Wifes 3 some

We FAILED as husbands... - Wife PC Build-Off

We FAILED as husbands... - Wife PC Build-Off17 Dec. 2019
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Years of experience in building PCs and thousands of videos on YouTube, our wives must know how to do it as well as we do... right?

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Comments (100)
Emmanuel Ervi Villaro

This breaks my heart for Kyle :(

Köles 05

VR jani

froggy milan

This is how wish.com pcs are made


When you dont know what to do when you just bought a new IKEA thing

KelaSten Mendoza

Here I am watching this after finding out Bitwit and wifey are not together anymore :(


Wifeysauce is no more

Morris Hernandez

This didn't age well.......

Willam Millar

YouTube why are you recommending this at this time


“They’re not going to sleep with us for like a week.”
Oh boy.. This is in my recommended at the WRONG time.


wifeysauce left bitwit :(

tadej pesak

0:51 it's free!!!


When wifey sauce was still with him ?


They should really take down this video, unless Kyle still wants it up.

Vikrant Talari

for bitwit no you didn't

Projeckt Brazy

this didn't age well


This agreed amazingly


Watching this after bitwit's divorce.

Gaming With Nicko

This hits different now

Husain B

Yvonne is like a 10/10 and bitwits wife is like a 0/10 ? looks like her name is Karen, u can do better bitwit wtf bro

RHP Bossfastplay

Everytime he has a sponser I think its an add so I try clicking the skip button


wife vs ex wife


oooof this didnt age well


" We FAILED as husbands... " ... well I mean

Aaron Moreno

Man this hurts knowing kyle and heather wont be in videos anymore

Potcha Shamans

Imagine being the most successful and, as a consequence, wealthy tech personality on the internet, and THIS being the reward. Like, surely that kind of money and fame gets you at least a 8/10 level wife. Like come on guy


I am far more confident now, my parts will come in a month so i am ready

josh sc

why is youtube recommending this under your life update videos

cool seeker

usa: wifey
japan: waifu


Everyone knows it was the guy why they broke up.

SAFireDragon Clips

i just saw the bitwit personal update video and then this was recommend next. Linus be a bro and remove this or hide it so he doesnt see it. im sure you guys over at LTT can afford this video being removed? kind regards


hits different now


Im so jealous that your wives are even able to build a PC... mine uses and old laptop with a Celeron processor and refuses to even allow me to upgrade it lol...

Prabhanjana G

Damn, this video hits different

Tard Wrangler

LMFAO definitely


4:02 ooof

ukWn Ghost

Whos watching this video after there breakUp?

Michael Rojas

Well... this didn’t age well.


i hope linus can also give me a gaming rig


Damn, poor bitwit

BotHusks _NotBotHusk

Youtube recommended me this now,whyyy!?!?!

Finna_ Bean

Bad time for this recommendation, so sad

Adam Amaro

this didn't age well

Andrew Binx

its ironic.....


The hardware isnt dead its when u put the cpu cooler upside down its not going to work


Are they both bleeding? They must be on the same cycle. lmao ? your on the couch after they watch this! I know from experience.

Useful Pineapple

Uhh, YouTube please explain why this is in my recommended?


Feb 2021: oof


They should swap wifes

Viswajeet Rao

Seems like Bitwit really failed as a husband?
Feels bad man

Anonymous Hamster

sad kyle

inglourious idiots

Ah shit



Free Gaming

This video didnt age well

Javier Lobo

I would have expected for LMG to take this down with the recent events regarding Kyle.

Cris Aviles

*Wife vs Ex Wife

Vincent Garner

Wow that wifey sauce intro was sheer cringe

Pierre Lucas

This is the second competition I watched from you I believe remember. It's an girl woman sport too. Good movie, it's funny. One case was pink at right and one black at left I believe remember. They should have more competitions organized like that. I am liking that competition. I have only seen one other with men. One was less quick as both of you.
An video for an other kind of hardware :

Game Feed

7:05 I was just thinking “Ummmmm... That’s not physics...” it’s more spacial awareness I think but that might not be it

Bubby Maynard

Happy wife happy life. That's a bitter comment.


this time we failed as husbands hits deep

Otoskire The great

I thought Linus might delete this just out of respect or something

420247365 00001

This bitch broke my boy's HEART. SMH

Flying Nimbus

has Linus hit puberty?


Kyle gets a divorce and Youtube recommends a video from over a year ago with his now ex-wife....... That's some advanced AI, twisted and depraved, but advanced.
Bad taste comment: Looks like Linus was the real winner........
I feel bad for even thinking it.


YouTube shady as hell for recommending me this video after Kyle and his wife getting divorced

Vpx_Mb YT

To be fair they picked some hard components to use like the cpu cooler

david hjort

they should get a challenge back. like nitting a sweater or sawing curtains to be fair.


This didn't age well.


now make them 1v1 in cod


worth the split.




Sad to see that Wifey Sauce and Kyle are divorced now :/

Gabriel Ives

this didn't age well... #byebyewifeysauce



Prabhanjana G

damn, this video didn't age well


Was this a sign?

joe opentoe


Anton Cederholm



Still better than The Verge build

Yoel alfonso

It was so funny how she grapes the mother board and there reaction was priceless


lol he probably slaps his wife after she said in the bed ( why is 2 inches = 2 mins )


Aged like milk.

Dav[e]id Bello

The other guy with glasses looks asian but he’s married to an American looking female; the other guy is looking American but married to an Asian female lol.


ok now linus just stop being a dickhead

Nico Enns

this did not age well


Well one of you certainly failed.

doesn't matter

Well, m sed.

Preston Harrington

I’m watching this after Kyle from bitwit And his wife split up

Farhan Subi

Linus, I think it'd be a great idea to remove this video because of, you know. I know I am a no one to you but in light of recent events, I think it'd help out.



Wish the best luck to bitwit and his wife. I know it must be hard to go through a break up like this, but can I please have her gaming pc since she is gone :)

Anandu B Anil

Ooh YT algorithm works in mysterious ways... ? Damn it sause


So.. your here for the same thing aren’t you?

Jeixs Daier

Welp...this didn't age well...



ashton almoghrabi

It’s sad that Kyle got a divorce...?

Nick Brennan


Edwin De Paz

So Bitwit is divorcing and Linus pissed off his wife with the gamestop stonk. This video is not aging well.


This is so cringe

Francisco Almaguer

Dang this didn’t aged well


this video is a bad look now

This Is Elon Musk's Girlfriend

This Is Elon Musk's Girlfriend19 Jun. 2020
696 296
Nicki SwiftSubscribe 438 721

If you're unfamiliar with

If you're unfamiliar with Grimes, then buckle up, because getting to know the quirky musician is a wild ride. An artist known for her outlandish style and persona, she's managed to stir up plenty of buzz over the years thanks to her unusual ways. Here is the untold truth of Grimes.

Born in Vancouver, Canada in 1988, Claire Boucher, who later became Grimes, was raised by her mother, a former prosecutor, and her father, a former banker. She also has two brothers and two stepbrothers, who motivated her to be a competitive child. She told Rolling Stone:

"I remember getting really good at this Pokémon video game because it was this ego s--- that I had to defeat them. I did track and field because I needed to be faster at running than my f---ing brothers."

While Grimes' relationship with her siblings obviously had an impact on her, she also had a memorable grandfather. The star explained that while visiting her grandpa during college, he wanted to keep her safe from the, quote, "vagrants" he hired to work on his property, so he "locked [her] in a shipping container with a pistol."

Grimes' youth also included Catholic school, where she was bullied, perhaps because she went through, quote, "a Wiccan phase" in seventh grade, according to The Fader. However, she says that she stopped doing witchcraft after casting a spell and watching as a, quote, "rosary crumbled in [her] hands," which she understandably found "really scary." Keep watching to learn more about Elon Musk's Girlfriend!

#ElonMusk #Grimes

Locked in a shipping container | 0:00

Changing her name | 1:27

A technically vegetarian diet | 2:16

Grimes doesn't care about gender | 3:33

The nocturnal life | 4:25

Russian-speaking astrophysicist ambitions | 5:18

On a houseboat with chickens | 6:14

A history with ballet | 7:16

All about art | 8:06

A Canadian in California | 9:07

She worries about 'income inequality' | 10:25

The dangers of fame | 11:38

Read full article: https://www.nickiswift.com/212231/the-untold-truth-of-grimes/

Comments (100)
Kfieiri Gurgel


fallon wilder

It’s like she is living a parody of an eccentric person and she has checked all the weird boxes. This plays like a comedy movie lol I’m laughing at this ridiculous person

Clifford Nalty

Well the Rosary part certainly caused me to think. You?


i think grimes goes by they/them ? must be respectful

Boris Sheen

good at Pokemon? doubt it if she can't even name the game she was playing. she probably thought she was good like people often do.

Rave Skull

Lmao So many snowflake feminists in the comments. Yall need to chill tf out ???

J Mac

Hey part of the nocturnal club ?

Zhong Hua Min Zu

I think I can caught what Elon Musk thinking why he choose Grimes as his girlfriend. It because he is an INTJ and grimes is an ES/NFP. Elon know his best point is his analytics skill and knowledge, so choosing a girl with who is artistic and has outgoing personality will complete his life. Yeah, it still feel weird and bizarre actually.


A witch, now I understand, as Elon is a warlock.

Andreas Lukas

Nothing compared to Elon Musks 35 billions. Haha. You mean 100?

Captain Pearly

She is young and full of dung. She needs money to create period. Everything she endeavors is to create is MONEY.

Random Avenger

It's the guy who is Grimes boyfriend.

Youssef Mc

What daaaaa fuc did i watch

Liana Nicole

“I needed to be faster at running than my f**king brothers” somehow struck me really funny. A couple minutes later, I’m not sure why I found it so funny. But I’m gonna mention it in this comment anyway.


Musk isn't into such nut bag shit. He's a total conservative...come on now people you guys are falling for some whack shit from this girl.

Kristie Hansen

I can really see what elon see in her! She is very interesting with an abundance of personality! A very interesting person that would bring allot of excitement to elon's life. Witch a person needs if he only has a small amount of selective time to share.
I knew when I saw them together that they seemed to be made for each other.
God is blessing them together.

Seeing Through

Both have creative drives. Perfect match.

Emily Martin

Ugly n Ugly go together

Thanh Nguyen

Mentions "this Pokémon video game" while showing footage of Bravely Default...

Atsumi Marak • 15 years ago

She needs to eat some meat

Tony Sanders


Niso Stannard

So not only she's weird, but also a staunch wokeist! Lucky Elon!

annie moon

They are so cute



Samiur Rahman

Even his girlfriend looks so futuristic

Jacob Begley

Very vain idiot

Joe Westerland

I had heared of Grimes before I had heared of Elon

Zach Conant

The girl he had in 1999 was a total looker

Ay yo

Never heard of her.

r j

when u dance with lucifer u don't pick the tune!

Joan of Arc

She is very interesting and seems very likable.

josé lvcas.

Disliked for the disrespect.

Nicki Swift

What do you think about Elon and Grimes' relationship?

Carly Charlesworth

What a strange nickname she has? Grime's?

Michael Rahnfeld


Islam Reads

Aha both from same area in hellville- gender neutral? Grime & filth 2 satans

Robert Rudd

Hmm? Is She, Elon Musk......in disguise, designing some of his projects, gifted.

Barton Campbell

Thanks for exposing these Capitalist Pigs! ⚒

Trent Jacoby

Hmmmmm...what eccentric billionaire genius will Brook Candy end up with?


So shes just like any other girl, only, doesn't hide her weirdness?

Badhon Ebrahim

She hates vegies and love curbs and fats

micheal moiseiwitsch

The offspring produced should be revolutionary


I am happy for them!!!

Amy Dawn

Poor baby. Crazy parents

Dantae ?

its not elon musks “girlfirend” its Grimes and if thats not fascinating enough then uck foff



Angel Luis Espada

? like her and love her much ❤

Klaus Schmied

Wow this girl is completly nuts, life must be hell with her, was she abused?

Vuk Cevu

She is an emo goth version of Miley Cyrus.

Joseph Barnett

Just like Alexander The Great, no matter how much you had when you started, you must always be hungry.. And be willing to put in the work and be passionate, thank God I choose the part to trade forex with Mr. carlos_1uptrades on !G now I earn over $10,000 weekly.

Juicy Lucy

Going to be hard to be a mum if she like to sleep all day

lolo Lolo

So she tgats how she is imbrassed by the world which us run by saran she was into witch craft


Um... she’s unique?

Randy gonzales

she looks dead now. what happened to her?!?!?!?

russo boi

How disrespectful


WOW! I'm surprised they left out the part where she walked on water!

Hamilton Cooper

satan’s minions


2:55 FRIDA uuuuuhhhhhaaaaa ?



Phoenix 4

Song at 03:45 ?

Iron Tusk

"Forward thinking parenting techniques"... more like backwards you mean

Matthew Morris

Good for them both. Everyone needs to stay out of their business and keep their opinions to themselves. That's my Opinion.

M Tech

He tends to go for these immature, teeny culture fixer uppers... even tho shes almost 33!


Both are weird ????


Shes what billie ellish GT would look like

maureen naidoo

Scary Mary... Yuks

Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings

beware of demons and curses

Ysabella G.

Basically she honestly reveal she's a gold digger?
This man is so kind he will never see her true colors...but watch...after about 2/3 (according to law) she will dump him to ruined him?
Who in this damned world ask child benefit to dad while together ???
Looks like her last ritual darkened her soul ...

Debarpan Bhattacharya

Imagine being almost 20 and realize that the love of your life was just born

neiteve zana

A perfect match,two nerds.


I probably needed a video entitled “This is Grimes’ boyfriend” more than I needed this. Lol

Kym Olsen

She seriously changed her name to "Grimes"!? ??

Sheetal Mahajan

She should eat nonveg because vegetarian are true political . Its in her family than why...........

Bella Nova

What a joke he can do better

Aldin Zorlak

No wonder elon works 18 hours a day...anything to get away from that demented bia

Jojo Pupra

I know she is, GRIMES and she is super talented

O.G. Mann

Never heard of her.

Anie Fran

I’m sorry, but like we didn’t know who Grimes was Already. Elon did not make her. Not in the least bit. Both of them are geniuses. He has his area of expertise and she has her area of expertise. This was an objectively bad, surface level video.


She's officially my new "idol" ??? (jkjk)
Hell.. Let my weirdness bring somebody, like Elon. ?? That mfk SMART AF!!! Intellectual, yet have that "kid" side to them. And his input towards A.I. shows common sense. She's VERY lucky lol..

Islam Reads

They should go legal & WED. THEY'RE NOW JUST MUSKY & GRIMES When mixing it up. JUST MUSKY & GRIMEY

Lynnette Vining

Elon - I admire his contribution to the world.
His girlfriend - I don’t care! Maybe he likes spicy “food” sometimes. But the side effects might not be worth it.

Pfokrehrii Peter

WTF is gender neutral, Elon is too good for this girl

Chelsea Zayda Raen Sehon

I really like that human called Grimes.

Boris Sheen

no this is Grimes. she later became elons girlfriend.

JapaneseCloud JapaneseOpinion

Very unintelligent! If Elon Musk is dating with this woman, he must be losing his mind. Or, he is in a “middle age” crisis.


The video should rather be about Grime’s boyfriend ?

Patrik Lysenko

I do wish them all the best with mr Elon Musk. Just ignore the haters and judges


Very odd nose

Diane lindenberger

Oh, please.....spare me......Elon could do better.....but different strokes for weird folks........this music is rubbish...

Randy Watson

Grimes is ?


Elon’s girlfriend? Nah that’s Grimes.

Tony Sanders

The r D-0



2. BEE: praljak007

3. MIDOIN: adrianpraljak


5. AIBOX: U2DB4L93

6. TIMESTOPE : aajajinpara


Julie Smith

I don’t really like the way shes referred to as “Elon Musk Girlfriend” but I know they had to do what they had to do to get the views.

Zora Lewiz

no, this is musician and producer Grimes.

Joan of Arc

Yep I like her.

Barbara Dodge

She needs a nose job and a laborious. She is a TROLL!

Space pp

No wonder he works so much

Jay The Gator

She’s interesting

Red pilled patriot

Way to put words in Elon’s mouth.. just because grimes wants to parent a certain way does not mean Elon musk wants to parent the same way.

Russ - Wife You Up (Official Video)

Russ - Wife You Up (Official Video)15 Dec. 2017
28 002 891
RussVEVOSubscribe 438 721

My debut album 'There's

My debut album 'There's Really A Wolf' is available now https://www.TheresReallyAWolf.com

get this song http://smarturl.it/WifeYouUp

Directed by Edgar Esteves

Art Directed by Chioma A. Thompson

Song produced by Scott Storch

Twitter : @russdiemon @edgarestevess

Instagram : @russ @edgarestevess @shadydoings @scottstorchofficial @iamhannalashay

Comments (100)
Shaun Masemza

When he said "all the women don't mean shit to me" I felt it ?

Jong-Jong Speaks

Winter soldier.

Tyler Detwiler

I dedicate this to Savannah my love

Gama Gama

This song is Underrated af man . Shitt

Galaxy A51

Saud Antbi Faroos Turki
Hhhhh okay pork
Newzeland Ef Dwsari AiaLi

Litty Queen2000

I love seeing my black sisters represented in music videos you rarely see that and it makes me love my skin even more???

XxxTinaxxX _


Hesham Saleh

Scott Storch is a legend.



Social ed

This song is so beautiful. I dont know why these people debate the actress in your music video.

Dallas Gugins

This song only brings one girl to mind .

Danielle Coffey

No man on earth is satisfied with just one woman. The media needs to stop brainwashing us women into thinking this love stuff is real.


Are yall gonna talk about the song, we get it she all cute and black power and whatever buh for da fuq sakes talk how good the song is

Johanna B

This guy looks like Mister V with long hair.

Animee Stylee

2020 ?


Straight fireeee!!!!

johnny boss


lily m

?bf showed this to me hrs ago...so sweet?

Wapang Imchen

Missing my ex??????????????????????????????????

Jasmine ghost

Love this song? shes so lucky ? ?


Nah this song has too much respect from me. This is a beautiful piece of work. This is great for this era, so poetic and crafted.

Matheus Rodrigues

Scott Storch on the beat


This is refreshing

Giulia Vargas

Baby you're a one of one to me
I know that I should probably wife you up
And baby I swear I'm done with these
Other women they don't mean shit to me

You was tryna know me
When they didn't know me
Girl we fell in love we both worked at the mall
Way before the Rollie
You was just my homie
You were tryna love way before I had it all
We workin' minimum wage
I needa see you I switch days
Meaning I switch shifts
Revin' my engine
Looking back ashamed we were only a phase

Baby you're a one of one to me
I know that I should probably wife you up
And baby I swear I'm done with these
Other women they don't mean shit to me

I'm turning down the rest for you
If they call us foul I'm fighting all the refs for you
You make me a better me
I make you a better you
Riding with the top off looking like the letter "U"
Teaching you the language of the universe Rosetta who?
Put you on a pedestal
All eyes on me but you loved me when I had seven views
You lookin' like I should go half on a baby with you
And if I'm wrong I won't debate it with you
I'll own up to it
You voluptuous
They not down for the curves but I'm up to it
Come gimme all that
You the only girl I'll call back
I tell these other women fall back
They be hating on the preview
They think that it's only for the entertainment
Like E News
I can see the sequel
Let's do more I do's and less redos

Baby you're a one of one to me
I know that I should probably wife you up
And baby I swear I'm done with these
Other women they don't mean shit to me

Viola Smith


Jen M



Ebony Love

Cristhian Londoño C.

this man knows how to make real music man


Katlynn Parker

We finally get a female that some of us can relate to and everyone wants to make a big deal about it. Do you see us commenting on all the videos of WHITE female leads in all these videos? No bc there’s too many. Let us have our moment!

Erik Gutierrez

This song is beautiful


This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..

Lyin' Myenn

every mf time i hear the beginning of that mf dolce n gabana song on tik tik i get excited bc i think it’s this song ?

john louise oliva

Black beauty fan here in the philippines ❤️

Mike Powell

stand on loyalty fuck love ?I'd rather fix shit with you 100x times then go start over with someone new. ???A long relationship does NOT mean it’s a good relationship ?


Whos here in 2020?


Mark yourself present. Who's still here in 2021?

Raj Mangar

Russ is the best fuck who says he’s not.

Abdul is Pedro

Scott Stortch production ?

Lauren Mc

Defo should of wifed me up, my love #No1wifey ??

Ella Wong

she soul pretty , she a mixture of kelly rowland and lauren hill ?


Damn, this takes me back to junior year of HS. Time fucking flies


all the immature ass dudes nowadays would be calling Russ a simp ?

Dastri Dastri

Love his smile!!!!??❤

Mariah B

Lucky ?

Angelique Rose

The thought process has to be amazing to witness

Irv Gotti

Production is off the chain!

Raza Ali

Scott Storch strong ???

Rosey Gutierrez

When you know you have something good but it’s better to leave the Alone

KDee Harris

This is my favorite Russ joint! Props to Scott Storch for hooking up the track!

Catahoula Leopard

Works with any woman ??‍♂️


Nice track.



Tsitsi King

Damm this song so underrated

Gwen Arrojo

I'm in love with Russ. His songs always feature black/interracial women (in an industry that mostly features white women and fall short on representation), celebrating them and their beauty, curves and all. His songs preach of treating women right and making up for mistakes. Growth. And the fact that he never label other chicks as "hoes" and "bitches" - to me that's a rare gem. Making songs that are worth influencing younger generations with. It's underrated but the music industry shifts media trends, brand images, sales and culture. It shapes the society in certain ways.

Bonbon Flor

Fucking right ??

Honey Donati

Joe says so:)

Loretta Jackson


Honey Donati

Everyone using me for women or men ugh

Rick Chin

Her name is Hanna Lashay

Dumb shit Central

i love this song it was 1 of the songs i first made out too

Emo Ninja

This song never fails to make me cry -

Kit Kat

Omg she looks so much like the girl in wonka his other song like totally different women of course but similarity’s for sure wonder if that was a thing beautiful women thought he definitely has a type lol!

Tron Grieco

SO no one is going to mention how Storch killed this track.. wow

l l

How does this only have 27mill views????? Bro

seanna garcia


Victorious 888

This song had me thinking about things I didn't wanna remember, thanks Russ culero

Kyle Matthews

from an old dude.... Damn, I'm glad there is still good music

Trina Beena

wow a white guy representing a blk women in his video and here you got blk men who put down there own blk women and pedestal Latina women and white girls SMDH


The way he paused to notice a brown girl in the audience was breathtaking to me! I can’t stop watching this video. ???


Damn, John Snow is a great singer!

Consuelo Baez

??so beautiful

Kara Ubriaco


Frank Thomas

I think I found her ?



Or fanos K

yo thats hanna lashay

PETE Savage

This song £0\/€ made it lol

Anand Rahangdale

This song while sex is heaven

Avelardo Bermudez-Magaña

Dedicate this to my wife I'm Christ Jesus Amen hallelujah hallelujah!

Caroline njiraini

My ex showed me this song...i remember everything abt tht moment..thank you for loving me the way you did

Christophe Bouchet

Scott Storch

Astrid chief


Mpumelelo Cele

This use to be my love song with my baby. We broke up 3 years ago but heard it today and had some major whip lashes. Damn despite us not being together, i miss her


1:44 why is a watch always in every video? LOL! It's more obvious in "ain't nobody taking my baby", but every video has a scene with a watch...

Sarahsweets_glam 87

You never cared

MiA Villa

This song makes me wanna make-out Lol


1:20 she reminds me of Lauren Hill ?

Tim The Comet

You don’t like Russ you’re missin out, I wanna blow up like this dude one day

tishana dookie

I love Russ to death ❤️?

Galaxy A51

لايهمني اي كلب

Kara Ubriaco


Jama Jongikhaya

This song always sounds new to my ears even now, ever since it was published. Utswempu Mjita wam salute

Galaxy A51

افشل اب مر عليا

Tyra Vanleer

I love the lyrics in this song!

El Guapo

Russ is one of the MOST TALENTED artists to date ??? CHECC HIS CATALOG


Scott Storch is a gebius!

Victor Lazarus

I can never let your music down bro you are the boss

Bee-Leigh Marthinus

2020 and I'm still jamming like it's been yesterday

Nicole McIntyre

Can we get this to 100 million though ??? ?


I sang this song to my gf a few months back and just recently I really fucked up the relationship we had. This song hits different now