How often should you text a guy you like

What to Text A Guy You Like (Make Him Obsess Over You)

What to Text A Guy You Like (Make Him Obsess Over You)13 Jun. 2016
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Hey ladies! Amy North here with some more dating advice for you… and today’s topic will be on the 3 kinds of text messages that will make a guy instantly more attracted to you. And remember, if you want to get regular updates when I release new dating advice videos, just hit the subscribe button right below this video.

Now, before I jump into the goods, I need to start off by telling you what NOT to do… just so you know, right off the bat, what kind of text messages DON’T attract the kind of men you want.

1.) Mistake #1 – texting too much. I know, I know… you really like this guy and you love talking to him, but being a little bit too aggressive with your texting can send him running. And don’t overwhelm him with novels about how your day went or what your cat was eating that morning. And definitely do NOT bombard him with messages if he’s not responding to you at all… texting him relentlessly is a huge turn off for a guy and it’ll make you appear desperate and needy for attention, which is a HUGE attraction destroyer.

Being too aggressive is more than just sending him a few too many text messages too. The occasional smiley face or exclamation mark is a good thing – but being too expressive will make you seem insecure and a little try-hard… Every guy has his own “texting style”, but to start, hold off on the excessive dancing and heart emojis for now.

2.) Mistake #2 – overanalyzing his texts. Some of us can freak out when we see the dreaded ‘ok’ text, and it may even feel like a slap to your face… but only if you let it. See, when a guy doesn’t text you back, or texts you something really short and lame, there could be a TON of reasons why… like…maybe his phone is turned off, maybe he’s busy watching the game with his boys, or maybe he’s in a work meeting and forgot to text you back. These things can happen! And while it may seem like he’s really not the into in you, you should never, ever freak out. Keep it cool and always, remember that YOU’RE the prize and HE’S trying to win you over.

3.) Mistake #3 – sending him boring text messages. While it’s always tempting to just send him a simple “hey, what’s up?” text, you should rarely do this. If a guy’s really worth pursuing, he probably gets text messages like this all the time from girls. Do you really think that’s going to catch his interest? There are a ton of different and interesting text messages that you could be sending – some of which I’m going to cover in a little bit. But a huge part of attracting a guy (and keeping him) has a lot to do with making him “emotionally addicted” to you. And in order to make a man feel attraction to you, you need to learn how to effectively stimulate the emotional centre of his brain. There are a ton of ways you can do this, but I don’t have enough time to cover it in this video… if you do want to learn more about how to make a guy emotionally addicted to you then head over to my website, and watch the free video presentation on that website. In that video, I also cover the top 3 reasons why men pull away… so again, that URL is

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Comments (100)

Me a guy : Mhmm interesting..

Melissa Reece

Amy I follow some of the things you told us to do and yes he does respond especially when im talking about others guys , but it frustrates me when he text me back one or two words and yes I know he's working but is it wrong of me to want to talk on the phone then text him ? Especially when he gets home , yet he can make the time to motivate his soldiers on IG and has alot of followers but it gets old for me on the texting. And I dont text him like you said and I dont answer his text right away like you said then when I do hes like ok he makes me feel like am asking to much of him to call then texted ? Like yesterday he called me on IG 12 times I never answered He called late like at 3am my time and 1am his time really? Im so confused?? I dont know to cut my losses or hang on he coming for xmas to see me and Idk now

Nora Dayton

Um do these rules change if you started as close friends? Like before he even asked me out I literally had my face programmed into his phone and we’d text a ton just cause we were friends and enjoyed talking with each other. The feelings didn’t come until a few months ago and we didn’t talk about it until like a week ago. The thing is, this is my first relationship and with covid and all that I’m really not sure how to approach it cause I do like him but it almost feels like nothing changed to the point where I almost convince myself that nothing ever happened. What do I do? And what can I say to get some clarification? I don’t want to confront him about it this soon but I also want to make sure we’re on the same page cause this is all really confusing and new to me


I am so stupid...

so my crush asked me 8 months ago (when my bff told him, i have a crush on him) if we should meet and I, the dumpest person on earth, said, I cant come bc of my parents ?‍♀️ I DIDNT REALIZE THAT HE WAS ASKING ME PUT FOR A DATE
we arent chatting anymore, we were just for 1 week, when he knew bout my feelings...

now we didnt write since... 4months? or smth like that? I wished him happy birthday, but he didnt response :((

I am so fooking stupid and I have a crush on him since 2 years ?
(btw I have school in 2 weeks so I only can talk via WhatsApp to him)

We both had never a partner... yeah... so we r both new at all this (and i hope he hasnt got another girl in that time)
he texted my bff (when she told him about my feelings) that he thinks that this is cute (that i like him?) and that he also really likes me, but that he is not up for a relationship yet

i hope i didnt hurt his feelings???


Imagine if your crush actually watch this??

Megha Biswas

I got a crush on this guy who lives in my neighborhood n he's married bt when I got the crush on him I didn't knw he's married.... anyway he was texting me n we're having great conversations n he suddenly stopped texting me ??


Why he never texted me first? All the time I text him first. He says that he's too busy but I always miss texts from him!


I wish I knew this before I texted him

ಠ_ಠ M.S

Don't worry girls, he isn't ignoring ur txts, he's sounding it out. Give him a minute.

Dahami Jayawardana

Hi, so I'm the only child in my family with no sibling and i have always wanted to have elder brother and one day one of my male friend texted me and asked can i be your brother and asked for a ride in his motorbike and i said no my mom will not let me go outside alone since I'm still14 but he said once he get chance he will definitely take me out on a ride and definitely he will not leave me alone and always be with me always text me with heart msg, side smile, and also with hugging stickers. So can u please tell me what this means bcz my friends tells this means he really like you so please tell maam!!


If this guy felt sorry for me because he replied my messages late..and SPAM me in messages and also offering his help..does that means he concern about me as a friend or someone special??

Æsthétîc Fløwér

OoOOoO Thx UpU

gamertag4 gamertag4

everything that she said not to do you should do we like it when you girls send us messages abt your day and never stop blowing up our phones, we like it when you talk abt your day bc idk if you girls know this but us guys grow more attraction when you talk to us talk abt everything you did bc and if he doesnt want to listen to your day he doesnt like you

Jack of Hearts Make up

Hi Amy! The man that I like and we have never met yet because of the pandemic but we chat so much about a year..then suddenly he was cold like an ice. I always chat him first and then he replies me a boring message sometimes just a thumbs up my messages which I felt embarrassed...I don't know what to do.can you help me☹️

Injeela Khan

My crush is an influencer with 35k followers and I'm the admin of a fanpage with 56k followers now he sometimes replies me and sometimes not now what to do I'm confused


If you only lead conversations all the time thru text you are:

1. Hiding something
2. Being a coward
3. Showing signs of insecurity
4. Weakness

Relationships are face to face. Don't let anybody fool you with words. People will talk the talk but won't walk the walk. -Corey Wayne

Gangana Perera

A boys looking at this to reverse engineer. Yeah I know I know. It's big brain time babyy!!


ok now what if he just leaves u on read?

Miss. Pris

why am I watching this? I dont even text my mom.

Jo Connolly

What can I put as a first text message to show him im interested

Hafsaa SA

What if a guy was talking to you and show importance and stuffs but then by time you can feel that he doesn’t want to talk to you anymore always stop talking for no good reasons(and i should always say sorry so we can talk again) and he ended up by leaving? (Even tho i didn’t change mt attitude i was always kind with hum helpful funny...) . Anyways our relation ended many months ago we had a fight and stopped talking for a long time then i messaged him again and asked for the reason he keep saying depression (he’s lying) then i asked him if we can talk again please and he accepted but i always had thag feeling that he doesn’t wanna talk to me ( if i didn’t text first he won’t) then one day i blocked him for no reason (or cuz i got tired) then after like two mobths i go looked for his snap and texted him he was soooo rude with me (he said go get yourself a life) and blocked me i was so sad and wanted to take revenge so i texted him from an other account and said (i feel sorry for not having your dad next to you because he is the only one who can teach you how to be a man ) (his dad lives away from him and doesn’t care about him ) and he answered and then blocked me and yeah and now i really miss him and i blame myself sooo much for blocking him in first time he was th best guy i have ever met


I love it!, short, simple and good!


Okay, I need an advice. I am into one guy.. He is really shy, very inteligent and he isn't usually active on social media, because he dislikes technology. He isn't into serials, movies... But he is a pretty good pianist and that's what I know so far. He is kind of weird, but in a good way. I think it makes him unique, but trying to impress someone like him is incredibly hard. He is so shy and I am super tired of trying all the time. What should I do? I like him, because he is inteligent and nice, but if I got rejected, I would get over it pretty easily. Someone help me out? We are both teenagers by the way. And he really isn't like other guys, he is unique, mysterious and I am into that.
Maybe he doesn't feel comfortable because I am kind of extroverted and he is the opposite. Despite being extroverted and having friends, I feel so lonely because my love life is basically nonexistent...

Anjum Huzaifa

Hey ?! I need u r help ... actually im in arelationship which is distancerelationship? and i love him a lot and even too love me ... but we cant b close and we was before 2 years? i want him to miss me like he use to... and stat loveing me as more as possible?

Boróka Ürge

Ok so like what the hell do I do if I made the first mistake ?. Is it over? Or should I just not text him for a while?

Tene Konyak

I'm not even listening but going through comments ??

jj rdz

he makes me ready to be in love ?

Arabella Norwood

Well if you want to text him so bad and can't wait just ask one of your friends to play a little truth or dare in messages and secretly ask him or her to dare you to text him and you would have prof that she told you to text him so it wouldn't be suspicios...

Frank Gonzalez Official

I told my crush I liked him and he said "I knew it" and that's

GirlsRule YAY

when i like a person i ignore him most lol


If there's a guy that I like..and we just chat for 3 hours limit per day..and when I text him first..he would reply my text in about 2-3 hours after that....and he does gives a sign that he wanted me to look at him in attractive
:i'm way better than him or I'm cuter than that..and he always like call me dude or something..does this guy play hard to get or maybe he's not interested in me at all??? Please reply..

Bts Euphoria

When you're bored

wc babyyy


Jonathan Young

Here trying to understand why women text the way the do.

Michelle Kahlez

My crush always replies my text quickly n excitedly n ofc we could talk alot. But he never initiating a convo first. So we won't texting if I'm not starting it. We r in the same school but whenever we meet we always walked away as tho we didn't know each other lmaoo? (both us feel nervous but I believe he likes me back tho). It gets me indeed confused and exhausted ?? is he an Introvert ????????? ?

Shelby Nordquist

You know when uh he texts you every morning “goodmorning princess” and like talks to YOU all day and has you as his background and everything and calls you beautiful but
Him: “Were just friends”

Iris The stupid girl

Tip: BE YOURSELF if he doesn’t like u like that he’s not the one

slay it !

Watching this video now in 2020 ..
I told my crush that I like him , he said "it's okay " and then I said I pranked him cause I was embarrassed.. lol

Maleah Vanzee

“What’s your favorite kind of bubble tea “??

WazzGood 0.0

Why am I here?

I'm Awesome

We don't need spacial messeges just send us and we will respond to you ?

That_Cowgirl _Kayla

Thank you!


I agree with all of the tips except for the first two.

Change my mind.

Nelisha Goodwin

I met a guy and we have met twice, once I had spent a day at place and the other day he spent a day at my place. We were almost like dating (but we’re not). Whenever he’s on his own, he’s hardly texts. I have made the same mistake which is the one first from the video. How do I go about it from now?

Lo Ca

This video actually helped me a lot I’m a very awkward person and I don’t even know how to talk to people but I’m having a very successful conversation right now and he admitted that he likes me!!!!

Lila Dang

all of the mistakes you named, i already do them- thats sad Lol

Linda Micheal

Hey guys I'm Jessica by name I'm down for hookup I'm available for some fun and sex add me up on my telegram Remma23 for more information.....

Lacie Mae

for you!

1. don’t text too much, it shows too much aggressive and will make you seem needy.
2. don’t show too much emotion.
3. don’t overanalyse the texts he/she sends. just don’t overthink anything he/she says. always keep it cool.
4. don’t be boring whilst texting, he/she’s probably getting loads of texts from other people. you need to have him hooked for more.

what will make him/her like you?

1. ask him about his/her interests, something that you know he/she’s into to show compatibility.
2. guys/girls are always looking to impress you so give them a chance to, e.g: “i heard you’re good at cooking, cook something for me?”.
3. be funny and witty! this always leaves her/him wanting more and it causes attraction.


What if I’m sarcastic ??

Emma Caroline

This guy I txt sends like paragraphs and it’s so stressful to respond bc I feel like I need to step it up ... my last txt I sent was literally 4 emojis after he sent 6 paragraphs and I FEEAKING SENT THE PAINT AND SKY EMOJI DUEUDYDYYD


I'm a dude, and if there was a girl, I feel like doing the casual "Hey, what's up?" Would actually be good advice.
I don't really think any guy would be annoyed or dislike the casual "Hey, what's up?" As long as it's not 20 times a day.

kushal B

1:51 i couldn’t prevent myself from laughing lmao...Preowned pussies think they are the prize...????????

Sevboi k

Imm boi looking for information


He's not even good looking aaaaahhhh


My crush responds fast but I don't always want to text him because I don't want to be annoying but his answers are like "na" "yea". I always have to start the conversation.

Rosey Rose

What about nerdy or gamer boys? Does this work for them?

Goma Chan

I have a crush on my friend... He's blocked me on insta but he sometimes replies to my texts and in a him kind of way. He once pranked me to pretend he had a girlfriend that was uncomfortable talking to him and a bit later he said that it was a joke then he blocked me right after. I don't know what to do about this and I can only communicate from insta or text. But insta is not available sadly. what should I do??


My crush does text with me sometimes, but he leaves gaps. For example I'm texting: "Hi, u still play volleyball?" he just answeres "Yes I do" but that leads me to believe he doesn't want a conversation with me...

salty popcorn

This explains a lot... Let's hope I can turn this around when I text him less

Leo Boois

I think I messed up my text with my making me look better then him... I need help with that... How to recover from messed up text

Lyndsey Gamble

My crush made out with me and told me to forget it

wolfwolf_ 14

Is there anywhere I can talk to you privately about my problems or do you not care??

Purple May

I confess to my crush trough text and he just said:"im sorry but im seeing someone else"


Me texting my crush 6 times in a row just like ???

Helena The Weird One

He sent me halfway home(he goes other way after school), he stares in class, he smiles in class, his friend said "at least I know that (his name) you" in our group chat. We talk in the group chat but those last 2 texts ive sent him have been read but not replied to. First is smth funny that happened in school, second being me telling a joke. I'm super confused now

Brad Browning

My name is Brad Browning and I approve of this message. Thumbs up.

Sahrishk Khan

Hey, my boyfriend loves me very much but he still goes after other girls, he is always searching for girls on fb or insta, what should i do how can i stop him from doing this to me?

Isabelle Williams

I—- ???? I told him I like him on Snapchat & he doesn’t want a girlfriend prob beacuse of COVID

Romeow Shit

I liked a boy at school and can’t tell him that i like him bc im insecure and shy but 5 months ago my best friend said that he liked me too ???‍♀️?

Simple Homie

I’m a guy listening to this to see if she cappin

Kitta•wolfy •

When you know the guy from when you were young but don’t really talk to him and when you text him something he shows no interest but you don’t want to get obvious that you like him because your parents and his parents are friend and you don’t want it to get awkward check ✌️?

C Edberg

I teased my crush and sent a winky face and he said "holyholyholyholyholy" so i asked why he was saying "holy" and he said way to quickly NOTHING in all caps XD

Chaimaa Faradji

Thank you so much ❤️
But fuc.. this it's hard if someone like you he will like you as you are we made everything Soo difficult

Ipshita Masum

I told my crush indirectly that I love him. But he didn’t understood what i want to say and i don't know what I need to do


Good conversation starters:

Ya like jazz?

Do you wear wigs? Have you worn wigs? Will you wear wigs? When will you wear wigs?

Pickle Tickle

I'm probably the world's worst texter

Ally Kits

Hi... Amy... My long distance bf send me the video... This morning..about (do u think there is pure friend ship between men n women). I do not understand why he send me this video... I asked him out with a?.. But he did not said anything... Plz help me out

Linda craft

So should I not text him first tomorrow lol ?


Hi Amy North, I have a serious problem that I really need you to help me with... I have a crush on someone I tried to text him and he keeps blocking me I'm not sure what am I doing wrong. I tried flirting with him and he just blocking me I used to send him boring messages like "Hey, what's up?" or "how are you?". My problem is I don't know how to put myself out there and talk to him. Also to be honest I am sometimes afraid to text him because I don't want to offend him or say something out of turn. That's why on another video I said I'm afraid to send my crush these texts. I don't want him to think I'm the "boring" type of girls. This guy I like.... I haven't met him in person... In fact I discovered him over Instagram..... So I don't really know much about him nor he knows about me I know he likes the beach, fishing, surfing and maybe road trips.... This is my first crush and I don't know how to approach him.

I would really appreciate if you help me...
Thank you


I'm a guy watching this just to see if those tips to text girls are real

Itz_Amber Moon :3


Tristan York

I was interested in what the women look for and it’s crazy cause if a woman did number 1 I’m not gonna text her no more

Lisa simpson

I don’t have a crush, but I wanna see how this plays out

Kenz ._. Lee

"Here are things not to do- Mistake 1: TEXT TOO MUCH" me: fuc?️??️

Petros Mazengwa

Well at first what idid is lsend sum of my pics and he asked who wazt then i pretended as if l lost an contact suddenly he sent a voice mail saying i realy like u like now we are dating he was the only guy who i wanted i am happy i don't know weather u liked my idea but its easy we are enjoying our self

Gurly Chan

My crush told me he likes me and i told him its ok and hugged him


Is spamming each other texting too much? ?
I always send smiley faces it my thing hun
My crush sense me ok msgs i find it cute tho
”maybe he's in a work meeting...” he doesn't even have a job ?
Instead of ”hey, what's up?” say ”hey jalapeno watcha doing dude” (jalapeno is my nickname for my crush.)
I don't talk about myself, cos I like to listen to him more ?
Telling him I like him tomorrow... Wish me luck! ❤️


THe guy is like doesn't open up to me and it looks like he doesn't want to because everyte i ask him a qeustion he always immediately tells a bunch of guys. But then he looks at me and it looks like he didn't hate the fact that i asked him a qeustion. So like what do i do here? Cuz im over the moon about him and im afraid to say it considering that he doesn't open up to me.

Haika Imtiaz

Me watching this while texting my sophomore crush on Snapchat thinking I’m texting too much, but I’m actually doing pretty good since he’s my friend.

Charles Leon

If you ladies want some advice from an old man like me, don't overthink it! Your generation baffles me at times how you overanalyze things! Keep it simple and fun :) Good luck!

Javier Moreno

I'm a straight guy and I'm watching this.


Y’all really looked up “How to text a guy”?

Asnakech Amenu

she telling yal all fax
all that would definatly work on me

Yui-ri Boo

i hate your bangs, there weird


so i tease my the boy i like a lot like most of the time and usually he puts the smirk face anf the demon face but i dont think hes into me i just think he likes the compliments ....

Vikkianna Bryce

Thank you Amy appreciate it

divya kala

Watching this after a bad break up

Pot roast

Okay so Um the guy I’m talking to is interested in everything I’m interested in and we have deep meaning full conversations but I feel like I’m becoming a bro, and also that I’m burning through the stuff we share in common and I don’t want to become boring

Bangtan Seonyodan

He's into mobile legend, How do I text him?

Meleana Diaz

I’m not even here for the advice it’s jus entertainment ?

How To Make A Guy Text You Every Day | Make Him Text You More

How To Make A Guy Text You Every Day | Make Him Text You More13 Aug. 2018
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Mark RosenfeldSubscribe 438 721

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Download your FREE copy!

Tastefully Sext A Guy To Make Him Crave You!

How To Make A Guy Text You Everyday | Make Him Text You More

Have you ever asked yourself “How to make him txt you?”, “how to make a guy text you everyday” or “how to make a guy text you more?”.

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A dating advice question I get asked a lot by women is "how to make a guy text you first?” “how to make him text you more?” "how to make a guy like you over text?" and "How to make a guy text you back". Today, I’m talking about How To Make A Guy Text You Everyday | Make Him Text You More.

Giving dating advice to women on how to make him text you is one of the most interesting parts of being a dating and relationships coach. Some partners in relationships will be open to a different amount of communication and if you want him to, how do you make him message you more often?

This is an interesting concept. It's commonplace for all of us to say, "I wish my boyfriend would text me more often" or "how do I make him message me every single day?!" But when it comes to messaging it is not the same for every couple. Both of you have different needs and unfortunately this can cause stress on the relationship if either of you aren't allowed the type or amount of interactions that you want from each other.

In this video I cover how to make a guy text you every day. I'm going to show you my thoughts on when a woman says to me that she finds it difficult when her partner doesn't text every day. She wants him to text her more but she doesn't want to come across as needy either. If you've been in a similar situation and are wondering how to make a guy text you back, I have answers for you today!

Creating a video for you on How To Make A Guy Text You Everyday | Make Him Text You More is something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. I see a lot of women who are feeling pressure to ask their partners to message them more. They are getting frustrated having to have the same conversation over and over with no avail. Today, I'm going to show you how to make a guy text you every day without sounding needy and make him actually want to txt you!

In this dating advice video from Make Him Yours, I (Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationship coach), am talking about how to get a guy to text you. You’ll understand how to communicate with your partner and how to get him to text you more often.

When a woman comes to me asking "Mark, how do you get a guy to message you more?” or “Mark, how to get a guy to txt you more” and even “make him text me more” My first thought is "GREAT questions. This woman is focused on maintaining her relationship and learning how to communicate with her partner more effectively.

After watching this video on How To Make A Guy Text You Everyday | Make Him Text You More you’ll know how to communicate with your partner and how to get him to text you every day. Also how to make a guy like you over text.

Watch this video on How To Make A Guy Text You Everyday | Make Him Text You More - It’s my guide to getting your partner to text you more often and how to make a guy want to text you more.

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Enjoy the video guys! This is Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationships coach from Make Him Yours!

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Mark Rosenfeld is the Australian dating and relationship coach for women and the founder of Make Him Yours, a dating advice and relationship advice service empowering women to find the love they desire.

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Comments (100)
Ramona Guillen

That was the Best Advise I’ve heard.. Made me feel empowered thank you..❤️??

Stephanie PT

You are SO right!!!!

Juwita Ita

He does not text me for 2 weeks sometimes if i dont text him first. So what can i do ?

Amreen naaz

I hope u have shown with actions better thn sitting n telling ?

Scarlett Singh

I needed that reality check.

Elena Belacastre



Sisha Eparcs

You can't expect anything from your man, you'll just be frustrated, it's up to him,it's his loss anyway?

Mariahlynn Gamotia

Title of the song in the outro please

Cherish .O. M

This is 100% correct, I made him text me first everyday for almost a year without me taking any initiative and set a day for calls 2times a week at the end it crashes us . He said he want something spontaneously don't do it ladies it doesn't work now we are cool very cool I allow him to work according to his paze, his such a good ❤ and honest i never wish to lose him again as a friend. Don't loose good people bcos of what u want ask if is justifiable.


im fucking dissapointed

Zulma Barreda

I adore you. Thank you, thank you.

Janet Calies

A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE!!! I tried to hack unto my boyfriend's cellphone using all the tutorials i learnt and all the videos from this platform but all were to no avail until i eventually stumbled upon a hacker from the comment section whose work has been so laudable. i worked with and i must say he is very good and works with discretion, i was able to get into my boyfriend's phone and had access to all his social media's and also can listen to all phone calls and conversations. Y'all should contact (1hack_smith) on Instagram or Text/whatsapp(+13022386817). he is very Receptive and Reasonable!!!


We love each other so we just keep the conversation going. When he's working I understand. I'm working he understands. We're both off we talk. We let each other know our schedules. And this is a 3 year long distant relationship. Nobody texts the other "first" because we keep the conversation going even if it takes a whole day to have a conversation that would take 10 minutes in person? just know. If you have to ask him to text you then you should move on. Know you're worth!

Rachel Hansen

Totally agree, if it has to be forced, it’s not right for you

Bryna Periman

weak asf tryna get tips then he hits me with the “it ain’t working sis “ ?


Texting is for wimps. Men who care will naturally call you.

Euphoria Peace

I wish i see your videos three years before

Rosemary Añon

he only send me emojis...haist


Bad advice
Don’t do this
It only lowers attraction

Eugenia Bellamy

What if the man only text but never calls,or if he spends more time texting women on Facebook,but won't text you?In my mind he's yust being an asshole!!

Ashley Gonzalez

this guy has been texting me for 6 days but he didn’t text me yesterday, should i have texted him first?

leslie bond

I have a guy that text me literally all day everyday ?? even tho we have lives of our own but I’m the one kind of tired of it sometimes


It should happen naturally and each text is simply amazing and surprising that’s the best

Stephanie Campbell

gotta say you give the best advice. I've listened to so many different guys and none of it makes sense. Or maybe you are just making me feel better about my situation lmao he was texting me everyday from the start, there was only maybe a small window of two weeks, i had to text him first and then he wanted me to give him a call. Call went over well and although he was going to be with friends on the weekend he told me to still text him. And then he picked up texting me first again and randomly calling me. i love it, he sometimes would send me good morning text at as early as 6am(his up at 5am) lol but he knows I get up sometimes at 6 latest 7am. I love those text.. I don't always wanna chit chat... i just love those good morning & sometimes good night texts. 1 time it took us like 5 mins to say goodnight cause we were idk being cute.. Im 30 and his 32 but sometimes feels like we are teenagers again lol just sucks we are not trying to connect long distance but no label. He has def hinted at not liking the idea of me dating anyone and reassuring me he is just focused on work, friends and family. Just interesting I haven't had a guy wanna go this slow well almost never tbh lol But I also don't wanna mess this up, so maybe he doesn't either. I know if i mention something i like or don't he then does it or stops.


This is great advice!

letizia ciruolo

I want you to text me every day lol ?

LadyEVE Fan

love this advice!!!

Cecília Róta

Are there other men, though? I'm too fat

Ella Valentine

What about when you do text them every day and you try to build that frequency and they do reply nicely every time but it’s always you making the first move?

Greta VanWormer

he use to txt all the time before we moved in together but now with both our busy work schedule I'm lucky to get a quick reply I don't text as much either I'm ok with that we see each other every night and wake to each other every morning recently he popped the question and we are getting married so text don't text living real life together ?

Mark Rosenfeld

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Lia Michelle Quiroz Núñez

Wow you’re completely right...
I always want to “force” a guy to text me by doing something and when he doesn’t I think I’ve done something wrong, which makes me very anxious and desperate to fix whatever it is. I’m more relaxed after watching your video

Belinda Massengill

How long should you wait to meet a man when in long distance relationship?


A lot of time they text multiple women online, and at the same time.

Rosemary Añon

can you text me???


I stay with him all day in school he looks happy but he never texts after that ( he used to but not anymore)

onalenna thobega

Thank you Mark... I’m reminded of give what you expect. Sometimes we want them to do so much but we are not putting ourselves out there.

I learn this everyday with my guy!


The video is so knowledgeable

Sahira Naz

Oh fuck these videos . And guys are all assholes anyway.

Toribia Lara

Hello the best success that I have had was by following the Partner Reboot Recipe (i found it on google) - I found it the best resource that I've followed.

Puja Parekh

I have just started chatting with someone from Bumble. Very charming and intelligent. Messages frequently. Have only met him once briefly as he was going away for a holiday... we have just spoken once he said texting is easier calling is tedious... is this normal .. he is literally the first guy I liked on there... I am not a big dating app fan so don’t know what to make of it


Mark, you are awesome! Blessings!


You re great thx

sapna sinha

Click bait?

Lalai Li

You are so clever, always giving asertive advices.

Jane anak Dripin

You say the truth and the right thing. If a man is interested, he will not do anything.

Rosanna Park

The right guy for you - their heart will beat for you. Nuf said

Sunita Fisher

? lol I lose my phone at times and it’s mostly on silent when I’m off duty
Sometimes I even chuck it across room.....I’m notorious for not calling back on time or texting

So I can’t expect poor guy to do same,
besides I hate texts....what a sure way to get wrong end of what someone was trying to convey

I’m too busy also, I use my phone predominately for my business and clients are the ones I keep check on

I prefer meeting in person or calls over texts

rissa moxin

we're dating in 8 weeks.. hes not replying me like before..but just atleast he reply atleast 1 or 2 voice messages and tell me and explaining what he's done in a day..sometimes its make me panic until he replied me instead that i will be mad at him it makes me relax..atleast 1 or 2 voi2 messages from him than nothing.?besides im observing him.if he will lost interest in me so why force???we have to let go.that means he is not mine..that mean im giving a space of the right one who will come to hurt but need to accept one is responsible to our feelings except us.

Aishwarya Kher

Men are there who are willing to put in efforts for me but I DO NOT WANT TO BE WITH THEM. I am somehow unknowingly attracting the men I dont wanna be with. The ones I like dont seem to give me attention. It drives me crazy considering how much I care.


Thank you for this video :)

malik cook

this his ariana i have a boyfriend and he won t call or text me

Phil Man

it does not really answer the question though

Shinig glory

Thanks ❤❤❤

Jessie Wattenhofer

I'm on Tinder and when a guy matches up with me I don't think it is too much to ask for him to send me a message saying how is your day it is nice to have matched with you. They always wait for me to make the 1st move and then when I do they don't respond. If they don't respond I don't continue to message him because i figure it is his turn to respond and I'm not going to be the only one to be messaging. I always think to myself why did he even bother to match up with me when he doesn't want to communicate.

Somdatya Gupta

Loved this. ❤


That is why i finished my relations with a guy. It didnt work out :). Empty promisses :)

Siska Edyawati

My previous guy before is from Germany. He's smart and handsome. However, the way we text each other is ..sometimes...4 days in a week, sometimes every 2 days/ 3 days. Sometimes he even didnt text me in a week. Now... I am having a new relationship, I love him so much, coz he also loves me in the same way. We text each other every day. Literally everyday.????? He is my LDR fiance. I said fiance. Because...we gonna marry after this lockdown. He is the first guy who brave enough to propose me. I am really happy. However, in relationship...a little argue, a little fight sometimes happened too. Now... I miss him soo much. He texted me today. But not too long. Coz he is in quarantine, and he's lacking of his wifi

Pure Era Co.

Hahaha right onnnn

Fahim Sheikh

That was a very good suggestion Mark! I mean if a guy is invested in the relationship with you, he will definitely make you his priority. .

Zbb Bxn Bbxbx

Great info..gracias


Hard-to-swallow-pill taking timeeeeee

Nature LOver

A mature men would make very clear what his intentions are from the beginning and he will do his best to have a good communication with you , but an ego maniac narcissist men and immature would play mind games . Women mature first then men ... too many men in 40’s , 50’s and even in their 60’s playing those teenagers games ! Some men just needed to grow up , seriously .

Josie Goring

Exactly! ❤️?

Kylia Baby

I don't the link


Hello everyone I recommend you to Dr Obodo .. I contacted this spell caster after seeing the way he's working well for people and everyone was actually talking about him. I talked to him he cast a spell few days later, My husband called me and start apologizing and came back home. We're to gathered now since 6 weeks ... here is info [email protected] or whats-app +2348155425481

Melissa Vetor

Amazing video


What happened at 1:35?! That freaked me out. It’s like that video of Wendy Williams when she blanked and passed out for a second. Love u Mark!


It takes a few seconds to send a text message, no one is that busy, he can send it when he is taking a break, having lunch, goes to toilet, after work, on the way home or on the way to work. I think it’s all about how much he cares about things that are important to you, especially when it’s such low effort stuff like sending a few texts. I dated very very busy guys with many businesses, they can FaceTime me. While one time I dated a guy who didn’t have much of a career going on, he never picked up my call outside working hours, never called, ghosted, never can meet at weekends, took days to reply (with shitty low effort 2 words reply...) it will never get better, I was patient with him and I tried my best, nope, didn’t work. It’s really not you, it’s them. Move on

nerdjes world

No summary ??

Tahlia Williams

I still want to know how I can get him to message me first

Danixa Contreras

I agree with you, resonates with me now that I've finally awaken Haha. Thank you!

Ms Nobody

honestly there is no formula to this. some men just don't like texting but if he really likes you & you make a point that it is a requirement for him to talk to you. he will text you.

having said that if a man does not like you. there is no formula or trick that you can do for him to do so.

he simply won't.

texting is a way to know if a man is thinking about you. unless he does....he will not text you. is that simple.


Maria Fazal

Can someone tell me if your boyfriend always wants sexual text from you and nothing apart from it, so what does it mean?? Does he love you or not???

bekah greer

I have a boyfriend but he doesn't text me ever and we go to different schools so we only she each other on Sunday and we don't talk much on Sunday bc when we are at church they don't let us talk soooooooo yeah

Sreyna Chhoeng

It started from ourselves right?

Euneme Catanus

Hey, just asking it's okay in the long distance relationship is always texting, not on VC all the time?, Any suggestions it's worth it?

Yajaira Castellanos

Thank you

Seethamah Nussai

I really need help.... In real life,he seems to be more interesting in me and show me love... But in text messages.... He don't even text back or call for days

periodt pooh

we just want love and attention ?

tagabicolini pinay

What if they text you so much and you don’t have time to text back ? and they get angry accusing you with S—t when you’re just really busy..

Mary Hume

Why can't I have a boyfriend like you

Jessica Simpson

I needed that, thanks

Stephanie Judd

Absolutely loved this video! All honesty and no games

Nigar Guliyeva

Some people who I’ve watched took ages to explain and I didn’t get a single thing. You gotta be a verified advisor ngl it just took you a few minutes to explain the whole thing. But what if the person does not reciprocate the frequency but isn’t a person who doesn’t care?

Crystal Dating Coach

How about calling? I don't want Text. Text means nothing. If a guy really likes you. He calls.

Fish Canon

The guy I am seeing right now is super busy but he calls me every other day. But I am a bit upset and feel neglected that he’s not calling me every day. Is that too much to ask for? Ps: he doesn’t like texting so we rarely text or our texts are quite sparse. We’ve been seeing each other regularly for almost a month.


Right!!! Thank you


Hi Mark, thank you for yet another valuable video! I've been glued to your clips for the past few days as I'm having a tricky situation myself and your videos give me support :)
I met online a French guy, and we connected pretty fast. So we chatted every single day a few times a day for 1.5 months. Then all of a sudden he disappeared. His first excuse was he wanted to do a phone detox because stats showed him he spends way too much time on his mobile and then he said his family came to visit him. I didn't mind that at all. I thanked him for explaining what was happening and was ok with those two valid reasons. He then said once his family is gone (from the following day basically) all things would get back to normal. They never have. He disappeared for another 9 days without a word. Yesterday he texted me as if nothing happened, all chirpy and happy and threw in this "phew, what a busy week I had". I was pissed off. I'm trying to be empathic but my patience is running out. :(

Elena Belacastre


M. Hafizh Yahya

2020 couple... Can't even go on a date or seeing each other.... Only text and vidcall

Lizzy Marie

can someone help me because this is driving me crazy! what if the guy text you through the day everyday asking about you and wanting to know about you when you arent interested but than you appreciate him trying and you get to know him and you become interested in him, and now that you do and slept with him, he backs off and says hes busy but still text you everyday but like very very little. He doesnt asks you things anymore like do you miss me or asks about you anymore. he still talks but is vague... Did i just get used? is he really that busy now all of a sudden when the first 3 weeks of getting my number he was completely making time for me and now has hardly any time???

Balbine Namondo

Great! Thats true

Paula Johnson

What are the attachment styles/patterns?


you are amazing, Mark! Thnxs

Rena Rens

What i wrong when every day i say Good morning, How are you and good night to my boyfriend? He angry at me because i text him every morning and evening

Audrey Boissonneault

Is it okay to tell a guy off for not texting me or even replying for a message for 3-4 days. I feel like he chose to ignore my message and replying to it, or he deleted the conversation and felt as though he was bored and thought oh what is she up to now, I will pop a question to her and see what she says. How dare he call me hun after not chatting to me for a few days. Am I too demanding? Tunning in from Quebec, Canada

Lady is a Dragon

I loves these videos

isha al taher

in the last 1 month he texted me twice maybe and called me twice ?

Lil Shawty

Hi mark I need help so l have a bf we broke for a reason last year on May. He ask me to be in a relationship with me again. We’re almost 16 months. sometimes it gets different. Sometimes I’m the one who text him first. sometimes the conversation gets short and short. last week he ask for space and I give him what he needs and he said he wants to be friends for now but he change his mind again and decide to be with me but now I decide to not text him and give him a little space because he said he has a really rough time to think some stuff and idk what to do should I wait for him to text me again or do I need to ignore him all day what should I do


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?Luvly Smiles n expressions. you guys are Love Traps⚠️. Really trying to be as realistic as possible I luv that very much. Very Strong points by the way, nothing too serious. I like it..?

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geniuses i love you two thanks!!!!!!

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Hi girls, I have just sent this video to my crush. She began to use emojis this year (in an almost of 6). The other mistakes are totally mine. We'll keep in touch. Best regards from Brazil, we love u - keep the flow, the emotion and the tips. You're the sistas out of the box!


This was a BIG help, thank you!!??

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How can I respond to a crush as an introvert?

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You rock

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My crush knows I like him (I did not tell him directly, he knew thru my friend who is his classmate) Soon, I heard that he actually talks about me sometimes, like he would randomly mention about me and then talk about something else.

It's been a year since I started liking him and it's been around six months since I heard he knows I have a crush on him. Just yesterday, he suddenly messaged me, but it was just about a dare game, still I am very happy! I didn't know how to reply to that so I just heart reacted to his message (I use messenger) Only to regret after, bc I realized I should texted something that would keep a conversation going.

My best friends found out about it and they spent hours persuading me to reply to my crush bc they believe that it's a once in a lifetime chance that I should not miss or else I will regret it. But I am shy to send him a text even when I actually have some topics in mind to help keep our convo going. And I believe it'll be effective. All I need is the courage to hit the send button.

So now, it's been 30 hours since he messaged me and now I'm here, learning some tips before I talk to him.

I'll come back for an update soon.


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When I showed him what I looked like and when we started talking he wanted to get with me but now he hasn’t text me in 2 days is it my personality

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My crush said he dont need no gf bc he got heart broken and one day he said tbh im rlly feelin yo vibe and sum happend

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Ok so I’ve liked this dude for two years and I text him and at first he didn’t remember me but ( he later told me he does ) but I moved an hour away but I may move back and I’m very socially awkward to jus talk to him what should I do ?

Darryl Powell

Texting should mostly be used in lieu of conversation. Grammar is not a strong point for most ppl. Words are power. They expose us more than we know sometimes. So text sparingly.

Luvv Laela

LONG STORY SHORT. I texted my crush and he tells me stop texting him but im like Dang, he must really want me to try harder.. and i LOVE competition. so After texting AGAIN.. He blocked me so Im guessing that means he wants me to come to his house? right? ?

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This type of content coming from two attractive queens is A1. A video on what y’all find attractive that a guy wears would be dope.

(P.s. Hey Chels ? This is for you. ? *cough 6’5 educated in H-Town *cough*) lol but foreal

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lowkey she right emojis are a gift i use to make emojis out text back in 09

Jailah Renee


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What about if you both like eachother? Does it matter if I reply in 30 seconds?


I'm a guy and would have to agree with all these! I think you guys forgot to mention NOT to always try to turn the conversation sexual. For me, that can go left if the vibe is not there lol

I made my dreams come true



My crush seems amazing. He does face masks with his sister and he doesn’t seem lazy. He’s a wrestler.

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I'm not sure what the teeny boppers are doing but once you're over the age of 20, you have 2 hours to respond to be taken seriously. Play with that time frame and you will be replaced. Especially have two forms of bathroom using that require sitting so please don't act like your phone isn't in your hand. I've definitely cut-off women who texted too smart for their own good trying to strategize. GET OVER IT and show respect...two...hours...not to "respond" but to show engagement. People are rarely busy for more than 2 hours at a time.


I cant handle All this beauty..


today was the last day of school, and next year i’ll be in a different class. my crush didnt even say goodbye to me. ehmmm well lets say i‘m kinda devastated

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Chels and Charlie we appreciate you and cherish you

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