Getting over it tutorial

Getting Over It Walkthrough : Part 1 (NO COMMENTARY)

Getting Over It Walkthrough : Part 1 (NO COMMENTARY)11 Dec. 2017
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First time playing Getting

First time playing Getting Over It , this is part 1 with no commentary.

Comments (18)
Kishore Kotagi

chillar idiot

starlight gamer

I finished full game


Do you think you can help this person getting some views on his channel or could you feature him he is trying so hard.
Shivishu Budget Gamer

starlight gamer

Maine pura game par kar dala



Ayush Man

Well done bro this may help you


Thanks I needed a walkthrough with a little fails

Catherine Beckner-Gallant

I need a walk through not fails


worked for me deserved a sub


Wow your so good at this game!! :-)

bubuhan nyawa


Pentium Gold

that suck game

SG Arts

Disclamer: Dont play this game if you have 50K pc

Dipto Gaming

It took me 3 hours to complete the light part

Vishw Sheta

Bhai 101 ka chanda mera hai

Gg G

Ahhhhhhhhhhh f**k this game!!!!

Felix M

I love the no commentary which is complete BS

Ronwaldo Cura

i have this game yesterday just off your wifi and it works

How To Complete Getting Over It | Getting Over It Tips And Tricks In Hindi

How To Complete Getting Over It | Getting Over It Tips And Tricks In Hindi22 Sep. 2020
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How To Complete Getting

How To Complete Getting Over It | Getting Over It Tips And Tricks In Hindi

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My device:- Samsung galaxy A20

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Game:- Pubg Mobile 2018

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Thank You

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Comments (15)


ashraf ali

Bhai mere compac windows 7 ultimate me getting over it bohot lag karta hai pls iska solution dedo mere bhai pls 2 GB ram hai mere laptop me



Sharjil Shaikhh

Bhai hum complete kayse kare ye dekhne aye the nahi fps kaam kase kare ye dekhne?

JRB gaming


Hina Khan

Maene apne 3 moni tor tod chuka hu

Akansha belgoankar

Ya game deakh Kar carry ke PC par Rona aata a ?????

Godl Op

Mouse mat todna?

R. V singh

Bhai tu Gujrati hai

Indian Nick

Why are you having worst graphics if it's having so smoothness in extreme graohics

MD Gamer

Mai mobile me chala rha hu aur bahiya chal rha hai

BipulGamer 07


Thor pm

Tu gujrati h bro

Indian Nick

Thx for this

Radhika jamre


Getting Over It - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (iOS, Android)

Getting Over It - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (iOS, Android)8 Dec. 2019
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Getting Over It -

Getting Over It - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (iOS, Android)

Getting Over It Walkthrough Playlist -


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A game I made

For a certain kind of person

To hurt them.

• Climb up an enormous mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot.

• Listen as I make philosophical observations about the problem at hand.

• Between 2 and ∞ hours of agonizing gameplay, depending. The median time to finish for my playtesters was 5 hours, but the mean was closer to ∞.

• Lose all your progress, over and over.

• Feel new types of frustration you didn't know you were capable of.

- .... .- -. -.- ... ..-. --- .-. . ...- . .-. -.-- .-.. .. -.- . .- -. -.. ..-. .- ...- --- .-. .. - .

Comments (100)
Panfil Ion

Youre so noob

op gamer


Vivek Tiwari

you noob ???


Lol played.....


Tumse na ho payega


Cant he break the pot??

Jawaher Alshaikh

What the heck kind of games is this ?

sneak peak

Disclaimer: No screens were broken during the gameplay

Unknown Boy

Bruh this is jut starting u r dyung before u rise

Wong Stres

this game is frustrating me
I've been way up high, and I'm falling down.
But sensitivity can change on its own.
I don't think it's a bug, it's a foddy idea

Surajit Nath

The game is good but the player is not

Mr. Blazer


Vijay Singh

It's hard only first time after that it's beacome so easy

Abj Xtended

I already can feel this guy pain when he trying to climb those tree

Game_ is_On

Can anyone please tell me how he recorded only ingame voice not external audio. I want to do same so

Michael Jackson

Game dificil para cacete

Profesor Gameland

I too ended down at the same point

Soccer plays

I dont found this is play store

Eljonijoni 1



Plzz do facecam with video we want to see your reaction

Js Js


Nermin Hurić

Lol Noob

Ryan James

How can I refund pls

Mohd Nadim

Getting over it bhai part 2 bhai please video


The fuck kinda game is this? Lol

sandeep devgan

Tere bas ka nhi hai Tu subway surfers khel

TwistedCatzPlays Z

Man I hate this I played along time and I rage this game because it is hard then I thought

Sumit Negi

You are not a pro

Ishaan Garud


MondrazeYT gaming

I thought I am the only one who can't get over that house roof lol

Kekhuseto Zao

Watching through a cracked screen bcoz of this mf game


Who is here after carryminati?????


Man what the hell all the hard work gone in 2 sec??

Gitar Akademisi


Yogi Patil

How to do lantern

Mini Boy

U can play on mobile too!?

Happy -

I need support, when i buy a game from Google play, that game just opens in the phone where i bought it?
Or open in the account where i bought it?

Bhanu cvanu

what the hell i came here to see how to go through that tiny passage where there are two lights. But this man can't reach there also
wasted my time..


What screen recorder you use gor recording because Iove your videos

Yusuf Ali Kaya


az za

the game us sooo hard ?


Can you give your getting over it playlist??

Buzz Maker 700

In 0:37 that was so funny ?

Ratna Bhargava

Is he a noob?

Humberto Davila

lol iam better than you


You gay


tap you need to be slow
it's gonna make the game way easier

I'M FBI gaming

I hate this f*cking game very very hate f*cked

Raghav Babbar

now this game is way too easy for me :)

Archana Adak

Which screen recorder you use

Pingone !!!

I beat the game 50 times on mobile, why didn't I get the golden pot?




3 mil subs and only 133 comments

22 SheepGG

I Love your videos please leave a like

MeMe Star

Whích sceeen record? App?

op gamer

I broken my mobile


This game is hard.but the controls ae harder.

Svetoslava-Mikaela Mayer

How What Happenes The Pear He Gets Raging For Whole Time He So Mad!!!!

Levi gaming

I thought you are pro on this game
But i are really slow....

stward Jaquéz

?? the tree fail



Game_ is_On

Which app do you use to record only game voice


There is no way that he will make part 2 I can feel his pain ?

Neelu Lodh

If you don't know how to play that game why did you make video ???

Burhaan Shaik

This game is very tuff this game blew my mind nobody can play this game

melinda zombie

This tapgameplay is bad game is so fast

Himanshu YADAV

You are a noob
You can't play is game

Neelu Lodh

How badly he play that game

Andrian Early

I like it. So funny


Ты нуб


I'll think twice before getting this

M gaming

bhaime bhi kar rha hu

Dr. godfrey james


Lightning Zombie

I hope its free

Ronald King YT


Killua シ َ

i'll kill mySelf
Because this gameplay



the tree is harder than anything i can do everything 1st ry but not tree

edit: its not ry its try

Huang Chan You

prepare to go Rage.

Jai The Gamer


Vefamily Vefamily



Do you know I have progressed More than you!!!!
Even trying to complete!!!!!

crime jade

Its soooo haaaaaaardddd noooooo?????????

Humberto Davila

i went up the mountain in like 4 minutes

anime watch

Is he new?


Starting over is harder than starting up

TheCracker - Brawl stars

This game makes me so fucking pissed

Man in the East

I just installed now and played for 30 min.OMG believe me my phone almost got broke though i thrown the mobile.


My best time 58 min

Lemon Greasy

Android is much harder than pc


Bhai me 2din se khel raha hu is level se aage nahi gaya me ?

TheCracker - Brawl stars

I got this game this morning and I ragequitted like two seconds later

Prabhat Kumar

I thought that I am only that have not passed the tree. Lol


Gris is not a walktroug

ツツ tankle channel

How you get this clouds?


9:23 ????


Thats why markiplier quit for the first time.

Kenny Finisher 619

I completed this in two minutes and you took half an hour
I thought you will show me how to climb that slide

MR NawaB

Hahahaha lol ????

Dina El Sharouny

Wtf!! What a weird game!! I worry about its creator's mental health!

Jaden OP

The rage begins!!!