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Adult Webcam Free 2020 Be home be safe28 Mar. 2020
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Guys Enjoy these adult cams being home being safe. Connect with me. Join here:

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What Can I Do in the First 2 Hours of Hollywood Studios Being Open?

What Can I Do in the First 2 Hours of Hollywood Studios Being Open?28 Jan. 2021
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The DISSubscribe 438 721

"Rope dropping" is one of

"Rope dropping" is one of the best ways to maximize your day at any Disney park. If you can beat the crowds, you can get way more done. I tried this at Hollywood Studios, but I got there a bit later than I wanted, but still before the park officially opened. Tune in to see how much I ended up getting done!


01:13 - Runaway Railway

06:12 - Post Runaway Railway

07:38 - Slinky Dog Dash

09:19 - Post Slinky Dog Dash

10:54 - Rise of the Resistance

22:57 - Post Rise of the Resistance

23:19 - Smugglers Run

28:32 - Post Smugglers Run

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Comments (38)
Christine T

So fun! On Smuggler’s it looked like maybe you were solo - are you allowed to ask for your own ship post plexiglass dividers?

Emily Molinar

Would love to see this at Epcot once Ratatouille opens. Wonder how many big attractions you could get done in 2 hours.


I'm constantly amused by Ashley Eckstein's commitment to dressing like Ahsoka at all times.

Marcus Cheng

I love Rise of Resistance!

Michelle Monika

Craig has been killing it with content lately ??

Cathy Hamilton

Nice! You got 4 of the most popular rides in withing 2 hours. That's amazing

Dee McGee

I love that the first thing you did was Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway!

Ben Draper

Love this content Craig. The savior of the DIS

Alli Wilmes

Pew pew pew ???❤️❤️


I cant believe they keep getting rid of the good rides and replacing them with stupidness. Minnie & Mickey ride is just stupid.

Aunt Minnie

? Wow! I enjoyed the perspective of the video today. I felt like I was there. "How Brave!" LOL ? Thank you & great job, Craig!

Kim Phelps

I know you did not consciously show the little girl in the Rey outfit but that was great.

Elizabeth M

Thank you once again for more great content Craig! I always enjoy your videos! ?

Keneth Dickson

Thanks for giving me hope that someday I will get to Batu.

Edward Strong

Also, I forgot to ask how does the take off of Slinky Dog compare to the take off of Incredi Coaster ? Thanks

Terra Parnell

I needed this video. ❤️

Mom to Princess Briar Rose


Andrea Riffle

Thanks for the content, Craig

Ray Roberge

Thanks Craig! This helped on a New England garbage weather day.

Jimmy Valdes

I'm loving this videos!!!

Roger FabDude

What the hell is a chewbecca!?!?

Mary Neal

That looked like a fun and busy morning.

Cindy Hinz

Loving this content Keep it up Craig!!!!!

Jessica Burrola

Fun! Thanks for this Craig!

Keneth Dickson

Smugglers Run que looks amazing.

Shawn Sprague

Even with a mask on you could tell Craig had such a big smile on slinky dog ?

Dane Carter

How Brave

Mike Farnham

No preshow...I guess to avoid gathering...

connie bowen

I'm asking that when Disney starts letting people staying at resorts 30 minutes early that you try it out on a busy day. I don't think its going to work and would like to see how Disney is doing it.

Alicia Garcia

Great video ?

mindy monteith

Thanks for another awesome live !!!!


The plexiglass really kinda is disorienting on Rise. The constant glare on the glass from things behind you is crazy. I wish they would go back to one party per vehicle, but I understand this is more time efficient.

Kathleen Gabriel

Craig, thanks for another super fun video!! It was so fun to ride along on 3 out of 4 attractions that I haven’t actually done myself yet!! Your expert filming really gives us viewers a front row seat to all the fun! ??


I rode Rise in the front and behind the plexiglass in the same trip and the plexiglass definitely makes a difference. I understand that you sat in the middle since you're filming but it was best when my boyfriend and I sat in the end seats.

Dave Bareham

Great Vlog Craig- I so want to ride ROTR but living in the UK I think its going to be a long long time :(

Pamela Eldridge

Thanks for the good time. I really appreciate going along with you.

Edward Strong

Love the DIS keep up the good work !
Great video Craig, and celebrity sightings!
You saw the world famous Ryno , and the voice of Asoka ! Your ride choices weren’t wrong, you rode the newest most popular rides, and in one morning! Doing this in the other parks is a great idea, and you can give tips and strategy on how to maximize your time at the parks under the current conditions. Thanks for the video, look forward to seeing your next video.

Wendy Ward

I also noticed how happy you looked on Slinky Dog ?

Moved Cages Around

Moved Cages Around31 Jan. 2021
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skinnypigs1Subscribe 438 721

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Comments (41)



The trio seems to like Autumn already, they seem to spend a lot of time sitting near each other, so hopefully it'll work out. Fingers crossed for Huckie and Velvie. And, yeah, I get why you'd want to have your full focus on intros, they can get complicated.

Janel Olivares

I hope the piggies all get better ?❤️ and cant wait to see the intro!

Eriathwen 1

One of my pigs had similar growths to Huckle, my vet could pull the tissue out quite far and it looked like a bunch of grapes. It ended up being an immune response, so basically an allergy to hay dust etc, she got drops to try to shrink them and was booked to have them surgically removed, the drops worked so well though she didn't need surgery ?


I always think it's best to introduce piggies at the time when the cage changes or I clean the cage out, that way it's new to them all. I like the cages you did Abbi, great layout with loads of space! Autumn loves Buzz so I am sure it'll all go well ☺️

austin s

Your such A great piggie mom lol

I’m jealous of your setup but I don’t have that much space

I might even have to move and downsize idk what to do but I can’t part with my piggies ?


Do you have Instagram account?☺️

Jessica sm

One of our girls had the tissue growth removed from her eye this past Tuesday and it's currently at the lab, waiting on th results. For now she's on oral antibiotics to treat eye cladmidya and eye drops for irritation. It took around 5 minutes for the vet to cut it out of her eye.


Wishing the best for you and your piggies! It's been rough but Hopefully the new year brings better luck.

I absolutely lovee watching your videos while I do cage cleans, currently getting ready to clean the cage right now :)

Janice Michaloski

All of your piggies are so cute cages look good


Speaking of intros, I currently have a pair of boars, around 4-5-ish years old, (They didnt tell us when we got them, but I could tell by weight/size/gray hair that they were older.) There are some adorable baby guineas at a new shelter, all boars. I completely fell in love, as the guinea pig fanatic I am, and I really wanted a herd of pigs. I did a bit of research on boar trios, some of it good, some say they dont work out. I want your opinion, since your the piggy guru here! LOL. Can I add to my pair? (Edit) : If so, how do you exactly do an introduction? My boys were bonded when I got them, so Im completely new to it.


We all hope that this year goes more smoothly with the piggies, so much has happened already. No wonder you're on alert still ???

Diana Rendon

Hello where did you get short white hiddies?

Tammy Baldwin

I'm sorry for the lost of your piggie.thank you for sharing.

Guinea pig life

Hi I love your channel if you were to see this I would be so happy. Also I love what you did with your cage.

All about piggies

Looks amazing!

Lisa Provencal


Pheebe Fletcher

Fingers crossed that autumn goes with the trio I’m sure she’ll be a lot happier (not saying she isn’t happy how she is)


It would be really sweet if Autumn can live with the trio, really hoping it works out. Her space looks great! Your piggies are just gorgeous ?♥️

Kim Drost

You’re such a good piggy momma. I love watching . Thank you for sharing

DeeAnne Attridge-Putnam

Awww Sweetie...sending prayers that all the piggies are in great health soon. You've been through more than your share of vet visits, and it's still January! Let this year just be plain old 2021 and NOT 2020 won!! ?❤

Taleen Punnett

Stay strong, life is full of ups and downs. Hope the introduction goes well.

Wolftime plus guineapigs

Nothing better than watching your pigs popcorn around an nice clean cage

kay fse

OH NO!!! Poor huck man. Get better soon little guy so your mom gets down time

Feats&Andy 3

Looks amazing. The piggies are so cute

Susan M Kovalinsky

Looks very nice! ♥️Hope it can work out with Autumn and the trio. Buzz is so adorable ?

Michael O

Where do you get your big boxes of hay ?

Laurel M

Busby getting so big!!

Logan S

You have incredible patience with these fur babies! I love seeing them and learning about them, even though I don't have any pigs myself.

Sarah Stardust

Aw, Buzz is happy with the new space ?

It's Piggies!

It looks so good!

Chloe K

I just had to put my oldest piggie to sleep today. I’ve always taken comfort in your channel because you talk about the good, bad, and the ugly with your pigs. Nobody ever wants their piggies to be in pain but I like the fact that I have someone I can relate to. So many vet visits and so many meds. You just want the best for them



Tracy piggy_love

Love watching little Buzz walk around. He's just sooo cute. He looks like he's wearing a Toto.

So sorry to hear about Angus. I hope Huckle has nothing major wrong with him. Your a great piggy mom.

GuineaMom Family fun

Nice too see all the piggies
I love all the fleece blankets very cute stuff


You should do an updated meet my guinea pigs

lena jazuk

I have had piggies just for a little over a year and after watching your videos Om so surprised that you are still having piggy pets despite endless health problems and losses that are so hard to deal with physically and emotionally

Little Kingdom

So far so good, Abby!

Donna Jacobs

Give the herd the section if the trio doesn’t want her. Kind of like a prize who gets the prettiest girl first! Bonus more room!

Cheryl Parks

Buzz has such a beautiful coat. Lovely colour.

willa montague

Busby looks so happy, busy and confident. Hope intros go well. Sorry about Angus ?