Giving up masturbation

Can You Masturbate While Quitting Porn?

Can You Masturbate While Quitting Porn?24 Sep. 2018
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Comments (72)

The thing for me that If I stayed off porn and masturbation, I could relapse in about a week or so, but now I don't watch any porn but masturbate once in a while, this refrain me off porn more than I thought.

Troy Lam

Hi JK, As on my journey of recovery, i discover the pattern of compulsive behavior in other aspects in has life also been mitigated (washing hands more than ten times before sleep, being perfectionist in many thing in life in general...etc)
I think Porn could somehow relate to OCD (in general behavior) too?
If you think this make sense, i will appreciate you make a video about OCD and porn use.

Thanks, JK

Rich Handsome



I didn't realize you hosted a Podcast. I'll tune in and share this with others, as I do your videos and services. 100% support!

GUY on YouTube

I have something to add here. I completely agree that religion makes this situation 10 times worse. I myself am a Christian, but not a religious one. There is "Christianity" that is not that at all. It's really religion in disguise. To porn addicts( myself included) religious people and there hypocritical doctrines will lead you right into the lowest point of despair you can imagine. I speak from experience as someone who was deceived by religion and the "I masturbated again so I'm going to Hell" mindset. My point in making this comment is this. I'm sure there are a lot of Christians in this comment section for obvious reasons. I'm sure some of you think that you're going to Hell if you watch porn again. Well, you're not. Porn or any specific sin doesn't keep you from Heaven. This is because you going to Heaven is about Jesus and not you. If you believe Jesus died and accomplished saving you, you're going to Heaven. Wanna know something. From what I've seen when people come out of religious bondage and understand the truth that Jesus alone saves they don't struggle with porn as much. Obviously they still do, because we are only sinful humans, but they see it different. This is because when you think you're addiction(porn in this case) will send you to Hell you obsess over not doing it and because you keep thinking of it and the pressure of not doing it you WILL FAIL. When you don't obsess over it you simply won't care and naturally it's not a huge struggle anymore. If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer. If you disagree with my faith all I ask is that you don't bash me for it. I won't bash you for your views.

tyrone lacain

In some odd way porn is really funny to me I don't know why I guess I'm a weird person

Anthony Liddell

Really Best Tips for me

Duk Fin

0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.

Nalumino Glen

Should you have a girlfriend while doing nofap?

Sarah Croteau

Masturbation is not a sin porn is not a sin to me

KoolBreeze 1

Good stuff!

Tattoo Enthusiast

my head feels like it's about to burst from the pressure but I don't want to watch porn but its hard

He's a Modernaire

To anyone with a high libido that seems impossible to escape, I have two words for you: Nude meditation. NoFap is about directing your sexual energy towards other tasks. Suppressing your sexual energy will only make things worse. In the privacy of your home or room, take your clothes off and meditate. Relax, take deep breaths and, and take a step back and process your sexual desires & what they originate from. Sexual desire is synonymous with the desire to create. Ask yourself if you crave lust, love, or just an escape from reality. Ask yourself if there are any goals or aspirations that you truly care about, but for whatever reason you may not have done enough work to make them happen. If you do this regularly, you will be more in tune with your sexuality, and when you start having sex with a partner again, the experience will truly be a transcendent one. Nude meditation will also help you improve your body image. Nude meditation offers you the opportunity to strip off more than your clothes, but also unhealed wounds in your psyche, and the shattered pieces of your broken heart. With regular practice, you can draw forth your subconscious desires for multiple aspects of your life (career, health, etc.) and bring them to fruition: I highly recommend this.

Edit: Masturbation in & of it's self is a natural thing, but as with all things in life, too much of anything isn't good for you. If you have a serious compulsion to masturbate, you're more likely than not ashamed of it. Good. Take that shame as ammunition to get your self control back. Excessive/compulsive masturbation is no different than being in a codependent relationship, but in this case, it's your relationship with your TRUE self: Stop denying him the chance to grow. I hope this helps some one.

Full Moon Society

This is insane. I'm like 2 months clean, I deleted like 360 gb of porn I had downloaded on my computer. But I keep getting aroused and remember these specific videos and I want to watch them again so bad, this is so hard, it's so difficult...

Rich Omar

I’m a month in. But keep searching for porn when I’m bored and up early in the morning in bed. I edge but that’s it but that’s still bad. Content blockers don’t work for me cause I end up reverting the settings back.

Super nova Version 2.0

Woman thats not the main reason i want reboot.Actually it's not a reason.

Eric P

Bruh masturbation is completely normal and that’s what u do while watching porn right? You can do whatever tf u want... all these guys in the comments are probably big fat virgins who finger there buttholes while watching the show cops


I HAD to masturbate when I removed porn after 7 days it was impossible to keep it, I woke up masturbating in the middle of the night (I was just horny, it was not a self soothing thing!)
I think the problem is the PORN as it FAKES our brains, but I guess masturbating using our imagination is something positive!

What do you think about that?
I personally don't think we need to be super strict on those matters when the enemy is the overuse of pornography over exciting material.

Op Mai


Johnny Limitless Sanchez

Great video...I think RELIGIOUS upbringing is My SHAME feeling when i Relapse...what's helping NOW is im Just Tired of feeling SHAME..Im feeling Physically Not well Right now....wish i would have passed the hard a few months back...?????


I really appreciate the effort you put into these videos.
Just please start taking into consideration that females can also be affected by porn addiction. Sorry if I made mistakes in writing this but English's not my first language! Y'all have a great day?

Dogal Rorn

Day 41 without porn. Works pretty well for me at the moment

Sarah Croteau

But I want my masturbation habits to go away


Some of us are women

Паркур Канал

I don't really want to do nofap anymore just because it just keeps setting me up for another relapse. This is just my opinion. I agree that porn is really bad. But I'm going to fap without porn. If you fap without porn for a few months, your porn addiction will go away. After that nofap will become a lot more easier. Besides masturbating without porn still gives me some benefits like good concentration, no more fatigue, increased confidence and just happiness overall.

Vito Corleone

I'm jerking off twice a week without porn and once with porn. Something to look forward to

Mark Hernandez

Thank you so much. I want to quit so I can get my family back ?

Cxntz Z

Jesus fuck ur on no porn for 11 years


'I simply hand them back to Jebus' lol

Geoffrey Knecht

Best Informative viswo

Grip 360

I caught myself watching porn and jacking off but I never actually busted I caught myself 3 times already. I saved the energy to have sex with my wife. She understands my addiction and is very supportive. Its not easy fellas, but I promise it’s worth it.

Keegun Martin

Damn 90 days. I just keep going like 2 weeks then one week. Ok this will be tough but this is day 1 ? maybe slipped up yesterday

Kenneth Aiken

Very Informative

Daniel T

1,500 per month? Guess I'm sticking to porn :/

The Bird

Hey JK, how long do you recommend I take cold showers for? I'm willing to go indefinitely, but I'm not sure what the cutoff point at which point I'm overdoing it is.


Hello brother ! Can you make a video about erectile dysfunction because of porn and excessive masturbation ?

isaac ait.

I stopped porn and I'm wondering how the hell do I relate with women since they put on revealing dresses. Because immediately I see a girl esp with revealing clothes, I have anxiety and turn my face away and a second thought pops up - "but I want to talk to girls" so I shouldn't be avoiding. And at the same time, I don't want to do oogle or look. Please JK How do I handle these kind of situations?

mohd saeed

half of male population in the word have to watch this

wu jack

Thank you for your advice.JK, your smile inspire me a lot

Lena Yingling

Outstanding video

Shadow Wolf1234

Good question jk is it okay to watch porn with out jerking off ?

Paul Hunter

You sound white

Badass 007

Hey man do you have office to meet live?


A lot of people commenting forget that women have been sucked into this too...


Thanks man your video really helped me understand what my porn addiction case was
Personally my porn appetite dropped when i realized that i didn't like what i was watching and that i wanted to have a real gf to share love with, and that i was masking other issues with porn
Now im on my journey to quit porn, maybe masturbation too i think that is better, find a gf again after my hard break up and become a real healthy alpha man, i hope to start boxing fights soon too
Hope you all guys a happy recovery and life!

Wayne Buffin

I just subscribed to his pod cast it’s a must for me and congratulations on tour porn recovery

Made to Scratch

Yeah a number one thing helped me on this is that I totally didn’t think of porn at all only thing in that nature I was trying not to look at was my days off. Other than that I don’t think of the great times on it.

Jony H.

Why you need to quit watching porn? Porns are made for us to watch it.


Bro a quick question. If I associated PMO with my smart phone will being on my smart phone inhibit me from a proper reboot even if I'm not observing it on my phone? To be perfectly clear.. because I associated my PMO habit with my phone will it stunt my reboot if I'm spending time on it even if I'm super strict with PMO and avoid relapse.

Juan El Bean

Im 22 days p free and 4 days fap free. Its so hard. I almost relapsed today but i stayed strong.

Antonio Carlos

See this video is Too helpful, most mf can't handle this much help they rather have the 3 step 5 min bullshit or a hay your fine its fine video.


This bio chemistry thing is truly mind blowing and I can completely relate to this. I couldnt quite figure it out but yes... The moment I PMO or just MO even while after a relapse or MO after a good long streak I feel down the in the dumps for a stretch of time even if I'm not beating myself up over it. Wonderful insight. Abstaining completely is the only way.


Women are addicted too. I’ve been addicted for years and I really quit so badly . It’s been really hard to set myself free


Meditation works for me

javed iqbal

Hello JK, I posted my comments on your last video but you did not reply. I hope I have not offended you in any way and If I have then I never meant to do it. I respect you from the core of my heart and you have been a inspiration for me for which I will remain thankful to you.....with best wishes......your brother in the struggle

abdi hassan

Does masturbation helps to recover from Porn Induced ED?

Op Mai


Tenzin Tsethar

Hello brother I d like a session with you . Am in India. Can I have your email id to

Kevin Wen

I mean, this video needs much more likes

Edreen Bryan Valdeavilla

I am 74 days of no PMO.

ritvik shah

Just a big thank you since i cant visit you being curruntly unable to have visa for us.... But thank you so much you helped me a lot

Depression Beard

I’ve been ignoring a lot of your recent notifications. Watching this video, I wonder why. Possibly it’s my midbrain trying to avoid recovery and to cling to pmo. You’re an absolute savage and professional on this topic. Very interesting stuff.

Rogue Bond

Does masturbation cause hair loss?

Omari Bannister

So you’re saying that if you’re off porn but still masturbate at all in the 90 day period you won’t rewire?


My stress is the core reason I recently deleted all my stuff. I've cut back so much yet I still have to masturbate to relieve my stress yet I now do it maybe 3 times a week vs a lot. So I've cut back a lot. I'm still motivated but I'm going to take longer than others. One step at a time.

juAN Y

I mansturbate but without porn

Spiritual O

Am i watching a professional hood nigga??????

Sarah Croteau

Strong addiction level 10

Arturo Gotti

My sex drive is way too high so Im gonna stick to masterbaiting every 2 weeks.

Geronimo Jr

Bro how do you have a 11yr streak? Do you use site blockers?


Same experience. Wanted to try masturbation without porn. It is... Amazing in the moment. But the rest of my life suffers deeply. No wanting to socialize after I did it. No wanting to do shit. Apartment look like shit now again, and I only play videogames. And doesn't even enjoy that shit very much. Masturbating is completely off again for me. With experiments you learn. But man. After trying it when not doing it for so long. Makes it now harder not to do it, since it felt so amazing, when you've stopped for so long. But to everyone. IT'S NOT WORTH IT.

Mike90 susanoo

I went only went 5 days of no fap and no porn, but personally for me I relapsed like two times but it wasn't satisfying. The second time I tried watching a little bit of porn which somewhat made me feel aroused but when I relapsed the feeling wasn't as relaxing as I thought it'd be. So I guess this is telling me that I'm not becoming overly addicted now and not feeling too demotivated by it

Masturbation is a Form of Giving Up

Masturbation is a Form of Giving Up20 Jun. 2020
3 029
1STMANSubscribe 438 721

Masturbation might feel

Masturbation might feel normal to billions of men, but it's a form of giving up. It's there as a comfort whenever we need it to provide pleasure even when we don't deserve a reward. That's dangerous!

Comments (6)
Edreen Bryan Valdeavilla

I am in 105 days in semen retention. Longest streak so far. Are you practicing celibacy?

Ali Hussain

If you have not managed to get yourself a girl to bang - you do not deserve to ejaculate. However selective Nofap is for kings. Like all things, in moderation, too much can lower T.

Lloyd Ankapong

Informative as always Kris

I'm A Warr;or

It’s a dreadful thing to say the least and damn addictive, i pray that the lord delivers us and saves us all

Jerry West



In almost all of the nofap videos that I have watched, the important thing is not just avoiding pmo but replacing it with good habits like working out, meditation, focusing on business/job/academics, developing skills etc. So it seems that nofap is nothing but one form of dopamine detox and a very powerful one at that. May we get to see a discussion on this topic?

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Comments (4)
Vijay Kumar

it is the best MAKE MORE MAN!!!!

bigdog house

he is trying to come

Elias Rosa

Song name?


He does not use the word 'masturbation' even once.