu.
PS. Widze, że stosujesz się do moich wskazówek dotyczących napisów. Na prawdę, super to wygląda, wszystko jest czytelne i wyraźne.
Pozdro jak zawsze ! :D