How to grow a long mustache

10 Tips for Guys With a Long Mustache | Dealing With the Struggles

10 Tips for Guys With a Long Mustache | Dealing With the Struggles28 Oct. 2019
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Growing and having a long mustache comes with a unique set of problems. In this one we go over 10 tips I have learned for dealing with day to day life with a long mustache. We go over long mustache care, maintenance, grooming, and general trick for handling the long mustache struggles. Hopefully these 10 tips for caring for your long mustache helps you mustache it up like a sir!!

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Comments (100)
phill ollard

Poon brush ????


Hey Jeremy! You should try and get a Stauning Whisky, they are really famous in Denmark for their taste. Here is a link for the website

Tony J Tuzzo

This is arguably the greatest video about mustaches on YouTube

Scott Williams

Have you thought about any merch?? I’d love a man shit Monday shirt??


I'm just so glad the first 2 problems aren't essentials. Drinking and eating.

Here's Johnny

Great video as always brother!

Up2 Me

Have watched many videos on dude advising but you hit the nail and made it enjoyable to watch. Thanks as usual for yet another great content. Keep it up!

Primal Edge

women have no idea the struggles we men go through to exude the manliness....

Adam M

Man Shit Monday, released on a Monday. I title this: "Man Shit Monday 2 : the struggle is real edition".

Zachary Barnes

Whisker dam I think it's called sorry ahead of time if I got the name wrong it's a metal mustashe gaurd that will fit on some cups will help keep your mustashe dry and clean can be found on amazon

No BS Beard Reviews

Great video and information! Epic beard man!


Amish hahahhahaa

Dallas Polk

Kinda late on the comment, but check out a whisker dam. These are phenomenal at keeping things out of your stache when you drink. Plus the copper looks really killer especially once it gets some patina.

Товариш Zauberwald

sometimes you seems like Dr. Cox under a big beard :D

Gabriel De Jesus

Bro you videos are the best! Finally found someone here that has all the same interests. Coffee, whisky, cigars, film and last but not least cares about his beard. Keep the videos rolling you have another subscriber from Broward county Florida! Great content.

Pat McDermott

As a PSA you could have mentioned the nemesis of a glorious 'stache, the pop-top can. About one out of every six beers manages to pull out one of my hairs and makes me cry like a six year old girl. Beware!

Raza Haider

Name of the intro track? Anyone?

R G Evan Kerschner

You forgot thigh tickler.

Haytham Ghassan

I REMEBER your mustache was not that long, And the beard is still epic.


Wait.. wait.. its monday, isnt it? whats going on?

David Swart

Awesome ? my biggest good trouble is soup,yeap good ol soul,started carring a product called dude wipes & tube of waxwith me just in case a quick clean up & groom.are in order, awesome & funny tips


Oh...the struggle is real. Every day I deal with every one of these "real man" issues and your solutions are spot on! ....and I must be one of those "older dudes". Still carry a hank and comb in my pocket. #beardon


Just made a mustache video. No where near the quality of your stuff but I going to watch the how to upgrade your camera video and see if I can add something like that. I'm going to at least try to fake it til I make it.

Roby Doan

Great job Jeremy! It's nice to see that you appreciate the little nuances of being a man like the sound of the detentes on a slip joint. You should really think about offering classes for those "soft" men out there that have been castrated by today's culture. You could call it Man Shit University or just MSU. Keep up the good work brother. I always look forward to your next production.


Great tips! There's nothing wrong with straws or lids but you definitely should check out the Whisker Dam if you haven't before. It's made from copper and is great for beer, whisky, water, coffee, etc. I'd really recommend training your moustache with a comb (that Kent 81 T is the best!) and wax for eating and drinking as well. :) Lots of helpful tips here:

Dads Life Blog

Never give up Draft Beer Brah! but eating sandwiches is a bitch

James Williams

I want to grow 1but 2 reasons not too, unfortunately my fur is ginger, and I don't want to look like my father!!


Not a guy but I just love your videos! Came across a vlog of yours one day and was hooked ever since. They are so creative and you’re super funny. As long as you keep making videos, I’ll keep watching.

Sven Sunderland

Maybe the first actually helpful mustache video I’ve seen, thank you.

Luis Ascanio

Nice to have some beard videos back sir... Thanks!

Carlos Ventura

I find it easier to replace all my intake to be steaks and whiskey.
At times the A1 gets stuck on my mustache but it’s just a snack for later.

Lesley Hartings

please make a video about your tattoo's, i would love to see that

cigar FMFDoc

You left out the...dirty Sanchez. In the military, I heard that every time I grew my stache..."Doc shave that dirty Sanchez off". Sailors dont care lol


What a video. Great to see you back. Hopefully you keep this schedule. Love every bit of your content.

Jake Gallegos

Love the vids.......

Shawn Berg

"Man Up. Be patient". Best advice is also the most simple. Comes with the territory of an epic 'stache.

Joe Wilke

Hey, its man $hit every other Monday! LOL Have fun!

Andrew Conrad

My beard gets flaky as it grows out and I have to trim it down. I use maetro's beard wash and beard butter as it's growing out. Got any suggestions for the bearded brethren?

The Wild Buck Workshop

Dude you are like my spirit animal...


Got to say, my favourite name is the Snot Mop ?

Calvin Campbell

Hey Jeremy hope you're doing well brother ?

Fruitopia Rasberry

My beard is rough af, feels like that kitchen foil sponge thats used to scrape off the sticky stuff and my mustache is like hedge hog prickly someone help! ive tried Bulldog conditioner & Honest Omesh Balm & Oil !


My dad has always carried a comb, since I was a kid. He also has a sensitive nose. One day he spent an hour trying to find what in the house was stinking, we jokingly said "It's your upper lip!" (FTM: He has had a mustache for like 30 years)


Thanks for all the info, I stopped shaving and it seems my mustache naturally wants to go full handlebar on me... O_O I've been managing it alright, but it is an entire process after a shower but I enjoy how it looks, even if it can be a bit much to deal with sometimes.

Slow and Expensive

Haha! Funny stuff. No uncut sandwiches, no ice cream cones, no draft beer. Yeah, the food struggle is real. Mine went terminal a couple years ago most people don't realize it because I usually keep it tucked down my shirt.

Allen's World

Would love to have a epic Go T but I have 2 problems. 1. Wife hates the long facial hair. 2. I have psoriasis in that area that itches excessively till I cut it, then I have a bad razor burn from taking all the dead skin cells brung on by the psoriasis in that area.

Alfred Harrison

Ok "Gimli" :P
(Love your content brother!)


Man Shit Monday's coming up Jeremy, hope we get a Cigar Video ???


I don't even have a mustache but I enjoy watching Jeremy's videos hahah

Bradley Stepp

Mustache: prison pussy.

P Glickman

Oh shiminy. He's back.

Charlie Giesler

Subtle McKinnon pirate flag

Marco Santiago

Haha that’s what I do , I drink Jim beam an ginger ale with a straw , also eat mostly with knife and fork especially when I take a bite an pull both sides of the mustache ??

Calvin Campbell

And yes your right the showing thing was a little too much sharing ????


I am amish, amish mafia is coming for you, prepare for gods justice!

Jay N

I had a big old beard for like the last 7 years and recently shaved it down to be a little longer than the "sexy stubble" look all the movie people have now. It was no BS beard either as I grow seriously thick facial hair. It looked good and all, I mean it definitely helps that they are kinda in style these days, but after cutting it down I honestly don't think I will ever grow it long again. Not only do I look much much younger (in a good way) and cleaner ( Im 33 and people always thought I was damn near 40), I have also noticed I get hit on a lot more as a result, but it's also so much easier to keep my face clean. I used to have to go and wash my face after half of my meals as anytime I would eat something saucy or drink something it was almost impossible to completely avoid getting something in my mustache or around my mouth. It's also just a bitch to keep neat and take care of so you don't look like a hobo. The biggest thing is I just look more attractive without it according to our female friends and the noticable uptick in female attention out in public. I think my wife appreciates it too as it's kinds hard to have a good kiss with all that fur everywhere. I kinda stopped realizing what a hassle it is to keep a neat, trim and clean beard all the time. It was fun while it lasted though. Maybe I will grow it back out in like 20 years when I no longer care about my looks....

Calvin Campbell

I have my mustache and beard comb with at all times

Daniel Wait

You Sir just got yourself a subscriber - great video ? love the attitude and you got straight to the point with no fuss! Appreciated ✊

chris lorentz

Does there happen to be any “manly” cocktails (ie. Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Martini) that you enjoy from time to time. It would be fun to see a video about your favorites. Drinking, making them, etc.

Spieki 97

What is that Intro song?

Jeremy Siers

This video is sponsored by Tiege Hanley
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Sir Stashalot

Yeah i just deal with beer foam in my stache, aside from that i dont really have any food/drink issues anymore. After having a giant moustache for over 5 years now i just learned to eat differently, mess free. Wings and ribs never get denied! Even if im rocking a natural walrus.


I found this picture of an old friend (Rodin) that I'm sure would have appreciated your tips...


I do not have a mustache, I do not have a beard. But i just watched a 17 min video about it. haha always down for your content Jeremy. Cheers man!

Mikey Gonzalez

If your interested in other products try shiner gold pomade!! They make a really nice beard balm.??

Chris Palmer

Christ, I thought you died. Glad you are back.

Justin holm

Man keep it up I look forward to man shit monday no matter the day but making it monday just makes my week. You one cool sir. Lol thanks for all you provide.

Simon Powell

Yo man, what do you use as beard ties/where do you buy them from? I cant find any that dont slide down aaaalll the time throughout the day!

Jim Alaska

Easiest way to handle the struggle is to shave that beaver off your face :)


I have a long mustache almost identical to urs and it is always in my food. I have a separate boar brush just for after eating I use (after a napkin) to clean food ketchup and other shit out when I'm done eating it brings the hairs back under control and use wax before a big meal if I'm patient enough lol most the time I just smash shit into my food hole and repair damages afterward on the go haha

Savage Stash

Tacos are your friend. Unfortunately chips and queso are not.


Pizza night leaves me smelling cheese until I get a proper wash. Luckily I like cheese.


Mate you crack me up!Thanks for the advice and a good laugh along the way.Cheers


anyone else notice jeremy’s eyes are never fully open? he is always squinting?

Maybe it’s the lighting? I just noticed it lol

Woo Bino

Fun fact: subscribed to both channels, though I thought they were THE SAME :

Chad Oliver Studios

Dude, no more shower video, it's a little closer than I wanna feel to you. Excellent content, keep it up. You're a great inspiration for what I want to do with my channel. Thanks.


Well that's the smooches out the window

Paul Callahan

I have a beard and live in buffalo. There is no way in hell I could use a fork and knife with wings and not be the talk of the town lol

Heather Rosenberry

Highly disappointed you didn't include Nick Offerman and or Ron Swanson in the intro! ??

Tiger Loves Tech

You can trim the mustache on top of the upper lip so no hair hangs over the upper lip. Im trying to grow a beard only have the side Burns and chin hairs.

Mark Hoffman

My stache is that long as well. I love the look but eating does take patience...Thx for the tips...


Love the video transitions. I also found that drinking out of the corner of a modern type square coffee mug and hexagon like water glasses helps to keep things cleaner.

Woo Bino

Gonna get my self a hankie in honor of my Dad.

Erick Hernandez

Small stoggies would be chill to review.

Life of Bliss

"Eating, drinking, lots of other activities..." Yea, I hear ya there ? Funny video man, and good tips!

Hamish Mctavish

You should look at buying a moustache mug! I use one when I am not using my yeti mugs!

mark wilson

Should have mentioned the complete disaster of eating an Ice cream cone!

Got Thomas

Great tips - At a certain point when it comes to eating, you gotta go for it and just use a napkin
Mustache wax is a great way to uplevel your mustache game - it's an excellent way to keep your mustache looking maintained and minimize having hair in your mouth

Boris Quint.

I have a quite long mustache, my tip for drinking draft beer ? Relearn to drink opening that mouth wide, almost to the point of letting loose of your jaw. Result : no beer in the stach. But a damn pain to the side of the jaw if you drink too much (which you shouldn't anyway ;) ).

Hokalapi Nunpa

Dude wipes are perfect getting the gunk out of the stach and beard when your out.. great vid... damn a man shit Monday came out

chris shannon

Great video, I will have to check out and compare these to the products that I currently use. Is the scrub/wash good for the beard?

Harold Baum

Everything you need to know. Thanks for doing this.


That carry a Hank transition doe ?


And of course the mustache song from 1000 ways to die in the west ?

Mimo Reque

Awesome vid. I carry a metal straw, I don't want to get killed by environmentalists. I eat pizza, tacos, hamburgers and stuff like that with a fork and knife, I don't care. But, there is shit that belongs on a man's beard, such as wine, tabaco, liquor, beer or, the scent of a woman. Admit it, one of the benefits of having road kill on your face, is not having to smell your hand (fingers shall I say?) the next morning for a pleasant souvenir from the night before. Call me a romantic. Ha! Cheers Jeremy.

Matt Thayer

Awesome Content..... You Can Never Go Wrong With Man Shit Monday!!!

Stephen Walters

Man the F Up ? @adamstevens85

Eric Dolister

I love you for this because I have been DEDICATED to keeping this moustache. Just trying to figure out what to do with it haha! I've cut it so many times, looked back and it really does pull the beard together. Going to try some of this and hopefully I can make day to day life a little easier. Godspeed beardsmen!


You gotta check out barrel brands beard oil. Beard oil that's aged in whiskey barrels.

Ryan Q

Hey man! Would love to see a video on pipes.

How to Grow a Giant Mustache | Eric Bandholz

How to Grow a Giant Mustache | Eric Bandholz26 Nov. 2016
511 824
BeardbrandSubscribe 438 721

SHOP Beard, Hair, and

SHOP Beard, Hair, and Skin:

Ever wonder how Eric manages to have such a gnarly giant mustache?

First and foremost, YOU HAVE TO LET IT GROW. The hairs in the center of your face are typically the slowest growing, so obtaining a large mustache takes patience.

The brand new Beardbrand Styling Balm is the perfect product to shape your beard and have a lasting hold all day long.

Comments (100)
Theodore F Weitzenbaum Sr.

My dad (who is 76) has a pretty decent moustache. It's not patchy but it's also not really burly. Do I have the genes? I'm 15 and I'm growing little whiskers which I can feel and I they've been growing. Also I'm black. Is it possible for a Black male to grow a large handlebar in the same style as someone like Friedrich Nietzsche or William Howard Taft? If so, how easy is it?


HoW dO i LeT iT gRoW iF i DoNt HaVe A mUsTaChE


You look like Tsar Nicholas the second

Mohamed Osama

I swear when he said 6 I thought he was gonna say 6 years
Because I've grown a mustache for a year, and it's not even half a centimeter long. It just came for the first time. My DNA is like NOPE

Owen Lambert

Just the tip

Peter Randh

I fuck razored my face and I fucking regret it

Victor Thomlinson

Natural looking mustache = use product?

Abas saleh

I have a full long beard but an average moustache i want a moustache like his

Blacktop Robinowitz

Your mustache seems to be a bit thicker than your beard. Nice look, though. Did you begin growing your mustache before you began your beard?

Goof Ball

Hahh, it might sound weird but my facial hair grows well but it takes time, I don't trim or groom, love it to keep it natural, and I don't twist my moustache, it has a downflow so I let it be that way, but the hair on my head grows fast af, down to my neck that the hair comes a bit around the both sides of my lower neck.

vtiger crm

yerri puka indhulo tips yeira


Im half way there. It grows thick and full on my right side but not my left side.?

Seedha UP76 se

Caption: How to grow a moustache.

In video: Its all about your DNA.


Saddy Laddy

You need patience


I must be half-assed backwards with Mustache to Beard growth mustache always grows faster than my beard...if I go clean mustache is there before I even have somewhat of a beard hmmm (wonder if its my German Heritage)


Dude im like 2 weeks from 1st yeard. I only trimmed the stache couple times cuz it drives me crazy. It always gets to a point where the middle just curves down into my mouth or onto my lips and it is annoying AF!!! I dont like to trim it cuz I end up short in middle with these long ass tails with like no transition. Idk wtf to do haha

Martial Art Maniacs

Thick manly moustache and voice like Barbie useless lol ?

DJK 2816

Get serious....Stache boy!!!!!!!!!!! All staches boys are morally compromised...Hiding something. You look like a walrus. Yes the stache is destructive to the moral fabric of all humanity...........God hates the stache..You know it and so do the stache boys.......Jesus wore a BEARD and a stache .....Big difference. The stache by itself represents deceit and violence..................


I need a Wyatt mustache in my life.

Marco Brunel

My mustache has grown faster then my beard, I mean it looks way thicker, my beard is growing slow and patchy, my mustache I'm very proud of,

Fede Vieira

I just want one to salute people on the street "Hello sir. Hi there. Hello!"


Well,after shaving my mustache to grow it started watching this video he's saying it doesn't work.thanks

b t s n

ive had a nice big beard for years now...i think im going big stache.


I’m 12?

Ian Rosato

Is this Seth Rogan’s brother?

Mohan Raj

I need musrache like u superb


Your videos are always helpful. Grew respect when you shared your personal side and struggles. Keep it going ❤️

Francis McHale

Thanks Gavin Mcinnis. Stay original homie.

Brock Smeal

So um this video is a lie because my dad is 41 and has like a foot and a half long beard and my brother is 19 and he’s got a decent one and then I’m 15 and struggling to grow a mustache it’s definitely in my dna and my dad said when he was my age he was shaving a lot not to make it grow more but because it was getting out of hand. Lesson of the day this is unfair


i had a good mustache grow.. but my mustache starting getting patchy now.. why is that.. i liked to shave thin sexy mustache line..

Saber Entertainment

Y’all act like this advice is useless, for some people you think you have to shave to grow? Like mmmmwhat, maybe trimming but not shave

Scott Conger

Had a beard for 15 years that touched my belt, had to shave it off for work related safty reasons, i now have a big thick bad ass mustache, had a barder style it when i cut the beard, could not be happier.

Mohamed M

1. Have the genes. 2. Let it grow.

Saved you time.


How do I get the 'Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik' mustache that's shown off after the credits in the Sonic movie? Jim Carrey is rocking that stache.

Ar Vertiz

Wild West Cowboy Mustsche ,????????


Let it grow let it grow
Can’t hold it back anymore

Neeko Z

can’t beside dna? How are transgender woman growing beards then?

Khalil gm


Ernesto Espinoza

Man, I think your look on this one is on point ?, actually, that will be my goal kind of look

Alex Rush

I think I can grow a decent mustache. Got a good beard going. But the mustache is hard to not trim down lol

mixed videos

No man, show your upper lip at least 70% and let the sides grow.

Vincent Video

For the mustache gap guys, can we grow a big mustache even though we have that center gap on upper lip? Been growing mine for 4 months and it looks fine but not thick enough. Should i give it more time?

Stensland J. A.P

U kinda sound like john c reiley

Get Rekt

My moustache is thin but my beard is thicker around my neck ?

Kevin H

Fuck sake. Mine doesn't go past like 1cm.


both sides of my family have sweet facial hair but my brother and I who are 1/3 native Mexican can't grow anything! I'm 25 and he's almost 28. I've had this darn thin moustache for 2 or 3 years now and no progress is made! I guess we inherited more native DNA!

Justin S

patrick star: "is he a mermaid"

Xtreme Gamer

I barely have any hair on my face

Lord Machiavelli

Can I transplant a mustache like this ?

Fat Boy

I been growing everything for about 3 weeks things are good but I gotta be honest the hairs on my moustache are prickly as hell sharp. Using beard oil and balm beard wash anyone out there got any other tips/tricks for a sharp/prickly moustache???

Gay killer

At least he told the truth instead of throwing a hundred ad

Alan Ramos

I can grow a fat one


Well that was disappointing, I picked this video cause of the title... He never talked about HOW to grow a giant 'stache, instead he talked about how to GROOM a giant 'stache

K. Oj



Crap vid bv

Owen Cox

This dude sounds like the pig from toy story

Mr Logic


Kevin Morrice

so thats what happened to ray romano

Garlic Bread Jenkins

do i have to shave it on it's first grow?

Doug Harlow

I’m 71 years old and have a coarse curly white beard and
mustache. I would love to have it straight and manageable. I’m trying to grow a
beard with a heavy wide mustache. I started my mustache a month before starting
my beard. I like the mustache to be the accent on top of my beard. I don’t have
the heaviest or fullest of mustaches. I have a curly, coarse and wiry mustache
the hairs stick straight up curly. I’ve tried wetting my moustache then use a hairdryer
to straighten, also tried uppercut easy hold and Clubman Pinaud mustache wax, nothing
seems to work. What would you recommend? I really like your videos. Thanks

Praz Magar

Really like it mate

Rob Enrik

Victorian Era Moustache & Beard????????????????????

Tasteless Oreo

Doesnt eating or drinking dairy help it grow?

fuck boi

My beard is full had it for three years, I've never even trimmed by mustache but my mustache will not get longer, or thicker or fuller

nick bio

dude how do you even eat with you engoy getting it soaked in food and then cleaning it?

Wilson Hamza Fisk

Bald people should be watching this.

Yaroslav Sokolovskiy

why does your beard look like Nickolay II's beard?


You said nothing about maintenance trims. I know it takes about 6-8 months for a full big mustache but how often should we trim the small V shape in the middle so that it can get that fish tail shape?

Frank M

How can I check my DNA to see if I have it in me to grow a good mustache? I'd rather find out if I can or can't. I don't wanna waste my time.

Emilio Flores

I'm getting my chin hair in and its I think 2 months now? But my mustache I HAVENT TOUCHED and still isnt doing much? trying to just wait it out but mannn, its frustrating lol

Santa Claus

Erm? Just don’t shave or trim it lol

Ryan Norman

I'm kinda screwed. I let my mustache grow (though it's not great) but I can't just "let it grow". You see, I'm in the Navy, so I still have to stay in regs. So...


Rare footage of us being able to see his top lip 2:33

That scared me the first time I saw it


Woah, I have a boi?

Ravix of

That's quite the majestic beast on your face.

John Doe

I've tried three times to grow a Mustache. I've even watched your video every time I made an attempt.
But yea, after watching your video today, yet again, I shaved my weak attempt off. I'll have a trimmed mustache and long beard. At least that's something I can do. Somewhat. Wish it was thicker, but hey, at least I can grow one.

Bill Cosby

My dad has sweet facial hair but I can’t grow shit :(


I just wish to grow up and look like Braum

Account 1

Laughs in Indian

siddhesh patil

at first he said don't use anything let it grow but later he got a product ....strange

Michael Evans

My mustache grows really long but it's not getting much thicker and it's been 2 months hoping starts to thicken within a few more months

Exxotic anth

Title: how to have a giant mustache
1) it's all about your DNA

ME: that's it?

Lucas Martins

8 mounths to grow that mustache ?!?!?!
Even with 80 years I coundn't get half of that


That's not what terminal hairs are though xD

kingsmen crown

3:03 Its better to blow it from the tip backwards it gives you that wind blown look haha lmafo they call that your O face. Then you talk about getting hair in your mouth what kind of video is this really???

Derrick Spencer

What a stupid fucking video

Eric Williams

It's those darn Germans, darn 'em.

Hadi 123

How do i know if I have the genes im still 16 i have a full beard but it isn't thick will it get thick when i grow older?

omaar sharqawi

to grow a moustache like yours it may takes 7 or 8 years !

Snow White

Looks like a pain to deal with.

Heather palmer

Major rip I thought this was for people who are not geneticly able to grow Stalin's mustache

Hattrick Swayze

I love the look of a giant moustache but its just too impractical for me

Shalom Akeda

You sound like the cookie monster mate. <3 thanks for the tips ;) hahahah

Hari Rajeev

If you are 22.And you still dont have single facial hair.Get outta here.

Marek Porwol

Is tru, it take a long time to grow mustache :)

Emir Overt


Recurring Nightmare



How does he eat?

Said that before he explained it lmao

Mike V

“Why don’t normal people with great staches post on YouTube?” Yes, I’m a hater. I’m also right.

Ryan Dunne

My mustache curls almost out to my ears, but when I sleep on it, it curls forwards like tusks. How can I fix this? Normal mustache wax and regular curling make it almost curve upside down.

Mustache Management | Growing Your First Mustache!!!!

Mustache Management | Growing Your First Mustache!!!!19 Sep. 2018
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Comments (24)
Dan and Lilly

Whirlie twirley gang!

Great vid.
I’m growing my first beard and I’m at three months and was trimming the hairs on my lip cuz I can’t stand them.

Now it’s starting to be un-proportionate with my beard so I haven’t touched it in a month or so but now I have a hair here and there that sticks up and tickles my nose lmao

It’s bad enough I’m still in the awkward stage of beard growth but now I have the nose tickles?

Lmao at least my itchiness is gone now haha

Great vid I always look forward to them

Srdjan Radulovic

You practice BJJ? Finally bearded guy who can share his experience on grappling when havin' long beard. Please make video on how you maintain beard after training? Do you wash it every time after training? Does it get in the way when simeone is, for example, trying to rnc you? A lot of questions, share your wisdom, man ?

bMURs Bearded Life

Great video brother, i made the mistake and trimmed my mustache for the first 2 and a half months of growth. So its catching up still, Cheers.


I like artius man oil and balm. I don't like the wax.
It's clumpy, and doesn't hold strong. It's light to medium hold. It smells nothing like the scents it's supposed to be (compared to the oils). I end up having white clumps in my mustache. I won't buy their wax again. Everything else is good though.

Paul Cardona

Love your stach bro

Tee Dee

your beard is rocking


Very annoying to have the music going on here.

Dan C Bearded

My mustache is the biggest pain in the butt with my facial hair, but is also my favorite part visually

Flako Renteria

U move tooo much u giving me anxiety

The Northman

No crazy substances in this one :( It was informative though. Thanks Scott. You have finally won me over. Subscribed.

Philthy Phil

Doh, I've been trimming my stache to keep it out of my mouth, i though i just couldn't grow a decent stache. No more trimming for me!

P. Rob H.

I've been trying and trying to get the hairs around the ends of my mustache to keep from spreading in different directions even by using mustache hard wax but in minutes it has a mind of its own! Frustrating

Eddy Key

My moustache is a mess, full of wild hair that dont stay in their place not even the wax , and cause of that i cant choose a style for my moustache

John Thompson

Dont waste your time with this channel. It's all just a commercial for Artius Man. Tried it...not so great.


Which if their products smell like or close to the Every Man Jack Cedarwood? I love the cedarwood smell as I begin my journey.

SD Sears

Love your vids! Been working on my handlebar for about 3 months now, and your channel has been an inspiration. One random thought though... Turn down the music! The beats are competing with your voice and the vid, making it difficult to hear :)

Ni ck

I try to minimize the trimming of my stache. It looks a little awkward from months 1-2 because of a few longer hairs that hang over my lip, but in the long run, those hairs end up making the stache look fuller.

allen cochran

Half handle bar half hulk Hogan brother that's my style ?

Live Bearded

Hey Brother! Love that you suggest to grow it out way before November.. We need to get the word out about a lifestyle and not a season! AWESOME!

Leo Sigman

I like your approach and will see how it works for me.

David Jasper

Ok guys, video is safe to watch.
he doesn't do anything crazy like applying a jar of jam!


We have similar colour beards and growth flaxseed dirty blonde beards


#Goals :D


Hello Scott, nice vidéo and very nice mustache :-)